Author: Silver and Grey

Category: AU, GaaNaru, slight NejiNaru.
Warnings: OOC, Male pairings. Slight sex scenes, nothing too lemony.
A/N: Please do not read if you are against homosexual pairings and such. I don't like getting angry e-mails saying I'm a pervert and things like that. Here's your warning. Also this is my first time writing a sex scene, which explains the lack of details! I don't have the guts to write full-on lemon so this will do.
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.


The bass thrummed through his body and he swayed with the rest of the crowd, mesmerised along with them. The bassist, long brown hair swaying plucked at the strings almost delicately, caressing them in such a way as to make the beautiful, deep sound emerge to blast through the speakers.

The song was the last of the night and by far the most infectious. This band seemed to be the best of them, the most…connected. They played together like they had been doing so their entire lives.

The lead singer had not made an appearance as of yet, and Naruto was beginning to become horribly aroused by the booming bass line that surrounded him, massaging his feet and sending electricity up his spine. When the singer finally emerged, Naruto's sexually heightened senses made the man seem ethereal in his beauty.

Red hair grown just jut long enough framed a pale, marble face. Jade green eyes were surrounded by thick black kohl and long, feminine eyelashes. On his forehead was tattooed the kanji symbol 'love'.

He bent his head toward the microphone and his voice crooned through the speakers, almost purring as he sang. Naruto forgot his discomfort at being abandoned here by friends that would rather make out in the car. He forgot about everything and everyone around him and focused his attention on the stage and on those green, shining eyes. He noticed with a start and a hitched breath that those eyes were staring avidly into his own.

A moan, low and husky emanated from the speakers and Naruto knew it was for him. He watched as slim, strong hands ran up the red-heads' body, under his shirt to his chest and then down, into his pants as he touched himself, all of the audience apparently forgotten apart from the blond. Naruto moaned along with him, not feeling people on all sides of him grinding up against him and each other.

And then the show was abruptly over, and Naruto was feverishly kissing the red-head backstage. They were stumbling out the back exit door, into a black Ford GT. Naruto paused only long enough to send his friends a text "Finding my own way home. Much love Naru" before they were stumbling out of the car after following Naruto's sketchy directions, and into the blonds' apartment on the second floor.

Clothes were ripped off hurriedly, and the door slammed behind them and echoed down the empty corridor. Naruto noticed absently that he was pressed up against the wall, a jean clad leg pressed in between his now bare ones. Hands were hot on his shoulders, two furnaces holding him in place as the writhed under feverish kisses, the warmth sending shivers through his whole body.

And then they were having sex, low moans and girlish sighs escaping each of them-

Naruto didn't seem to notice the text message that flashed across the screen in reply to his earlier one.

He climaxed loudly and felt the singer follow him before they both flopped to the floor, exhaustion lulling them into sleep. The text message flashed across the screen once more, not disturbing either of the quietly sleeping boys who were entangled in each other.

"Have fun sexing up whoever you found! Kiba xx"


Naruto woke to gentle caresses on his face and a soft peck on the cheek. Beyond the sound of the door gently closing, he noticed that he was now in his bed, not on the floor. And he was alone, as the singer had just left.

At least he said goodbye, Naruto caressed his cheek, where the kiss had landed, in his own way.

Sighing, he got up and trudged to the shower.

I never even got his name..


It was exactly like the last time. The bass was thrumming, infectious sexual waves emanating off of the sounds made by it. The crowd swayed together and Naruto was just as aroused as before.

Only this time, he was backstage with the lead singer, having his brains fucked out from behind.

They moved in time with the pounding of the bass, their pants unheard, drowned out by the music. Kisses were planted along his neck, his shoulders and as they moved faster, desperate for more friction, so did the bass. It quickened along with each thrust and each pleasure filled moan. Hands snaked around his body and stroked him in time with their lovemaking. It was like a perverted song, sex filled and sweaty.

As the song reached it's climax so did they, and just like the song, it was explosive. (Pun definitely intended X3) They came together, a low throaty moan from the one behind and a loud guttural growl from the other. They petered out along with the end of the song.


"So let me get this straight," Kiba sat up, Akamaru slipping down his chest and into his lap, "or should I say 'let me get this gay"?"

It was a Monday and the school ground was ripe with the laughter and loud chatter that was present every lunch time. Sprawled out on the grass was Naruto and his friends, the sun shining about them, illuminating shocked looks on almost every face.

Kiba looked at Naruto as he continued, "You had sex twice – sex mind you- and you didn't say a word to each other, either time?!"

Naruto nodded.

"You didn't even hear his name?" Shino looked up from where he was lying in Kiba's lap next to Akamaru, in disbelief.

"Now that doesn't make sense," Naruto mused, "How can you hear a name if it isn't spoken?"

A frustrated sigh pierced the air, and Nara Shikamaru waved a hand in the air at the blond from where he was lying in the grass.

"The point is, Naruto" he stated, "that you seem like a goddamn groupie. A hussy. A whore."

Naruto was indignant, "What?! It wasn't like that! It was gentle and loving and-"

"Rough, steamy, mindless sex." Kiba barked a laugh and patted Naruto on the head, "Seriously Naru, find out his damn name!"

"Get his number." Shino put in.

"Arf!" Akamaru licked at Naruto's face, after having pounced on him, "Arf, arf!"

"He says 'Follow him home!' and 'You taste like fairy floss!'" Kiba translated, laughing loudly.

"I wonder if red-head thinks so," Uchiha Sasuke plopped down beside Naruto, a wolfish grin spread across his face, "I would've thought you tasted like oranges."

Kiba fell back laughing, and Shikamaru snorted as Naruto squeaked sulkily. Sasuke ruffled Naruto's hair and chuckled when the blond stuck his tongue out at him.

"It's your own damn fault this happened because you and Shino decided to fuck in the car and leave me there alone! Anyway, Read-head couldn't care less what I tasted like," Naruto countered, "Red-head only cared about what I felt li-"

"You know what?" Kiba cut in before it could get any more graphic than that, "I don't like that: 'red-head'. How about we call him 'tattoo dude'?"

"Or 'song-bird'" Shino laughed quietly.

"'Seme'!" Sasuke snorted loudly, rolling around in mirth.

Shikamaru put a hand up and said, "What about 'The One Who Fucked Naru-chan?"

"No." Kiba stopped laughing, "I have the perfect thing. 'Seme That Acclaimed The Innocent Chibi'. STATIC for short."

"STATIC?!" Naruto ignored the fact that Shikamaru had called him 'chan' ad turned on Kiba, "Static? Static?!"

"He seems to like it!" Sasuke set everyone howling with laughter, "Hey, Naru-chan? Or should I call you 'uke-Naru' after what you did?!"

"What did Naruto-kun do?" Hatake Kakashi came up behind them and stood beside the now sitting Shikamaru, "Hmm?"

"More like 'Who did Naru-chan'!" Kiba burst out, laughing hysterically.

For a teacher, Kakashi-sensei was very lenient and very good humoured. He was like a teenager himself. A twenty seven year old, perverted teenager but a teenager nonetheless.

"Okay, who did Naru-chan?" Kakashi complied, looking at the shocked blond.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto screeched, "You're not supposed to join in!"

"Join in with what?" a soft feminine voice asked, and a feminine looking young man sat down beside Kiba and Shino.

"Haaaaaakuuuuu!" Naruto keened, flinging himself into the feminine boys' arms, "Even…Kakashi-sensei…"

Haku comforted his friend and Sasuke grinned wolfishly.

"Naru-chan had been turned from a girl into a woman," he said, earning a raised eyebrow from Kakashi, "He lost his virginity."

Kakashi 'hummed' and a blush caressed Naruto' cheeks.

"Leave him be," Haku shot a reproachful look at everyone, "most of you are still virgins!"

Kiba kissed Shino's neck in answer and said, "Most of us."

"Yes, most of us," Kakashi said, smiling.

Naruto turned on him, bristling, "Who asked you, you pervert!?"