Title: Big Brother

Spoilers: Mostly anime but manga after the 120th episode, probably only mild ones.

Summary: Hiruma never thought that he was going to ever be a protective 'big brother' to anyone until clueless Sena starts bringing in football aces into the yard! Many-many-people-just-not-Hiruma x Sena, side Hiruma/Mamori. University ficlets. Paranoid!Hiruma.

Big Brother

"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean people aren't out to get you." –Kurt Cobain

Chemistry Class

"Oooh, isn't he a looker."

"Yeah, and he's running ace of the football team too."

"Oh my heart, Kobayakawa-san is coming this way."

Hiruma ignored the gaggle of girls chattering just outside his classroom door. As a rule, Hiruma didn't much care to meddle in his team's love lives.

Well, as long it doesn't affect their performance on the field or the guy or girl their dating weren't hurting their ass…

Oh-kay, maybe he was a tad protective about his team but then he considered them his friends though he often had strange ways of showing his affection.

Not that Fatty or the Old Guy had ever needed my help in that department or the monkey or those three fucking brothers or Baldy…or even Ishimaru, he finally found a quiet girl to be happily invisible with…

It was only his fucking running back that got him right protective and it wasn't those girls outside that made him bristle. Now it might have been the fact that he was dating Sena's Mamo-nee or just that Sena still walked through the world with football and schoolwork on the brain and not much else.

Or maybe it's that he's got half the football aces in the Kantou region after his ass…and he goes around quite obliviously thinking that they're just being fucking friendly…

Hiruma had even caught Dreads and his brother casing the shrimp. Now, that was easy to tell that egoist to stick it where it'll do the most good. Sena was wary of the Shinryuuji crowd and their school was a good bit distance from Oujou anyway. No, the greatest threat was never those two or even fucking Slick-Head from the Dinosaurs. Clever as Slick-Head was, he had managed to get pass Hiruma to talk to Sena alone on more than one occasion but Sena had an unerring instinct for detecting predators from his days of being bullied and he knew better than to hang out with that sleazebag.

No, the greatest threats are…thinking of the Devil…or devils, as the case…

Hiruma alerted by the shouts of "SAKURABA-KUUUNNNNN" looked up from his laptop to see his two classmates enter the room, Sakuraba Haruto, former teen idol, and current receiver for the Oujou Silver Knights and Shin Seijuro, the best linebacker in all of Kantou.

Sometimes, I wonder what possessed me to enroll in Oujou University in the first place…

The school had made quite an offer and still high with the aftermath of the second Christmas Bowl Deimon had won, Hiruma had accepted. He realized even then that some of the athletic program staff had consulted Takami about recruiting in Deimon. The former captain had predictably told them that if they got him, the rest of the Deimon star players would follow.

I did quite a good job recruiting Red and his lot to replace us if I say so myself…

That he found competent replacements for him, Kurita and Musashi had been no mean feat. That cinched the Christmas Bowl for Deimon for the second year running even without him to lead the team.

I thought going to Oujou was a step up…

In many ways it was, Takami was someone who understood a little of how Hiruma thought. They took turns strategizing over games and the Oujou Silver Knights was decidedly being known as one of the most unpredictable teams around. They had a good line, two receivers, the best-damned linebacker, running back and kicker in Kantou.

What else was there to ask for?

Was it damned too much to ask that one of their receivers not hit on their running back? Oh, the Pretty Boy was fairly subtle about it. He had talked the monkey to going for a snack after every Saturday practice. Of course, Monta had to bring Sena and Shin had to tag along since Sena and Shin were also good friends. Now that's another thing, Shin. If Sakuraba was subtle, the linebacker was a fucking ghost. Hiruma had no evidence whatsoever but he could feel it in his bones that the linebacker was also smitten with Sena.

And the fucking shrimp is all "Let's all be friends" with him and they jog together all the time and my fucking girlfriend just "oohs" at them…

While Mamori was wary of the former idol, she was quite trusting of Shin who in her estimation was just interested in Sena as a rival and friend.

Hah, bloody hah!

He gave Sakuraba and the attendant Shin a suspicious glare in greeting as the former idol greeted him in that soft voice of his.

A pity I can't sabotage their fucking project…since we're on the same team now, it'll only cause them to miss practice…

Still it didn't prevent Hiruma from cackling as he stared at the mess of test tubes in front of the pair since he had Yukimitsu set up their own experiment. Sakuraba's small flinch was worth the fucking professor's disapproving glare.

A few more sessions with me in this class and I'll have them begging for mercy! YA-HA!