Title: A Girl's Other Best Friend

Author: DeMarcos

Summary: Sam, Sock and Ben need to capture the escaped soul of a 70's porn star while Dean and Sam travel to Seattle when they learn about increased supernatural activity.

Notes: My first Reaper fic and my first Supernatural fic, all rolled into one. Can't you just feel the fail:stupid grin: Mad noise to my southern belle, swampmusic. I know this isn't what she really wanted, but when the muse hits (with a baseball bat, as he is wont to do) I just roll with the blows. Also, mucho lovings to my sometimes beta Lady of the Willows. Now, onward!

The alarm clock blared loudly, splitting the calm silence that filled the room. A hand shot out from under the thick blue spread to quiet the offending object, sending a plastic cup and an old magazine flying off the nightstand and skittering to the floor as it blinding tried to locate the source of the noise. Fingers finding the clock, it slammed down on the snooze button. The body attached to the arm peeked out from under the covers and squinted, the haze of sleep making his vision blurry.

Sam groaned and flopped back down onto the bed and gazed up at the ceiling. At that moment, he really wished that he could make Ted's head explode. After having him work night shift for almost two months, he switched his shift yesterday and told Sam and Sock that they had to open for the rest of the week. Sock had played the decision off coolly, but after Ted had left, a smug smile plastering his features, Sock threatened to pour sugar in his gas tank and melt his tires. Sam managed to calm him down by plying him with almost a kegs worth of beer after they clocked out, but he knew that today was going to be trying.

'What else could make this day any worse?'

He sat up straight on his bed and scanned his room frantically, praying that there would be no wooden boxes assaulting him at all today. The last thing he needed was to worry about some homicidal soul. Not seeing anything, Sam swung his legs over the mattress and scrubbed his face with his hands. He debated on catching a shower before going in, but the alarm went off again. Sam toggled the alarm switch off and knew he would barely have time to get dressed and pick up Sock before he needed to be at the Work Bench.

Sighing, Sam stood up and began searching for some clean clothes.


:Outside of Mill City, Nevada:

Dean shoveled a forkful of scrambled eggs into his mouth and turned his attention back to the folded paper in his hand. He and Sam had ended up in in B.F. Nowhere to investigate the possession of young twin boys. It had been an easy hunt and they had stopped at a little diner on the edge of the podunk town after they had killed the demon and the family thanked them profusely. Dean let out a sharp laugh as he read the comics, chunks off egg and cheese flying out of his mouth and landing on the table.

"That little kid is so pissed off."

A laptop was placed on the table, followed by Sam as he scooted into the booth. Dean took his eyes off the paper to look at his brother and inwardly groaned. He knew that look on Sam's face. The one that said they had another hunt ahead of them. Dean set down the paper and scooped up some more scrambled eggs.

"So what is it this time?"

Sam gave his brother a cynical grin and opened up the laptop and spun it around on the table so Dean could see the screen. It was an image of a map with red dots signifying supernatural hot spots. They seemed to be clustered around one area. Dean leaned in and saw that it was around Seattle, Washington.

"Within the last few months, there has been some increased activity in Seattle. Nothing too major, a few unexplained deaths, though it doesn't seem to be just demons and possessions. Freak earthquakes that are localized to certain areas instead of effecting the whole city. Reports of guys who can walk through walls. A guy who could control fire. There was even a report by some guy who said he witnessed a woman leap off a building and swan dived into a car. He thinks its a suicide, but when he runs off to tell somebody, he sees the girl get up and walk away. Cops didn't believe him, though there was a car with a person sized dent in the roof."

Dean whistled and arched is eyebrows.

"That's a hell of a trick. So what are you thinking? More than just some pissed off demons got out from the Devil's Gate. Because I ain't never heard of a demon that could walk through walls."

Sam spun the laptop back around to him, his index finger flying over the mouse pad. As his brother worked his computer magic, the waitress came by to top of Dean's coffee and Dean gave the lady as wink as she walked away. Sam saw this and cursed his brothers' libido. He cleared his throat, bringing Dean's attention back to him.

"I don't know about that. Apparently there were some disturbance reports filed to the police by people claiming their neighbor was a demon. Whatever it is, we definitely have to check it out."

Dean nodded, finished off his plate and signaled for the check.


Sock plopped down on the register counter and stretched out on the surface, resting his head on his hand.

"So what's up LJ? No box full of special toys today?"

Sam shook his head and looked at his friend quizzically.


Sock smiled and pulled himself up into a sitting position, his legs dangling over the counter.

"Lucifer Jr.! You got to have a bitchin' name when you go up against these souls, man. You know I love you like the brother I wish I never had, but Sam is a weak name when it comes to these deviants. If your name is weak, you won't be able to strike fear into the hearts of your enemy."

Sock now had his face next to Sam's and had that all too familiar maniacal gleam in his eye. Sam laughed and pushed Sock away from him, causing Sock to prat fall to the ground. He didn't seem to mind though when two girls walked in, both of them wearing short skirts and giggling a little too loudly. While Sock was enjoying the view, Sam greeted them with the tacky phrase that Ted had been trying to expound into the employees.

Their laughs grew louder, but they kept their eyes on Sam as they walked into the gardening section, all the while shaking their hips suggestively. Sock bolted up from the floor and was back in Sam's face.

"Dude! Those chicks totally dig you! You should go back there and try to move in on them. They look slutty so you might get them to double team you!"

Sam snorted and turned back to the register to ring up a customer.

"I don't know what it is, but every girl that has walked in since we opened has been like that. At first, I thought it was my cologne or something, but then I remembered that I didn't even get a chance to shower today since you had to bum a ride off of me."

The old man paying for his items shook his head and muttered something about young kids before pushing his cart out the door. Sock grinned and took in a deep breath.

"It's the devil musk. It's attracting the loosely moralled to you. Hey, you think you could convince the Devil into giving me this power? I could make a killing at the bar and make Josie wicked jealous."

Sam was going to reply when Ben walked in through the sliding doors, adjusting his tie. He nodded to Sam and Sock before heading back to the employee locker room to grab his smock. Right behind him was a middle aged brunette perusing a list clutched in her hand. Sock acknowledged her with a tilt of his head and Sam greeted her.

"Good morning. Can I help you find anything today?"

The woman smirked lasciviously and shook her head.

"No, but you could help me with some other things."

Sock began to slap Sam's shoulder as they stared dumbly at her but there was a loud crash from the back room. Sam held up a finger and stuttered at the woman.

"W-We'll be just a moment, ma'am."

They came out from behind the register and jogged to the locker room, barreling through the door. Ben was on the ground rubbing his arm in pain. When he saw his friends enter, he motioned to his feet, where a small wooden box lay innocently. Sock cheered and pumped his fist while Sam growled, bending over to retrieve the vessel box. Setting it on the fold away table, he turned around to help Ben up. Then, all three of them crowded around the table.

Sam flexed his fingers, hesitating for a moment but Sock jabbed his elbow into Sam's back, urging him on. Sighing, he pulled open the clasps and lifted the lid. Plumes of white smoke poured out and they waved their arms around to clear it from their faces, choking slightly from the musty smell that always emanated from the boxes. Sock pointed excitedly.

"Dude! Is that what I think it is?"

Ben tried to suppress a laugh and Sam's level of hatred for the Devil grew exponentially. He reached in to pull out the vessel. It was bright pink and covered in a soft, smooth substance. Sock covered his mouth with his hand and exchanged a look with Ben.

"I so want to meet the soul that goes in this vessel."

Sam had to admit he was curious as well as he held aloft the soft, pink vibrator.

To Be Continued...

Will Sock get the demonic powers of persuasion he wants? Will Sam score with the two slutty chicks? Does anyone really care?

I am a huge hater of people who write themselves into their stories, but I am toeing the line in this one. I guess you could say there is an aspect of myself in the vessel, seeing as how I work at an adult video store and the idea for this came to me at work. My creativity is not based on reviews, but they do inflate my oversized ego. And mad props to the first person who can guess what comic Dean was reading.