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Jonas Quinn stepped through the gate as if it was yesterday and the journey seemed to be like something he always knew he missed but made himself forget because of how much he missed this. His tenure as Kelownian ambassador ended officially in six months- the cooperation between the countries on Langara once seeming impossible was getting better by the day.

This was a trip requested by an old friend and Jonas had quickly obliged. He may not have to quell many fights, but he sure did have to sit through the less exciting things.

As he emerged on the other side Jonas smiled and greeted Walter. He could still remember the purpose of his last visit, saying good bye to Dr Fraiser. That had not been a pleasant experience, and the pain was not so distant.

He changed quickly into Earth civilian gear and slowly began to walk to the elevator.

"Jonas Quinn?" Jonas turned to see a man approaching his, military cut hair, blue eyes, everything about him seemed to be very ordered, except for the look on his face which looked halfway between hopeful and excitement. Jonas recognized the excitement quickly as the kind when you first get started in Stargate Command.

"Yes?" Jonas asked finally, smiling questionably.

The man extended his hand. " Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell, new commander of SG1" Jonas took it nodding.

"I've heard- how did you know who I was?" Colonel Mitchell smiled.

"I read your personal file before I read the mission reports" And memorized- had he been like this- no wonder Jack had been so 'enjoying' making fun of him.

Jonas finally nodded again. "Oh, that's great… can I help you?" Jonas could just tell Cameron was going to ask him something.

"I was wondering if you would consider rejoining SG1?" The question- once would have been instantly answered with yes, but Jonas knew his responsibilities, and after being ambassador was over, apparently Jack had something in mind. Besides, it really would be the same without the others.

Jonas smiled again and backed towards the elevator. "I appreciate the offer, really but I kind of have to get going, can I get back to you?" he said as he stepped into the elevator and the doors closed, finding Mitchell's face.


Jack O'Neill burst out laughing, and then Jonas realized why Jack had said to meet him off base- Jack had wanted Jonas to have to run into Cameron Mitchell.

"Very funny" Jonas said dryly.

Jack leaned back in his seat. "It was wasn't it, don't worry he's been harrasing the rest of the gang as well now to business" He passed Jonas the fishing rod, humming to himself.

The Antarctica research base would benefit from Jonas's involvement, and the Kelownian even had the luck of having the gene- that and it get him off Kelownia. And after that, Jack could come up with other things.

He wisehd in a way he had kept Jonas away from going back to those idiots- but then he felt the same way about the rest of the team with other people as well and places as well. Other people that were morons that is.

"By the way, I need to make a call" Jack said. "Do you have a cell" Jonas smiled brightly and pulled it out. Jack started humming again and threw it into the water.

Good thing Teal'c hadn't warned him about fishing alone with him if you weren't Sam Carter. Jack's mood improved. Ahh, fishing.

The End

Story By Allison Lightning