Thursday, Prestige

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Chapter 1

Gabriella stood outside the ladies restroom of Prestige night club waiting for Sharpay to finish applying her lip gloss for the seventh time. She sipped her champagne as she watched all the socialites and businessmen grind on one another. It had always amused her that all these men and women during the day were found in offices with floor to ceiling windows controlling the livelihood of some of today's most well known and wealthiest companies, and here they stood, or staggered rather, lip to lip, cheek to cheek, pelvis to pelvis throwing caution into the wind. Their shirts and blouses all disheveled, ties falling loosely at the neck and panty hose having been removed hours ago.

This was the life that she had come to know five years ago. These people that drunkenly surrounded her now, were her collogues and their friends. Every Thursday night they would gather at Prestige get loaded and act out their desires and frustrations with one another, some taken it further than others. Gabriella usually sat back and watched amused as they "danced" with one another. Gabriella made it a point to make an appearance, but never per took in anything other than observing.

Up until a few days ago she had been dating Terrance Martin, a media mogul who had his hand in ventures ranging from cell phone conglomerates to internet speed enhancements. He was handsome, successful and very taken with her, the only problem, he failed to mention that he was married or "separated" as he so conveniently put it. They had been dating for six months, but last week after receiving an insanely wild message from his "wife", she decided it was time to call things off. One might ask, how you come to not know that your boyfriend of half a year had a secret family. Well, she blamed it on the long hours, business trips and her insanely competitive nature of wanting to be the best. It was rather disappointing actually, because she had grown quite fond of him. Terrance hadn't taken to the news lightly; to say he was upset would be an extreme understatement, but that was the life she had come to know and deal with.

The large glass cherry wood frame door opened taking Gabriella out of her grind gazing, actually causing her to falter slightly. She regained her balance; smoothed out her cherry one shoulder cocktail dress and looked up to see who had so forcefully opened the bathroom door. She was met with the most intense sapphire eyes. He smirked, showing off his perfectly white teeth as he grazed her shoulder with his hand, "whoops, I didn't see you there," he said in a husky voice that sent chills up her spine.

"Its fine, I'm just waiting on a friend who is taking an eternity," Gabriella said nervously taking in how perfectly his black suit fit his muscular body. She was shocked at her nervousness; no one ever made Gabriella nervous. She had given presentations to some of the most well know men and women in the medical industry and here she was nervous by some guy she had been in the presence of for no more than five minutes.

She cleared her throat determined to overcome this strange feeling, "You're new aren't you?" she asked brushing her big flowing curls off her shoulder and tilting her head.

He grinned taking in her tiny frame and curves, "Perceptive," he said studying her.

Gabriella let out a chuckle, "you're not going to find one answer to what you thinking, written on my face."

"hmm, really?" he said not so sure.

Gabriella saw Sharpay exit the bathroom and grabbed her hand pulling her along, "Yes, really" she said over her shoulder as she walked away swaying her hips, turning around once more before she entered the dance floor to smirk at the new Thursday Prestige member.

"Whoa Gabi, if you pull any harder, my arm is going to come of its socket and what would my adoring fans think then, hmm?"

Sharpay had landed one; count them one, major role on Young and the Restless, but according to her, she would be asked back any day now, but until then she filled her life with toothpaste and skin ointment commercials, thank God for her wealthy father or she would be out on her ass.

"I don't know Shar, I'm sure it would be a travesty."

Sharpay nodded in agreement.

"Oh to live in the world of Sharpay just for one day, it seems so carefree, effortless and so full of denial," Gabriella thought to herself laughing inwardly.

"So do you want to explain to me why we left the presence of that dream boat you were gawking at?"

Gabriella crumpled her brow, "I was not gawking" she said in a shocked tone, "Gabriella Montez does not gawk"

"Well, she did tonight" Sharpay said as she surveyed the crowd.

Gabriella rolled her eyes," I'm going to get another glass of champagne, you want anything?"

Sharpay smirked, "uh yeah, but I don't think you can give it to me, but that guy over there can"

Gabriella followed Shapay's gaze, "you know who that is don't you?"

Sharpay grinned wildly, perked her breast up, and puffed up her hair; "I sure do" she said seductively and made her way to her new conquest.

Gabriella sipped her champagne as she pulled out her blackberry and read through her emails, responding occasionally to ones she felt necessary.

"Do you always mix business with pleasure?"

Gabriella ran her tongue over teeth and smiled at the sound of the newly familiar husky voice. She could feel his hot breath on the base of her neck and smell the scent of his Dolce and Gabbana cologne. She smirked and turned around to face him, her back resting against the brim of the bar. She looked up into his sapphire eyes, "When necessary?" she said seductively answering his question. She gave him a look over implying she like what she saw, as she grabbed her fresh glass of champagne and brushed passed him allowing their bodies to touch. She heard him gasp for air as she pushed past and she turned to flash him a smile as she raised her eyebrows descending into the sea of people.

He watched as her tiny sexy body moved through the masses holding her champagne over her head and occasionally swaying her hips to the music as she came upon someone he assumed she knew. He was rather intrigued by this woman. She was sexy, confident and had him wanting to know and get more, which was something that didn't happen.

He tossed his head to the side moving his sandy hair out of his eyes and made his way through the crowd, occasionally being grabbed by drunken socialites. He soon found the object of his search leaning sideways against the back wall watching some braud in a pink dress run her tongue down a guy's neck.

He approached her from behind placing his hands on her hips pulling her backside to rest against his pelvis as he ran circles on her hips with his thumbs.

Gabriella gasped for air at his touch as a smile formed on her lips. The feeling of him brushing up against her backside caused her body to tingle and urge for more. She closed her eyes and leaned back into him rubbing the side of his face with hers.

He ran his hot breath over her neck and shoulder allowing his lips to graze her skin every so often. His hands traveled down her hips till they met the warmth of her smooth thigh, wanting more he lifted the hem of her dress grazing underneath it with his thumb. He felt a tightness grow in his pants as she responded to his movements by rubbing her backside against him.

Gabriella felt herself becoming more and more aroused by this strangers touch. She turned around in his arms and met his gorgeous eyes; she bit the inside of her check as she grinned up at him. He smiled back, pinning her against the wall, encaging her with his arms. He looked down at her enticing lips and then back into her mocha colored eyes before he pressed his lips against hers. She smiled into the kiss as he ran his tongue over her lips wanting to enter. She parted her lips allowing him access. He brushed her tongue with his several times before fully entering her mouth and intertwining their hungry tongues.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders pulling him into her, loving the feel of his growing manhood pressed against her. He moved his kisses down her jaw line to her neck, allowing her to catch her breath. Deciding she had enough air she took his face in her hands and brought it back in front of her. Her breathing was short and her eyes full of want; she smiled and crashed her lips back onto his.

The palms of his hands ran up and down the front of her dress grazing her breast. She lowered her hands to his bulge and caressed him, to which he responded by pressing harder into her. Gabriella gasped at the realization of how amazing he would feel inside her. Then it hit her, she was in a club acting a way she never thought she would. She was pressed against a wall making out with a stranger and thinking about sleeping with him.

She pushed him off her and tried to catch her breath. He looked at her bewildered.

"I have to go," she said lifting the strap of her dress back on her shoulder.

"What?" he said as he ran his hand through his hair.

She grinned, "It's been fun, but I really should go, before this gets more out of hand"

He stood there at loss for words.

"I'll see you around" she said biting her bottom lip and smiling. As she walked away she partly wished she could just have gone farther and been like all the others, but that wasn't how she did things. Gabriella Montez didn't stray from her mantra; she had learned doing so just hindered your dreams.

Gabriella waved goodbye to her doorman as she ventured the streets of New York City. She pulled her winter white coat tight around her a body as she walked the five blocks to her office building. She swiped her card and entered the large ornate foyer, greeted the receptionist and then made her way up the elevator to her office on the seventh floor.

"Hey Mary, any messages?" she asked as she entered her office hanging her coat on the rack and taking a seat at her large mahogany desk.

Mary followed her in spouting off who had called and what they had wanted. They consisted of a few clients wanting information on a new drug.

"Is that it?" Gabriella asked as she logged onto her email.

"No, Mrs. Evans called and said it was urgent something about her hair, a T.V. show and a new man"

Gabriella rolled her eyes, "so nothing else important?"

Mary smiled, "right"

"Great, thanks Mary"

Mary nodded and left her office.

Gabriella checked her calendar and saw that a new manager was being brought in today from the west coast and therefore a long meeting would be taking place within the hour.

Gabriella groaned. She knew the company was in the process of teaming up sales managers in order for the business to become more efficient, but she had been lucky enough not to be paired up yet. She was actually angry at the assumption that they thought they needed to pair up, she felt that she and the others were quite capable of handling their Representatives and clients just fine. Their reasoning was that they were growing so fast and taking on so many more people that it would eventually become virtually impossible to maintain everything and everyone without help. Gabriella saw their point, but was so use to taking charge and doing things on her own it would take some getting used to.

She entered the large conference room at the end of the hall and was soon greeted by five other managers.

"Looks like it between Sarah and Gabriella," Kent said as they waited for their bosses and the new hire to enter.

"Yeah it does Kent, thanks for pointing out the obvious" Gabriella said taking a seat near the end of the table.

Kent laughed, "Not a problem dear"

Gabriella chuckled, "So, how are things working out with John?" she asked him

"Pretty good, "we are definitely getting more accomplished."

Kristen agreed, "I was worried at first, but Lucas and I are working rather well together"

Gabriella shook her head, "well, that's good to hear" she said sounding unconvinced.

"I hope I have the same luck when my time comes"

Kent laughed

"What?" she asked looking at him with a scrunched brow and a confused look.

"Oh Gabriella, your partner has got their hands full with you." he answered.

"What is that suppose to mean?"

"Come on Gabriella, everyone knows what a pistil you are and how you like things your way. Don't get me wrong you are amazing at what you do, it's just going to be interesting" Kristen interjected.

"Yeah, thanks for the vote confidence guys?"

Gabriella placed her folder on the table and whipped out her blackberry and began looking over emails. She hadn't heard her bosses and the new hire walk in until someone cleared their throat.

Gabriella logged off as she stood and lifted her head, "oh I'm sorry I was just…"

She felt her mouth go dry as she lost her words.

"I hope not mixing business and pleasure" the familiar husky voice said as he stuck out his hand to introduce himself.

Gabriella swallowed hard and stuck out her hand, "only when necessary," she said allowing a grin to form on her face and their hands to grasp one another.

He smiled, "Troy Bolton"

"Gabriella Montez"

The group watched intently as these two "strangers" stared, smiled and remained with their hand clasped together for several minutes.

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