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Chapter 1: Disappearing rooms and sappy passwords

"Oh, friends, it is horrible. Our splendorous place we call home is in ruins."

Robin held her tightly across his chest as sobs filled her eyes, "Star...it'll be alright...it's nothing unfixable. Cyborg will have it up and running in no time."

"Well...guys...I think we've hit a problem." Cyborg replied as he finished checking out the damages caused by their fight within the Titans Tower with Brother Blood.

Robin sighed and scrunched up his brows in distress, "What is it, Cy?"

The rest of the Teen Titans looked at the state of their home for a while and in an almost unison, sighed. Half of the building was destroyed and they could actually see most of Jump City through the humongous chunk missing from the Titan's tower, and unluckily for both Raven and Robin, their room went with it.

"The renovation part isn't the thing that's worrying me, it's the security." Cyborg explained to his team mates, his mechanical eye glancing towards the ruins while his human eye gave them his full attention, "I designed and made every aspect of the security that went into your rooms and it took me a long time to set up." He scratched his head, "It's gonna take me at least three months to get it back to how it was before." He sighed, "Dick...I'm sorry I can't get it finished sooner, I'll try to get it done as soon as possible. That's a promise."

"Don't worry about it Vic...If you do the best you can then it's fine by me." He smoothed Kori's hair with his head and the sobbing died down a little.

She suddenly looked up, "That klorbag! Oh, our home is in ruins!"

Raven sighed as she watched Koriand'r sob, Dick comfort her and Vic try to reassure her that everything was going to go back to normal and that the Titan's Tower was going to be as good as new. It was nothing new really, the Titan's Tower had gotten a beating a few times before, but not as bad as this. She glanced at Garfield, and for once he didn't try to make some petty joke out of the situation to make everybody feel better, he just shrugged as he saw her glance at him; Starfire always caused drama—scratch that—Starfire was drama.

"Where will friend Raven and boyfriend Robin stay then?" Starfire enquired as her crying seemed to have subsided, "They cannot be left alone. It is so dark at night, and scary." She suddenly jumped for joy and her green eyes glowed even greener, if that was possible, "Oh...I have the most wondrous idea! Maybe boyfriend Robin could go sleep in Beast Boy's room and friend Raven can stay in my room. We will have a great time, friend Raven!" She giggled and grabbed hold of Raven's hand, "We will have the girl talk and the makeovers and we will go to the mall of shopping every day! Oh, it is wondrous, is it not?"

"Great..." Raven replied, her face revealing no emotions at all but the other Titans—save poor Kori—could probably tell that she wasn't in much of a mood to celebrate the future trips to the 'mall of shopping' with the only other female in the team, "I'll be moving my now non-existent items to Kori's room."

"Aww, don't be so depressed Rae...think about how much fun you will be having by doing 'the girl talk' and going to 'the mall of shopping'" Garfield chuckled.

"My name is Raven."


She turned to him and glared, "Do you try to piss me off all the time or is it just natural to you, eh, Logan?"

Garfield flinched and backed away, his green eyes seemingly hurt, "I'm sorry, Raven...I was just trying to cheer you up a bit...you know get your mojo back on...whatever mojo that was..." His voice faltered as he realised that the messages in her eyes seemed to scream 'DEATH DEATH DEATH TO BEAST BOY'.

Raven continued to glare at him but not before Robin interrupted.

"Cut it out guys, this isn't the time to argue. We have to make this work and yes, it's going to be hard but no, there isn't any other choice."

Raven just rolled her eyes at the mini-speech Robin gave out as she had heard it countless times before, "Whatever."

"But what did I do?" Beast Boy whined sulkily, "She started it!"

"Enough, Garfield!" Robin stated harshly.

"Friends! It is not the time to fight!" Kori announced as she felt the tension between the team mates, "We shall have to—how do you say it?—stick together."

Raven didn't say anything and just walked off from the scene and towards Starfire's room. It was one thing to see her room and all her belongings destroyed, it was quite another to be constantly pissed off by her team mates and to be honest she didn't understand why she had stayed with them for so long; four years in fact! She was nineteen now and she didn't feel like she changed much; her skin was still a pale, pallid colour, her hair was still a strange violet-black colour that matched her eyes and she was the shortest now...she hadn't grown since she was sixteen and that felt like an age ago.

Starfire was also nineteen but instead of staying the same as Raven had, her appearance literally blossomed. She was always the most attractive between the two with her curvy yet slim figure and her mass of flowing copper hair but now she wasn't merely pretty, she was breathtakingly beautiful, so beautiful in fact that it was kind of painful to look at her; her eyes shone a bit brighter, her legs a bit longer, her figure a bit curvier and by the look of Robin's face, as beautiful as ever. Raven sometimes acted as though appearances didn't matter, pretended to be indifferent, pretended to ignore the tabloid debates on who was the hottest superhero in Jump City, but sometimes it was a bit much, yet Kori seemed to be ignorant of all this and she was still nice—though sometimes it was too much—and spontaneous, something Raven was not.

That's another person who'd done a bit of changing, though mind you, not too much. He was twenty now and as always he was fit and in shape but now he was tall and he was—as far as she could tell with that dreadful mask on which he always kept on no matter what the situation was (whether relaxing at home or beating up some random villains—quite good looking and it's further proven by the fact that every time the Teen Titans go crime fighting, there is always a girl who'd ask for an autograph and a picture with Robin. He was still the leader, he was born to it...he breathed leadership and everyone knew it.

Cyborg...well...the twenty-one-year-old sometimes worried her a littler; he was embracing technology quite quickly though he did sometimes lapse into better judgement and appreciate his true human figure once in a while. He was still a complete laugh, there was no one funnier than him and no one as fun as him, and as much as Raven refused to admit, she actually enjoyed spending time with him. She didn't tell him she was having fun, of course, but Raven thought that Vic knew but he kept quite about it. He was immature at times, but he had his moments...he was, after all, the oldest.

Raven suddenly stopped in front of Starfire's door and gazed at the lock for a while. Now what would Kori—of all people—put as a password? She typed in the first thing that came into her head 'Blumgorf'...it came back denied...'Tamaran'...that came back denied and she had to rack her brains until she finally thought of something so ridiculous that it had to be it.

"No...It couldn't be..." She muttered under her breath while she typed in 'BoyfriendRichardGrayson'.

She waited.

Maybe she was wrong, maybe Starfire wasn't such a sap after all.

It opened.


The room was pink...very, very pink. It was so pink that it was exploding in pink-ness; the bed was pink...the walls were pink...and Silkie was even dressed in a pink cardigan-type thing. How was she to stay with Starfire in this room for three whole months? In all seriousness, she was going to kill Brother Blood for this.

The pink-ness of the room was really starting to burn her eyes so she decided that the best way to handle it was to meditate.

"Azarath...Metrion...Zinthos..." She repeated over and over in a low murmur to calm herself; steering clear of all emotions and thoughts to reached the goal of total calm and tranquillity, "Azarath...Metrion...Zinthos...Azareath-."

"Raven!" She heard a knock at the door and decided to ignore it.


The knock grew louder, "RAE!"

That last call forced her out of her meditation and back into real life. What did Beast Boy want now? Couldn't he tell that she just wanted to be left alone?

"RAE-RAE! I know you're in there! Stop ignoring me!"

Apparently not.

Beast Boy was definitely one that hadn't grown up despite his eighteen years...he was still the same annoying and immature prat that couldn't care less whether or not he was pissing off anyone as long as people thought he was funny. He had grown taller, and fitter (through the sheer effort of Robin forcing him to train every day instead of staying cooped up in his room or flirting with random girls off the streets) but personality-wise, he wasn't much different. He definitely wasn't mature; he still kept trying to push the name 'Beast Man' instead of 'Beast Boy' as he thought it made him sound a bit more attractive to all the fan girls out there and in hopes that everyone had forgotten how much of a skinny runt he was four years ago.

She opened the door, "What do you want Garfield?"

He scratched the back of his ears subconsciously, "Well...I...er...wanted to..." His voice faltered.

"Wanted to what?"

"Apologise." Garfield stated bluntly, "I...dude...I...I...realised I'd been a bit funky towards you and you I know usually I wouldn't bother apologising to you because you never seem to forgive me anyway...but I realised I was a bit mean to you since you had lost your room...and your stuff...and your bed...and-."

She cut him off, "I get the point, thanks."

"So...yea..." He was back to rubbing the back of his neck.

"Well..." She looked up at him, he was a whole foot taller than her now, "I guess I was a bit hard on you. I mean, yea you're a bit of an annoying prat but we can't all be perfect." She cracked the smallest smile.

At the hint of an actual emotion in her voice, he grinned; his fangs revealing themselves, "Really, Rae? I'm really forgiven?" He changed into a puppy dog compete with a wagging tail, "You're actually forgiving me?"

"Don't push it Garfield, and it's Raven."

"Wow...I should apologise more if it actually broke your whole ice-queen act a bit more often. You can be a bit creepy sometimes...the whole loner thing is kinda uncomfortable when we're supposed to be a team." He suddenly realised what he said and looked at Raven as she inhaled sharply.

She froze, "Get out."

"What...Rae...I didn't mean it!" He cried.

"Get out. Now."

He backed away and went out of the room, suddenly turning into a meek cat from the sheer shock of it, "Rae...I didn't mean to..."

The room began to darken and items seemed to fly up on its own. He looked at Raven and shook his head.

"Get the fuck out." She said monotonously, "And it's Raven."

The door slammed shut.


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