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Chapter 10

Raven smiled lazily as she watched Kid Flash whizzing around the Common Room like a total moron; he wasn't exactly new to the Titans but since he was only a Honorary Titan, he didn't get to hang out at Titans Tower much and he was loving every second of it, she could tell. His happiness was quite literally—since she was an empath and all—contagious and the smile had placed itself almost subconsciously on her face, it felt familiar yet alien all at the same time, partly because she has smiled because of other people's happiness but partially because some of the happiness she felt was her own.

It was strange...

She wasn't sure what she was happy about, but she was happy and she was wary of it at first but finally came to conclusions that it wasn't a bad thing to be happy. Kori was always happy and there didn't seem to be anything wrong with her, so being happy wasn't too bad after all.

She was also sleepy, she noted, and the summer sun that was pouring in through the huge window wasn't helping that much either. Summer always meant high energy and activities but it also represented lazy afternoons; she liked both, but right now she preferred the latter. Her eyelids felt heavy and she was at the point of resisting the familiar temptation of sleep but today, yes today, she was going to give herself a break.

The couch was really soft, after all.

Raven let her eyelids flutter close and she felt her breathing grow heavy. This was nice, it was just soft and dark and quiet in her head; a dream would be most welcome right now...

...It was dark and gloomy, not the comfortable darkness she experienced when she first fell asleep but the dark that usually associated itself with fear and danger. She looked around and sighed as she saw craters and rock towers all around her, wind blowing through her almost-black hair.

She was in Nevermore.

That was a bit inconvenient.

She gazed at the ragged landscape and sighed. The day that she gave herself a break turned out to also be the day that she would accidentally tap into the rural land of Nevermore. This either meant that she was losing control of her powers or her Emotions needed to talk to her about something urgent; she really hoped it was the first one.

"Hi Raven!" She heard a giggle then groaned as she saw a pink cloak.

They needed to talk to her about something urgent.


"Hi Happy." She hesitated.

"Oh, Rae-Rae!" She flung her arms around Raven, "I have not seen you physically in a long time. I am so happy to see you here back in Nevermore! It just fills me with joy!"

"Get to the point Happy, what do you guys want with me?"

Happy just giggled and smiled secretly.

What did they want? Seriously?

Then suddenly all the Emotions appeared out of thin air, each wearing their own different coloured cloaks to indicate what they represented; Happy, Timid, Courage, Kindness, Fear, Wisdom, Laziness and, finally, Rage. All of them were her, as she was them...she just didn't particularly like them that much, that was all.

"We have a newcomer." Wisdom said shortly, "And we're not really sure who she is. She won't tell us...and we were hoping that she'd tell you."

Raven quirked a brow when Rage started to scream, "I HATE HER! TELL HER TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!"

"Easy, Rage...we won't know if she's a threat until she introduces herself." Courage said stoutly, trying to calm her down, she was the only one who could stand up to Rage, no matter what the situation.


Fear shuddered and held onto Timid, "She scares me...she's new...I don't like new things...she scares me..." She repeated over and over again like some kind of mantra.

Raven looked through the group of Emotion and couldn't find anything or anyone new, "Where is she?"

"I don't know." Timid replied quietly and looked around shyly to see if anyone else was going to answer.

Happy grinned and giggled idiotically, "I don't know either but I like her! She's funny!" She covered her mouth as another giggle erupted from her lips, "She's a pretty colour too...I like pretty colours!"

Laziness yawned, "If I was her, I'd be sleeping in my place but since..." Her voice trailed off as she fell into a deep slumber.

Raven rolled her eyes at the sight of Laziness sleeping but she had to admit, she was curious about this new Emotion. Who was she and why did she appear just recently? Something wasn't connecting and she wanted to find out what that something was.

Kindness sensed the swell of curiosity in Raven and patted her gently on the shoulder. The Emotion gave her a sweet smile and her eyes were just so...soft. She wondered if she looked like that sometimes...

"Hi Raven..."

Raven spun around to see a complete replica of herself but her cape was a soft shade of periwinkle blue. She was familiar, this one, yet unfamiliar...where had she felt this before? Had she ever felt her before? Raven took one more look at the Emotion before feeling her jaw drop involuntarily.

Oh no.


The Emotion nodded, "Me."

Raven stopped for a moment in hesitation, "I've never met you before, have I? I thought I suppressed you."

She smirked, "I've been getting stronger as of late, as you've probably noticed. Or not. No matter." She said nonchalantly, "You know me and I know you." She took off the hood of that periwinkle cape, "You're scared of me though." She said, referring to Fear.

"Raven, who is she?" Wisdom asked curiously, not knowing did drive her crazy sometimes, "You seem to know her."

Raven nodded grimly; what the hell was she doing here?

"You know her? That's great!" Gushed Happy, "You have to introduce us! Doesn't she look pretty?"

"HAPPY CAN YOU SHUT UP!? WHO THE HELL IS THIS PERSON, RAVEN!?" Rage screamed, her voice booming throughout Nevermore.

Raven hesitated and she could see all the expectant eyes on her. She knew this Emotion but it was also new to her, it was an emotion she had always wanted to feel but had never gotten the chance to, she never really expected she would actually meet her though; she had quite literally almost given up.


The Emotion shook her head and then beamed, "I'm Affection, though I'm pretty sure I'm growing." She smiled sweetly at Kindness and Raven noted that their smiles were similar, "I'm the consequence to Kindness but not of the bad sort. You hate me right now, Raven, but you'll soon learn to accept me and even...maybe...let me grow." She emphasised that last word as if it were something extremely important.

"What do you mean, let you grow? And why are you here, Affection? Didn't I bury you deep down somewhere? You didn't even appear when I was half in love with Malchior." Raven asked curiously.

Affection gave a melodic giggle, "That's because you never really liked him. You were infatuated by him, you loved the thought of being loved but you didn't experience it. You were infatuated; he was the only person to have ever called you...beautiful." She gave a small twirl as if to show off her cloak, "As for the growing part...you should know what I mean."

Raven growled and placed her fists on her hips, "Fine then, who are you directed at anyway? There is no one I feel..." she thought about what she was about to say in distaste, "affection for."

"I'm sure you don't." Affection waggled her finger and rolled her eyes.

Every Emotion was staring at her intently now, even Rage was calm. They all wanted to know who she liked but...but...she didn't know who Affection was talking about! She didn't!

"No, seriously Affection, who are you talking about? I don't feel anything for anyone!"

"I don't think Affection will tell you..." Wisdom said boldly, "I think you should take Starfire's advice to open your eyes."

"My eyes are open!" She exclaimed, "They are so open that I think they'll bleed if I attempt to open them even more!"

She heard a growl and saw Rage glow and enlarge slightly; she had to calm down. Counting to ten, she breathed deeply to try to get the tranquillity back into her mind. If she didn't calm down Rage would grow even larger than Rage was now and she was in no shape to try to grapple with Rage.


"OK...breathe Raven...breathe..." she told herself, "Now I don't know why the hell you're here but I want you to either tell me who you're directed at or I want you out."

Affection waggled her tongue at Raven and sighed, "Raven, you never learn do you? You have to find out for yourself or you'll miss half the fun."

"I don't want fun." She grumbled in reply, "I'm not fun."

Suddenly a voice boomed through Nevermore and Raven jumped, "Raven...wake up..." The voice urged.

She grumbled, Cyborg was trying to wake her up and if he kept it up, he would eventually wake her up...but she didn't want to wake up; not really, anyway. She needed to find out who the hell Affection was talking about; if curiosity killed the cat, this probably had Raven long buried.

"Oh look, "Affection smirked, "Cyborg's calling you, and you know that you're compelled to wake up when someone calls your name three times."

Raven frowned then crossed her arm, what demon made that stupid rule anyway? She wasn't a genie who woke up after three rubs of the lamp and granted three wishes; she could sleep all she wanted to!

"Raven...wake up..."

She gritted her teeth and tried to telepathically tell Cyborg to shut up. Of course it didn't work, though; she was in her own head and couldn't do anything physically.

Nevermore sucked.

"Affection...c'mon...tell me...please?"

Affection just grinned stupidly.

How she hated her right now.



The Emotions swirled and faded, alongside with Nevermore and now she was just faced with the comfortable darkness that she experienced before entering Nevermore; she was awake. Her vision was blurry for a bit but then it perfected to form an image of a humanoid standing right over her.

"Vic!" She grumbled, "I was having an important tal..." she hesitated, "I was having a good dream. What in the world made you wake me up? You never try to wake me up; that's Beast Boy's job."

Cyborg crossed his arms and chuckled, "Well somebody woke up on the wrong side of the couch." He grinned, "BB's room is empty, you should get some rest, you look beat."

"I was resting until somebody woke me up."

"Well, you need a bed and BB's gonna be gone for a day, at least. You haven't slept in a proper bed for the past two weeks. Your back must be killing you, man."

Her jaw dropped, "Are you telling me to go sleep in his bed?" She regained control of her jaw and looked him square in the eye, "You do realise it's disgusting, right?"

He clicked his tongue, "And you know as well as I do that it can't be that disgusting since he has the most goddamned sensitive nose in the world."

He was doing the whole big brother thing, she realised, and when he was in big brother mode he wasn't going to back down no matter what anyone said. When he was in this mode, he'd say jump and in reply you'd ask how high?

"Look, Raven." He sighed, "There are no crimes today, Dick and Kori are doing God knows what in her room, Kid Flash is having the time of his life rushing around the Tower, I'm trying to get your rooms back and you just spent twenty four hours trying to get Garfield better. You need the rest." He said stoutly.

She cocked an eyebrow and saw that he would keep bugging her until she agreed, "Fine." She frowned, "But I'm not getting under the covers; I don't even want to know what he does under there." She mock shuddered.

"Good on ya girl." He grinned then laughed, "Go on then."

She stood up and walked out of the Common Room, feeling his metallic eye on her every moment she walked. Affection's appearance in Nevermore still bothered her a bit; scratch that, more than a bit. Her appearance signalled that she had feelings for someone because affection for someone who was just a friend was generated by the team work of Kindness and Happy—they were good friends—and Affection also mentioned that she wanted to grow.

What the hell did that mean?

Raven stopped and looked around her to see if she was in the right spot before phasing downwards right into Beast Boy's rooms; she wasn't supposed to phase—not without the amount of energy she had currently anyway—but she couldn't resist, she just didn't have the patience to wait for the elevator to come up today and then down again towards Beast Boy and Cyborg's floor.

The room was still in the same condition as it had been from when she meditated in his room but it was admittedly quieter than she was comfortable with but it was warm and cosy; just the right temperature that made her want to fall asleep. The bed was nicely made since Garfield hadn't slept in it for two nights and the sheets were surprisingly, or maybe not surprisingly, green; she had always thought that Garfield disliked the colour as it reminded him for what he was but she guess—and this was an extremely wild guess—that he had most probably embraced it, like he had embraced the pain of transforming.

She blushed as she remembered their heated conversation yesterday; it was so intense that you could cut the tension with a knife. It was most definitely uncomfortable but it was enlightening as well; she felt him being angry, nervous, happy and full of affection at the same time, the mix of emotion made her empathic powers spasm out of control but it was a nice spasm, if that made any sense at all. Like...like she had a real connection with Garfield, something she had never really achieved before...and...

She slipped under the covers despite what she had told Cyborg; sleeping was never complete without the blankets being right up under your neck. She even put up the blankets that high on hot summer nights, it was from a silly belief she had when she was a kid; she knew that vampires weren't real but just in case they were, she had always covered her neck in the innocent belief that by covering the neck the vampires wouldn't notice you had one, and from then on it had been a habit of hers. It was warm, and she thought that she could feel Garfield's essence in it; she sometimes was able to feel other people's essence in their belongings but it was rare and she only felt it from those who were special to her.

Raven continuously wrapped the blanket tighter and tighter around her petite frame before curling up into a ball; it was so comfortable. Her fingers gripped at the covers tightly and she wiggled her toes; was this what it felt like to share a bed with someone else? Someone you potentially liked more than a friend? Her eyelids closed before she could think on that question but her train of thoughts continued on. She felt her hair kiss her cheeks and she brushed them away from her face with her small hands; what was it like when someone you fancied held you as close and as tightly as she was being held by the blanket. Drowsiness was really taking over now but she needed, wanted, to ask—to no one in particular—about something...something in the back of her mind...something that she had suppressed for some time and would only realise it when she wanted to—and consciously she never wanted to admit it—but...

...what was it like when Garfield hugged her this close?

And all was dark.


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