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Chapter 3: Bonding

"Oh, Raven it is so glorious to be in love." Starfire sighed, "It is so splenderous to share the hugs and the kisses with an Earth boy like Dick." She cooed, "It is especially nice when he does the nibbling of the lips."

Raven shook her head, her eyes closed and her hands over her ears frantically, "Kori! Stop! I don't want to know what you and Dick do in your spare time."

"But why ever not, friend Raven? Do you not wish to be in love with someone? Oh, I wish you were, friend Raven..."

Raven looked up curiously, "Wish I was what?"

"In love...it is such a glorious feeling. It is like eating copious amounts of mustard and the sticks of pixie." She giggled and her smile lit up even brighter than it usually did, "If you were in love, friend Raven, there would be a mass amount of topics we could talk about when we start our girl talk."

That stung a little, she was supposed to be emotionless to maintain control of her powers and falling in love didn't allow that, "I tried it remember?"

"Oh...yes...that horrible klorbag called Malchior." She grimaced and Raven noted that even when she grimaced, she was still gorgeous, "Oh!"


"I shall do the making of the match!"

"You mean match-making?"

"Yes, that too...it will be most enjoyable and you will be in love!"

Starfire commenced to hugging Raven so tight that it was a wonder that Raven even managed to breathe. This lead Raven to believe that Kori really didn't know the extent of her super-human strength and Raven felt that she didn't need to tell her, hard as it might be to admit it, she actually liked Kori. Not only because she was the only other female on the Teen Titans but because Kori was everything Raven wanted to be...she kinda...she kinda idolises Kori in a way.

"Kori...no." She stated simply.

Kori put on her puppy-dog face at once, "But why ever not? I believe you will have a marvellous time with Garfield. He is extremely humorous and when you are sad he could turn into that fat cat on the television box to cheer you up." She smiled, "I have learnt from Victor that they have the same names. It is most amusing."

Her violet eyes widened in shock, "Garfield?" Her voice was monotone no longer, "Garfield!?"

"Yes, he is most amusing, is he not?" She clapped her hands giddily, "And he pays a lot of attention to you."

"But he's Garfield..."

"Exactly!" She giggled, "He is most gentlemanly and he has an adoration for you!"

Raven snorted at that last remark, "Yea, right. Vic will be a vegetarian before Gar acts like a gentleman."

Kori seemed confused now, "Victor has chosen to consume only vegetables? What will he do with the coupon of the meat buffet I purchased for him yesterday?"

"No." She shook her head in distress, "I just mean that there is in no way Garfield likes me. All he does all day is try to piss me off for God knows what reason."

Her best friend smiled and hugged her once more, "Oh, friend Raven, you must look at the world more clearly—how should I say it?—with eyes wide open." She shrugged as she released a hyperventilating Raven, "You are oh so wise, dearest Raven, but sometimes I do wonder if your eyes are closed..."

"Star, as you can see...my eyes are wide open."

"It is not like that. I do not mean that you should open your eyes physically, merely that you should try and enlarge your heart. There is a lot of good in our friend Beast Boy-"

She cut herself off as she saw heard a couple of knocks on her door. Her whole face brightened and she stood up to answer the door. There stood Dick Grayson in all his glory and he was...he was wearing a tux.

"Where are you two going then?" She smirked as she imposed the question in his mind.

He tugged at his sleeves nervously and it made Raven realise that he wasn't wearing his mask. It was amazing how different he looked; he was, as she had guessed, quite good looking and with this Raven realised that Kori was in a pink dress—she wasn't really sure why she didn't realise before—and that they were going on a date...somewhere flashy by the look of the way they were both dressed.

She felt Robin grin mentally, "I'm gonna go to Gotham to introduce her to Bruce."

"Meeting the parent, I see." She smiled back inwardly, "Take care." Raven sensed that he was nervous and she noted that he was physically sweating, "Don't worry. Bruce'll love her."

Scepticism clouded his thoughts, "You don't know Bruce like I do, Raven. He's sarcastic and mean and he's a bit of a loner."

She smirked, "A bit like me, then? If that's true then he'll approve."

Kori gleefully tugged at her boyfriend's sleeve, "Shall we journey to the city of Gotham?" She gave him a quick kiss on the cheeks.

"Aw..." Raven rolled her eyes, "PDA..."

Robin scowled, "Shut up."

Kori looked from her best friend to her boyfriend curiously, "Are you two doing the mental bonding?" She giggled, "It must be joyous to communicate with Robin constantly. I would like to have that power if I had the chance."

Robin grinned at his Kori and gave her a quick hug, Raven noted that Kori was tall—way taller than her anyway—and yet Dick was taller, "I'd rather have silence with you than have Raven in my head." Kori blushed a flaming red.

"Oh, please." Raven rolled her eyes.

"Well, we're off then." Their team leader announced, "Starfire and Robin out."

With that they walked out of the room, leaving the door open and Raven strained to reach Starfire's mind. It was hard, not only because they were a bit far now but also because she had never mentally bonded with Starfire before.

"Take care Kori..." She sensed agitation, "You'll be fine." And with that the agitation subsided and turned into gratitude.

She looked around the room and was surprised to find that she didn't like being alone in a place that she wasn't familiar with—though Raven had already been staying in that room for a week and a half by now—and she grabbed a book and went out to venture to the Common Room. Per usual, Beast Boy and Cyborg were playing video games aggressively; as if their lives depended on the very game. She knew they wouldn't notice her so she settled herself and started to read the novel she had randomly picked out at the local bookstore a couple of days ago.

The novel was 'Nineteen Eighty Four' by the infamous George Orwell and it was a brilliant novel, thought up by a genius, though she knew that the novel was inspired by yet another novel, apparently even more amazing and awe-inspiring than this one yet she couldn't find it in the local bookstore and was content in reading this one. It was all about totalitarian societies and the power of language and such, it was a dystopian novel but it made you think.

She snorted as an image of Beast Boy trying to think popped into her head and this caused the two game-zombies to stare at her incredulously.

"Raven..." Cyborg started.

She glared at him, "Yes?"

"You snorted."

And with that, the pair started laughing, their bodies rolling around on the floor and their consoles all but forgotten. She rolled her eyes at how immature they were, the way they laughed at her snort. For the love of God, it was only a snort. This is the reason that she rarely laughed, she knew that they would find it hideously funny and would make fun of it and blackmail her with it for the rest of her life.

"Oh my God." Tears were rolling out of Beast Boy's eyes now, "That was priceless!" And he commenced to laughing at her even more, with a much bigger volume.

"Funny." Her word dripped with sarcasm.

She shielded herself with the black energy she was so used to creating so that all sound was blocked and she could continue to read the novel.

It was going to be a long day.

It was late, well not that late; it was about twelve at night and she was getting tired. She had planned on finishing off the book but after a while of non-stop reading, the words became blurry and the energy drained out of her because of how much effort she was putting into keeping the shield up so that the guys wouldn't further interrupt her reading. They were gone now and she was sure that both Kori and Dick had come back from their venture to Gotham; both were a bit tipsy at how much champagne they had consumed at the Wayne Manor.

She turned off the lights in the Common Room then walked towards Starfire's room. The lights were dim but they were still on, just in case the alarm went off and everyone had to rush out of their rooms to go rescue someone else's arse.

"Ouch." She stumbled over something and after close inspection she thought it looked like Kori's pink and black stilettos that she kept for special occasions.

What were they doing here? She wondered as she looked at the shoe for a couple of seconds before continuing her journey back to her current accommodation.

She stumbled again, "Frick." This time it was over a pair of male dress shoes.

What in Azar were they doing here, so close to Starfire's room?

She pressed the password code to open the door and froze.

Oh my fucking Azar.

Kori and Dick were both in the room.


Having sex.

In the room she was currently staying.

She rushed out before Kori and Dick noticed that a third party was in the room and walked rapidly back towards the Common Room.

Why didn't it click when she saw those shoes outside the room?

God, she was so stupid.

And now where was she going to sleep?

She was two seconds away from the Common Room and she was thinking hard. Where was she to sleep tonight? And on the other nights 'til her room was back? She couldn't sleep in Starfire's room. Not after what she...saw.


Before she realised it, she was back in the Common Room, back on the couch she was sitting on before where Vic and Gar had laughed at the way she laughed. Her book was still in her hand; her hands were dripping in sweat. Her eyelids were growing heavier by the second and her breathing slowed down almost instantly. The couch was becoming strangely comfortable. She lay down slowly, her hand still gripping her book and she stayed there until her eyelids finally fluttered closed.

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