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Rating M: Hermione is fifteen in this story. If you don't like, don't read.

He loved to watch them sway with her movements. Rubbing the wet cloth over the wooden table, she cleaned up the remnants of this morning's breakfast. The drips of pumpkin juice had hardened slightly, making her wipe harder. Her firm breasts bounced against her bra and shirt. She was unaware of two grey eyes leering at her young assets.

A bit of her brown nipple peaked over the top of her bra. He would love to run his tongue over those peaks. I wanted to make her squirm underneath him. His mouth filled with saliva. He stifled a groan with his coffee cup. She looked up from her work and smiled at him, innocently.

"Good coffee, Sirius?" Hermione asked.

"You have no idea" Sirius smiled, sweetly.

Hermione dropped to her knees on the hardwood floor in the library. She didn't mind doing house work. After all, she was living here now over the summer. She began to wash the floor slowly.

Remus, absentmindedly lowered his book to watch her work. Her small bottom wiggled she scrubbed. The jean she wore hugged her ass nicely, Remus thought. Shaking the ideas out of his head, Remus went back to his book. Every so often, he'd hear the scraping of Hermione's bucket as she moved it. He glanced down at her again. Her ass was still facing him. It silently mocked him. Remus shifted in his plush chair to relieve the pressure in his trousers. 'It's so close to the full moon.' Closing his eyes, he fought to control his emotions. The urge was so strong. He wanted her. The wolf inside him howled. She was bent over in the submissive position. All he had to do was pin her down and take her.

Hermione, suddenly, dropped back on her heels and stood up.

"All finished, Hermione?" Remus choked out.

"Just about" she answered, brightly.

"I think you missed a spot over there" Remus pointed over to a corner.

"Oh" She ambled over the spot, fell onto her knees again and go to work. Remus set down his book and enjoyed the show.

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