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The Epilogue

Fang hadn't smiled once since the day he had found out the love of his life had committed suicide.

The flock and the fact that he needed to take care of them, for Max, was the only thing that kept him going.

Finally however the strain was too much for them and they split up, each member going there own way to find a place in this crazy world they could call their own.

Fang couldn't deal, and resorted to taking anything that would make him forget, just for a little while, how miserable his existence was.

Fang Ride died a few years later at the age of 19 of an accidental heroin overdose in his tiny apartment in down town New York.

He was found two days after his death with an old and worn photo that had been unfolded and refolded many times in his hand.

It was a photo of two 15 year olds, one a beautiful blonde girl with her eyes sparkling with life and happiness, the other a tall dark haired boy with a serious, but happy, face.

They had their arms around each other and were laughing together at some long forgotten joke, which had been lost in the folds of time.

On the back was written the words, "Max and Fang, forever".

After the flock split up Iggy did a correspondence course with Oxford University and got full marks on his culinary exam, as well as 100 percent in his chemistry.

Iggy, who seemed to have developed a fear of fire and explosives after Max's letter turned down the job offers by the CIA, FBI and the Pentagon.

He decided instead to keep up his university education.

At the age of 18 Iggy received a bachelor's degree in teaching and became the best in his field, specializing in special children.

He travelled the world, teaching blind, deaf and disabled children that having said disability did not make them any less of a person, and that they can still become useful members of society, just as a very special girl had taught him so many years ago.

Nudge, who had probably been the most shocked by Max's death, did the exact opposite to the others.

She had followed Max's parting words. To the dot.

Not long after the flock separated she made her way to Los Angeles and showed the first reporter she found her wings.

She became instantly famous and rich, going on talk shows and writing auto biographies about her horrible Itex experience.

She did not, however, talk about the flock. Not a word. In her books, interviews and even movies, it was made out that she was the only one this had happened to.

Nudge fast became a famous actress and spent a year basking in the spot light before the 'incident' happened.

She had walked half way to her car after yet another book signing when she noticed it. Her car, a stylish silver convertible, had had its windows broken and the words 'Die Freak' written on the side.

Nudge then had what is called a nervous breakdown, where her mind decided she couldn't deal anymore.

Nudge ran away from her life of fame and now resides in a small caravan. She works as a psychic for a small travelling circus, as she is sure that the attack on her car was a sign from Max.

Nudge spends most of her time concentrating over ruins, crystal balls and ouija boards, trying desperately to get into contact with Max's spirit and finally put her beloved sister to rest.

The Gasman, unlike Iggy, was unafraid of bombs and loud noises, but never made one again.

Gazzy tried to settle down and lead a normal life, going to school, hanging with friends, doing his homework, but after a while, it became too much for him.

Gazzy had been raised in a violent environment, always on the run and fighting for his life that when normal came along, he couldn't deal.

He needed the violence, the death, the anger. Fighting was the only time when he felt perfectly safe and comfortable.

At the age of 16 Gazzy quit the normal life and lied about his age to join the army. There, in the first time in 6 years, since the death of his mother, he had at last felt at home.

Angel was a good girl. She loved Max, her only mother, with all her heart. After her death, Angel never again went anywhere near someone's mind.

That may sound like a good thing, but it wasn't. Keeping up a constant mind block took a great toll on her and left her weak and tired with splitting headaches most of the time.

Max's death had taken a great toll on her too, as did each of the other flock member's death over the years.

She collected the newspaper articles and taped them on the walls as each one came.

Fang, 19, died of a heroin overdose, possibly a suicide.

Iggy, 21, was hit by a bus while trying to cross a busy street.

Nudge, 18, was burned alive in her caravan when she nocked over a candle during a séance.

Gazzy, 17, had caught a live grenade and was blown to smithereens, saving the lives of the five soldiers that it was aimed at.

Gazzy's death had been the last straw and finally sent Angel over the brink of insanity.

Angel Ride spent four years at Sunnyvale mental hospital before dying of an aneurism brought on by a brain tumour, which had possibly been the cause of her mental powers.

So there you go. The demise of the famous flock, the bird kids who had saved the world again and again, who were nothing without their mother, sister and leader.

Nothing without out their Max.

Take into consideration however that each and everyone of the flock members died with thoughts of her in their head and a soft smile on their face, knowing that soon they would be reunited with the beautiful 16 year old girl who meant so much to each of them, even when she was gone.

The End.

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