I glanced at the grandfather clock that dominated the hallway; it was nearly 11 o'clock. I frowned and checked my phone, it didn't help that hers was switched off. My mind was so preoccupied I didn't hear Jasper walk in,

"Not everyone's as fast as you are Edward," he said slyly leaning against the doorframe

"Yes Jasper," I snapped "but this is beyond that……" I frowned as my brother sighed and shrugged off the wooden molding, he walked towards me with sincere eyes,

"If anything had happened Alice would have seen it, you're too paranoid" he shook his head,

"Maybe she just doesn't find you physically attractive" Jasper smirked his eyes innocent as he ducked my punch.

"Want me to go look for her? At least that way she won't realize that you're stalking her", this time my fist connected with an earth shattering smash, Jasper stumbled back grinning,

"I'll get the Merc", he sauntered out of the room as I fumed, I wasn't in the mood to be taunted, not now.

I was watching the minute hand tick slowly on the clock face, my mind was working in overdrive as the phone vibrated in my pocket and I snapped it open against my ear,

"Bella?", my heart sank as I heart Jaspers tone,

"Edward she never went home," his voice was wary and my mouth went dry as I realised those implications,

"I'm going to look for her", the words stuck in my throat, "…..Edward?" I flicked the phone down and stormed up stairs roaring,


Her eyes were wide as I broke her door into splinters, Rose was perched on the bed watching me wide eyed as I towered over my black haired sister,

"HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!" My voice shook as Alice cowered against her cluttered dressing table,


"I…I didn't see…" her breathing was rapid as she backed away to the bed, Rose stood up shielding her sister,

"Edward calm down!" my eyes flashed at her words and I advanced slowly towards them,

"Calm down?! Calm down?!!! SHE"S GONE!!" I spat at Rose. Her nostrils flared as she squared off to me. I heard thunderous footfall speeding towards us and abruptly Emmett was standing between Rosalie and I. He shoved me back his eyes murderous,

"We'll find her but it is not our fault Edward. Back off." He spoke between gritted teeth as his hand found Rosalies behind him. I glared at Emmett, when my phone buzzed I answered it slowly, staring at my brothers unwavering black eyes,


"Edward?" his voice was breathless, "they're everywhere", he whispered urgently,

"Who are? Jasper where…" but I was cut off by Alice as her tiny hand snatched the handset from my grip,

"Jasper?" we all strained to hear Jaspers hushed voice on the other line as Alices face crumpled,

"The wolves, they're closing in. She's not fast enough."

Emmett and Rosalie blurred as they darted from the room, a few seconds later I heard the roar of the M3. I grasped Alices delicate hand as she stood frozen, and dragged her down the stairs, piling her into the Volvo I sped after the red convertible. I couldn't help but glance anxiously at Alice whose fingers were locked around the cell phone; Jasper had long since hung up.

"They'll be alright," I breathed, "both of them".

Alice smiled weakly, nodding her head as her brow creased. Her face broke my silent heart and I reached out for her hand, clasping it tightly. Her shallow breathing became jagged as she squeezed my hand.

"Its nothing," her voice strained, "…nothing without him"

I cleared my throat as the car screeched into the caravan park, Emmett and Rosalie were already streaking towards the encroaching forest. As soon as I stepped out of the car the scent hit me,

"Wolf," I snarled,

"Jasper", I heard Alices anxious voice behind me as we rushed after our siblings.

I heard Emmetts booming voice ahead as we caught up to him,

"We'll give you one chance to run….dogs".

I skidded into the clearing my eyes wide at the sight they were met with. Jasper was backed against a thick gnarled tree his eyes darted fiercely around as a pack of giant wolves descended on him. It was only after looking twice that I saw my brother was shielding someone, his arms were spread out protectively in front of a pale trembling figure. My heart should have stopped right there when I saw her wide brown eyes lock onto mine,

"Bella", I breathed

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