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Helona the fourteenth 19 BBY Night

Coruscant: Oxton Medical Center

Anakin Skywalker forced himself not to panic. After a month of horrible nightmares concerning his wife, Padme, in childbirth, he lived a a world of fear and desperation. He was relieved that they had stopped once Darth Sidious was dead. It had been months since he last had a nightmare. He assumed that it meant that things had changed. But now as Padme was giving birth, he was not quite sure. The medical droids assisting Padme seemed to be concerned with her well being, a little too concerned. Padme was in horrible pain and there was nothing that he could do to stop it. It was just like his nightmares.

Anakin of course didn't know that childbirth was painful. He wasn't given that information. But even the medical droids were concerned. Anakin wasn't relieved when the first babies cry was heard. Padme was still in pain. He focused on murmuring assurance to his wife that everything would turn out okay. He was too concerned with Padme's pain to hold his son. The droids had mentioned two babies, twins. But even when the second twin was born, a girl this time, the pain didn't exactly go away. Instead Padme just closed her eyes and drifted into unconsciousness. Instantly medical droids surrounded her shoving Anakin out of the way.


Helona the fifteenth 19 BBY Dawn

Coruscant: Oxton Medical Center

Anakin sat alone in the medical room. Next to him Padme laid in a biobed unconscious. The medical staff described it as a coma. Very few coma patients had woken up in the past. Anakin now had two options. Continue his life as a jedi and see his children only some of the time, allowing someone else to raise them, or quite the order to raise them himself.

Anakin stood up and looked out the window to Coruscant. He would be going to Naboo soon. Padme's family needed to know what had happened. They deserved the truth. It was with this thought that he made his decision. Anakin turned away from the window and walked over to the biobed where Padme lay. He bent down to gently brush his lips against her still ones.

"I know that you will wake up, Padme. I wont give up, I promise," he whispered.