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"Are we stopping soon?" Sokka whined.

"Shush Sokka, we'll stop when we know there's no threat of Zuko finding us," Katara reprimanded.

Sokka rolled his eyes; "There's always a threat of Zuko finding us."

Katara smacked him upside the head and Aang turned around from his position at Appa's head to grin at the sibling fighting.

"Don't worry, Sokka," Aang spoke up, "I think I saw a little village a couple miles away. We'll stop and restock our supplies."

Sokka grumbled some more, but lay back, contented.

As the giant flying bison spiraled downwards to the little Earth Kingdom town, a pair of eyes not known to the travelers watched its descent.

"Whoa," was the first utterance out of the mouth that belonged to the eyes.

A girl stepped from the shadows of the trees and stared open-mouthed at the bison.

"Whoa," she repeated.

Aang jumped off of Appa, staff in hand. Sokka whipped around, hand tightly gripping his boomerang. Katara grasped the small bottle of water they had left, just in case. In battle stances, the friends eyed the girl warily.

Because she had just walked through a tree.