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1: First Impressions Can Be Tough

Wesley grunted when his body hit the stone floor. The pain pierced him, it felt like every bone in his body was on fire.

He heard another limp body fall down next to him. And the next, depressing sound that was heard was the loud CLICK from the door.

Locked. He was lost.

"Are you okay?" His cellmate's hoarse voice said from somewhere on his right.

Wesley shook his head roughly, even though he knew you couldn't tell through the darkness. He used his hands to heave himself up from the filthy, grimy floor. From what he could feel, and of course, from his experiences from years of being a stable boy, he could tell that what covered the floor was rotting hay. One time, it had probably been there to give the prisoners at least some comfort, but now, it just depressed him.


He had to save her. His heart ached with worrying, with unhappy love that he suddenly wished would go away. Never before, not even when she didn't know about it, had he never regretted that he loved Buttercup.

He was ashamed of this new feeling. But then again, he knew it would go away. And what Buttercup didn't know couldn't hurt her.

"I'm as little okay as you possible can be," he said and crossed his legs beneath him.

"I can't say I don't understand you," the other man responded, and Wesley decided that no matter where this man came from, it wasn't here. He sounded American, and pretty young.

There was a long silence between them after that. Or, maybe it wasn't that long, but that's how it felt. Wesley couldn't figure out a proper respond to the man's statement, and he didn't bother thinking too hard. He had to think of Buttercup, think of a way to save her…

"I'm Adam," the voice said after what seemed like an eternity, and Wesley jumped.

He'd almost forgotten there was someone else with in the darkness with him.


Well, he had to talk to someone, right?

So Wesley turned his head to him. The hopelessness had already washed over him, and he felt empty. Tired and worn. He wasn't up for a conversation. And not really for thinking either.

"Wesley," he muttered.

Adam might have nodded, Wesley couldn't really figure out. It sounded like a nod, but… It was so damn dark!

"Wesley," Adam repeated.

He seemed to taste the name.

"Yes," he replied, unsure of what else to say.

"Well, Wesley," Adam said, and he sounded either tired or optimistic. "Seems like we're going to be here for a while."

There it was. The pronouncing. 'Gonna' instead of 'going to'. He was definitely American.

"I'm not," came Wesley's clipped answer. "I'm going to get out of here."

He was very particular with pronouncing it 'go-ing-to'. For some reason, it was very important to him not to sound like Adam.

"Oh yeah?" Adam scoffed, his accent more obvious than ever. "And how's that supposed to happen, Wesley?"

"I don't know," Wesley said truthfully. "But I will, I know that much."

He heard Adam sighing softly as he rolled over to his back. Wesley couldn't understand how he voluntarily lied on a floor like this. Okay, he'd slept most of his nights in haystacks, or straight on the hard wood, but… A floor as dirty as this one…

"Then I guess I'll be stuck here, gnawing away at straws after you go away," Adam said, and Wesley's eyes widened as he actually heard the milling sound of jaws working at a straw of hay.

"Are you going to put something we found in this room in your mouth?" He yelped out, and Adam chuckled softly.

"Not much else to do, is there?" He mumbled bitterly and spat out the straw he'd been chewing on. "Ugh. Tastes like crap."

Wesley nodded sharply, not really paying attention.

"If you say so. Now, will you help me found a way out of here?"

Even though he couldn't see it, and even though he had no idea how Adam looked, he somehow knew he rolled his eyes.

"If you find out a way to break that lock, let me know. I'm going to remain on the floor until someone, either the guards or you, gets me out of here."

Wesley gritted his teeth. He didn't know why, but every time he heard Adam say 'gonna', he felt like breaking his jaw just to get away from it.

"Would you mind stop saying that?"


"That… 'Gonna'"

"Well, I'm awfully sorry, Mr. 'Going to'," Adam bit back, "but I'm American and proud of it."

Wesley grunted for an answer and turned his head to get a better overlook of the room, but for that, he could use a candle or something. He could twist and turn as much as he wished, but he saw nothing. He didn't see the door, he didn't see the walls, he didn't see Adam, he just heard the slow breathing next to him. And a voice in the back of his head knew that there was no way out, but he ignored it. And he ignored Adam, too. He hadn't even seen his face, but he was already bothered by his casualness, his laziness, his… Damn accent.

Wesley didn't know how much time he spend searching through every inch of the dungeon with his hands and as much of his eyes that he could bring himself to. But no matter how long it was, it was too long. Especially since he did it to the sound of Adam behind him. The slow breathing, his fingers that occasionally tapped against the stone floor, his soft humming. Wesley wanted to beat him up, or kill him, or… Whatever. But in the same time, he knew that Adam was the only sane, human creature he was going to meet in quite a while.

"Any luck?" Adam said dizzily and sadistically after a while when Wesley let himself drop down next to him with a heavy sigh. "Sorry I didn't pay more attention, I nodded off there for a while."

"Shut up," Wesley muttered, and drew his fingers along his moustache.

Adam chuckled.

"Why are you down here, anyway?" He then continued, not bothered at all by Wesley's quipping. "Such a little goodie-goodie as you, why would any guards want to throw you down here?"

Wesley sighed again, and allowed himself to lie down next to Adam and hate himself for surrendering. The hay felt slimy and itchy at the same time against his bare torso, but he didn't have the strength left to do something about it. He was starting to think that he still wasn't in control, for the first time in his life.

"I was in love," he said plainly.

There was no better way to put it. That was why they arrested him, wasn't it?

"Hm," Adam said, and Wesley heard a sound that could be arms folding under a head. "Well, let's just hope for the best, I guess."

Wesley shrugged.

"Not much else to do, if you ask me. Why are you down here?"

Adam sighed irritably. Wesley crooked a brow. Adam couldn't be ashamed, could he? After all, it was thing like this they bragged about in prison cells, as far as he knew.

"I'll tell you what: If we're down here for more than six hours, you'll definitely find out," Adam answered.

"Is that so?" Wesley said, almost forgetting the fact that he'd decided that he didn't like his cellmate. "So it will be like a bet?"

"If you want it to be," Adam said, half-interested. "If I'm not totally off, the guard outside the door is switched every hour. So, if we don't get out of here within six guard-swaps, you'll never find out."

Wesley nodded. He could might as well play this little game. He'd almost accepted that he couldn't do much to get out of here, so… Well, at least he kept track of time by doing this.

"It's not the first time, either, is it?" He said and turned his head to the place where Adam's voice came from, most of the time.

A head seemed to be shaken next to him.

"How many times have you been here, then?" Wesley asked, and by now, he didn't think of the first impression he'd gotten of Adam. He was lazy and arrogant, yes, but it seemed to be in an almost charming way.

Adam sighed, and the sigh seemed to come from the very bottom of his soul.

"Too many…" He mumbled under his breath.

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