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8: Sewing Up The Wounds

Wesley was surprised that so much screaming could fit into such a small person.

He couldn't say he didn't understand him. As he'd already established, Adam looked miserable, the fact that he'd made it from the dungeon back to the cave was a miracle, since his ribs weren't just broken, like Wesley had thought, but pulverized, and the blood poured from his nose, even out of his mouth.

But still. Adam was half his size. By this, his vocal cords should be half the size of his, so he should be able to scream half as loud as Wesley. It was basic physic.

Adam didn't seem to agree, though.

He appeared to be determined to scream until the trees outside the cave came down. Or at least until Inigo, that sewed his wounds shut, and Wesley, who held his hand, both got deaf.

"OW, OW, OW, OW!" Adam screamed and punched Inigo's arm desperately as he made another stitch on the cut in his forehead. "What the hell!"

"You don't have to scream, Adam," Wesley said tiredly and tried to loosen the grip Adam had on his hand. "It doesn't make anything better."

"Shut up," Adam hissed and squeezed his hand even harder, as if to show him that there was no way he'd let go of him now. "For Christ's sake! Did I do something to you?"

Inigo sent him an annoyed look, bit the thread off and drew his tanned finger over the stitches in Adam's forehead. He looked pretty pleased.

"You've done quite many things to me," he said calmly, grabbed Adam's chin and turned his head to see if he had any more wounds in his face, "but that doesn't matter."

Adam whimpered when Inigo found a deep gash, that seemed to be from a spear, in his shoulder, and put his needle to it. Wesley squeezed his eyes shut when that scream returned, and Inigo slowly shook his head and took a firm hold on Adam's arm to keep him from wriggle it away.

"Idiotic boy," he growled, but Wesley could only almost hear him over Adam's yelling. "Why would you turn homosexual? And why would you even come to England if you hate it so much?"

Adam gasped when Inigo secured the first stitch.

"Right now, I ask myself the same question," he choked out and bit his bottom lip. "But I promise, I'll stop messing with your accent, I'll start making out with girls and I'll pray every night if you take the fucking needle away!"

Inigo smiled weakly and wiped some blood away from the needle with his finger.

"Then, your injuries will be infected," he said calmly, seemingly discarded of Adam's muffled whimpers. "That would be very mean to you."

Adam muttered something and clenched his teeth as the needle was buried in his shoulder again.

"I can't do much about the broken bones," Inigo said, and he appeared to be talking more to Wesley than to Adam. "I'm good at this, but I'm not a wizard. The ribs will heal however they please, but I think I can splint the arms and the fingers."

Adam sighed dejectedly, and Inigo looked at him like was an idiot.

"Splint," he clarified. "I'll wrap them up, not sew them up. Do you understand?"

It was possible that the touch of degradation that sneaked into his voice was subconscious, but either way, it was there, and it made Adam look at him with a shell of spite over the pain in his eyes.

"It's not my fault I don't get your accent," he spluttered. "Goona."

Inigo turned his attention back to the cut in his shoulder.

Wesley swore that he saw the same warm irritation he felt for Adam himself smolder in his gaze.


Once again, Adam was half asleep, with fresh scars all over his thin little body and his arms in splinters. But Wesley wouldn't keep him awake this time.

Soon, Adam would be asleep. And Wesley would stay up and watch him.


He'd never get rid of him now.


"Mm?" Adam mumbled, his voice was laced with the sleep that would soon be over him, but he still looked up at Wesley, from the place where his head laid on his chest.

Wesley slowly raked his hand through his hair.

It felt just like he'd imagined when he saw him in the light for the first time.

"Why didn't you tell me you were wounded?" Wesley asked in a soft voice and moved his hand down to his cheek. "In the dungeon? Why didn't you tell me they'd hit you?"

Adam chuckled.

"Your little heart wouldn't be able to handle such stress."

Wesley smiled sadly and kept moving his hand down, against his neck.

"Adam, seriously."

"No, I am serious," Adam said and waved his hand. "You were a fucking nervous wreck when you got there already, and I don't think it would've gotten better if you knew that those damn homophobes had beaten the crap out of me."

Wesley moved his hand back up to his hair.

Right then, his life was still pain. Old pain.

But there was no place he'd rather be.

There was no person he'd rather have with him, with a head on his chest and a splinted arm around his waist.

Because then, he didn't have to defend anyone.

Buttercup needed protection. All the time. And that was what Wesley had loved about her.

And what he loved about Adam was that he wasn't like that. He didn't know why. But that's how it was.

What he loved about Adam was that he gave him the time to deal with his own pain. His own wounds that no Inigo in the world can sew shut.

Adam couldn't, either.

But he was damn close to doing it.

"Adam?" Wesley mumbled into Adam's hair.

"What's the matter now?" Adam muttered, annoyed.

Obviously, he was almost sleeping.

"I love you."

Adam scoffed.


"Oh, please…"

"Please? Is that the best insult you can think of? English people are sissies."

"American people are annoying."

"But sexy?" Adam said with a sleepily smile and looked up at him.

Wesley bent down and planted a gentle kiss on his lips.

"Yes, little boy, you're awfully sexy. I don't know what that means, but I'm sure you are."

Adam laughed.

"At least you know when to agree. Going To."

Wesley didn't have the energy to talk back.

Adam could have the upper hand. Now and forever.

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