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Title: Complicated
Author: Skyy Ryder
Rated: T - language, mild adult scenes, violence
Characters: Tyler/OC (and all your favs)
Summary: Sequel to Not the Way We Planned It. After everything Hailey and Tyler had been through, high school drama was nothing compared to how complicated things got their first year of college.



February 20th, 2008

Hailey found herself awake until the very early hours of the morning. She slipped in to a restless sleep around 4 AM. The shrilling sound of her alarm clock waking her violently. She snapped up and her eyes immediately shot to her lap top, which after waking up from her dream she had never shut, but upon waking up the piece of technology was just how she left it before the dream.

The lap top was closed.

She shook her head and tossed the covers off of her body. She must have been going crazy but she was positive that it had been open late last night.

Unless, of course, she was going completely mad.

She rolled out of bed and went straight to the showers; maybe a nice hot shower would do her some good. The dark haired girl showered and headed straight to her room, she had to talk to Tyler before school. She had to tell him about her dream and what happened when she woke up.

She pulled on her pleated plaid skirt, and her white long sleeve button down shirt, and her blue blazer. Slipping her tie around her neck she put in two thin headbands, a red and a blue to hold back her wavy dark brown hair.

She slipped in to her favorite pair of Mary Jane's and upon grabbing her book bag made her way up to Tyler's room. She passed by Aaron who gave her a meaningful nod as he hurried down the steps.

She smiled to herself; things almost seemed to be perfect, if it wasn't for this stupid dream. She made it to Tyler's room and gave it a polite knock, not wanting to wake Reid who she knew was probably still asleep.

A groggy looking Tyler answered the door, a small smile placing it'self on his face when he saw her.

"What's up babe?" He asked reaching out to touch her face softly.

"Tyler I need to talk to you..." She stated her voice showing how unnerved she was.

"Hailey, what's wrong?" Tyler picked up on this quickly, he pulled her in to their room, and just as Hailey had expected, Reid was passed out on his side of the room, one foot hanging off of the bed, and his ass was barely covered by the thin blue blanket on top of him.

"I had this terrible dream," She whispered to him sitting down on his bed. "It was so real, Tyler..." She shook her head.

"About what?" Tyler asked.

"About Chase," She whispered looking up from her lap to his eyes, that immediately put up a barrier of sorts. "He met me at the Starbucks in town," She explained to him what he said, and how everyone had secrets, and she would get her answers on the Full Hunter's Moon. "When I woke up from the dream... Tyler my lap top was open and the lunar calendar for October was on my screen..."

"Maybe you did it before you fell asleep and didn't realize it..." Tyler suggested.

"Tyler the Full Hunter's Moon is October 14th..." Hailey stated glancing up at him.

Tyler glanced down at her and then back at Reid's sleeping frame.

"Baby, it was just a dream..." Tyler reassured her.

Hailey shook her head not buying it, "Tyler it wasn't a dream... I saw it, it was open, and when I got up this morning it was closed..." She told him.

"Hailey I'm telling you it was just a dream," Tyler shook his head.

"Why did I have it then?" She asked him.

"I don't know too much stress..." Tyler suggested.

"Tyler, are you listening to me?" She asked standing up from his bed.

"Of course I'm listening to you babe, but you're not making any sense..." He insisted. Hailey watched as he picked out his uniform for today and changed in front of her without hesitation. "You just need to relax, ok?" He asked her.

"How do you propose I do that?" She asked him sarcastically watching his lean body get dressed.

Tyler put his shirt back on to the bed and pulled her closer to his body, "I've got a few things in mind..." He gave her a wicked grin.

"Tyler," She whispered glancing over at Reid's sleeping figure. "What about Reid?" She asked.

"He won't even know we're here..." Tyler grinned pulling her down on to the bed with him.

Tyler looked up at the clock and noted that it was almost time for the last bell; he took out his cell phone and sent a quick text message to all three of his best friends.

Meeting at the Colony house, very important!

He made up a terrible excuse of a load of homework to his girlfriend, who simply brushed it off and was invited to coffee with Kate and Sarah. He was able to snag Reid halfway down the hall who was flirting with a red head he hadn't seen before.

"What is your malfunction, Simms?" Reid asked.

"Didn't you read your text?" He asked.

Reid glanced down at his phone and saw a message, 1 New Txt Msg. He shook his head stupidly and opened up the next Txt, there was Tyler's message. He glanced over at the brunette and snagged the car keys.

Tyler had managed to keep his cool about what Hailey said all day, reassuring her that it was all some stupid dream. He wanted to be able to tell all the guys at once without having to repeat himself, in fear of getting caught in the act.

Reid was silent the entire trip, and as soon as they were down in the basement of the Colony house the blonde burst in to a million and one questions. Caleb and Pogue followed suit as soon as they came down the winding stair case that lead to the safe room.

"What's going on?" Caleb asked wincing slightly at a sharp pain in his left arm.

"Hailey had a dream last night, with Chase in it..." Tyler stated shaking his head.

"What kind of dream?" Pogue asked.

"She said it felt so real, she literally thought she was there..." Tyler took a seat on his family bench and glared at the fifth empty bench. "She dreamt she was at Starbucks getting her normal drink as usual, when Chase appeared and told her that everyone lies, and he went on about having secrets and what not..." He bit his bottom lip and glared up at them. "He told her all her questions would be answered on the Full Hunter's Moon..."

"What does that have to do with anyone..." Reid put a hand through his blonde locks.

"Well she says she woke up and her lap top was open, she said she closed it before she went to bed, and the lunar calendar for October was open, showing that the Full Hunter's Moon was on October 14th, 2008..."

"October 14th?" Pogue asked.

"That's your..." Caleb pointed to the youngest member of the Covenant.

"Ty's eighteenth birthday..." Reid stated breathlessly.

Tyler simply nodded and looked at his best friends for answers of some kind, "She wouldn't stop asking about it..." He shook his head. "I hate lying to her but I don't want to expose another person to our secret yet..."

"We'll understand if you do..." Pogue stated glancing at Caleb. "Right Caleb?"

"Eventually you're going to have to tell her..." Caleb stated looking over at the blue eyed brunette.

"She'll freak I am telling you right now..." Tyler whispered. "I don't know if I can tell her."

"I'll tell her," Reid grinned, "Or show her..."

"Like that would be any better..." Tyler rolled his eyes.

"Look, for right now, we'll all play it cool. We'll act like we normally do... just try and ease up on the tension, no weird looks when she says anything about Chase or anything..." Caleb shook his head.

"Yeah, it'll ease her mind a little..." Pogue agreed.

"That ok with you?" Caleb asked looking at Tyler.

"Yeah, until we can find away to shut Chase up for good..." Tyler agreed.

The group agreed to act as if nothing was wrong, and if Chase never even existed. Tyler sat in the passenger's seat of his Hummer as Reid drove back to the dorms. Reid strummed his fingers on to the steering wheel, and glanced over at his best friend.

"So you're not going to tell her?" Reid asked.

"I can't…" Tyler bit his bottom lip.

"And why not?" Reid questioned. "You technically got the 'Get out of Jail Free' card from Caleb and Pogue and you're not going to use it?" His blonde hair hanging in to his eyes.

"Look, its complicated ok…" Tyler stated glaring at his best friend.

"I think you're making it more complicated than it needs to be…" Reid stated shaking his head.

"Reid," Tyler gave him a warning glare.

"I'm just saying…" The blonde defended lifting both hands in the air. "You might regret not telling her right away…"

I think Chp 1 is going to fast forward a little bit, but I'll probably add in some flashbacks to give you an idea of what happened over the summer, etc.

But please let me know if you're still interested.