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Chapter 05 – Splash

Hailey had gotten through most of the first week without much trouble. Though her mind would always track back to what she had found out. What she learned about her boyfriend and her friends.

She was sitting on the couch the next Saturday engrossed in her book, she had read Dreamcatcher during the week, making sure that the Sons had all seen her doing so. And now, now she was reading Blood Brothers, by Nora Roberts.

"What are you reading, babe?" Tyler's voice interrupted her reading.

She looked up from her book and smiled at her boyfriend, "Just some fun reading," She grinned looking back at him.

"What's this about?" He asked taking her book, being sure not to lose her page.

"It's a new trilogy by Nora Roberts…" She shrugged her shoulders. "I've always loved her stuff, and this caught my interest…" She stated letting her fingers trail over the red book. "It's about these three friends that were all born on the same day in the same town." She had grabbed his attention. "They were all born on July 7th…" She pursed her lips together, "They had some kind of unspeakable bond or something, and as kids on their tenth birthday they went out to the Pagan Stone, and became blood brothers…"

"Interesting…" He interrupted.

"Yeah, that's all I've read so far… apparently some weird things start to happen for seven days, starting on July 7th…" She grinned. "The guys remind me of you guys… you know all born in to families that were close friends… you've got an unspeakable bond…" She pursed her lips together.

"They do, huh?" Tyler asked.

"Yeah and one of the guys, his name is Caleb…" She grinned slapping her boyfriend's leg. "Fox and Gage are his two best friends…" She shrugged her shoulders. "Caleb is a lot like Caleb… Fox is kind of a mixture of you and Pogue and Gage is definitely Reid…" She laughed as he handed the book back to her.

"So you say," He grinned. "I didn't know you were in to this kind of thing… I mean I saw you reading Dreamcatcher, but thought maybe it was for school…"

"No, my mom gave them to me to read; while we were visiting last weekend… she enjoyed them both and thought I would too…"

"Well, I'll let you get back to reading babe… let me read it when you're done… I'd like to see for myself…" He grinned to her.

"Sure babe," She smiled.

Tyler got up and headed to the back, Reid was in the pool relaxing when he noticed Tyler coming out with a perplexed look on his face. Reid lifted his body from the water and lifted his chin to his best friend.

"What's wrong with you?" He asked.

"Oh, nothing…" Tyler stated sticking his feet in to the pool.

"C'mon Ty…" Reid stated with a stupid grin on his face.

"Hailey, she's reading this book…" Tyler stated rubbing his face in thought. "It's about these three friends that have known each other their whole lives… and they become 'blood brothers' at a young age, release some evil spirit that haunts them every seventh year, for seven days, starting on July 7th…" He pursed his lips together. "They have some unnatural healing capabilities, and they see some pretty bizarre shit…"

"They sound like us," Reid grinned wickedly.

"Exactly," Tyler pointed out. "Except for the 7-7-7 bullshit," He shook his head. "I never knew she was in to that kind of thing…"

"I thought the same thing when she was reading Dreamcatcher last week…" Reid stated slipping back in to the pool. "You think she assumes something?"

"Why would she?" Tyler asked cautiously.

"With the whole Chase thing she went through," Reid suggested.

"Do you think she might?" Tyler bit his bottom lip.

"We've told you to tell her, just tell her man…" Reid stated shaking his head. "I would have told her from the first time you told her you loved her…"

"Maybe I will tell her," Tyler stated coming down another step, his bathing suit ballooning up around his waist.

Sarah fell on to the couch next to Hailey who was reading through the book she had just explained to Tyler. It was really good, she could see a lot of the guys in the three main characters, and some of her, Sarah and Kate in the three lead girls as well.

"What'cha reading?" Sarah asked glancing at the cover.

"Blood Brothers," She murmured sticking a piece of licorice in her mouth.

"Any good?" Sarah asked.

"Very, actually… I can't put it down…" She grinned.

"Kate and I were going to get in the pool; you want to go for a dip?" The blonde asked her big blue eyes wide with excitement.

This girl gets excited about anything, Hailey laughed to herself and smiled at the blonde. She nodded her head and Sarah jumped up excitedly running towards her and Caleb's bedroom.

Hailey bit the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing as she marked her page and headed up to her room to changed in to her swimsuit. She slipped in to the little red bikini and a beach towel before joining her friends and boyfriend in the backyard.

Tyler couldn't keep his eyes off of Hailey as she slipped in to the water, laughing at something Reid had said to her. Tyler ducked his head under the water and swam over to her with ease. His arms wrapped around her as he came up for air.

The water flattened his hair down to his forehead, and those startling blue eyes stared back at her. How could she be dwelling on mad with him? Those beautiful pink lips were pouting out at her, giving her a naughty little look.

She couldn't contain herself and pressed her lips to his, she could hear Reid snicker next to them, splashing the couple as he swam to the other side of the pool. She pulled away from Tyler and grinned.

"Don't be jealous, Reid…" She grinned as Tyler held on to her tightly.

"Wouldn't dream of it," Reid stated rolling his eyes. He watched as Pogue and Caleb joined them in the pool, attacking both of their girlfriends.

Reid watched the scene before him, he really hadn't thought about it before, but he was the only one out of the group that was missing someone. The only member of the Covenant that didn't have a girlfriend, or at least someone to mess around with.

"Hey Hails," Reid pulled himself out of the pool.

"What's up Reid?" She asked, tearing her gaze away from her scrumptious boyfriend.

"You seriously need to set me up with one of your friends at school," He moaned falling on to a lounge chair.

"We'll see," She grinned and Tyler pulled her attention back to him with a breath-taking kiss.

Reid had enough of the couples and walked back inside, dripping water all over the floor as he noticed the book lying on the coffee table. Reid smirked he sat down and picked up the book that Tyler had told him about, the one that Hailey had been reading.

He smirked using his power to read through the book, without actually reading it. He pursed his lips together and nodded his head; she was catching on to something. He had figured as much.

Hailey wasn't stupid, far from it actually. He pursed his lips together and picked up her school bag, there was Dreamcatcher, his favorite Stephen King novel. He smirked and then saw the old leather bound book that was hiding at the bottom of her sack.

He pulled it out and looked at the cover, Theodore Simms. His stomach leapt in to his throat as he sifted through the journal as he did with the book lying on the table. She knew.

He swallowed hard, she knew their secret, and she hadn't said anything. Reid sat there his eyes closed, using his power looking in to Hailey's mind, in to her memory. He found what he was looking for.

She had visited the colony houses, she had found the tunnel, she had sat around the Pentacle in the Danvers' basement. How had she done that? How had she found something that no one had found in over three hundred years?

Reid pulled back, his blue eyes snapping open. He heard the back door shut, as he put the book back in her backpack. He turned the TV on and saw Pogue getting something out of the fridge in the corner of his eye.

"What's up man?" Pogue asked carefully as he pulled out a bottle of water.

"Just tired," Reid shrugged his shoulders.

"You should be from using so much," Pogue smirked as he left the kitchen to go back outside.

Reid muttered under his breath, they could all feel it now… it was easier to feel when it was in a close proximity to you, or used in large doses. He shook his head and stared at the TV. What was Hailey waiting for?

He sat thinking about this, she had become one of his best friends, and she hadn't told him about her escapade back in Ipswich. About her findings in the tunnel. Had she told Tyler? He shook his head, there was no way… Tyler would have told him. Tyler wouldn't have come to him in the pool like he had earlier.

She was waiting. Reid pondered. She was waiting for them to tell her.

He had to find a way to get Tyler to tell her about their powers. He could sense her hurt, her anger and her confusion when he went in to that memory. He could feel how much it bothered her that they hadn't told her the truth about Chase Collins.

Maybe it was time… It was time to finally tell Hailey the truth.

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