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Today was a day that a particular whiskered blonde would call a bad day.

Although he studied hard and trained like there was no tomorrow, he wasn't able to graduate the academy earlier than his classmates. He didn't become a ninja because of his worst technique, the stupid Bunshin no Jutsu.

He managed to get the lowest passing score required for kunai and shuriken throwing. He was graded average in taijutsu, below average in genjutsu ("I finally managed to perform a decent henge to look like the Hokage, dattebayo!"), and startlingly above average in the written potion, given that intelligence was one of his worst points ("Ninjas are not bookworms! As soon as I become Hokage I will suppress the written part of the exams, dattebayo!").

Surprisingly, he was ranked as the second-best in the stealth test. It seems that the time that he spent pranking was not wasted being able to redecorate the Hokage Monument without being caught (in an orange tracksuit no less!) and evading several ninjas was proof of it. Speaking of the orange outfit, he needed to find out who kept giving him things for his birthday without his knowledge.

Going back to the defiling the mountain, he didn't do anything wrong! He only added some words on the side of the Yondaime's head: "SPACE RESERVED FOR UZUMAKI NARUTO." He was going to be on that mountain someday so he had every right to do that!

...what was he thinking about before that? Oh yeah, the stupid Bunshin no Jutsu that messed up his chances to become a ninja! Iruka-sensei said that it was too soon for him to take the test and that he should wait to take it with his class mates and work on his book knowledge.

Then came the time after the exams, when the students exited the academy to meet their families. Those who graduated were being congratulated, while the four, aside from him, who failed the exam, were encouraged by their parents to try again another time. He didn't have anybody to cheer him up and tell him to try again next year. He only had the cold looks of the adults and children staying away from him.

Not everyone shunned him though. The parents of Shikamaru, Chouji, and Kiba didn't scold them for being with him so they were the closest thing that he had to friends. However, he could not avoid feeling envious when he saw them with their parents.

He was so busy thinking about how awful his life was, while hanging on the swing in front of the academy, that he didn't notice that everybody had left, save for a man who was slowly walking towards him.

Naruto noticed the shadow nearing him and he turned to see who it could be.

A black hooded cloak covered the man almost entirely. Naruto could see that the man wore what appeared to be a semi-open jacket showing half of his chest, black pants and sandals. A lock of spiky yellow hair escaped the hood, drawing his eyes to the black mask covering half of the man's face, and a pair of blue eyes almost identical to his own. Looking back at the cloak, he noticed that its clasps had the leaf symbol, showing his alignment to Konoha.

Unlike most of the adults he had encountered, the man's eyes didn't have a look of scorn and indifference. Instead they had a contradicting combination of joy and sorrow.

"Hello, what are you doing?" said the man with kindness, something that Naruto had only experienced with the Sandaime.

"Uh...nothing important." replied the boy nervously. He was not used to a stranger talking to him politely.

"You don't look too well. Do you want me to push the swing?" asked the man. "Maybe it will put you in a better mood." he added in a somewhat hopeful way.

"Um, okay." This was the first time that somebody wanted to play with him! For the first time in a long time, Naruto was honestly speechless.

The man then pushed the swing for fifteen minutes. It didn't take long for Naruto to enjoy his new situation until the stranger abruptly stopped moving.

"How about we play other games that we can do together?" asked the man happily.

Naruto was excited, not only did he meet an adult who didn't disrespect him, but the man wanted to play with him too!

The next few hours were spent playing ball, hide and seek, and other games, until they noticed that the sun was setting.

"Well," the man said, "you should go back home or your family will get worried about you."

"Oh, that's not a problem," said Naruto with a forced smile. "I live on my own, so I can go back home whenever I like."

Suddenly, the man radiated a killer intent that made Naruto almost pissed his pants.

"Ungrateful bastards..." he mumbled with hate while staring at the village. "...you'll dearly regret this." He stopped when he noticed Naruto slowly backing away from him. "Oh, did I scare you? Sorry! I'm not angry at you; I'm mad at a group of traitors," the man said with an apologetic look in his eyes.

"Ehh...you didn't scare me." lied Naruto as he calmed down. "By the way, what's your name? I'm Naruto Uzumaki, future Hokage of Konoha; believe it!"

Instead of mocking him, the man put a look of melancholy and seemed to smile underneath his mask. "Future Hokage?" he asked as he removed his hood and mask, showing a face of a rather young man with spiky blond hair and blue eyes. "I could give you some tips and help you reach that position. As for my name, I have many, but my real name would be...Minato Namikaze." said the man with a sad smile.

Naruto was speechless. He looked at the man, then at the Hokage Monument, then back at the man, then back at the mountain and finally back at the man, trying to process the idea that his hero was alive.

"You are the Yondaime..." spluttered Naruto with a face that was a mix of confusion, surprise, fear, and a little bit of hope.

"Yes, I am." he said with a fairly amused face, however the man was secretly uneasy about the news that he was about to deliver to the child.

"We were told that you died slaying the Kyuubi no Kitsune..." said Naruto "...was that a lie?"

"No," Minato replied, shaking his head in what seemed like shame. "...it was not a lie. I really died that day. I shouldn't be alive at this place and time, but I am, and this time I won't leave." he said with a determination and conviction that spread to Naruto.

"Yeah!" shouted Naruto excitedly. "Everyone in town will have a party to celebrate your comeback, and there will be a ceremony for you taking back the Hokage rank. All of my classmates will be jealous of me for being the first one to meet you, and..."

"There won't be a welcome back party for me." interrupted Minato with an irritated look. "I won't retake the Hokage seat as well. The villagers don't deserve me." he stated with barely disguised fury.

"But...why?" Naruto asked, confused. "Being a kage is a dream of many ninjas."

"It was also my dream a long time ago, but after what they did to you..." Minato sighed as he looked Naruto in the eyes with a deep sorrow.

"What they did to me?" repeated Naruto, "What do you mean by that?"

Minato breathed slowly, the moment that he feared yet expected was coming.

"Naruto, this is not the first time we met. We met on the day you were born, the tenth of October, ten years ago..." explained Minato with a sad smile.

Naruto was again speechless as he listened to what the Yondaime was saying.

"To me, you were the most wonderful baby in the world; you had your father's hair your mother's beautiful eyes..."

"You knew my parents?! Please, please tell me who they were!" exploded Naruto in such a way that made Minato's heart melt.

"Naruto, my poor Naruto. I never imagined that you would feel so alone; don't worry my son, things will change, I swear it." Minato said to himself. It was now the time to tell him the truth of his parentage.

"Your mother, she was..." Minato was unable to think of Kushina without pain and sadness erupting in his chest. "She was the most beautiful woman on Earth. She was my sun, my best friend, my twin soul, my love... and my wife." said Minato while trying to stop the tears in his eyes.

Naruto was shaking with the emotions that he felt: fear, surprise...and pain, trying to comprehend what the former Hokage had just said.

"Then that means that...that you are my...!" the boy was unable to complete his sentence as tears started to form in his eyes.

"Yes Naruto, I am your father." said Minato with a small smile and sad eyes, getting closer to his son. The man's thoughts were filled with fear as to what could happen next.

Naruto, please don't reject me; give me a chance. I don't think I could live with myself if you didn't allow me to be your father.

Naruto's world was drastically altered in less than 5 minutes. First, he discovers that the man that he wanted to surpass, his role model, his hero was alive; then he says that he is his...

"Tou-san...?" whispered Naruto uncertainly. He choked back his tears and watched for the Yondaime's reaction.

Minato's heart almost stopped; the words that he wanted to hear since Kushina told him that she was pregnant, was coming out of Naruto's mouth.

"Son." whispered an equally teary Minato as he slowly opened his arms.

"TOU-SAN!" Naruto exclaimed as he rushed to his father's arms.

Naruto was hugged by his father, for the first time since his birth.

He cried for first time in five years.

"Dad...Daddy, I missed you. I felt so lonely..." wept the boy between sobs.

"Naruto, my son, my young hero...I swear that you'll never be alone again. I will be with you on your graduation day; I will give you the talk; I will meet your girlfriend; I will watch you in the chuunin exams; I will be in your wedding; and I will be with you the day that you become the Hokage. Best of all, we will be a family again."

Unnoticed by them, behind a tree, a young girl saw the scene with a smile and tears in her pearl eyes.

Naruto-kun I'm so happy for you... She thought happily before leaving, not wanting to intrude on such a private moment.


Naruto noticed the shadow nearing him and he turned to see who it could be.

The man had very spiky blond hair, blue eyes and was dressed in a red and blue uniform, though the man expelled an aura that made the red look orange.

Naruto recognized the man as the main character of his favorite anime.

"Y-You are Son Goku! ...and you are in Super Saiyan state." babbled Naruto.

Goku hugged Naruto.

"Naruto, my son, I have finally found you!" exclaimed Goku.

"Nani?! I'm your son?" asked Naruto.

Goku looked at Naruto.

"The story about how we got split apart is too long and complicated to tell it right now. It involves Dragon Balls and a time machine that didn't work well..." said Goku.

"How are you so sure that I'm your son?" asked Naruto, still reluctant to believe Goku. It was too good to be true.

"Easy. Are you blond with blue eyes?" asked Goku.

"Yes." responded Naruto.

"Do you have lots of energy?" asked Goku.


"Do people tell you that you are not very bright?" asked Goku.

"Mmpff, yes..."

"Do you like to eat?" asked Goku.


"Are you oblivious to the feelings of a girl who obviously likes you?" asked Goku.

"I'm not very sure but I think the answer is yes."

"Can you turn into a berserker creature that can level mountains?" asked Goku.

"I don't know why but, a part of me is completely sure that I can do it" responded Naruto a little weirdly, insulted how a mere mortal could question his power...what does mortal mean?

"Is that creature's power related to tails?" asked Goku.

"Umm...yes." responded Naruto, getting more weirded out.

"Do you like to dress in orange and blue?" asked Goku.

"Of course!" responded Naruto.

"There you go!" remarked Goku, "You are my son!"

"Daddy!" exclaimed Naruto hugging him.

It was the best day of Naruto's life! Son Goku, the strongest warrior of the Universe was his father! He couldn't wait until he taught him things like flying and the Kamehameha.

Wait a moment...if Son Goku is my father, then who is my mother?

The answer was immediately answered.

"Naruto; I finally found you!" exclaimed an angry Chichi while holding a booklet.

Unlike Goku, she didn't look very happy. Naruto recognized the booklet as his report card.

"Oh shit..."

"How is it that I find that you are the dead last of your class? This is going to change immediately; I'm going to lock you at home and you can't get out until you are a scholar! You will have to leave that Academy; they don't teach any useful stuff anyway. Now you will learn math, physics, foreign languages...real subjects, not absurdities like ninjutsu." said Chichi while she dragged Naruto away, who looked with teary eyes at Goku asking for help.

The man just looked at him with a hand behind his head.

"I'm sorry, but I promised your mother that our third son wouldn't be exposed to the dangers of handling powers that would rival gods while fighting powerful enemies who threaten the world." said Goku.

"How I wish I was still an orphan...", thought Naruto.


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