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The Invasion continues. Jiraiya is in a death battle with Orochimaru, the former with the Sage Mode and the later posessing Kimimaro's fully healed body. Kakashi is fighting with the Godaime Tsuchikage in a Sharingan battle. Konohamaru, Hanabi, Moegi and Udon are lost in the ruckus. Naruto and his team are in a battle royale between one of Pein's paths, Iwa shinobis who want his blood, Oto shinobis who literally want his blood and an enraged jinchuuriki with the Kyuubi's power... Meanwhile Minato finally revealed his real identity to the world.


Danzo Shimura stood before his kneeling ROOT operatives.

"How is going the invasion, Fuu?", he asked.

"The Yellow Flash finally revealed his true identity, the invaders are reacting as expected, Jiraiya keeps fighting against Orochimaru, Tsunade is using her slug summons to heal the wounded Konoha ninjas, the defending forces at the stadium are winning the battle, the fight in the streets continues with Konoha ninjas taking advantage of the terrain and the knowledge of the zone they have over the invaders, Danzo-sama", said the Yamanaka.

"What are doing the Mizukage, the Kazekage and their escorts?", asked Danzo.

"They are in the stadium protecting the feudal lords and potential clients, after the genjutsu was cast one of them dispelled it so the lords are awake and watching how our 'allies' protect them", responded Fuu.

"So they are taking advantage of the attack to show off the abilities of their elites, just another proof of Sarutobi and Jiraiya's foolish policies about making allies, I will use it against Jiraiya when the invasion is over... if he survives or not. What about the Kyuubi?", said Danzo.

Fuu concentrated in the mental link that he had with the Root ANBU assigned to watch Naruto.

"Our agent informs that the Kyuubi jinchuuriki, his team and other Konoha ninjas are facing an Akatsuki member, two groups of invaders who want to capture him for different and what seems to be a pseudo jinchuuriki, Danzo-sama", said the Yamanaka.

"I see, tell the operative to keep watching the fight and in case the Kyuubi is captured then his orders are to kill him before the enemy gets away with him, we can't let the enemy to get such a powerful weapon, I already sent some agents to get a replacement that I can mold to become a weapon under my control", said the Root leader.

"Are you talking about the Nanabi jinchuuriki, Danzo-sama?", asked Fuu.

Danzo nodded.

"Yes, the girl with the same name as you will be a good agent, she doesn't have any bonds with her village and loaths humanity, she will receive the emotion suppresion treatment with open arms. As for her disappearance it will be easy to assume that she was captured by Akatsuki during the confusion of the battle or that she decided to use it to defect, as Hokage that fool Jiraiya will be the one who will have to answer to Taki's authorities for the loss of their jinchuuriki while she was in Konoha", he said.

Just at that moment Fuu received a mental message from the agents watching said girl.

"Danzo-sama, I got news concerning the Nanabi, she is currently escorting to the shelters Sarutobi Konohamaru, Hyuuga Hanabi and Moegi and Udon, the grandchildren of Koharu and Homura, even more it looks like Hanabi has with her one of the pieces of the Shodai's stone", said Fuu.

A brief sparkle appeared in Danzo's visible eye.

"This is better than I expected, tell the agents to capture those children too, due to their young age and their heritage I can mold them to be exceptional agents, specially the Hyuuga, the chakra stone will be an useful tool to control the bijuus and I can use the loss of so many young heirs to show the village the foolishness of Hiruzen and Jiraiya's policies", he said.

Fuu nodded and sent the order.

An agent appeared.

"Sir, there is an intruder making demands in the front door of the headquarters, he is making demands...", he said.

"Eliminate him", ordered Danzo.

"Sir, that man is Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage", said the agent.



Sarutobi Hiruzen stood before the front gate, in full battle armor and holding the Adamantine Staff.

"I will repeat it again, under the authority of the Godaime I order all Root agents inclding Shimura Danzo to join the battle and protect Konoha, if you help he will be benevolent with you for being part of an illegal organization and you will receive the proper mental treatment so you can join Konoha's files", he said.

The door opened, several Root agents got out and sorrounded the Sandaime.

"So, I have to assume that you won't obbey the Godaime's orders?", he asked.

None of the agents said anything.

Sarutobi refrained himself to sigh and looked at the agents with cold eyes.

"I see, then for refusing to obbey the Hokage's order to protect the village, attacking his representative and being part of an illegal organization I, Sarutobi Hiruzen, under the authority of the Godaime Hokage of Konoha, declare Shimaru Danzo and his Root agents minus Sai traitors and sentence to you to death penalty administred by myself", said Hiruzen.

"Danzo, you bastard, how I could have been so blind about you? If only I had stopped you earlier now I wouldn't be forced to fight Konoha citizens but now it is too late, I have to fix my mistake and extirpate this rotten root before it contaminates the rest of the tree...", he thought.

And so, Sarutobi Hiruzen had to do what he never wanted to do, to spill the blood from fellow Konoha citizens.


It didn't took much time until word about the Yondaime Hokage coming back from the dead was spread around the village, now turned into a battlefield. When asked Konoha's jonins confirmed that it was true, that Arashi Uzumaki was actually Minato Namikaze, raising the morale of their subordinates who fought the invaders with renovated vigor.

As expected the news were not received well by the Iwa ninjas, lots of them had panic attacks, many of them denied the news, others had second thoughts about keeping with the invasion while the younger ones couldn't understand why their senpais were so afraid of a single ninja but it didn't last long, when the news of entire squads exterminated by the Yellow Flash they learnt to fear him too.


The battle to control the stadium was almost over with the defending forces claiming the victory.

Due to Konoha's forces being aware of the attack they could prepare a battle plan that let them protect the zone and the spectators with minimal losses, it was not a flawless victory but the number of dead or wounded Konoha ninjas was clearly smaller than in the original time line. At that point the invaders were unconscious, dead, or fleeing scene while the lords and the spectators were awake due to the noise caused by the skirmish.

Shikamaru, assigned as one of the commanders of Konoha's forces due to him being the one who designed it, deemed that it was time to evacuate the spectators and the lords to the shelters so they could focus in the defense of the village.

His team mates and him did a remarkable job defeating ninjas several years their seniors due to their superior team work, new skills and his tactics.

"Shikamaru, are you going to use it? I can't wait to see everyone's reaction", commented Ino.

"Yes, it's the time, your father says by his mental link that Minato-sama already revealed his true nature to the enemies outside and I just confirmed that there are not active enemies left here, I will call him", said Shikamaru while he threw a three pronged kunai to the ground.

Some seconds later Minato or one of his clones, the Nara couldn't guess it but it didn't matter, appeared before the trio.

"What is the situation?", asked Minato, ignoring the baffled reactions from the onlookers.

"The area is clear, Yondaime-sama, you can teleport everyone to the shelters without taking enemies by accident", responded Shikamaru.

"How are you going to do it Yondaime-sama? There are hundreds of persons here", asked Choji.

The Akimichi's question was responded by the apparition of dozens of identical seals at the sides of the stadium that began to connect with each other until they formed a circle that sorrounded the building.

"These seals are a variation of the Hiraishin that create an area where I can teleport what is inside it, that's how I will evacuate everybody", said Minato while he concentrated his chakra.

A second later the stadium was completely empty.

All Konoha civilians were instructed to keep calm and follow the orders of the ninjas in case of an emergency, that was the reason they didn't panic when they woke up in the middle of a battle at the stadium but to find themselves suddenly in an unknown and dark place was something they were not prepared for.

"What's going on? Some seconds ago we were at the stadium, where are we?", asked a man.

"Oh Kami, those invaders kidnaped us! They are going to use we as hostages, or to ask for a ransom for us... No! They are planning to sell us as slaves, more precisely as sexual slaves and will force us to do depraved, perverted things...", commented a noble woman from Lighting Country that probably was related to Omoi.

"H-Hey look, t-that's the Yondaime... I-It means... It means... Oh crap! We are dead and this is the After Life!", exclaimed a man.

"Why you couldn't protect us better? We trusted you! There were a lot of things that I wanted to do before dying...", said another one while grabbing Aoba.

Minato sweat dropped at the stupidity of his fellow citizens.

People began to panic but then a voice rose over all ones to settle order.

It was Umino Iruka.

"Everyone, calm down! First of all, no, you are not dead, you are alive and safe in one of Konoha's shelters. Second, yes, that's the Yondaime Hokage and yes, he is alive, he is the one who teleported us all to safety, don't put those faces, the Sandaime Kazekage also came back to life. Third, now you will follow the stablished protocols and wait here while us ninjas take care of the invasion, any question you could have will be responded when this is over", said the teacher while he used his infamous Big Head no Jutsu.

The effect was immediate, the civilians stopped panicking, the cries of despair were soon replaced by hoorays and cheers at the news that the Yondaime Hokage was back.

Minato was sorrounded by smiling villagers who wanted to see the Yondaime closer, some of them with tears in their eyes.

A part of Minato wanted to share their joy but then he remembered that this people who was receiving him with open arms was the same who rejected and scorned his son. He sent the villagers a cold glare that made them retreat and left the place in a yellow flash.

The villagers were left confused at the Yondaime's behaviour.

Just at that time Ami and other ninjas arrived with the group civilians they were escorting.

"Do you know the news? Arashi Uzumaki is actually the Yondaime Hokage!", she said.

And then, everything became clear for the villagers.

Why Naruto was chosen to be the Kyuubi jinchuuriki.

What Minato's sacrifice actually implied.

Why Arashi Uzumaki was so angry when he appeared in the village two years ago.

Why the Sandaime and the Godaime trusted him so much and why they gave him such a special treatment.

Why he didn't take back his position as Hokage and why he didn't reveal himself.

Why Naruto went from dead last to the most promising ninja of his generation.

Many villagers began to cry, others looked at the ground ashamed, the younger children couldn't understood what was happening to their parents, those who were old enough to understand it looked at their parents ashamed, specially those who were told to stay away from Naruto. There were some villagers who couldn't accept the truth and called Minato an impostor but they were quickly silenced by the ninjas.

The ninjas didn't say anything to the rest of villagers, although their treatment of Naruto was mostly neutral the truth is that the little support they gave to the Yondaime's son barely made them better than the civilians, they didn't have a reason to feel superior to them.

"What have we done?"


The War Hawk was waiting for the news of Sarutobi's demise. While he had no doubt that his old rival could defeat any of Root ninjas without any problem he also knew that Hiruzen was still a single ninja who was years past his prime against elite enemies able to eliminate him inmediately at the slightest opening, eventually he would get tired and give his ninjas the chance to eliminate.

"Forgive me Hiruzen, I would have prefered to not resort to this. When the battle is over I will settle things to make it appear that you were killed in your way here and then disperse my agents and eliminate any proof of Root still existing. Jiraiya, if he still lives, will be too busy managing the village after the attack to waste resources and time to persecute an Anbu branch that was disbanded years ago", he thought.

A battle tattered Root agent got into the room, he was bleeding from several wounds and missed an arm, in fact the only thing that kept him alive was his resolve to warn his leader.

"D-Danzo-sama... Y-You have to e-escape... The 80% o-of Root forces have been annihilated by the S-Sandaime...", babbled the man.

"WHAT? How is it possible? Hiruzen can't be that strong!", cried Danzo.

"G-God of Shinobi...", were the last words of the Root agent before he collapsed and died.

Danzo ignored the body of his dead subordinate, focussing in the last words.

"God of Shinobi? Don't tell me that Hiruzen managed to..."

Suddenly what seemed to be a vortex in the middle of space appeared before and three figures wearing black cloaks with red clouds emerged from it.

If Danzo was not so good hiding his emotions he would have paled when he recognized the newcomers.

The first one was a man wearing and orange mask with a spiral patern and displaying a Sharingan in the single eye hole.


The second was a serious beautiful woman with a paper flower on her blue hair.

"...the girl from Ame..."

The third one was a smiling young man whose more prominent features were his glasses and white hair.

"... and Kabuto..."

"Hello Danzo", said the masked man in a joking tone, "you have something that doesn't belong to you and I came here to get it. I think that you won't mind me bringing some old acquaintances of you, they seem to have some things to settle with you like you causing the deaths of their precious persons or something like that..."

Konan looked at the man who caused the events that led to Yahiko's death.

"Do you remember that day at Ame? Because I do, it was the day you destroyed my friends lives and mine, this time you won't escape", she said.

Kabuto for his part stopped smiling and looked at Danzo while the light reflected in the lens hid his eyes.

"Nonö and I did our part of the deal and worked for you for years. The only thing we asked was to let us reunite again and have a peaceful life but you never had the intention to honor your part of the deal and settled things so we would try to kill each other... You don't know how much I waited for this moment, I will show you the dark fact of those medical techniques that my mother taught me", he said.

Danzo tried his best to unseal his arm but it was too late, his adversaries were faster.

It was the day Danzo Shimura finally had to respond for his past sins.




The effect was immediate, the civilians stopped panicking, the cries of despair were soon replaced by hoorays and cheers at the news that the Yondaime Hokage was back.

However some old wives didn't look very pleased by Minato's return.

"Oh, look who came back, the lady killer who took advantage of his position as Hokage and got one of his female subordinates pregnant", said one of them.

"What are you talking about?", asked Minato.

"Don't play innocent, we know that you are Naruto Uzumaki's real father", said another woman.

"Of course I am, who else could be?", he said in an undignified manner.

"He blatantly admits it! He is even worse than his sensei", said a third woman.

At that point Minato couldn't understand anything.

"Even worse, not only you took advantage of your position of power over Arashi-san and Kushina-san to knock her but then you decide to turn the child into a jinchuuriki knowing that none of them was there to protest", said the first woman while she hit Minato with her purse.

"Oh wait, you believe that rumor from Iwa, the truth is that I was Arashi all time...", explained Minato.

The woman looked at him with surprised faces that turned into terrified ones and then into furious ones.

"WHAAATTT? Are you saying that you used that Henge technique to look like Arashi-san and fool Kushina-san making her to think that she was with her husband? Get him! For the sake of all women in the world we have to send back this predator back to where he came!", exclaimed the leader of the trio.

Many things happened the day of the Invasion of Konoha but the most strange was the sight of Iwa ninjas being chased by the Yellow Flash who at the same time was being chased by a group of angry middle aged women.



The effect was immediate, the civilians stopped panicking, the cries of despair were soon replaced by hoorays and cheers at the news that the Yondaime Hokage was back.

"That's great, now that the Yondaime is back he will finish what he started years ago", said a villager.

"Yeah, he will get rid off the Demon and his so called family", said another.

"Those damned Uzumakis won't know what hit them", commented a third one.

"Hey guys, did you know that the Yondaime and Arashi Uzumaki are the same person?", commented Aoba.

The three men paled.

"Did you also know that the Yondaime is right behind you and that he heard everything?", remarked Aoba.

The three civilians tried to escape but it was too late.


An Iwa commander was receiving news about the invasion from one of his chuunin officials.

"Sir, the rumors are true, the Yellow Flash is back and massacring our troops but that's not the most disturbing thing...", said a chuunin.

"What it is then?", asked the commander.

"It looks like he is doing that using three tied civilians from this village as blunt weapons..."

"Who the Hell said that Konoha was a soft village? They were not satisified to use turn domestic cats into blood-thirsty beasts, now they are weaponizing the civilians themselves", lamented the commander.

When the battle was over all the ninjas were forced by the feudal lords of their respective countries to not use civilians as lethal weapons.

Cats were still allowed.



The effect was immediate, the civilians stopped panicking, the cries of despair were soon replaced by hoorays and cheers at the news that the Yondaime Hokage was back.

Specially the women.

"Yondaime-saaaaama!", cried a woman while he threw herself at him.

"You are back! I knew that you couldn't stay death, make me yours!", exclaimed another.

"Kiss me Yondaime-sama!"

"No, kiss me first!"

Minato paled, now he remembered one of the reasons why he took, the Arashi identity, to deceive the bane of powerful and attractive men like him: fangirls.

More and more women sorrounded him, it was getting ridiculous, he had to tell them that he was not available.

"Wait a moment ladies, I'm already taken, I married Kushina Uzumaki years ago under the alias of Arashi Kazama and..."

"Wait, are you saying that you are also Arashi, Konoha's Black Angel?", asked one of the women.


"YYYAAAAAAIIII! It is even better the two hottest guys in Konoha's history are the same!", exclaimed the fans.

Minato began to panic.

"But I already told you that I'm already married", he said.

"We are not jealous!"

Many things happened the day of the Invasion of Konoha but the most strange was the sight of Iwa ninjas being chased by the Yellow Flash who at the same time was being chased by a group of female civilians who at the same were chased by a very angry Kushina Uzumaki.

Only two them survived.


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