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Danzo was taking advantage of the invasion to start new plans that would increase his power but to his surprise Sarutobi appeared and began to destroy his Root forces. To make things worse for the War Hawk just at that moment Tobi appears bringing with him Konan and Kabuto wanting to take revenge for what he did. Meanwhile the battle at the stadium is over and Minato teleports everyone to the shelters, the villagers initial joy to have the Yondaime back is broken when they finally realize the terrible mistake they did concerning his son and his last wish.


The battle royale that started with a group formed by Naruto's team, their summons and some Konoha ninjas, Pein's Animal Path and his summon a group of Iwa ninjas who wanted to capture Naruto due to his heritage, a group of Sound ninjas wanting to get Naruto for his blood and Sora the pseudo-jinchuuriki in Four Tails state turned mainly into a dog fight (or more precisely into a fox fight) between the berserk ninja monk and Naruto.

The Iwa and Oto ninjas made the mistake of getting between the pseudo-jinchuuriki and his prey and paid with their lives. In an instant Sora swept away the invaders breaking them in half like they were made of straw. Konoha's ninjas would have suffered the same fate if Naruto didn't summon Kurama's power to cover himself in chakra cloak that let him stop Sora's charge.

Naruto quickly responded with a punch that sent his opponent several meters away destroying a small in the process but the pseudojinchuuriki was completely unfazed from such attack that would have killed most ninjas. Both opponents charged at each other and began to exchange fiery blows.

Meanwhile Konoha's ninjas with the assistance of the summons were fighting the Animal Path and it's strange summons, trying to keep them away from Naruto and Sora.

"The reports from the future didn't exagerate about Pein's power, we are lucky that for some reason this Path is alone, we wouldn't be able to contain it if more of them appear, specially if they can see what the others do. We have to eliminate it before other paths show up", thought Hayate while he cut in half a giant centipede with the Raijin.

The sensei caught a glimpse of Naruto creating three clones to flank Sora but he responded multiplying his own torso into three that destroyed two of clones while the third was exploded by itself.

"This is... bad...", thought Naruto, "... Kurama's chakra... destabilizes clones... makes hard to think... can lose myself if use more chakra... could hurt allies, could hurt Hinata-chan..."

At that moment the Animal Path summoned a giant rhino that charged at Naruto while he was strugling with Sora but he managed to use the advanced Kawarimi technique to replace himself with Sora, who received the full charge.

However not even such a powerful summon could make a dent into the pseudojinchuuriki's chakra cloak, who expanded his clawed hand, grabbed the rhino and threw it towards a flying summon that looked like two birds fused together by a psycho doctor.

"Such power, and it is only a stolen fraction of Kyuubi's, the day Naruto masters it he will be unstoppable... if he survives", thought one of Konoha's ninjas.

To everyone's surprise one of the tails of Naruto's chakra cloak disappeared, leaving him with only three while his adversary kept the four of them.

"What? Naruto is willingly decreasing the power he gets from the Kyuubi! In this state he will be at disadavantage against Sora. I hope that you know what you are doing, my student, I wouldn't like to face your parents if something happens to you", thought Hayate.

Naruto resumed his fight with Sora. As Hayate feared, Sora seemed to have the upper hand, moving faster, delivering more powerful blows than Naruto and forcing him to fight in the defensive.

"Ouch! That hurts!...", thought Naruto while he blocked a blow from Sora, "... but I prefer to fight this way with my mind clearer, what I lost in power I gained it twice in intelligence, he attacks purely by instinct while I keep my brain, I have to take advantage of it"

Sora tried to hit Naruto he replaced himself with some rubble using Kawarimi and countered with Rasengan that send him flying.

"GROAAAAAARRRR!", screamed Sora in pain.

"So the Rasengan powered by the Kyuubi's chakra is able to hurt him? That's great, now I know how to defeat him", thought Naruto.

Naruto summoned several clones that attacked Sora from all flanks throwing shurikens and kunais that couldn't harm him but created enough distraction for the real Naruto to prepare one of his strongest jutsus.

"Take this, Kyuubi powered Fuuton Rasengan!", exclaimed Naruto while he slammed the jutsu in Sora's flank.

The effects were impressive, the jutsu sent Sora towards an empty building and created a cutting tornado that destroyed it.

"I hope that I won't be forced to pay for the building... It looks like that this attack managed to knock him out, now I have to dig him out and seal the chakra", thought Naruto while he deactivated the chakra cloak.

He headed towards the building to start the rescue operation but the sudden appearance of a new contender changed his plans.

He barely dodged an attack from a big man with piercings and an Akatsuki cloak.

"Oh crap, another Path of Pein, I completely forgot about him! Which one is this?", he thought.

The Path attacked Naruto with a powerful kick that he barely dodged. Once again the blond gave thanks for the intensive training he got from all his senseis.

He countered with a clone delivering a Rasengan but to his surprise both the jutsu and the clone disappeared when they got in contact with the Path.

"Shit! It's the Preta Path, the one who absorbs chakra in any form! He even absorbed the clone... How did my future self defeat him? Oh yes, he tricked him to absorb his Natural Chakra when he was in Sage Mode and turned him into stone but I can't use it yet. Should I try to fry him with Kurama's chakra?", thought.

The Preta Path charged at Naruto but was interrupted by a pair green blurs.

"Double Dynamic Entry!", exclaimed both Lee and Gai while they kicked the Preta Path in each side of the face.

"Gai-sensei! You don't know how happy I am to see you there, here is an enemy who absorbs chakra and only can be defeated by pure taijutsu. How did you know that they were there?", asked Naruto.

"It's very easy my youthful friend, Lee-kun used that seal to send messages that you created to warn us about Pein and several ninjas came here to help. Thanks to the strategy plans created by Shikamaru-kun your parents managed to intercept two of the Paths and are currently fighting them", said Gai.

"It must explain why the Animal Path didn't summon other paths for help, my parents probably filled the fighting areas with seals that prevented it", commented Naruto.

The conversation was interrupted when they noticed the Preta Path getting up.

"We will talk later, hurry and help the others to defeat the Animal Path, this one is a job for Konoha's Green Beasts!", exclaimed Lee making a nice guy pose.

"Lee that was really cool!", exclaimed Gai.




"Not now! You have a fight to fight, reserve your youth for the enemy!", exclaimed Naruto while he headed to help the others against the Animal Path.


Fuu cursed her luck while she kicked a Root ANBU while she asked herself how she got into that situation.

When the invaders began to appear her useless team mates fleed the stadium, their sensei said that he would look for them and ordered to go back to their hired room and wait there until the invasion was over but on her way to the hotel she found four scared kids who were being chased by a pair of Iwa nins.

Then the girl with the ridiculous pig tails (Moegi?) asked for her help. In normal circumstances she would have refused and tell them to fend by themselves but her soft spot for children prevailed and confronted the invaders. They didn't last very long, they were just a pair of average chuunins, not rivals for the jinchuuriki of one of the strongest bijuus.

To her surprise the children gathered around her and began to praise her saying how cool she looked, asking if she used the Nanabi's power to defeat them and things like how fast she could fly or if she could show them her some of her techniques.

She was confused, those kids knew that she was a jinchuuriki but didn't seem to care and even thought that it was cool.

"Aren't you afraid even a little? I have a gigantic creature able to level mountains inside me!", she cried.

"And so does the Boss and his friend Gaara, what's the problem? You keep them at way", said Konohamaru, the one who seemed to lead them.

"But at any moment I could lose control and become a blood thirsty monster!", claimed Fuu, not believing that she was trying to convince those kids that she was dangerous.

"My mom also can turn into a scary monster when she is angry, specially if I don't clean my room but she is really nice most the time", said Moegi.

"Many people find my dad scary but I don't see why", pointed the youngest one, Hanabi.

Fuu didn't know what to think. These kids from Konoha with their childish logic were more sensible and intelligent than most people from her village. She decided to escort them to the nearest shelter, wherever it was, she would have to ask the first Konoha nin she would find and hoped that he or she wouldn't think that Taki's jinchuuriki was taking advantage of the invasion to kidnap the kids.

Fortunately when they found a group of Konoha nins none of them thought that she wanted to kidnap the kids.

Unfortunately the Konoha nins wanted to kidnap the kids themselves, including her.

Unlike the previous adversaries these ones were really skilled, stronger than Fuu's jonin sensei, forcing her to rely in the power of the Nanabi to fight.

To make things worse she had to divide her attention between the enemies attacking her and the ones who went after the children.

To everyone's surprise Hanabi managed to deliver a powerful Jyuuken strike to the liver to an enemy who was caught off guard because he thought that she would be an easy prey.

"Don't underestimate them just because they are young", said the leader, "they are the Sandaime's grandson, the grandchildren of the Elders and the daughter of the Hyuuga Clan Head, there is a reason we want them"

"These brats are related with such important persons? Why the Hell they were alone in the village in the middle of an invasion?", thought Fuu.

The enemy began to attack with more viciousness. The leader tried to do a sneak attack on Fuu with his bare hands but Fuu managed to dodge it thanks to the reflexes and speed granted by the Nanabi. He hit one of his allies instead and to everyone's horror the man's flesh began to root while he screamed in pain.

With a quick movement the leader stabbed his subordinate in the heart with a kunai giving him a merciful death while his body keep rooting until there was only a skeleton left.

"What kind of technique is that? He destroyed his comrade with a mere touch!", cried Fuu.

"Those are my microscopic destruction bugs, Nanabi, give up and come with us. If you keep showing resistance I will have to use them to subdue you but I can't guarantee that you would survive even with the power from your beast", said the ANBU.

"Who are you and why do you have those bugs? They are a secret from the Aburame Clan", asked a new voice.

The owner of the voice was Aburame Shino, standing in a roof with his arms closed.


"I didn't expect to see you here Shino", said the man while he removed his mask revealing another one that covered the upper half of his face.

"A mask over a mask? What kind of idiot does that?", thought Fuu.

Elsewhere Kakashi felt the need to sneeze but used a special technique he developed to supress it, having such technique is common sense when you have your face covered all day.

"You are Torune Aburame, the cousin of my father who disappeared years ago. So you renounced to your colony to get that technique forbidden technique and abandoned the clan to join that traitor Danzo? Your actions are the most illogical think I ever saw in an Aburame", said Shino.

"Danzo-sama is not a traitor. He is doing those necessary things for the village that Sarutobi and those who follow his teachings refuse to do. Everything we do is for Konoha's sake", said Torune.

"I have to disagree with you, the only with the authority to decide what is the best for the village is the Hokage, Danzo's unauthorized schemes are acts of high treason, specially disobbeying the orders to disband Root. Surrender yourselves and the Hokage will allow you to rejoin Konoha's regular forces after some therapy to delete Roots programing", said Shino.

"I see, you are infected by that useless Will of Fire, a pity, you could have become a great Root agent but now I have to eliminate you", responded Torune.

Before the kids realized it, the Root agent was at Shino's side, grabbing his arm.

"Die, my foolish relative", he said.

But to his surprise Shino's body didn't melt, he realized then that the part where he was grabbing the younger Aburame was covered with a black piece of armor.

Suddenly Shino's other arm was covered with a similar piece of arm and delivered a punch that sent Torune several meters away.

"I heard rumors that a member of the Clan developed a tecnique that let him transform the insects of his hive into a chitin armor that dramatically augmented his physical abilities as well as having several properties, I never imagined that it was true or that you were said person", commented Torune.

Without a word, Shino began to walk towards his relative while more pieces of armor appeared over his body giving him an appearance that was a mixture of a heavily armored warrior and an insect.

"Wow! He looks really cool, like a masked superhero!", exclaimed Konohamaru and Udon with stars in their eyes.

Several Roots agents appeared between the two Aburames, wanting to protect their superior.

"Well, well... What do we have here?", said a new voice.

They turned to see Kankuro with all his puppets unsealed and ready to fight.

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be protecting the Kazekage and Suna's participants?", asked Shino.

"They are in a safe zone and my brother is taking care of them, I'm not necessary there, I came here to help with the search of the missing kids, it looks like I arrived on time", responded Kankuro.

"Whatever... Your help is unnecessary but welcome, pick any enemy you want but the Aburame is mine, my armor is the only defense against his techniques", said Shino.

"Do you think you are cool with that armor is cool? I have something even cooler! Puppets, combine yourselves to assemble Sabaku X-2, the ultimate puppet!", exclaimed Kankuro while the puppets gathered around him and combined into a gigantic puppet that for some reason resembled a giant robot.

"A super robot! I never imagined that this guy could be so cool! I though that he was just a crep who stole his sister's make up and walked in a cat pajamas while he played with dolls", comented Konohamaru.

"It's war paint!", exclaimed Kankuro.

"Bah, the armor and the robot maybe cool but not as awesome as Fuu-Neechan, don't you agree Hanabi-chan?", said Moegi.

"Yes, I bet that she can beat more enemies than those two show offs", said Hanabi.

Fuu was touched by the girls words and wished that there were more people like then at Taki.

And so began one of the most spectacular battles ever saw during Konoha's invasion.


Sasuke, Sakura, an ANBU and several members of Konoha's New Police Force were fighting the invaders with great success.

The ANBU agent had to acknowledged how much the last Uchiha progressed as a ninja as person during the last two years, revenge no longer ruled his life but it didn't stop him to become one of Konoha's most talented ninjas, easily surpassing ones who doubled him in experience and age. There was no doubt that the boy would become one of the strongest Uchihas ever, perhaps even able to compete with Madara. The ANBU also noticed how the police officers followed Sasuke's instructions although most of them outranked him but it proved that the Sandaime has been preparing the young Uchiha to leave him in charge Konoha's New Police Force as soon as possible.

The ANBU's thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of two new invaders and his blood almost froze when he recognized them.

There stood Pein's most powerful Path, the Deva. And if it was not enough the other one was Hoshigaki Kisame, the Tailless Bijuu.

Everyone got in guard, recognizing those enemies as the threats they are.

"You... What are you doing here?", asked Sasuke.

"Uchiha Sasuke...", said Pein, "... you have been deemed a threat for Akatsuki and for that reason we are here to eliminate you"


Did you read Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth? It's so awesome that they even copied one of the techniques featured in this fic.


Shizune and other ninjas escorted the Lords, dignataries and other important clients through the corridors of the shelter.

"Where are you taking us? I have to complain that I didn't come here to take a walk while visiting Konoha's safety facilities", said one of the lords.

"Are we there yet? I need to go to the toilet", said another.

"I wanted to see the fights. Why did you take us here?", complained a rich businessman.

"Dear, I can't find Tora, we should hire a ninja team to find him", said the Fire Lord's wife to her husband.

"I'm hungry, when do we eat?", asked the Wind Lord.

Shizune was really tempted to crack at those spoiled peacocks and tell them where they could shove their complains for being so insensitive while her comrades were spilling their blood to protect the village, including them but contained herself, years dealing with a whiny Tsunade, moneylender and debt collectors made her one of the best diplomatics Konoha ever had.

"Don't worry your excellences, we just arrived to our destination", she said.

They got into a room with several TV screens, deluxe seats, a free buffet that would make Akimichis to defect to another village, waiters and other commodities.

Shizune took a control and the TV turned on displaying several of the battles that were taking place in Konoha.

"Welcome to Konoha's VIP Bunker, this place was created in order to protect important personalities like yourselves in case Konoha is attacked during your stay. As you can see there are several hidden cameras placed throughout Konoha so you can see how the outcome of the different battles. Please take a seat and enjoy the show", said Shizune with a fake smile.

With satisfied smiles, the VIPs got seated and began to make bets about the battles while they asked the waiters to serve them the food.

First screen:

The screen displayed a group of Iwa ninjas facing Zabuza. The invaders were talking among themselves, deciding a way to face their opponent while Zabuza covered the area where he was with a thick mist.

"Ok, our opponent is powerful but we have the numeric superiority, we can defeat him if we coordinate our attacks and manage to avoid that oversized blade of him we shouldn't have much trouble to defeat him", said one of them.

"But he will be at advantage in that mist and I doubt that he will have the deference to dispel it to fight us", pointed another.

"Perhaps we should use range attacks directly on the mist, if we attack from different angles some of them should make hit"

Suddenly another Iwa ninja appeared and charged head on towards the mist with a battle cry.


After the initial shock the other ninjas got into the mist, trying to help their reckless comrade.

"Keep the formation and... Arrgghh!"

"Don't panic, stick to the plan! Ouch!"

"I got him, I got him! I'm going to bite his ear!"

"Arrggh! That's my ear you moron!"

The spectators could see how Zabuza, outside the mist, shooked his head in disappointment.

"Idiots, that's one of Mist's oldest tricks, I can't believe people still fall for it", he said while he looked for more competent opponents.

Second screen:

An Iwa jonin was facing Minato Namikaze (actually it was clone).

The Iwa ninja unseathed a slim katana while he glared at Minato.

"Hello. My name is Ichigo Kontoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die", he said.

The VIPs looked in awe at the epicness of the scene.

"Ichigo Kontoya? As Haru Kontoya?", asked Minato.

"So you remember my father's name? Good, I won't have to remind you about him", he said.

"I'm sorry but I'm not the one who killed him, it was Genma, my former bodyguard, it was a really confusing battle and there was some confusion stating who killed who", responded.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Please, could you tell me where is that Genma guy?", asked Ichigo.

"Last time I saw him he was fighting some Oto ninjas three blocks north of here, if you are lucky he may still be there", pointed Minato.

"Thank you very much, Hokage-sama, now if you excuse me I will leave to settle the score", said the Iwa.

The VIPs sweatdropped at the scene.

"That was really anticlimatic", commented the Water Lord.

Third screen:

It showed several invaders attacking Kumo's delegation. For some reason they claimed that they got reports of a demon cat was attacking them and accused Yugito and the Nibi to be the culprit.

Fourth screen:

It displayed the Ino-Shika-Chou sorrounded by a squad of Iwa ninjas. Everyone noticed that the Iwa squad was made exclusively of platinum blond ninjas who really, really resembled Inoichi.

"I told you that it was a bad idea to seduce the captured enemy kunoichis during interrogations in order to get intel from them...", said Shikaku.

"... And I told you to always wear a package of condoms", pointed Chouza.

Inoichi didn't say anything but mentally he was kicking himself.

"Well, at least none of them turned out to be a great menace for Konoha", he thought.

Elsewhere Deidara sneezed from all his mouths at the same time.

Fifth screen:

It showed a group of invaders being obliterated by a blur that shreeded them. When the battle was over the blur stoped for a few seconds revealing itself as a domestic cat.

"Tora! Here he is! Those horrible invaders are trying to harm my baby! Quickly, send some ninjas to rescue him!", exclaimed the Fire Lord's wife.

"So that's the reason Jiraiya-san insisted to change Tora's retrieval mission to A class", thought the Fire Lord.


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