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The invasion continues. The missing kids (Konohamaru, Moegi, Udon and Hanabi) were found by Fuu who escorted them towards the nearest the nearest center until they were intercepted by Root agents, fortunately they got help from Shino and Kankuro. Meanwhile Naruto managed to defeat the pseudojinchuuriki Sora due to a combination of guts, brains, skill and power. Elsewhere Sasuke and Sakura crossed paths with Pein's the Deva Path, who claimed that Sasuke became a threat to Akatsuki and had to be eliminated.

Yamato appears dressed as a news reporter.

"We interrupt this chapter to report amazing news! Hektols-sama comunicated us that from now he is going to get paid for writing fanfiction, that means that he will leave his current ocupation and invest that time to write all those projects that he had in store, we are going now to the press conference that he called for more details"

The press room is completely full with reporters and fans from all countries, in front of them stood the mysterious Hektols, dressed in a traditional ninja outfit, mask included, so it was impossible to determine his features.

"Welcome everybody, I'm very glad to tell you that from now I will be able to publish several stories with weekly. Not only you will enjoy New Chance in a more frequent basis but many of the original and uncliched stories I have been working in my brain for years"

Those words were followed by cheers and hoorays from the fans.

"As celebration here is a trailer for one of the most awaited stories from my project list, 'The Prince of Pirates', the crossover with the awesome One Piece series, enjoy it", said Hektols while he activated a giant screen on his back.

(Generic trailer music)

Scene with the Five Kages having a meeting, there is a broken musket in the table.

"So is it true? Did the gunpodwer weapons from the World Government worked in the Elemental Nations territory?", asked Tsunade.

The Tsuchikage nodded.

"Yes, the events of the Fourth Ninja War weakened the effects of the jutsu that the Sage used to make ineffective the war resources of the World Government in the Elemental Countries, at the moment it is just gunpowder but it is just a matter of time until the jutsu won't work against Devil Fruits and Haki", he said.

The Mizukage spoke.

"A single average marine is no match for an average ninja but the thing is that they outnumber hundreds of times, the jutsu was the reason they didn't invade us before but it will change once they find out what is happening"

"Is there something we can do to restore the jutsu?", asked Gaara.

The Raikage nodded.

"Yes, we have to find the treasure of the Sage that he used to perform the jutsu, we have to find the One Piece"

"We will have to prepare a expedition to find and retrieve it, one formed with the best ninjas from all the villages", said the Tsuchikage.

"Who will lead them? Are you thinking about the same person as me? The Sage's Successor?", asked the Mizukage.

Everyone agreed.

"Yes, let's call Naruto"


Naruto is having a talk with Tsunade.

"What? Are you telling me that my dad's father was a pirate, a sea bandit?", he asked.

Tsunade denied it.

"No, your grandfather was not a sea bandit, he was a Sea Emperor, his name was White Beard..."


Naruto wearing a captain is looking at his tripulation, made of ninjas from all the countries, including his friends.

"All right everyone, we are going to where any ninja never went, we don't know what we will face but we survived Madara, the Juubi and a Ninja War, some of you even two so it shouldn't be so hard, it's not like we will find 50 feet tall warriors, cyborgs, undeads or living volcanoes..."


Sanji looked at the book in Kakashi's hand.

"What's that?", he asked.

"Just the best literature in the world"


Zoro and Bee were facing each other.

Zoro unseathed his three swords.

"Santoryuu (Three Swords Style)", he said.

Bee unsheated his seven swords.

"Seven Swords Dance! Bakayaroo!", he exclaimed.

Zoro created two aditional torsos with their own heads, arms and weapons.

"Kyutoryuu (Nine swords Style)"


Orochimaru is having a drink with Caesar Clown.

"So you also experimented on little kids for your own selfish purposes?", he asked.

"Yes, and I also lied to my subordinates making them think that I was a saint", responded Clown.

"The same as I, great minds like ours think in similar ways", remarked Orochimaru.

"Well, we are cousins after all", said Clown.


Sanji helped to get up the strange marine with the painting set. He would never admit it but having a wrong face in the WANTED poster had the advantage that he could walk in towns without being chased by marines and bounty hunters.

"Thank you very much sir, I was in a hurry and couldn't watch where I was going", said the really, really pale marine.

"What is so urgent?", asked the cook.

"I just finished to draw the new wanted poster of Black Leg Sanji, of the Straw Hat Pirates, it looks like he changed his appearance in order to not being recognized", said Sai, rephrasing the words from the marine retratist he was suplanting.

A shadow appeared in Sanji's visible eye.

"Could you... Show me the new wanted poster...?", he asked.

Sai nodded and showed him a poster where he appeared dressed as an okama (transvestite), from that brief time he lost his mind in Ivankoff's island.

A vein popped in his forehead.

"So... this is how he looks now... tell me, you won't know the person who made the old poster, won't you?", asked Sanji while he began to apply some shoe polish on his feet.

"Yes, it was me", said Sai keeping with the charade unaware what he was getting into.

Sanji exploded in flames.

"My name is Black Leg Sanji of the Straw Hat Pirates, you destroyed my image, prepare to die"


Naruto looked at Luffy with fury in his eyes.

"How you dare to steal my ramen? I won't forgive you!", he exclaimed.

Luffy himself didn't look very friendly.

"Give me back my hat! It's mine!", he cried.

"First apologize!", responded Naruto.

"Never, pirates are free and don't apologize", he said while he got into a fighting posture.

The blond dispelled one of his clones and activated Sage Mode.

"Gear Second!", exclaimed Luffy.

They charged at each other.



Back in the press room everyone clapped and cheered.

"Now here is the trailer of another fic", said Hektols.

Everyone looked at the screen with great expectations.

It said:



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