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The invasion continues. The missing kids (Konohamaru, Moegi, Udon and Hanabi) were found by Fuu who escorted them towards the nearest the nearest center until they were intercepted by Root agents, fortunately they got help from Shino and Kankuro. Meanwhile Naruto managed to defeat the pseudojinchuuriki Sora due to a combination of guts, brains, skill and power. Elsewhere Sasuke and Sakura crossed paths with Pein's the Deva Path, who claimed that Sasuke became a threat to Akatsuki and had to be eliminated.

The battle between the leaders of both armies was getting more and more violent.

To Jiraiya's chagrin Orochimaru happened to master all the fighting techniques from the Kaguya Clan, confirming that he effectively integrated Kimimaro into himself instead of taking over his body. The new Orochimaru now could combine his snake like abilities with the Bone Pulse bloodline limit creating an almost perfect combination of strength, durability, agility and flexibility.

"What do you think about my new body, Jiraiya-kun? Will you admit that you don't have any chance to defeat me and that I'm your superior?", teased Orochimaru while he threw a bone javelin to his ex team mate.

"I have to admit that your new powers are quite a thing...", said Jiraiya while he caught the javelin.

Orochimaru smirked.

"... but frankly, I'm not impressed at all, you barely hurt me with your attacks, a borrowed bloodline limit still can't match the power of a real sage. If you are as superior as you claim then why you had to change body so many times to match me while I am still with my original one?", remarked Jiraiya while he broke the javelin like it was made of paper.

"But I have to acknowledge that his power is now really close to a sage's, if I was not for the Sage Mode he already would have killed me, if his snake techniques in his former body made him the equivalent of a living whip, the new one makes him an armed chain", he thought.

Orochimaru himself was having doubts.

"Such power... Now his natural strength surpasses Tsunade's and his punchs are almost as strong as her's when she uses her superstrength technique, when Jiraiya activated Sage Mode I thought that the power boost would be similar to the one granted by the Curse Seal but it clearly surpasses the Second Level. When this is over I will visit the Great Snake Sage and learn his arts, if I combine it with my new body, Sasuke-kun's Sharingan and Naruto's regeneration abilities I will be invincible, not even Akatsuki or the kages will be a match for me", thought Orochimaru.

Suddenly the reds marks on Jiraiya's face disappeared and his face regained his human appearance, the Sage Mode was over.

"Uh oh...", thought Jiraiya.

"Well, well... it looks like you lost your powerup. What are you going to do now, Jiraiya-chan?", teased Orochimaru.

"Uh, I suppose that you won't let me gather more Nature Chakra to activate Sage Mode again, won't you?", asked Jiraiya.

"Of course not"

"Well, luckily there is my remaining clone in Sage Mode, the one who spent the fight summoning my ace in the hole", commented Jiraiya while he transformed again.

"What the? What ace in the hole are you talking about?", asked Orochimaru.

Suddenly Jiraiya was tackled by two small forms.

"Jiraiya! How many times I told you to not summon me at this time? I was preparing my maggot soup and now the ingredients will go to waste!", exclaimed a small old female toad while she hit the sage in the head.

"I was about to have a snail liquor when you summoned me, can't you be more considerate with your elders?", remarked an old male toad that for some reason had hair in the form of a mohawk, eyebrows bigger than Gai's and even a goatee.

"Ouch, I already told you in anticipation that I may summon you today, that you should be ready for it...", complained Jiraiya.

Orochimaru began to laugh as he never did.

"Pffft... Wha, ha, ha, ha, ha! This is your secret weapon? Two old and puny toads? You didn't change at all Jiraiya, you were a clown in our younger days and you are a clown now"

"Who are you calling old? I'm just seven hundred years old!", exclaimed Shima.

"I do... So Jiraiya, you decided to bring some guests to our party? It looks like it is time to call some of my own mine...", commented Orochimaru with an evil smile while he performed certain hand signs.

"... Your predecesors, I can't wait to see their reaction when they find out that a loser like you is the current Hokage", he thought.

Fukasaku realized what Orochimaru wanted to do.

"Those hand signs! Jiraiya, he is going to..."

"I know, don't worry, I'm prepared for that", said Jiraiya while he touched inside his pockets the special seals that Minato gave him.

"I would have prefered to not come to this, Minato told me that the Shodai and the Nidaime are really happy in the After Life but it's better to have them alive and free than dead and slaved by Orochimaru... Now that I think about it, perhaps I could convince one of them to retake the Hokage seat... I wonder if the Shodai would approve my relationship with his granddaughter...", thought Jiraiya while coffins began to emerge from the ground.

Suddenly, a volley of fire projectiles made impact with the coffins and destroyed them, interrupting the jutsu.

Everyone turned and saw a man wearing a cloak with red clouds and an orange spiral mask.

"YOU!", exclaimed Jiraiya recognizing the real leader of Akatsuki.

"Orochimaru, you can't use Edo Tensei, the Hokage will turn it against you and Akatsuki can't allow more Hokages back, defeat him with your own power or perish, I don't care, if you don't find your end at his hands you will find it at the hands of our organization, that's the destiny for traitors. There is another issue I have to attend", said the Madara while he turned to left.

"Madara wait! Really you think I will let you leave? You are Konoha's worst enemy ever, I won't allow you to get near the kid!", exclaimed Jiraiya.

"Oh? You really care for the brat when he needs you the least now that he has his parents back? That reminds me how much you screwed my plans preparing Naruto to fight us but a part of me really wants to thank you for your negligence as godfather, if you had been with him during most his life Naruto would have achieved his full potential much earlier and would have been stronger during the Fourth Ninja War and I probably wouldn't have had the chance to come back, for that reason I thank you", said Madara while he teleported away.

Jiraiya tried to go after him but Orochimaru got in his way.

"Hold on Jiraiya, we still have a match to settle. I don't know what is your relationship with that Akatsuki guy who claims to be Madara or that nonsense he was talking about but I came here to destroy Konoha and you are my first prey. It's time to stop holding back, I will show you the true power of my fussion with Kimimaro", said Orochimaru while he grew several bone spikes in his body.

Jiraiya looked at his opponent and signaled Fukasaku and Shima to put themselves on his shoulders and make their own fusion.

"You are right Orochimaru, Konoha has other defenders able to protect it from Madara, my current adversary is you. Come here, it's time to end this forever..."


"Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu", exclaimed Sasuke releasing a fire ball towards the Deva Path.

"Shinra Tensei!", responded Pein destroying the jutsu.

Several Konoha ninjas attacked him at the same time but he just repelled them like they were nothing.

"Uchiha-san, you should leave the area inmediately, this enemy is beyond your capabilities, I will distract him", said the ANBU agent with them.

"No, I won't flee", responded Sasuke.

"Uchiha-san, it is foolish to face someone you can't defeat..."

"I said no. Fleeing against a superior opponent would make sense if we were in the middle of a mission away from Konoha but in this case the enemy is in the village, where I would go? I only would make our enemy to tear up the village while looking for me and endanger the people that I, Konoha's future Police Chief I'm supposed to protect", said Sasuke.

"What about your revenge? What about your clan? If you die the Uchiha line will be over"

"My parents told the Yondaime that they forgave Itachi and shouldn't try to kill him without knowing the whole truth. Anyways I prefer to die honorably than being the kind of scum who abandons his comrades", responded Sasuke.

"Sasuke-kun...", thought Sakura.

The ANBU looked at the Last Uchiha with a new light.

"He really holds the Will of Fire, Kakashi-san and Sandaime-dono must be very proud", he thought.

He noticed the brief looks that Sasuke and Sakura exchanged.

"... I suppose that the girl also had a good role in that"

"All right, we will do things your way. According to the data we got this Akatsuki member can't use his technique in rapid succesions, there's a minimum waiting time of 5 seconds, we should attack that in that instant", he said.

Sasuke looked at Sakura

"Sakura, I need you to use that superstrength technique to throw kunais and shurikens at him at great speed, forcing him to use the technique to defend himself, the ANBU and I will take that moment to attack", he said.

"Understood, Sasuke", responded the girl.

The Deva Path just send away the last nameless Konoha ninja attacking him when he noticed the pink haired girl calling him.

"Take this, SHANNARO!", exclaimed Sakura throwing a volley of shurikens with all her strength.

Usually he would have been able to dodge such an announced attack but as Sasuke predicted the shurikens were too fast and he had no other choice but to repel them using his power.

That was the chance that Sasuke and the ANBU wanted, moving at inhuman speeds, they reached the spot where the Deva Path stood. The Uchiha was about to impale him with a Chidori channeled through his Kiba sword when suddenly another Pein, a battle worn bulky man, appeared and blocked the sword with a metal rod while he felt how the energy of the Chidori was being absorbed by said Pein.

The new Pein body was about to hit back Sasuke when the Uchiha was grabbed by the ANBU and tried to take him away from his adversaries.

Luckily at that moment a pair of blurs got between them and their adversaries and gave them the needed time to escape

"Human Bullet Tank!"


Asuma and Kakashi's team were there.

At that moment Sasuke realized that there were now six Pein's bodies in total, some of them apparently dead or in very bad condition.

Sakura smiled in relief when she saw their friends coming to the rescue, now they would have a chance to win.

Ino gave thumbs up to her friend while Kiba made a comment about how their team needed again external help to win.

The smile disappeared when she noticed that Shikamaru looked really worried.

"This is bad, very bad... The Deva Path reverse summoned the Animal Path and that one summoned the remaining paths... Ok Shikamaru, calm down and evaluate our situation. The good news are that the Asura and the Human Paths were summoned destroyed and unable to fight. The Asura Path seems to be have the damage caused by a Rasengan so it is very likely that he fought Yondaime-sama, Hokage-sama, Naruto or his mother, meaning that at least one of them is aware of Pein's pressence in the village so the arrival of reinforcements is a variable I have to take account. The Animal has been pierced in several vital spots, that kind of wounds are caused by Kushina-san's chains, meaning that she knows about Pein's pressence. Let's check the other Paths... The Preta Path looks like he was stomped by a horse, that's good he won't be able to move at full speed, something similar happens to the Animal Path, he lacks a leg and one of his arms is a bit limp, we should take advantage of it... Now comes the bad news: The Deva Path, the most dangerous of all, is completely intact, that one alone is a kage level threat, something similar happens to the Naraka Path, the one who can revive and fix the other Paths, that one has to be destroyed the first... Mmm, I think that I will have to restort to the Anti-Pein tactic 427", thought Shikamaru in a fraction of a second.

Sasuke and the ANBU began to attack Pein's clones, with the later making sure that the Naraka Path stayed away from the damaged ones.

"Are we late?", asked a feminine voice.

Shikamaru almost smiled when he saw Kushina's team arriving at the place, making them 11 members of the Konoha 15.

The older genins looked at Pein with caution.

"TenTen, release the flare, this enemy is too much for us", said Neji while he activated his Byakugan and joined the brawl.

Kiba and Akamaru did the same while their team mates began to prepare their technique, meanwhile TenTen released a red flare from a scroll that let a trail that conveniently resembled a red cloud.

"Are they here for Naruto?", asked Haku.

"No, for some reason he wants to kill Sasuke but there is no doubt that capturing Naruto is also in their list, we can't allow that, we have to contain them and make as much damage until help arrives, we can't flee, he will destroy us if we try to escape. Now that you three arrived I can try a better plan than the 427, the 528... Ino, please, creat a mental link with everybody, Chouji guard her", said Shikamaru.

The blond girl swallowed a chakra pill and concentrated to connect all the presents minds while the Akamichi increased his size and got between her and the fighers.

Technically the girl shouldn't know such advanced Yamanaka technique but as a time traveller and experienced ninja who saw the technique several times Shikamaru managed to explain it to Ino.

"If someone asks why I could teach it to Ino I just will say that I figured out how it worked and recreated it, that's one of the advantages of being an acknowledged genius, people expects things like that from one, that explanation wouldn't have worked if people still believed that I was a mediocre or bad ninja", thought Shikamaru.

The Nara didn't know it but in several alternate realities many alternate versions of Naruto who pretended to be idiots while they hid their real skills suddenly felt like real idiots.

The genins began to feel Shikamaru's mind connecting with their owns through Ino's technique and received several instructions to fight the enemy, including a detailed list of the abilities of each Pein body.

"T-This is Shikamaru-san's mind? It is... inmense, for some reason it's like he is several years older than he actually is, it explains why the Suna Princess fell for a boy three years younger than her", thought Yakumo.

"What? That's the difference between our intelligences? I never imagined that it would be so big... Shikamaru didn't show it during the Academy...", thought Kiba.

"Mmmm, if intelligence could be evident with a mere look as happens with physical strength I would look like profesional swimmer and Pineapple-Head would look like a body builder able to compete with the Raikage", thought Sai.

Similar thoughts happened in the rest of the genins' minds.

"Everyone focus, you know what the enemy does and the best ways to combat them, follow my instructions and we may survive", said Shikamaru.


"Where the Hell is him? I was about to slam a Fuuton Rasengan on him!", exclaimed Naruto.

"It looks like he was summoned elsewhere, the same happened with the one who was fighting Gai and Lee", said Hayate.

"That must mean that all Pein's bodies are together, he must be fighting somebdy at the level of Dad or EroSennin, we have to find him!", remarked Naruto.

"No, we won't, Yondaime-sama and Godaime-sama are powerful enough to fight Pein, if we came there we only would hinder them because Pein could target us and they would have to protect us, specially you due to your status as the Kyuubi's container", said Hayate.


"No 'buts' Uzumaki, I know what you are feeling but you have to trust whoever is fighting Pein the same way your father trusted you with Kurama at the cost of his own life, you are the last obstacle between Madara and the Kyuubi, if you are captured all the lives who were lost will be in vain... the great sacrifice that your family and you had to endure during these years will be meaningless", said Hayate in a very serious tone.

"Naruto... Please listen to sensei, you are protecting everyone staying away from Pein, let the others do their part", said Hinata.

The blond clenched his fists.

"I-I can't stand the idea of my comrades being hurt while fighting an enemy who came for me but what Hinata-chan and Hayate-sensei said is true, I would be endangering Kurama if I came and that's something I can't allow, specially now that we are begining to connect", he thought.


Naruto smiled.

"Sorry but I can't allow that yet Kurama, perhaps later when you become nicer", he said.

Kurama didn't say anything.

Naruto looked at his team.

"Ok, I won't go after Pein as long as we don't cross paths with him but it doesn't mean that I will be hidding while the village is being attacked, what kind of future Hokage does that?"

Hayate smiled and felt relieved, he wouldn't have to knock out Naruto although he really doubted that he could do it. It was hard to admit it but he realized that his student caught up with him, probably surpassed him.

"Ok, we will go to the west side of the village, it looks like there are a pair of summons that need to be stopped", he said.


The Yondaime was frustrated, during his massacre of the invading forces he crossed paths with Pein's Ashura Path and engaged in a fight with him. The fight didn't last very long, it didn't matter how powerful that Path was, Minato was no longer hidding his true power and crushed his opponent with a well placed Rasengan after teleporting over him.

The problem came that the body disappeared just when he was about to seal it, meaning that the real Pein used the Animal Path to summon it.

"Damn it! If the Naraka Path gets near the body it will be revived, I have to search and destroy it", thought Minato while he raised himself over the village.

"Mmm, well, at least it looks like we are winning, Shikamaru's local defense strategy is coming to fruition, the battle will end soon but as long as Pein is in the village we will be endangered", he thought.

His thoughts were interrupted by an incoming energy attack that he barely dodged, said attack made impact in Konoha's Forest destroying a good portion of it.

"DUST RELEASE? Is he here too?"

"Hello Yondaime Hokage... or what should I call you? Minato Namikaze, Arashi Uzumaki, Black Angel or Yellow Flash? Too many names for a single man but it won't matter, soon you will be called Corpse", said a familiar voice.

Minato recognized Konoha's literally old enemy from the past and ally in the future, unfortunately it was obvious that he still was the former.

"Onoki of Both Scales, the Sandaime Tsuchikage, I hoped that you wouldn't come here but it looks like you were dragged into this nonsense too. Please, listen to me, your village is being used by Orochimaru for his own petty purposes and Akatsuki is taking advantage of it to capture the bijuus and conquer the world, we must cooperate to stop them and..."

"Shut up. Iwa is using Orochimaru, not the other way, we already know that he is planning to betray us at the slightest chance, we will deal with him when he loses his usefulness. About Akatsuki they are our occasinal employees, the only proof of their supposed treachery is the word of someone who massacred hundreds of our comrades in the past and was massacring them some minutes ago", pointed Onoki.

Minato sighed, it was obvious that he would have to fight. Until Akatsuki revealed itself as a menace to all the ninja world Iwa was Konoha's enemy.

"I can't kill him and crippling is out of the ecuation, Onoki will be essential to get Iwa's help against Akatsuki, Muta is too blinded with hate to see the light, Onoki is a more sensible leader. Unfortunately Onoki is not the kind of enemy that I can defeat while holding back, he will disintegrate me at the slightest slip", he thought.

"Come on Yondaime Hokage, let's settle this", said Onoki.


The kunoichi was really furious, as soon she saw the Human Path all the memories of Pein's attack during the original time line appeared in her head, specially when said Path killed Shizune, when the Deva levelled the village and when he almost killed Hinata just to get it at Naruto. All the frustration, horror, sadness, wrath and impotency that she felt that day came back to her...

The monster who hurt her baby in the future came to do it again in the present... but this time she could do something about it.

The Human Path didn't see what hit him when she viciously attacked him with her chains, she was so angry that she almost didn't notice when the Path was summoned.

"Trying to escape my wrath? I won't let you do it, Nagato! I don't care if we are related, I'll kill you before I let you lay a finger on Naruto or any of my people!"

Unfortunately something else caught her attention, the whole village was overwhelmed by a terrific source of chakra that all those familiarized with bijuus recognized very well.

In the distance she could see a colossal, bulky figure that resembled an ape, but unlike an ordinary ape that creature had horns... and four tails. Son Goku, the Four Tailed Beast was free.

However what frightened Kushina was the figure standing on Son Goku's head, a middle aged man with a fiery red beard, Roshi, Son Goku's jinchuuriki.

"I-It can't be... Roshi mastered his bijuu's chakra and befriended him... and now he is using it against Konoha"


Pein was getting frustrated, these brats happened to be some of the most persistent and hard to kill enemies he ever faced. For some reason they seemed to know the powers of the different Paths and did everything they could to prevent the Naraka Path to fix the damaged ones. It didn't help that they seemed to have a connection among them that allowed them to coordinate their attack and defense like they also had a common mind. Whenever he tried to use the Deva Path's power to crush them one of them made a surprise attack that forced him to redirect the attack to defend himself.

The most dangerous was that genjutsu girl from the Kurama Clan, her power was so immense that she could affect the summoned creatures of the Animal Path and make them fight against each other, effectively taking them away from the fight. He tried to eliminate her several times but whenever he managed to make a hit on her she revealed herself to be an ink clone.

The Uchiha who he came to kill, the pink haired medic with monstrous strength and the Inuzuka boy and his dog were in charge of the offensive against him, attacking with techniques, skill and fierceness that one wouldn't expect from kids their age.

Meanwhile the Hyuuga boy, the weapon girl and the ice boy were in charge of the defense, frustrating all his offensive tactics with chakra rays, weapons or ice projectiles all thrown with a lethal precission.

Then there was the anonymous ANBU, he didn't seem to share the connection with the younger ninjas but he was really skilled and was experienced enough in team work to complement the attack and defense of the genins.

Finally there were the members of the Nara, Yamanaka and Akamichi clans behind in the rear, obviously being the responsibles of such impossible coordination and team work but unreachable due to the defense from the other ninjas.

"If I only could use the full power of the Deva Path I would destroy this village and end this fight but the remaining jinchuurikis are here too, I could end killing one or several of them and ruin the plan to collect the bijuu... Now I understand why Madara was so insistent to finish the Uchiha before it was too late, with enough time he will end surpassing Itachi, he is too dangerous... And the same I can say about these brats, the first batch of ninjas that arised under Jiraiya's rule is more powerful than they should be, the other villages will react at this and improve the training of their ninjas resulting into an arms race and more wars. In the name of Peace these kids have to die", he thought.

Shikamaru and Ino for their part were begining to feel the strain of having so many minds connected.

"Hold on a bit more... the chance we were waiting is coming", thought the Nara.

Then they felt the surge of chakra from and unleashed bijuu.

"By the Sage! It's the Yonbi! It's free!", exclaimed a voice.

The chakra outburst and the surprise caused by the Yonbi interfered the coordination of the Konoha genins but not the more battle experienced Pein, who took advantage of the chaos and managed to place his working Paths between his adversaries and the Naraka Path, who began to revive the fallen ones.

The genins tried to prevent it but the Deva Path prevented it with its repulsive powers.

They only could watch in impotence when the Naraka finished to revive the two destroyed ones.

Now all Six Paths were battle able.

The Deva Path made some steps forward.

"Now it's time to finish this. SHINRA..."

He turned and unleashed the attack on the Naraka Path, almost destroying it.

"... TENSEI... WHAT?"

"Kagemane no Jutsu. Success", said Shikamaru.

Pein then realized that the shadows of the Paths were connected to a shadow that emerged from a piece of ice from the battle.

He also noticed that the Nara's shadow seemed to be entering into another piece of ice.

"I heard the rumor that the members of the Yukina Clan could use their ice constructs as teleporting devices, it seems to be true, the Nara and the Yukina boy used the apparently discarded pieces of ice as a mean to allow the shadow to reach the bodies without me noticing and diverted the attack towards the Naraka Path", thought.

"Now it's the time! Attack them as I said while they can't move, I won't able to contain them for much time!", said Shikamaru throught the mental link.

Everyone charged at the bodies, with Sasuke and Sakura focusing in the Deva Path. Sakura concentrating her chakra in her fist and Sasuke with a full charged Chidori.

For first time since he arrived at Konoha Pein felt that he could lose.


Perhaps it was the mental and physical strain of Shikamaru being connected to the minds of his friends and inmobilizing six powerful bodies at the same time, maybe it was Pein's inmense will and power or probably a combination of both. The case was that at the last second the Deva Path got back the control of his body, grabbed one of his attackers and used her as human shield.

Everyone stopped their attacks in horror when they saw Sasuke's hand piercing Sakura's chest.

Sakura looked at disbelief at the arm passing throught her body and then at her involuntary attacker.

"S-Sasuke-kun...", she babbled while a drop of blood fell from her mouth.

The Uchiha's brain couldn't proccess what was happening. After years of loneliness and revenge feelings he finally got back the feeling to belong to something, the camaraderie, to love and being loved...

When he met Sakura he inmediately regarded her as one of those airhead fangirls but things began to change after she became one Tsunade-sama's students and they ended in the same team. The fangirl bloomed until a strong, competent, skilled, intelligent, caring and beautiful young woman. As time passed, she managed to carve a place in his heart, not hiding her genuine feelings for him but no longer bothering him with them. He finally realized that he had feelings for her when in that impressive act of bravery she disguised herself as Princess Yuki turned herself to Doto when he only could watch powerless how she marched to a secure death.

He barely expressed his feelings when he saw her back and safe.

He finally expressed his feeling that day, for first time in years he saw a brilliant future before him.

And then he lost everything again.

"SAKURA! SAKURAAAAA!", cried while he hugged her dying body.

"S-Sasuke... i-it's not your fault...", she whispered her vision was fading.

The last thing she saw was how Sasuke's Sharingan eyes transformed into what seemed three intersecting ellipses, Sasuke's Mangenkyou Sharingan.


Pein's Deva Path looked at the scene impassible, without showing any emotion.

"The world is full of pain, this wouldn't have happened if you turned yourself to me. Don't worry, you will meet her soon"

Suddenly, an overwhelming killing intent engulfed the area, something only compared when the Yondaime took revenge for the failed murder attempt on Naruto and him some time after his return.

The genins looked at Sasuke but he was still shocked for what he did to Sakura, he was not the source, it was the forgotten ANBU.

The man removed the mask revealing a scratched Konoha forehead protector and the face of Sasuke's elder brother, Itachi Uchiha.

But it was not Itachi's serious an impassible face, it was a face that he never displayed before.

It was an angry face full of hate, never seen before.

Itachi was furious as he never was.

Nobody dared to move. For first time since he became Pein, Nagato felt fear.

Itachi spoke.

"Pein, I'm going to kill you"


(THIS is a cliffhanger! ... Or was it a knife?)


Minato looked at Onoki, or more precisely at the old man's enlarged butt.

He didn't know it but due to the previous encounter that Onoki had with Naruto and Lee the Sandaime Tsuchikage ended receiving a shot with an oversized needle that forced him to tie a pillow on his butt to ease the pain, said pillow was not visible due to his cloak but protuded on his back.

"Ano... Tsuchikage-san... Are you wearing diapers...?", he asked.

That question was followed by the volley of insults and curses about dumb blondes ever heard while the Tsuchikage hit Minato with the pillow.


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