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It looks like more things that happened in this story are happening too in the original, like Madara stealing... What? Are you complaining about making spoilers? This is a fanfic, it is supposed to be made for those who are familiar with the original, go read the manga.


Jiraiya continues his bloody fight with Orochimaru. While it happens Minato crosses paths with Onoki, the Sandaime Tsuchikage. At the same time, Roshi, the Yonbi jinchuuriki, reveals himself as a perfect jinchuuriki and unleashes the power of his beast. Meanwhile Sasuke and the others were doing a great job containing Pein, the Uchiha was about to hit him with a Chidori but at the last moment the Rinnegan user used Sakura as a shield awakening the Mangenkyou in Sasuke and Itachi's ire, who was posing as an ANBU. The two strongest Akatsuki members are about to fight.

Onoki threw a medium size Dust ball to Minato who dodged it with ease and responded with a volley of shuriken that he disintegrated with a gesture.

"Ok, now I have a good idea of Minato's flying capabilities. He has a better speed than me but lacks my perfect maneuverability...", thought Onoki, "... unlike me he is constantly pulled by gravity, he has to propel himself with wind chakra to stay flying. My flight is based down in gravity annulation and only uses chakra when I activate it, his flight method is basically a chakra drain that he can pull due to his chakra reserves. If I manage to force him to make several hard maneuvers he will lose a lot of chakra, especially if I force him to go upwards"

He proceeded to throw several barrages of small Dust balls that forced his opponent to do aerial flips to avoid them.

"I have to find a way to make him land", thought Minato, "he probably realized that my flight is less efficient than his and that I will run out of chakra if he extends the fight. The problem is that I can't just descend and tease him into following me, he would use the Dust Release in the village, for that reason I have to keep flying at a higher altitude than him so his missed attacks won't hit the village by accident"

Minato went on the offensive using a minor jutsu that threw several wind projectiles but Onoki dodged them with arms crossed and without changing his body posture a bit, like he was mocking Minato with his perfect flight.

He was about to respond with his own attacks when he realized that the last wind projectile had a Hiraishin kunai hidden just behind it.

In the next fraction of a second Minato was at Onoki's side delivering a kick aimed at the Tsuchikage's hip.

But Onoki was not a kage for nothing, he was one of most experienced shinobis alive, he learned decades ago the important lesson to NEVER underestimate ANY opponent.

With a quick movement downwards he barely avoided Minato's attack and kept going in that direction in order to increase the distance between the two, aware that he would be doomed in close range.

"Damn it, he forced me to descend...", thought Onoki, "... If he didn't try to hit me in my weak spot he probably would have killed me nailing that kunai into my head, for once I'm grateful that these tree hugers are such a softies but now we are closer to the ground and that death trap that he used minutes ago to turn the tide of battle to Konoha's favor..."


The invaders were marching through the village ready to destroy it, when suddenly thousands of seals appeared in all places: The buildings, the ground, the roofs, street lamps... everywhere.

The younger ninjas looked at the seals with caution, the veterans with pure fear.

"I-It can't be! Retreat! Retreat inmediately!", cried one of them before a yellow flash passed by his side and he fell to the ground dead.

The other ninjas ended sharing the same fate before they could react.

In less than a minute the Yellow Flash went over most the village and wiped out almost all of the invading force.

From a high point of view Onoki view in disbelief how the man who had terrorized his ninja forces during the last Shinobi War was massacring them and their Sound Allies, including that inmortal named Hidan who was calling the name of Sarutobi's brat in order to offer him to someone called Jashin. The scythe user ended up cut into several parts.

"H-He turned the village into a death trap, he can teleport anywhere he wants within Konoha's walls, no wonder we found so little resistance to get there, we were directed like lambs towards the slaughter house. When did Minato place those seals? According to our sources he appeared back two years ago as Arashi Uzumaki and spent that time training his son, the members of his Hand of Death and taking missions. Did he use disguised Kage Bunshins? Or did he actually survive and pretend to be dead all those years so he could prepare the trap hoping that we would invade thinking that he was not there to protect it? Nevermind, I have to intervene and lure him into an aerial combat where he won't be able to use the seals at the village without my jutsus endangering it", he thought.

The Sandaime Tsuchikage didn't know it but in a nearby building three Konoha ninjas were congratulating themselves for a well done job. They were Genma Shiranui, Iwashi Tatami and Raido Namiashi, the Hokage Guard Platoon and the only ninjas able to use Hiraishin besides Tobirama Senju, Minato Uzumaki Namikaze and Naruto Uzumaki although they needed to perform it as a team.

When Minato came back from the future the Sandaime and him got in contact with them and assigned them with the mission to place thousands of Hiraishin seals throughout the village. The operation was done in complete secrecy during the last two years while the ninjas were doing other missions and administrative duties with only the Hokages, Kushina and trusted ninjas were aware of it so no one could suspect a thing about the seals.

The result was a seal web that covered all Konoha and turned it into a place where Minato was almost ubiquitous.

It was a pity that the plan didn't work with a flying ninja like Onoki able to wipe out mountains from above...


"It looks like I will have to use one of my secret weapons", thought Onoki while taking a scroll from his pouch.

With a quick movement he unsealed a gigantic rock the size of a building and used his powers to throw it at his opponent.

"What the...?", thought Minato.

"Surprised? Although the majority of the Uzumaki secrets were lost when we invaded Uzu we managed to salvage a few things like the secret to seal massive things, it's ironic that it would be used to fight one of the strongest members of the Clan", thought Onoki.

Due to the massive size of the rock flying towards Minato had no time to evade it so he charged towards the rock head on while he prepared one of his signature moves.

"I will have to use the Rasengan to drill a tunnel, the sphere must be enough to make a hole to fit me and I have to maintain it stable all time, I can't allow it to explode", he thought.

The Rasengan made contact with the rock and began to pierce through it like it was made of paper. It took a great amount of concentration for Minato to keep the sphere's shape while it had tons of rock pressing against it but he was successful and finally passed throught the rock.

"I made it but where is Onoki?"

"Above you, Yellow Flash!", exclaimed Onoki's voice.

While Minato was busy making a tunnel the Tsuchikage took advantage of the situation, got into a higher point of altitude and created a Dust Release sphere almost big as him, powerful enough to blast the entire village.

"You made a mistake slaughtering my fellow Iwa Ninjas, Yellow Flash, if you didn't intervene I wouldn't have used this attack on Konoha because it would have caught them but now there is nothing that prevents me from destroying your village. Good bye, Konoha"

If Onoki hadn't been so concentrated in his aerial fight against Minato he could have noticed the pressence of Roshi in his tailed beast form gathering the surviving Iwa ninjas and leading outside the village.

But he didn't and nothing prevented him from throwing his sphere of death towards the village.

"NO!", screamed Minato while he charged at the sphere in order to intercept it.

"There is no use, the sphere travels at a faster speed than you, Yellow Flash, there is no way you can reach it before it destroys the village", thought his opponent.


"Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu!", exclaimed the Human Path while he threw a fire ball to Itachi.

The Uchiha just stood there unfazed and allowed the fire to engulf him.

When the fire disippated there was nothing there.

"Where is him?", thought Pein.

Suddenly he felt a pair of hand grabbing the Animal Path's head. With a quick movement and a neck snap that Path was looking backwards at Itachi's angry face.

"My clan invented that jutsu, I find really insulting that you think that it would work with me", said the Uchiha.

The Animal Path fell to the ground like a rag doll, Pein responded sending a pair of rockets using the Asura Path.

Once again Itachi dissapeared and that time he reapeared at the Naraka Path's side preparing his own fire ball, one that doubled in size the one created by Pein.

However the Preta Path intervened and absorbed the jutsu before it charred the Naraka Path.

Then the Animal Path summoned those Paths where it was and just after that the Deva Path attacked.

"Shinra Tensei!"

However instead of being thrown away Itachi exploded in a band of crows that headed towards the Human Path, he tried to defend himself from the crows but they passed by him, suddenly his head fell to the ground.

The band of crows merged again into Itachi.

"Two Paths down", he thought.

However he caught sight of the the Naraka Path reviving the Animal Path.

With a hadn sign he created a pair of kage bunshins.

Pein responded using the Animal Path to summon the multiheaded dog who charged towards them.

"Ten heads, heavy damage splits him", thought Itachi.

Itachi or one of his clones charged back and threw exactly twenty several shurikens towards the creature.

Each projectile made hit with lethal precission in each one of the dog's eyes, rendering it blind.

"Such inhuman aim, Itachi is a real monster", thought Pein.

However the blindness didn't work to a summon inmune to pain and ten noses, it managed to catch one of the Itachis in it's fangs.

"Got you", said the kage bunshin.

The clone exploded destroying half the heads, then Itachi and the other clone combined two fire ball jutsus into a massive one that roasted the remaining heads.

Just after that the Asura Path attacked with a volley of rockets that Itachi and his clone evaded but were attacked inmediately by a restored Human Path using a Raiton jutsu.

The clone protected the original with his own body while he destroyed the Path with impaling him with his sword.

However the Deva Path took advantage of the situation and placed himself behind the real Itachi.

"Die traitor! Shinra... ARGH!"

The Deva Path got engulfed by black flames that began to consume him.

"I didn't do that", thought Itachi.

Everyone turned to see Sasuke glaring at the Deva Path with a bleeding Mangenkyou Sharingan.

"Ototou...", thought Itachi.

Pein used the Animal Path to summon both the Deva and the Preta Paths and used the absorption power of the later to disippate the flames.

Sasuke got at Itachi's side.

"Why did you intervene? I'm your enemy, don't you remember Ototou?", asked the older brother.

"At the moment I hate Pein more than I hate you, he must pay for what he did to Sakura. Why are YOU here?", asked Sasuke.

"I'm the one supposed to kill you, he got between me and my prey", responded Itachi.

"Cut the bullshit, I don't know what you are playing but when this is over you will explain me what really happened that night", said Sasuke.

"Foolish little brother, I killed everybody to test my strength", responded Itachi.

"Then why our parents told the Yondaime in the After Life that they wanted me to forgive you?", asked Sasuke.

If Itachi didn't have such self control he would have turned pale but before he could respond at his brother's words they had to dodge a giant rhino ridden by the Asura Path who attacked with more rockets.

Sasuke responded using the Amateratsu flames in the Ashura Path.

The Animal Path was about to summon the Asura Path when Itachi appeared at his side and beheaded him.

The giant rhino disappeared and nothing prevented the Asura Path to be consumed by the flames.

Itachi looked at the Pein Paths.

"The Animal and the Asura Paths are destroyed but the Naraka Path healed the damage in the Deva Path and restored the Human Path. Until we don't destroy the Naraka Path we won't be able to defeat Pein", thought Itachi.

"Why I can summon those black flames? They are really powerful but they make my eyes bleed and I'm almost out of chakra, I have to end this quickly", thought Sasuke while he whipped some blood.

Pein took advantage of the younger Uchiha's distraction and attacked him with the Human Path.

Itachi was about to intervene but the Deva got in his way and attacked him.

Meanwhile the Naraka Path guarded by the Preta Paths headed towards the fallen Animal Path to revive him.

Just when the Human Path was about to hit Sasuke with a Suiton Jutsu a gigantic skeletal figure appeared around the Uchiha and protected him from the impact.

"He already awakened Susanoo, I have stop Sasuke to use the Mangenkyou powers continuously or his eyes will resent it", thought Itachi while evaded the attacks from the Deva Path.

Meanwhile the Naraka Path and the Preta Path reached the fallen Animal Path. Just when the Naraka tried to use his power to revive the Animal Path said Path got up and grabbed him. The Henge in the supposedly dead Animal Path dispelled and revealed himself to be one of Itachi's clones, who has been covering the real Animal Path with his body.

"Bunshin Daibakuha (Clone Great Explosion)", said the clone before it exploded and destroyed the Naraka Path while the Preta only could protect himself from the debris.

"Without the Naraka Path I can't restore the fallen ones anymore. Itachi is a really fearsome opponent but I already know his weak point", thought Pein while he sent the Preta Path towards Sasuke.

Unfortunately Itachi couldn't go to help his brother due to the vicious assault from the Deva Path.

"Amateratsu", said Itachi while a Mangenkyou formed in his right, bleeding eye.

But just as the black flames began to form around the Deva Path he pushed them away with the Shinra Tensei.

To his surprise the flames didn't disappear as happened with other jutsus, they kept floating mid air.

"So only the power of the Preta Path can supress this flames, nevermind, I won't let them hit the Deva again", thought Pein.

"If he can repel Amateratsu he will be able to do the same with Susanoo and other jutsus, I will have to use it", thought Itachi.

The Deva Path was about to attack Itachi again when the Uchiha looked at him at the eyes with the Mangenkyou active.


Meanwhile Sasuke was defending himself as he could against the Human and the Preta Paths, who attacked him with jutsus from all the elements but none of them could penetrate the Susanoo defense, at least not yet.

"So it is true that the Rinnegan grants his wielder the use of all elements, I don't know how much this giant will endure the attacks, I'm going to need some help", thought Sasuke while he took a scroll with the Uzumaki symbol from his pouch.

Said scroll was a gift from Naruto and his parents for Sasuke's last birthday, their last innovation in the sealing arts. A variation of the scrolls with seals that recreated jutsus automatically, in that case the Summoning Jutsu. Unlike those scrolls, the one they gave Sasuke was made of a chakra conductive silk and had the seals needleworked instead of inscribed so when Sasuke activated it the seals wouldn't disappear as happened with the regular scrolls. This new kind of scrolls had the advantage that the user could restore them easily infussing chakra and the special ink used for sealing without having to repeat the complicated work of inscribing the seal, their main disadvantage was that the 'recharging' process required more chakra and ink than the quantities needed to inscribe another seal in a regular one.

However the advantages were worth of it, because they allowed ninjas not skilled in fuuinjutsu to use the seal in the scroll again and again as long as they had the chakra and the ink to recharge them. Unfortunately these new kind of scrolls were really expensive due to the materials, needed a lot of time to be made and required the user to be both skilled in fuuinjutsu and needlework, at the time the only person with that combination of abilites was Kushina.

Sasuke actived the scroll, summoning a gigantic cat with the body full of scars and a forked tail with two tips known as Nekomata, the Boss of the ninja cats.

"What do you want Uchiha? I don't care if you are the first cat summoner, I won't help you until you prove yourself in a fight against me and..."

Nekomata as a good ninja cat took inmediate note of his sorroundings and quickly identified the two sides participating in the battle, including Itachi fighting at Sasuke's side.

The same Itachi who easily defeated him years ago and made him promise that someday he would fight his brother with all his might.

Nekomata quickly realized that it was not a good idea to deny his help to the Uchihas with Itachi around.

"Nevermind Sasuke, I will help you this time but when this is over you will have to fight me to prove yourself worthy of being our summoner. What do you want me to do?", he said.


Sakura opened her green eyes.

"W-Where I am...? The last thing I remember is that Pein used my as a shield against Sasuke... but I don't feel any pain! A-Am I dead?"

"Sakura! You are awake!", exclaimed Ino.

The pinkette noticed that she was laying on the ground sorrounded by members of the Konoha 15 taking guard while Ino, Haku and Yakumo were using medical chakra on her.

"I-I am alive? How is it possible? Pein used Sasuke's Chidori to pierce my heart and... Oh my...Where's Sasuke? How is he?", she asked in panic when she remembered the pain in his face before she lost consciousness.

"Sasuke is currently fighting against Pein alongside Itachi, we took you to far away so you can be healed safely", said Shikamaru.

"Sasuke's brother? But he is the one who destroyed Sasuke-kun's clan! What's going on?", asked Sakura.

"I only can say that what happened that night was not what it seemed and that Itachi is fighting for Konoha and to avenge Sasuke and you. Forgot about them at the moment, you have to focus on your wound", responded the Nara.

The girl almost fainted when she looked at the hole at her chest, during her training she saw several images of hideous wounds from pictures and even assisted Tsunade in some surgeries but having a wound like that in her own body was completely different.

"How can I be alive and conscious with wound like that? It doesn't make sense, I don't even feel pain!"

"I'm the responsible for the lack of pain part", said Haku, " I applied medical needles in certain points and nullified your pain receptors around the wound"

"And why I'm not dead...?", she asked.

"That is my doing...", said Yakumo, "... a-as you know my bloodline limit let me cast genjutsus so powerful that are able to affect the body. If I use a genjutsu to make someone believe that he is in flames his body actually gets in fire. I'm using my power to make your body 'believe' that it is fine, at least until we manage to heal you"

"I-I didn't know that your bloodline limit could be so powerful...", whispered Sakura.

"Neither I did... Tsunade-sama got the idea to use my power in medic jutsu as a kind of life support tool, I can't believe it worked. Sakura-chan I know that this is not the best time to tell it but I'm really happy to find out that my power can be used to save lives instead of finishing them", said Yakumo while she whipped a tear.

"Everyone is surprised by the extension of Yakumo's power, no wonder Madara wanted to nullify them", thought Shikamaru, "Yakumo's parents died in a fire caused by unknown sources according to the 'official version', the 'classified' version stated that the fire was started by split personality that Yakumo unconsciously but the truth is that Madara killed Yakumo's parents, sealed a demon within her and started the fire to clean the evidence and to have a split personality withing Yakumo taking the blame so she would end isolated and her power sealed"

"Sakura! It's great that you regained consciousness", exclaimed a voice.

"Eh? That's Katsuyu's voice, where is her?", asked Sakura.

"I'm inside you repairing the internal damage", said Katsuyu while her head emerged from the wound.

The poor girl turned blue from the shock and the revulsion of having a slug inside her wound but Haku nullified the nausea placing a needle at the base of her neck.

Katsuyu, who didn't seem to mind Sakura's face, spoke.

"Now that you are back you can help us to accelerate the healing process, among your batch of medics you are the best one treating massive damage", said the slug.

The pinkette gulped.

"I-I'll do my best but this is the first time that I treat a wound like this, specially if it is in myself, I don't know where to start"

"Don't worry, I'm in direct communication with Tsunade, she is guiding us in the procedure and with the colaboration of all medics present we will fix it quickly", responded Katsuyu.

Sakura nodded and began to follow the instructions.

"Sasuke-kun, don't die, I promise to survive this day"



Kushina was running through the village towards Roshi and the Yonbi to stop them with her chains.

"I never imagined that those meetings between Naru-chan the other jinchuurikis and the Bijuus would lead to the jinchuuriki loyal to Iwa getting full control of his bijuu, how was his name? Oh yes, Son Goku, like that anime/manga character, I stopped reading it until the 'Galactic Tour' part, when the author left and the writers of the fillers took charge, it became a... OUCH!"

In her thoughts Kushina didn't notice where she was jumping and end crashin with another redhead kunoichi who happened to be Tayuya, heading back rejoin the battle between Jiraiya and Orochimaru, wanting to give Toad Sannin a piece of her mind for sending her flying with a Rasengan.

"Watch where are going slut!", exclaimed Tayuya.

"Me? In a Konoha ninja in the middle of a mission, I have priority, you Dattebane boobless girl!", responded Kushina.

"I have boobs! I wear loose clothing, unlike you Konoha harlots I don't need to distract my opponents with them to compensate lack of skill", responded the sound nin.

"Said the a genin who lost her match in the Chuunin Exams", remarked Kushina.

"I'm not a f*ck*ng genin! I just pretended to be one to infiltrate in Konoha!", responded Tayuya.

Kushina was about to make another remark when she noticed something about Tayuya.

"Oh my... Now that I can see her closer I realize the similarities between her and Akane. Could she be? Something similar happened with Karin-chan, it shouldn't be surprising...", she thought.

"Wait, for some reason your mother wouldn't be named Akane, wouldn't her?", asked Kushina.

"What? How do you know my mother's name?", asked Tayuya confussed.

"... And your father's name must be Memotaro Sazuki, isn't it?", said Kushina.

"What the...? H-How can you now all those things about me? Are you a f*ck*ng stalker or what?", babbled Tayuya.

Before she could do anything she felt Kushina's arms around her.

"It's you! Finally I found you!", exclaimed Kushina in joy.

"What's going on? She acts like she found a lost relative... Now that I think about it, my mother once told me that her family had a common past with the Uzumakis... Could it be that I'm related to them?", thought Tayuya.

Then she realized that Kushina was not hugging her but trying to grapple her.

"Finally I found you, descendant of the Sazukis, my family loaned a lots of money to yours but you never gave it back! You are going to pay it with interests!", exclaimed Kushina.

"Oh shit! Now I remember, my mother told me to stay away from the Uzumakis due to the money we owed them!", thought Tayuya in panic.

The Sound ninja ended being chased by Kushina, both of them forgetting about their previous missions.

"Come back here and give me my money back!", exclaimed the Uzumaki.

On the top of a nearby building Tsunade, who was sending chakra to the slugs to heal their allies, heard Kushina's words, got up and was about to flee the village until she realized that she already paid all her debts.

"Old habits are hard to forget..."


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