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Minato and Onoki were fighting in Konoha's skies to a stale mate until the Tsuchikage tricked the hero with a gigantic boulder and took the oportunity to send a Dust Element ball powerful enough to destroy Konoha and fast enough to not leave Minato the chance to intercept it. Meanwhile Itachi and Sasuke pushed aside their differences to fight Pein's paths, managing to destroy the Asura, the Animal and the Naraka Paths. Then fight continues with Sasuke summoning Nekomata and Itachi using the Tsukuyomi in the Deva Path.

Onoki watched how his Dust Ball approached Konoha while Minato desperately flied towards it in a futile attempt to intercept it, but no matter how fast was Minato flying, the ball was faster and the distance between him and the ball was bigger and bigger with each instant.

"I should brace myself for the inminent impact, Konoha will be destroyed in an instant, there is no way he will reach the ball and use his space time techniques to teleport it elsewhere", he thought.

Suddenly Minato disappeared in a yellow flash and reapeared just before the ball. Then he handled one of his special kunais and made the ball disappear.

"WHAT? He teleported himself without his kunais? How is that possible?"

Before he could do anything else, Minato teleported at his side and delivered a vicious kick to his hip, shattering it.

The pain was unbearable but Onoki bit his tongue, he wouldn't give his opponent the pleasure to hear his cries.

But the fight was over, Onoki had already used most of his remaining chakra in his last attack and with his old wound weakening him again he was no longer in condition to fight, he only could hope for a quick death.

"I know when I defeated, as a kage I won't ask for any mercy, kill me as you want... I just want to know how you did it", said Onoki while he held his hip.

Without a word Minato placed a tag with a seal on Onoki's hip and to the Tsuchikage's surprise the pain receeded.

"An analgesic tag, the secret of their creation was lost with Uzu but I shouldn't be surprised that he knows it. These tree huggers, playing virtous until the end, he probably wants to give me a painless death", thought Onoki while he prepared himself to receive a killing blow.

But it never came, instead of that Minato decided to respond his question.

"It is not a very known fact but I can perform the Hiraishin without my tags, they just work as markers that I use to teleport safely so I wouldn't teleport in the same space occupied by a rock or my adversary. As long as I have a good view of my destiny I can teleport without the tags. And no, I'm not planning to kill you", said Minato.

Realization hit the old kage.

"So that's how he did it! He fills the battlefield with tags not because he needs them to teleport but to make several teleports in a quick succession! For years I believed that the tags were a crutch that limited the power of the Hiraishin, that he couldn't use it without them, but they are actually a tool to make it more efficient", thought Onoki.

"Why did you spare my life? Do you plan to use me as a prisoner of war? I'd rather kill myself than to allow it to happen", he stated.

Minato denied it with his head.

"No, I just want you to listen. Iwa was tricked by our common enemy from Akatsuki to attack Konoha, I won't play their game and destroy our future allies", he said.

Onoki almost wanted to laugh, almost.

"You are a very bad prankster, Yondaime, why Iwa should ally after you killed so many of our troops today?", asked Onoki.

"But they are alive, just incapacitated", said Minato.

"WHAT?", cried Onoki.

Minato put a hand on the old kage's shoulder and teleported them to one of the seals at Konoha, there, he pointed at one of the fallen Iwa ninjas.

"Take a look by yourself", he said.

The old kage examined one of his comrades and realized that he was alive, that the wound he received from Minato incapacitated the ninja without killing him. Onoki then realized that he almost killed his comrades when he threw that ball towards Konoha, that Minato saved them when he intercepted the attack.

"Good afternoon Tsuchikage-sama. How are you? Are you going to stop fighting and talk?", asked a slimy creature attached to the ninja

Onoki recognized it as one of Katsuyu's miniclones.

"What the...? What are you doing to my ninja?", he asked.

"I'm healing his wounds while keeping him sedated so he won't try to attack until the battle is over... Oh my, your hip is damaged, do you want me to heal it?", asked the very well mannered slug.

For an instant Onoki was tempted to accept the offer but he was too stubborn to receive help from Konoha, it was bad enough to be using that painkiller seal from the Yellow Flash.

He looked at Minato with a very serious face.

"So what you were saying is true? Is really Akatsuki such a terrible menace that made Konoha so desperate for allies to the point that you are sparing the lives of those who just minutes ago were attacking your village? Who is behind it?", asked Onoki.

"Uchiha Madara", responded Minato.

"Stop joking and... Wait, are you really serious about that? Is he really alive after so many decades?", asked Onoki.

Minato nodded.

"If we think about it, it is not as strange, he faked his death in the Valley of the End. After that battle he used stolen cells from the Shodai Hokage to keep himself alive. He spent the following decades influencing the ninja world for worse while plotting a plan to gain world dominance. He was the one who started the animosity between the Nidaime Mizukage and your sensei and predecessor Mu and the one who settled things so they would kill each other. Later he became the Sandaime Mizukage under a fake identity and turned Kirigakure into the Bloody Mist Village... that's just the begining of what he did...", explained Minato.

Onoki remembered his past encounters with Madara during their youth and felt a chill on his spine at the memory of he darkness he saw in that Uchiha. Now he had no doubt that the Yondaime Hokage was saying the truth, if he was responsible of half the things his former adversary mentioned then the idea of an alliance between Iwa and Konoha was more than reasonable.

"It explains why Suna and Kiri are now so buddy-buddy with Konoha. What is Madara's plan?", asked Onoki.

Minato had to repress a smile, glad that an old mule like Onoki was finally listening.

"Madara wants to gather all the Tailed Beasts in order to revive the Juubi, seal it within himself and use the Moon to enslave all living beings in an eternal genjutsu. For that purpose he got control of Akatsuki and using it's members to get the Beasts. He already has the Sanbi and the Rokubi and already tried to get the Ichibi and the Kyuubi. He... "

"What's going on, why did you stop speaking?", asked Onoki.

"Damn it's the Yonbi! I was so concentrated in you that I didn't realize his presence! It is not releasing any hostility, does it mean that Roshi managed to become a perfect jinchuuriki like Bee...? Yes, he did, I see him on Son Goku's head", commented Minato.

"Son Goku? Who's that?", asked Onoki hiding his surprise for Roshi's accomplishment.

"That's the name of the Yonbi, all the Bijuu have one", responded Minato.

"You look really calm for having an unleashed Bijuu at your village. I suppose that you must have a countermeasure for that", commented the Tsuchikage.

Minato nodded.

"Yes, we have one, look here he comes", he said.

Suddenly, before the Yonbi appeared a colossal, serpent-like dragon, with a ridiculous nose. It was made of wood.

"That's Hashirama's Wood Dragon! Don't tell me that he is alive too!", cried Onoki.

"No he isn't, that dragon was created by Yamato, the wood user of the Hand of Death, I taught it to him after seeing Hashirama performing it several times in the After Life. It is not as powerful as Hashirama's, it wouldn't have a chance against the most powerful Tailed Beasts but should be enough to contain the Yonbi", explained Minato.

After everything he saw Onoki had little doubts about Minato meeting Hashirama in the After Life. He took a decission.

"Whatever... I realized that Roshi is protecting my ninja. As the Second in Command of Iwa's forces I can declare a cease-fire, help me to convince them to stop fighting and I will put an end on this invasion, although I can't say anything about Oto's forces", said Onoki.

"You don't have to worry about the Sound Ninja, I didn't hold back with them, they are dead Jiraiya is now dealing with Orochimaru, he will win...", said Minato.

Onoki looked at Minato with respect.

"He only left my ninjas alive because he will need our help later, if it was not for our common enemy he would have destroyed us. No wonder why he became a kage", he thought.

"Now that I think about it, wouldn't you get in trouble with the current Tsuchikage for declaring a cease-fire?", asked Minato.

"That Muta moron? He only became the Tsuchikage because I was tired of paperwork, before leaving the office I wrote a law that allows me to challenge him for the hat back whenever I want", commented Onoki.

Minato looked at Onoki with respect.

"A backup plan to get back the power in case his successor was not a good kage, very cunning. No wonder why he became the kage with the longest reign", he thought.

Without any word, both kages headed towards Roshi and Yamato before they turned Konoha into the scenario of a kaiju movie.


Sasuke was avoiding the attacks from the Preta and the Human Paths while ridding Nekomata.

The Young Uchiha was grateful that the cat decided to help him, he was begining to feel the toll of the continuous fight and his eyes really hurt. Those new techniques he could use now were really powerful but made his eyes hurt a lot and a part of him realized that it was not a good idea to abuse them.

"I can't allow any of those freaks to touch me, the big one will absorb my chakra and I don't know what would do the long haired one but I'm sure that it will be more dangerous than being able to use all five elements", he thought while he swallowed a soldier pill.

The taste was horrible, he had to use all his will to not puke, but the effects were inmediate and he felt how his chakra was replenished.

"When this is over I will ask Tsunade to make a check in Sakura to find out if she has a taste disorder and..."

The image of Sakura's face when Pein made him impale her with his Chidori appeared in his mind.

All the fatigue disappeared, replaced by pure fury.

He forced Nekomata to charge towards the Pein Paths, at first the cat was tempted to dismount the young Uchiha and mark his face for his rudeness but Sasuke's enraged face suggested him that it was not the best moment to teach the brat some manners.

For the next minutes Sasuke alongside his summon fought like he never did before, the Uchiha used all tricks and techniques he developed while training with Kakashi and the Sandaime catching off guard his opponents several times. Unfortunately said opponents were Paths of Pein, their shared mind and vision made their team work almost perfect, driving the fight to a stale mate.

"If things continue like this I will be out of chakra again. Nekomata is getting tired too, he won't last very longer. However the Pein Paths don't look winded at all. Damn chakra monsters, I wonder if Naruto realizes how lucky he is", thought Sasuke.

Just at that moment Itachi used his Tsukuyomi against the Deva Path.


Nagato found himself tied to a cross in a dark dimension with a red moon and before him there were multiple clones of Itachi holding swords.

"So that's your true appearance, it is not what imagined", commented Itachi.

"It doesn't matter, before the day ends you will die", responded Nagato.

"We are in the Tsukuyomi world, for the next 72 hours I will control everything that will happen here", said one of the Itachis.

Said Itachi stabbed him with his sword, he was followed by the rest of Itachis who did the same.

When all the Itachis had their swords stained with Nagato's blood the first one spoke again.

"71 hours and 59 minutes left..."


As soon as Itachi used his genjutsu the Human and the Preta Paths stopped moving.

Nekomata realized what was happening with them.

"Sasuke, they are..."

"... trapped in a genjutsu", finished Sasuke, recognizing the symptons after having a specialist as jonin sensei.

They took advantage of it and charged towards the nearest one, the Human Path, with a quick combination of sword and claws they cut their opponent in half.

They were going to do the same with the Preta Path but suddenly it began to move again, forcing them to retreat.

"The genjutsu didn't last very long", thought Sasuke.


The elder Uchiha looked how the Deva Path collapsed to the ground.

"What a terrific opponent, he didn't cry ever once during the Tsukuyomi", thought Itachi while he charged towards the Deva Path to finish him while he was still suffering the effects of the prolonged torture.

But to his surprise the Deva Path got up like nothing happened.

"Really you thought that some torture would work on me? Living with Pein is my life, I'm Pein! Shinra Tensei!", exclaimed the Path.

Itachi braced himself to receive the attack but just before the repelling force hit him he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"A Kage Bunshin? No, it's like he was summoned. Nevermind I'll destroy Sasuke before he reappears", thought Pein.

Said Uchiha and Nekomata were about to try a new tactic to defeat the Preta Path when they were suddenly attacked by the repelling force of the Deva Path, only saved in the last moment by the feline reflexes of the summon who used a technique that superaccelerated him and moved them several meters away from an attack that destroyed the building where they were fighting.

Unfortunately that technique took a good toll in Nekomata's remaining chakra.

"Sasuke, I'm near my limit, if I use a bit more of chakra the summoning will end, we should escape", said the cat.

"But where? I can't lead them to other Konoha ninja because he would endanger them, I will have to use those new techniques", commented Sasuke.

A smoke explosion happened at their side, ninja and ninja cat got on guard. Fortunately it was Itachi, who appeared back from wherever he was summoned.

For some reason he took a look to his clothes and left a sigh of relief when he saw that everything was in order.

"I see that there are only two Paths left. I have a plan...", commented the elder Uchiha.

Meanwhile the Deva Path was arose over the village, looking for Sasuke. He saw him and the huge cat hidding behind a chimeny.

Both paths charged towards the chimeny.

"Shinra Tensei!", exclaimed the Deva Path, destroying the structure only to find that they were no longer there.

Then the Deva Path heard the sound of a chirping sound and saw Sasuke and the cat jumping towards him while Itachi was running towards the Preta performing the hand signs of a genjutsu.

With a quick movement the Deva Path evaded Sasuke and Nekomata's jumping attack while the Preta closed his eyes, knowing that Itachi's genjutsu wouldn't work if the Path didn't look at him directly and that he could use the Deva's eyes to guide the Preta Path and prevent any taijutsu Itachi could try with him.

However to Pein's surprise he saw how Itachi's arm suddenly got longer and used it to stab the Preta Path's heart destroying him.

Sasuke was engulfed in a poof of smoke revealing that he was actually Itachi under a henge while the Itachi who impaled the Preta Path revealed himself as the real Sasuke, the extra long arm being actually the Kiba Sword.

"That Path absorbed the energy of the Chidori but his power didn't work against my sword's blade", commented Sasuke.

"The chirping sound didn't came from me while henged as Sasuke but from the real Sasuke, he performed the jutsu to make my fake attack more realistic, our only target was the Preta Path", said Itachi.

"I'm sorry but I have to go back, I'm at my limit", said Nekomata.

"Thank you for your help, when this is over I will summon you again so we can have that duel", said Sasuke.

"That won't be necessary, now that I fought alongside you I know that you are a worthy summoner", said the cat.

"And to be frank, I'm not in the mood to get more scars for fighting an Uchiha", thought Nekomata while he disappeared.

Pein was furious, these Konoha ninjas with their inferior Sharingan eyes managed to destroy five of the Six Paths of Pein, the sole holder of the Rinnegan, a god among men.

"H-How you dare to defy a god? I won't hold back anymore, I don't care if could end killing the jinchuurikis at the village I can wait more years for my plan but my revenge against Konoha will begin now! Now that I don't have to worry about the other Paths I can focus all my power in the Deva Path!", exclaimed Pein while he arised more and more over the village until he got into an altitude where he could see all the village... and the village could see him.

Shikamaru spotted Pein and realized what he was going to do.

"SHIT! He is going to destroy the village. Everyone take cover!", he cried.

From her safe point Tsunade saw Pein preparing to repeat history.

"Not again!", she cried while she braced herself for the impact, realizing that there was nowhere to run.

Itachi recognized the danger actived his Susanoo and used it to shield Sasuke, focussing all his chakra to make giant's armor as thick and resistant as possible. Suddenly he coughed a bit of blood and noticed how his vision was fading.

"Not now... I have to... protect Ototou..."

"Itachi? What are you doing?"

The attack was ready.

"Disappear Konoha! SHINRA TENSEI! (Heavenly Subjugation of the Omnipresent God)", exclaimed Pein.

But the instant before the attack was unleashed he felt somebody grabbing him.

It was Naruto.

"Over my dead corpse you will destroy Konoha! I can't be the Hokage of a huge hole. HIRAISHIN!", exclaimed the blond while they disappeared.

All those ninjas who were not aware of Pein's attack and were not cowering saw the scene, just after they saw how a mountain several kilometers away from Konoha was leveled and fell to the ground due to the aftereffects of the blast.

The Konoha 15 couldn't believe what they saw.

"The mountain is completely destroyed, luckily nobody lived there", said Chouji

"T-That could have been Konoha...", commented Haku.

"The village would have been destroyed, nobody would have survived", pointed remarked TenTen.

"Yeah, we are lucky that Naruto teleported that guy away at the last second", said Kiba.

Everyone paled.

"Oh my... What happened to Naruto? Is he all right?", asked Neji.

Elsewhere, a certain Hyuuga girl was watching at the destroyed mountain with a mixture of shock and disbelief. Tears began to form on her eyes but she whipped then and began to run towards the new wasteland.

"Naruto, please be safe..."



Temari, Gaara, the Kazekage and the rest of Suna ninjas minus Kankuro were dealing with the invaders with ease. As the Mist Ninjas, they made sure to fight near the hidden cameras placed in Konoha so the Lords and other important clients could see them.

"Ha, take this you fools!", exclaimed Temari while she sent several enemy ninjas away with a flick of her fan.

"If they only knew that they are fighting a veteran from the biggest Ninja War ever... What should I do to impress the watchers? Oh I know, I will summon my Kamaitachis (Sickle Weasels), they will make a great show", she thought.

She dropped a bit of blood on her fan and performed the hand signs.

"Kuchiyose: Okamaitachi! (Summoning: Transvestite Weasels)", she exclaimed, realizing too late that she add an 'o' in the name.

Several male weasels dressed like women and with lots of make up appeared.

They began to polish their nails, talk among themselves with falsseto voices and to squeal like school girls.

Everyone sweat dropped.

"Temari, you are shaming our village", said Gaara reminding her of his former murderous self.

"Excuse me, are you the responsible of this?", asked a beautiful woman dressed in a very provocative green dress.

"Yes...?", responded Temari, stunted by the woman's beauty.

"Unsummon me now and with my normal appearance if you don't want to die", said the beautiful woman.

Temari nodded and dispelled the jutsu.

"Who was that woman?", asked Temari, puzzled why a heterosexual girl like her found another female so attractive.

"I think that she could be Itachi Uchiha... if he used the Sexy no Jutsu", commented Gaara.

Temari felt relieved to find out that she was not being unfaithful to Shikamaru (a not written law among kunoichis dictated that feeling attracted towards Itachi didn't count as such), then she got jealous.

"WHAT? Why he has to look better as a woman than me?"


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