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What's going on in the manga? Another powerup coming because the plot demanded it and coming with complete mastery of the techniques granted by it.


After a long and violent battle Jiraiya manages to defeat Orochimaru at the cost of his hand. He almost died but was saved in the last second by Tsunade who revealed that she was carrying their child. Meanwhile Minato and Kushina accompanied by Tenzo, Onoki, Roshi and Naruto's team go to the place where Naruto teleported the Deva Path just to find him talking a very alive Yahiko.

Everyone looked in disbelief at Yahiko. Although Minato was not near Karin's level at all, he was skilled enough in chakra sensing to recognize Yahiko's chakra from the time they met in After Life. Kushina also recognized from Minato's memories and realized something.

"Min-kun, didn't you meet Yahiko and Nagato after Pein's Invasion?", she asked.

"Yes, they didn't appear until Nagato died and... Oh, I see. It explains everything, this man is actually Yahiko"

They were about to talk to him when they noticed more people coming to the place. They decided to wait a bit more before starting with the questions.

The first group to arrive was one lead by the Sandaime Kazekage accompanied by Gaara, Temari and Kankuro.

The second one was lead by Mei and her bodyguards.

The third one was formed by the Raikage, Killer Bee and Yugito.

The final group were Jiraiya, Tsunade, Fukasaku and Shima, accompanied by Zabuza and Hiashi.

"Why are all the kages coming here at the same time?", asked Kushina.

"Jiraiya probably sent them mental messages using a Yamanaka asking them to come here or they probably decided by themselves to check the crater that was a mountain just a few moments ago", guessed Minato.

Yahiko abandoned his happy mood and looked at the different kages with a very serious face. There were the leaders of the Five Great Villages, the nations that turned Ame into a battlefield and caused so much time for it's people.

His glare softened when his eyes fell on Jiraiya.

"Sensei! I'm very happy to see you. You became the Hokage? You said that you'd rather sleep with Orochimaru than taking such nightmarish job", he said.

"Yahiko... you are alive! How is it possible? You died years ago when Danzo and Hanzo ploted against you!", cried Jiraiya while he approached his stranged student.

The Godaime didn't care if everyone was watching, he embraced his student and Yahiko responded back.

Minato couldn't help but feel a bit jealous, Yahiko was Jiraiya's first student and that gave him a special place in their mentor's heart. It neither helped that their first encounter after years was a violent battle where he threw all his bile at Jiraiya, yes, the Sannin deserved it but it didn't make the memory less uncomfortable.

The Ame nin noticed Jiraiya's missing hand.

"Sensei! What happened to your hand? Are you fine? You should be in a hospital!", he cried.

"Oh that? It's just a flesh wound that I got fighting Orochimaru, it's nothing compated to how he ended, the retrieval teams instead of putting his corpse in a body bag will have to use a bucket. The hand is something that can be fixed with a mere transplant or a puppet protesis but I have the feeling that I won't need any of those to get the hand back", commented Jiraiya while he sent a look to Minato.

"He also found about the healing properties of the Namikaze blood", thought Minato.

"As you said we will deal with it later, watch out for the Raikage, I don't like the way he is looking at them", said Kushina.

"What's the meaning of this?", roared A, "Hokage, is this Akatsuki member really a student of yours?"

"Yes I am, do you have any problem with that? UH?", responded Yahiko while he tried to put a scary face.

Minato was about to intervene before his senpai got into a fight against an opponent that would wipe the floor with him now that he wasn't the Deva Path any longer.

"Can someone explain me what's going on?", exclaimed Onoki, "This man is not the Akatsuki leader, that man had the Rinnegan, looked like a needle case and had a really sinister chakra; this one is a brat with a mouth bigger than his brain"

Yahiko was about to reply to Onoki when someone intervened.

"Eh? Mini-Jiji? What are you doing here? You should be at the hospital", commented Naruto.

Those who were aware of the Tsuchikage's wrath had to do their best effort to not laugh at the nickname that Naruto gave to Onoki.

Yahiko and Bee were rolling on the floor laughing. Jiraiya was tempted to join them.

"Show more respect, brat! I'm Onoki of Both Scales, the Sandaime Tsuchikage!", exclaimed the kage.

Naruto unsealed his Bingo Book, took a look at Onoki's page and then at the kage until he recognized him. To Naruto's defense Onoki appeared in the Bingo Book wearing the Tsuchikage Hat.

"What the... You are really the Tsuchikage! Sorry for not recognizing you, I didn't know that you were half bald and I thought that you were taller", commented Naruto.

Now nobody could contain the laughter. A had to acknowledge that the Yellow Flash's son had a good pair of balls for speaking that way to the old shrimp.

Onoki exploded and began to prepare a Dust attack to wipe out the annoying Uzumaki.

"To Hell with the truce and with the Akatsuki menace! I'm going to kill this brat! Screw the consequences!", cried Onoki while Roshi did the best he could to contain him.

He calmed down some minutes later after Naruto apologized to Onoki while his mother scolded him saying the he should be more sensitive about other people's physical issues.

Onoki was a bit pissed at the way the Uzumaki woman remarked the physical issues part.

"Let's get to the point...", intervened the Kazekage, "... Yahiko-san, could you explain us who are you and what relationship you have with Akatsuki and the Godaime Hokage?"

"Yes, I'm also curious about that, I'm surprised that one of the Sannin trained ninjas who are not from Konoha", commented Mei.

"I think the same", said A, "Are you a Konoha spy at Ame or what?"

Yahiko ignored the Raikage's comment and looked at the reunited people.

"You are right, it will be better if you know about my story, my relationship with Jiraiya-sensei, why I founded Akatsuki and how things got screwed", he said.

The Ame nin began his sad story, explaining how suddenly he ended without parents and without his home due to living in a country between enemy nations during the Second Shinobi War while he looked at the kages with accusing eyes. Onoki and A were about to point that the weak suffering when the strong fought was an uncomfortable fact of life but decided to let it pass.

Then he told them how he meet Konan and Nagato, the bond they formed and how they survived as scavengers. At that time Lee was crying waterfall tears and wanted to embrace Yahiko for being so youthful in such circumstances but Hayate ordered him to stay quiet and allow Yahiko to continue.

Yahiko then told how they met the Sannins and asked them for training with Jiraiya agreeing to do it after finding out about Nagato's Rinnegan.

"If I had been in Jiraiya's sandals I would have taken the Rinnegan boy back to my village instead of wasting two years with them", thought all the foreign kages.

Yahiko's face iluminated when he talked about the time Jiraiya lived with them. The Sage smiled when he rekindled those memories but he also felt guilty for not staying there for his own godson.

Everyone looked at him with surprised eyes when Yahiko told them how he made them dress as toads. Naruto wondered if his father also did that training and if he would have to dress as a toad too.

Then he told about Jiraiya's departure and how they became full fledged Ame Ninja, the begining of the Third Shinobi War and how they met the mysterious masked man who claimed to be Madara Uchiha and his refusal to work with him.

"Then we began to gather supporters who shared our ideals and created Akatsuki. Our purpose was to end war for our home country and aiding Nagato to bring world peace. At the begining things were smoothly, at least until Danzo convinced Hanzo of the Salamander that we were a threat to his rule. They conspired against us, captured Konan and put us in a situation where they would kill her or me... I-I couldn't allow my Konan-chan to be hurt so I drove myself into the kunai that Nagato was holding and then I died...", he said.

Everyone was looking at him with expecting eyes.

"I-I can't know what happened next... Instead of meeting my parents in the After Life everything was like a succesion of sequences in a bad dream... I completely lost the sense of time, couldn't guess if it happened in a few minutes or if it lasted years. I saw Nagato crippled and turning my body and the ones of our fallen comrades into Paths, Konan losing their smile, they agreeing to work with Madara and turning Akatsuki into a group of missing nin... Then I woke up alive with this Naruto boy saying that he is my kouhai", said Yahiko.

"I think I can explain that because I experimented a similar situation", said the Kazekage.

"It is something related to your resurrection, Kazekage?", asked A.

The Suna leader nodded and addressed the Ame nin.

"Yahiko-san, what happened to you is that your spirit ended attached to your body when Nagato transformed it into one of Pein's Paths, it's something similar to what happened to me when Sasori backstabbed me ending with my life and turned me into a human puppet until my succesor freed me at the cost of his life", he said, keeping with the official version of his return.

"So that was the reason... Wait! You say that you were also dead? I didn't imagine that I would meet someone kicked the bucket but then got better. Are there more people like us?", joked Yahiko.

Everyone looked at Minato.

Yahiko's jab dropped.

"Mmm... yeah, I also got another chance at life. Unlike the Kazekage and you I travelled to the After Life. Let me introduce myself, I'm Minato Uzumaki Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage. The Shinigami allowed me to return in order to stop Madara and his Moon Eye Plan arguing that it is a menace for all life and without life there can't be death", explained Minato.

It was basically the truth, the Shinigami wanted Madara dead and gave that task to Minato, other kages didn't have to know all the details.

"Ah! Naruto mentioned you, you are his dad and another kouhai of mine. Now that I think about it, shouldn't you be the Godaime Hokage and Sensei be the Yondaime?", asked Yahiko.

"Enough chit chat! This is not a meeting of Academy graduates!", exclaimed A.

He looked at Naruto.

"You, the so called Prince of Konoha, you are the one who did this, explain", he demanded.

Kushina and Minato were about to scold A for talking to their son like he was one of his subordinates but the Mizukage intervened.

"Before Naruto-kun explains how he brought Yahiko-san back I think that everyone, specially those that in the future who will be reading a recording of these events, want to know how he survived the attack that destroyed this place, isn't it right Naruto-KUN?", asked Mei with a smile that would melt most men.

Said smile barely had any effect on Naruto, enamoured of Hinata as he was, but it didn't prevent the girl to send the older woman a Hyuuga Glare that made her father proud.

Little she knew that soon she would have to be used to use it on regular basis.

Naruto began to explain.

"Well, it started when I saw the Deva Path floating over Konoha, doing that 'A God Am I' talk and acumulating chakra, I realized that the incoming attack was powerful enough to screw the village. I sent a clone who grabbed him and teleported them to the mountain where I had one of my own Hiraishin seals. The last thing that the clone did before being destroyed was to place a tag with the seal in the Deva Path's cloak, I figured out that the repel power didn't work with the clothes because either way he would go bare ass. Then I teleported where he was just after he destroyed the mountain", he said.

The kages made a nod of acknowledgement for Naruto's clever tactic.

"It's good to see that you are making a good use of the resources you have at your disposal, specially that brain of yours. You may not have the planification of the Nara but you are definitely a quick thinker when needed", commented Jiraiya.

"Stop swanking about your student, what happened next?", cut A.

"When I teleported to the Deva Path's side it inmediately destroyed the tag and attacked me with taijutsu. I didn't know why he didn't use his power but then I remembered that our intel said that he needed to wait some seconds before being able to use it again but this time he was powerless for several minutes due to the mountain crusher attack. I took advantage of that and tried to place chakra disruption seals to capture the Path and then try to find a way to track the one controlling Yahiko's body, then I remembered that Dad told me that Yahiko didn't go to the After Life and I realized that his soul was attached to his body, as happened with the Kazekage so I took one of Dad's Liberation seals and tried to use it on Yahiko's body. It took me a lot of work to place the seal, although he couldn't use it's power the Deva Path fought like a complete bastard and had those hidden chakra bars ready to stab. At the end I managed to fool him with a clone hidden behind him and placed the seal... It was awesome! A light engulfed the body, the rods were expelled, the Rinnegan disappeared and the Deva became again Yahiko-senpai!", exclaimed Naruto.

The kages who didn't know about the seal looked at Minato.

"The Liberation Seal, what is that?", asked Onoki.

"It's a seal I developed in the After Life with the help of members of the Uzumaki Clan and the Shinigami's blessing. It was developed to with the purpose of keeping the free will in case someone was summoned back with the Edo Tensei... However I never imagined that it would have the side effect of giving back life to the controlled person. When the Yondaime Kazekage brought back his predecesor he used a technique that worked in a similar way to the seal. If I had know about it perhaps the Yondaime Kazekage wouldn't have had to sacrifice his life to free the Sandaime", explained Minato, scretching again the truth.

The Kazekage confirmed his explanation in order to keep the official story of the previous Kazekage heroically sacrificing his life instead of being an Akatsuki agent.

The other kages looked nervous.

"Are you telling me that you can bring back to life whoever you wanted if you combined the Edo Tensei and that seal?", asked A, horrified at the thought of Minato bringing back the Shodai and Nidaime Hokages, the White Fang and other powerful ninjas from Konoha's story.

"Yes and no. The only ones alive able to do the jutsu are Madara and probably a missing nin named Kabuto Yakushi. If you are planning to research it don't do it. Said technique requires a human sacrifice to work and the user is send straight to Hell when he dies", explained Minato.

The kages were relieved, Konoha ninjas were not the type who sacrificed people like that so they wouldn't have to worry about legendary ninja coming back to life.

Jiraiya surprised everyone bowing at Naruto.

"Arigato my student... You brought back one of your lost senpais, I'm very proud of being your sensei", said the kage and making Naruto blush from the praise.

"Talking about senseis where is your own?", interrupted Onoki, "At the end all this started due to the intervention of Danzo, that devious crippled, Sarutobi should have listened to me at the end of the Second War and execute the bastard when he could"

"You won't have to worry about Danzo anymore. What he did was an unsanctioned mission at the Sandaime's back with the only purpose to increase his influence, due to that act of high treason and other things we recently discovered it was decided that he would be captured and executed as the traitor he is. Sarutobi sensei offered himself to carry out the mission", said Jiraiya.

"Him? While the Old Monkey may have no problem killing those he doesn't know he is a completely softie when dealing with those who he has attachments, it was his recalcitrance to kill Orochimaru what caused this invasion. If he didn't kill his prized student why do you think that he won't do the same with his old colleague", pointed Onoki.

"I asked him the same question and he bowed by his life that if he didn't come back with Danzo, dead or alive, Minato and I would have to execute him", responded Jiraiya in a very serious tone.

Naruto looked in disbelief at his father and Jiraiya and realized that they were completely serious about that.

"I hope that the Old Man is successful...", he thought.

Yahiko looked at everyone.

"Now that everything is explained I will go to talk with Nagato, I have some memories of where he is hidden, I have to tell him how wrong is he path he chose to achieve our dream and..."

Suddenly the space before those present combed in a spiral pattern and two figures appeared.

"It's Madara...? No, it isn't him", thought Minato.

One of the figures was Muta, the current Tsuchikage. He looked completely beaten and couldn't stand but still looked at everyone with a defiant Sharingan eye. The other figure was a ninja with a Konoha forehead protector. He also looked bruised but still was in better shape than his adversary, however what caught everyone's attention was the Mangenkyou Sharingan on his left eye and the seal patterns that sorrounded it.

The seal patterns disappeared and everyone could get a better view of his face. Mei, Temari and Yugito blushed and Hinata and Kushina probably would have done the same if they didn't think that Naruto and Minato were the most attractive men in the world.

"Who's that? And why he has a Sharingan?", thought the majority of the people present.

"Sorry if I'm late, the Tsuchikage didn't want to colaborate and it took me a lot of effort and time to drag him here", said the man.

"KAKASHI-SENSEI? Is this how you look without the mask?", asked Naruto in disbelief.

"What? My mask? OH SHIT!", exclaimed Kakashi when he realized that he was bare faced.

He put his spare mask, to the women's disappointment.

Muta looked at Onoki.

"So at the end you decided to talk with our enemies, Onoki? You are disappointing", he said.

"You are the only disappointment here", retorted Onoki, "I already told you that we were not ready to invade yet even with Orochimaru's help, but no, you wanted to play the Avenger. The only reason our comrades are alive is because Konoha needs us against a common enemy, I suppose that he is the same person who gave you that Sharingan, don't dare to admonish me, specially after you lost against a jonin"

"There are not 'mere jonins'", thought A, "jonins are elite ninjas for a reason, specially if we take account that this one is Hatake Kakashi, the infamous Copy Ninja. I bet that Minato trained him to reach a level similar to a kage, those seals we previously saw are probably there to enhance his Sharingan, waste less chakra when using it or probably both things"

Muta didn't look affected by Onoki's words.

"Tchk... and I thought that Konoha and Iwa would destroy themselves", he said.


"There is no point to keep with the facade anymore", said Muta while he transformed into a white Zetsu.

The creature was inmediately inmobilized by the combined techniques of those present like Kushina's chains or the jinchuurikis' chakra arms.

"WHO ARE YOU? WHERE IS MUTA?", demanded Onoki.

"That fool died months ago. I absorbed his DNA and then used this Sharingan that Madara-sama gave me to persuade the many of Iwa's jonins that I was the best option for next Tsuchikage. You saw this as a chance to be free of the paperwork and gave me the seat. You already know the rest", said the Zetsu.

"He is a White Zetsu, an artificial being created by Madara the DNA he stole from the Shodai Hokage and other means, this one must be an enhanced version", said Minato.

"As clever as expected Minato", said the Zetsu, "I doesn't matter that this plan failed. Soon, very soon all the Ninja Villages will fall under the might of our army and we will acomplish Madara-sama's dream of world peace under his rule"

The Zetsu began to melt, a self destruction measure. He looked at Yahiko.

"By the way, your friends and you are no longer part of the Akatsuki, with you back they are no longer useful to the organization. It's a pity, if you stayed dead perhaps we could have keep using them", said before turning into goo.

"WHAT? Nagato? Konan? I have to go to help them!", cried Yahiko while he left the place.

Everyone followed him.


Nagato couldn't believe what was happening.

The Kyuubi brat brought Yahiko back to life. At first the link was interrupted when most the chakra rods were removed by the resurrection process but a small one remained within Yahiko's body and thanks to it Nagato was aware of what was happening at the destroyed mountain and realized that his best friend was actually back.

Yahiko's talk with the kages was like a jug of cold water. He realized that he completely deviated from Yahiko's vision of world peace, that Konan and him were being used by Madara to achieve his own plan.

"Forgive me Yahiko... I let my pain for losing you to take away my good judgment. I became a mockery of a god, blamed a whole village for what a few of them did, allowed Madara to turn the organization you founded into a band of missing nins and inadvertely attached your spirit to your body and forced you to watch... but the worst of all is that I dragged the woman you loved into my fall. Yes, I knew about your feelings for each other, you didn't told me because you felt that I would feel displaced. I planned to tell you that I knew and that I was happy for you but then Danzo kidnaped Konan..."

He took a decission.

"I will communicate with Konan and tell her about Yahiko. Then I will turn to the kages with the condition to leave Konan, Yahiko and Ame alone... It's the least I can do...", the thought.

Suddenly he felt a world of pain and found a kunai piercing his heart.

The last thing he saw was Madara materializing before him.

"Hello Nagato, I no longer need you, I only came back for my eyes. Don't put that face, you won't be alone, I already disposed of Konan before coming here, say her Hi from me", said Madara.


Unaware of what happened outside, Hiruzen Sarutobi, covered by the blood of Root ninjas got into Danzo's chamber, ready to have a final battle with his former friend.

Instead of that he found Danzo's mutilated corpse, missing the arm with the Mokuton cells and multiple Sharingans. The empty eye socket confirmed that whoever killed Danzo and took the arm also took Shisui's stolen Sharingan.

He also noticed another body in the room, a woman with an Akatsuki cloak and blue hair adorned by a paper flower. She was lying facedown with a sword piercing her back. She didn't move.

Hiruzen looked at her with sad eyes, recognizing her as Konan, one of Jiraiya's lost students.

"I see, Madara came for Danzo while I was fighting the Root shinobi and then he backstabbed her. Damned monster! Jiraiya was really eager for the chance to save Nagato and her but now that she died in Konoha it will be impossible to get Nagato back, there is not doubt that Madara will blame us for her death", he thought.

He headed to Danzo's corpse.

"Are you satisfied with the results of your schemes, Danzo? Did they made Konoha safer or did they turn potential allies into mortal enemies? I really wish that we had the chance to take you to trial and judge you. The sentence would have been death, obviously, it would be just a charade but at least it would have give some symbolic justice for your victims", he said.

He proceeded to seal the body, then he headed to Konan.

"I will make sure that you will have a good burial and then hunt down the one who did that to you, I also have personal issues with him", he said while he prepared the sealing.

However he noticed something.

"What the...? This girl is alive!"




Muta didn't look affected by Onoki's words.

"Tchk... and I thought that Konoha and Iwa would destroy themselves", he said.


"There is no point to keep with the facade anymore", said Muta while he transformed into a red head woman with blue skin who was imposible to tell if she was naked or not.

"Uuups, wrong universe, sorry", said Mystique.


Muta didn't look affected by Onoki's words.

"Tchk... and I thought that Konoha and Iwa would destroy themselves", he said.


"There is no point to keep with the facade anymore", said Muta while he transformed into a really beautiful woman with extremely long hair, measures that made all the women jealous and the men inexplicably attracted for her. The jinchuurikis even felt that their bijuus got more docile in the pressence of the beauty.

Kakashi recognized her as Obito's lost sister who was never mentioned before.

"Marysuechiko! You were the Tsuchikage? Why?", he asked while memories of happy moments with her and forgotten feeling appeared in his head.

"Oh Kakashi-kun. I was taking a long term S class mission as a spy in Akatsuki while pretending to be an enhanced White Zetsu. I purposely gave confussing orders so Iwa ninjas would underperform and give victory to Konoha. You don't know how painful was for me to fight the man I loved and had to abandon...", said Marysuechiko.

"Marysuechiko...", whispered Kakashi.

"Kakashi-kun...", whispered the girl while she approached Kakashi.

Suddenly Shizune appeared and delivered a kick with both legs to Marysuechiko that broke Kakashi's stupor.

"How you dare to appear here?", yelled the angry medic, "Don't you know how few fics bother to give me a role outside being just Tsunade's assistant? There even less where I get a hunk as Kakashi as my pairing if I get a pairing at all! He usually ends with OC sluts like you! Not in this fic, DIE!"

Those present could find out that medics also could be terrific torturers.


Muta didn't look affected by Onoki's words.

"Tchk... and I thought that Konoha and Iwa would destroy themselves", he said.


"There is no point to keep with the facade anymore", said Muta while he transformed into... Tazuna.


The bridge builder looked at the ninjas.

"Surprised? My plan was to start a war between Konoha and Iwa and then make a fortune with the reconstruction works. I would have been successful if it was not for those kids and their stupid fox", he said while he pointed at the genins and Kurama, who for some reason was outside the seal and was human size.

Kurama looked at the screen.

"Kyuubi Dooby Doo!"


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