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Sorry for the looooong delay, I was busy with two special courses that took most my time but finally here is another chapter of New Chance. You will notice that the beginning of this chapter is identical to the previous one, it will diverge at one point, that will be what actually happened.

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Kakashi finally faces Obito, but instead of being sorry for the fate of his friends he gives a big rant pointing what a big traitor he was, how Madara manipulated him and caused Rin's death that shouldn't have happened if he followed the rules about prisoners and the hipocrisy of his actions just to reveal at the end that he was not Obito at all but a Zetsu clone fused with Obito's remains. It was followed with curb-stomp battle where Kakashi gives the Impostor a beating until he has to abandon in order to save his comrades from the Ninja Alliance.

Akatsuki's multiple attack at several posts of the Ninja Alliance was more effective than everyone expected.

Gaara and Roshi's group was against the two incarnations of Gaara's father, Kakuzu and several of the strongest Uzumakis and Uchihas.

A group that included Mei, Fuu and Shino was facing Sasori, Fuka and the previous jinchuuriki of the Eight Tails Gyuki.

The Raikage was fighting against his predecesor without any high level Hyuuga to assist him.

Kushina and Onoki were at Iwa's outskirts destroying the Mokuton trees that were bringing more Zetsu clones to the battle, while dealing with Ashina and Deidara.

However one of the most destructive fights was the one at the Valley of the End between Minato and Hashirama with the soldiers of both sides staying aside while watching how both Hokages destroyed the monument in their clash of titans.

Then there was an Alliance group that included Bee, Yugito, Kurotsuchi, Temari, Kankuro, Chojuro, Ao, Lee, Sai, Yakumo, Chouji, Karui and Omoi dealing with a mixture of normal ninjas from the minor villages, Zetsu clones and some Uchihas and Uzumaki Edo Tensei zombies.

Kurotsuchi looked how Bee was sent flying away by the punch from the man who seemed to be the leader of the opposing group.

"Who the Hell is that guy? I studied the most famous ninjas in history but I never saw him in the books. He is sorrounded by a red aura that must give him that insane speed a power... And why is he dressed like Lee-san?", she asked.

"T-That's Maito Dai, my adoptive grandfather!", cried Lee.

"Damn it, of all the people that Madara could bring back with the Edo Tensei he had to chose Dai", commented Ao.

"Do you know about him?", asked Kurotsuchi.

"Yes, he is the career genin who single handedly defeated most of the previous generation of Swordsmen of the Mist using the Gates, the only reason he didn't kill them all was due to his own technique killing him. That's the reason Dai is probably the most dangerous ninjas brought with the Edo Tensei, if you can open all the Gates you have for a moment the power of several kages at the cost of your life...", explained Ao.

"But one brought back with that technique is unkillable and infinite chakra... That means that he is practically unstoppable!", realized Yakumo.

"WATCH OUT!", cried someone.

They barely dodged a Yugito in full Tailed Beast form who was sent flying towards them.

"That mothafucka! If things go like this I will have to resort to the Tailed Beast Ball!", commented Bee while he got up.

He noticed someone at his side.

The first thing he was a pair of well formed legs with a matching body covered in a grey spandex jumpsuit, with an open rack that displayed a bust that could have competed with Tsunade's.

"Wait a minute, I recognize that rack! It's you, Sensei!", he said.

He was responded with direct punch to the face.

"What's that nonsense about resorting to Gyuuki against a single opponent when you have so many allies? The Thunder of your Soul got weakened!", cried the person he called sensei, a middle aged, attractive woman with dark skin, very big ring pendants, several swords and an impossible afro hair style.

"I'm sorry sensei! You are right we should focus to combine our powers to defeat our opponent", apologized Bee.

"Who is that?", asked Chouji.

"She call's herself Queen Shade, she is the one who trained Bee-sensei in the art of the sword... and to reach the 'Thunder of his Soul'", commented Karui, remembering all the work it took to make her sensei change his 'soulish' ways, becoming a rapper in the process.

"So that's the reason he likes middle aged women with big boobs... She is right to a point, with our combined abilities we should be able to defeat even Dai but the question is how", commented Kankuro.

"Don't give up Kankuro! As my student you are one of the most talented puppeteers that Suna ever produced! Keep fighting and the Winds of Creativity will refresh you!", cried a voice.

Everyone turned to see a man dressed in a black jumpsuit, with puppet containing scrolls and very histrionic make up... or war paint, whatever.

"Sensei! It's been years since the last time we met!", exclaimed Kankuro.

"His sensei? What about Baki-san?", asked Yakumo to a sighing Temari.

"Baki was designated as the sensei of our team when it was formed but before that we the Sand siblings were trained by individual tutors, Kankuro's was that man. His name is Amakuso and although he is a great puppeteer he is also obssesed to dress with black jumpsuits in the desert, to wear make up and ramble about the 'Winds of Creativity'", explained Temari.

"Kankuro doesn't seem to ramble about those 'Winds of Creativity'", commented Sai.

"Gaara threatened to dismember Kankuro if he dared to mention those Wind of Creativity two days after he finished his training with Amakuso", explained Temari.

"Do you think that those Winds of Creativity would improve my drawings? Perhaps I should ask Amakuso to teach me about them", commented Sai.

"NO!", cried Yakumo and Temari at the same time.

"Ok, who is the fucker who is giving so much trouble to this division?", asked a loud female voice.

They turned to see a woman in her late twenties armed with a boken dressed in the outdated male uniform of the Uzumaki delinquents, including a worned out cap, wooden sandals and an open jacket that showed her bare torso, with some bandages covering her (generous) chest.

"Sensei you came here...", said Chojuro before the woman hit him with her boken.

"What the Hell happened to you, you sissy? Where are you Streams of Passion? I didn't train you to be a faint-hearted pushover, I trained you to be a man!", she cried while she hit him again, knocking out his glasses.

At the time the glasses abandoned Chojuro's face he began to expel a very vicious killing intent comparable to Zabuza.

"ORAAAAAAAA! How you dare to strike me, Woman? Nobody attacks me and gets away with it!", cried Chojuro while he delivered a vicious punch to the woman that she blocked with the boken although it displaced her several meters away.

"It's nice to see that the real you is still there and that your Streams of Passion are as strong as ever. Now we have a chance to win", commented the woman.

"Nh, whatever. I will show that moustached zombie that the new generation of the Swordsmen of the Mist is nothing like the one he wiped out", stated Chojuro while he combed his hair back and gave his sword the shape of a baseball bat.

Everyone looked dumbfounded at them, then at Ao.

"Long story, she is Kyoko Terumi, a cousin of the Mizukage and Chojuro's swordsmaster. He became so vicious with the Streams of Passion that we have to supress his belligerence with a seal placed on his glasses", he explained while he retrieved the lens.

Nobody saw Dai coming at them at high speed until it was too late.



Two blurs intercepted Dai from the side, sending him away.

Said blurs happened to be a ninja from Konoha and another from Iwa.

The ninja from Konoha was dressed with a green and tight spandex jumpsuit with a jonin jacket and sported a bowl cut hair and eye brows that seemed to be alive.

The ninja from Iwa was dressed in a similar way than the one from Iwa but in brown color, the most striking part of his appearance was his mullet hairstyle.

"Dad-sensei! You came!", cried Lee.

"Oh, Nan came too...", thought Kurotsuchi.

"That was an impressive attack, your technique was outstanding. The Flames of Youth really shine on you... By the way, my name is Maito Gai", commented the Konoha ninja.

"The same goes for you. It's been years since I saw such a great kick. The Shards of Hope must have brought us together, I'm Tawesome Nan, if we fight together we will find a way to defeat such powerful opponent", responded the Iwa.

None of the sane ninjas of Alliance said anything.

"Madara won and got us into the Infinite Tsukuyomi but instead of trapping people into pleasant dreams he decided to switch to nightmares..."

"So each village has it's own powerful weirdo... We are not so different after all"

"Gai is that you?", asked Dai, still covered in the red aura of the Gates.

"Yes, Father is me..", responded Gai clearly touched to see his father again.

"You became a man... and that boy, is he your son?", asked Dai while he pointed at Lee.

"Yes Father! He is Maito Rock Lee and he is the best son you can imagine!", cried Gai.

"I'm very honoured to meet you Grandfather!", exclaimed Lee while making an exagerated reverence.

"I'm very happy to see that you started a family, my Son! Unfortunately we will have to fight! Come on, give me the best gift a son can give to his father surpassing him!", cried Dai while he charged.

"I will show you, Father. See the power of my Flames of Youth!", cried Gai.

"And he is not alone! You will also have to face my Shards of Hope!", cried Nan.

"And my Streams of Passion!", cried Kyoko while she joined the brawl.

"And the Winds of Creativity!", added Amakuso jumping it too.

"And of course the Thunder of Soul!", cried Queen Shade.

The five ninjas from different village attacked their invincible opponent like they were one.

Omoi felt a chill on his spine.

"For some reason I have the feeling that they are going to combine their 'powers' and create a superheroic but gaudy warrior who will cause such embarrassment to the Alliance that the Kages will end it and then Madara will win the war and he will enslave us in an endless dream where all my predictions become true...", he thought.

However nothing of that happened, the Gaudy Ninjas (as he named them) just hit Dai with a perfect and slightly disturbing coordination.

"Perhaps we will have a chance against him", he thought.


The jinchuuriki of the Four Tailed Beast looked in annoyance how the Yondaime Kazekage used his Gold Dust to create several heavy projectiles aimed at his allies while the Uzumaki and Uchiha zombies took advantage of gold's superconductivity to electrify them with Lighting jutsus.

"Here he goes again", he thought while he blocked the projectiles aimed at his allies with a Magma barrier.

"Why there are so many Lighting users among those zombies? Neither the Uzumakis nor the Uchihas were known for having that affinity", commented Son Goku.

"It's those scrolls they put in their mouths while they make the Tora hand sign, the jutsu is inscribed on it and they just add their chakra. Those scrolls were one of the Uzumakis most feared weapons because they allowed them to use an insane variety of jutsus without having to develop the corresponding elemmental affinity or to practice the jutsu as long as they had enough chakra reserves and chakra control to activate them", explained Roshi.

"I suppose that those scrolls were one of the many reasons Iwa and other villages wiped out Uzu", deducted Son Goku while Roshi tried to hit Rasa with Magma projectiles that he dodged.

"Yes", responded Roshi, "... to train an effective ninja takes time and a good chunk of that time is spend learning and practicing jutsus, those scrolls allowed to skip that part meaning that an average Uzumaki genin with fair chakra control just needed to be equipped with some of those scrolls to have the ninjutsu level of an expert chuunin but that was not the most scary thing about those scrolls..."

"What do you mean?"

"With the use of the scrolls a ninja doesn't have to worry about his elemmental affinity or knowing the right jutsus for a specific situation, Uzu's authorities just had to lend a ninja the proper scrolls to completely change his jutsu arsenal, giving their village a versatility never seen before", explained Roshi.

"And thus the decision to gang up to destroy them instead of trying to make a treaty with them... typical human behaviour, destroying what could be a threat. I'm grateful that we Tailed Beasts are immortal", remarked Son Goku.

"Things are not like that anymore, the villages changed and now they are working together"

"Yes, against an enemy who is perceived as a greater threat than Uzu was... Don't misinterpret me, I know that Madara is a real threat who has to be destroyed. I just want to warn you now that you got a full grasp of my power and became stronger than ever, in the case the Alliance wins the war and the villages end making a great treaty it would be very likely that many higher ups may decide that jinchuurikis became 'too powerful' to be allowed to wander free or to exist", pointed the Ape.

"Believe me, I'm very aware of that, for that reason when this is over I'm planning to find Han, teach him and the other kids how to control your siblings' powers and make a mutual protection pact with them. A jinchuuriki with full control is worth a ninja army, it's time for us to be respected", said Roshi.

"Nice to hear that what we share the same way of thinking. I wonder how are Shukaku and Gaara doing with that new technique they developed", thought Son Goku while they kept their attack on Rasa.

Nearby, several squads of Uchihas, Zetsus and regular ninjas from the minor villages allied with Akatsuki were besieging a small castle full on Alliance ninjas using heavy artillery like catapults, ballistas and kunai launchers.

The most interesting part of that castle was not that it had Shukaku's head on the top, no, what made said castle special was the fact that it was made of compressed sand and that it could move on it's own.

Said castle was actually the results of Gaara's most recent technique, developed with the help of the Sandaime Kazekage and made possible by a surprisingly cooperative Shukaku, when Minato Namikaze saw the technique he named it "Suna's Mighty Mobile Fortress of Shukaku", said Tailed Beast liked the name so much that he refused to colaborate with it if they renamed it (much to the Kazekage's chagrin).

Slowly but unstoppable, the Fortress was advancing towards the enemy ninjas who tried to destroy it with jutsus from all elements. Earth jutsus didn't work, the rocks were absorbed by the castle walls and crushed to make more sand; the few wind users in the enemy forces just saw how their attacks passed through the walls without causing any damage; several Uchihas tried to combine fire jutsus to melt the walls sand just to see how the castle threw the molten sand towards them; something similar happened with the lighting users, many of them managed to turn parts of the wall into glass pieces that were quickly replaced by sand and then used as ammunition for the catapults.

The jutsus that seemed to work the best were water ones that turned the sand into mud but said tactic was countered by the fire users inside the castle who dried it.

Horrified at the gigantic juggernaut of the Alliance several ninjas from the minor villages fled realizing that they couldn't stop such adversary specially after several of their immortal zombie comrades tried to climb the castle just to be crushed absorbed by the walls, crushed and liberated by the sealer ninjas inside the castle.

Gaara was in a sand throne in the center of the Fortress using his Sand Eye Technique to see what was happening on the outside with Baki guarding him.

"How are things going, Gaara?", asked the jonin.

"It's going fine, Sensei, our enemies realized this castle can regenerate it's sand quicker than they can destroy it and that it's artillery has higher range than their jutsus", responded Gaara.

"I still can't believe that you managed to develop a technique like this, it's something never seen in the history of warfare!"

"I couldn't have achieved it without Kazekage-sama's help but the main reason it works is because Shukaku is doing half the work", pointed Gaara.

"How is that possible? He used to hate you"

"He says that he is only doing it because he wants to show the rest of Tailed Beasts (specially Kurama) and 'the puny humans' what he is capable of. That he won't allow me to look weak and bring people to the conclusion that he is weak too", said Gaara.

"And don't forget that, I'm only helping you because we share the same interests", remarked Shukaku.

The battle continued for several minutes in the Alliances favor until the enemy forces retreated an a single figure advanced towards the Fortress.

It was Rasa, the Yondaime Kazekage and Gaara's father or more precisely, his evil self.

"Your father's darkness turning into a completely separate being, even from here I can feel his foul chakra, I still can't believe that someone who did so much for Suna could create such being...", whispered Baki.

"For me is not so strange, that... 'man' is the side of my father who sent assassins to his own son when I was labelled as a failed weapon, the same one who made me kill the only person who cared for me and tried to do the same with Temari before his death", said Gaara.

"I thought that it was due to the control seal that Sasori placed on him", said Baki.

"Yes but what that seal did was to magnify the darkness that was already within my father and gave it more independence giving bith to that 'Yami Rasa', I know it because I have a similar darkness myself", pointed Gaara.

"What are you talking about?", asked his sensei.

"Baki, don't pretend that the person I used to be during the years between Yashamaru's death and my meeting with Naruto never existed, I was a heartless murderer who killed strong ninjas to feel alive or whoever pissed me off...", chastised Gaara.

Baki didn't say anything but his cold expression in the visible part of his face said that he didn't forget about those days.

"... the murderer I was didn't just disappear when Naruto saved me, he is still within me, whispering to destroy those who call my wrath, wanting to get in charge again, I won't deny his existence but I won't allow him to control me. He is part of me but not all what I am", stated Gaara.

Baki looked at him with the pride of a sensei on a successful student.

"Rasa, if only you could see the man your son has become... he didn't turn into a weapon to save Suna but into the hope for a better future for the village, it's a pity that we are facing that twisted version of you instead of the one I called my friend..."

Meanwhile, said evil version of Rasa was standing in front of the Fortress with a sick smile.

"Gaara, Gaara... Didn't anybody tell you that you are too old to play with sand castles anymore? Come here and greet your father", he said.

The Fortress stopped and Yami Rasa smiled when Gaara appeared on one of the highest towers.

Before Yami Rasa could say anything a sand tendril emerged from the Fortress and captured him.

"Desert Funeral", said Gaara while he closed his hand and the sand crushed his prey.

The sealing ninjas moved to apply the Liberation Seal but Gaara stopped them with a gesture.

"It's not him, it was just a disguised puppet", he said.

The ninjas nodded and retreated back into the Fortress.

"Were they looking at you with respect? Not bad Gaara, not only you managed to improve your social skills while keeping as ruthless as ever but got even stronger. You would have made me proud if you didn't show that you cared about those pawns", said Yami Rasa while he emerged from the ground.

"What makes you think that I care about what a mockery of my father thinks about me? I would be really concerned if for some reason YOU felt proud of me", responded Gaara in a cold tone.

"How rude, I think that you hanged around too much with that Uzumaki friend of yours. You hurt me, I just came here wanting to have a family meeting...", said Yami Rasa in a mocking tone, "...I even brought a special surprise for my kids, it's a pity that Temari and Kankuro are not here but I can show it to them later"

Gaara came to the conclusion that he didn't like at all Yami Rasa and his twisted sense of humour, no wonder his father never made jokes.

"Keep your surprise for yourself and let's end this", he said while several sand tendrils emerged from the Fortress.

"Come on Gaara, I understand that you don't want to see me after trying to kill you and sacrificing Yashamaru but I think that you will want to meet HER...", said Yami Rasa while a figure emerged from the ground.

The pitch black eyes and the cracked features confirmed that the newcomer was another Edo Tensei zombie but not a regular one.

The Sand jinhchuuriki paled.

From Gaara's perspective the Edo Tensei zombies were just tough enemies that just required more work to kill, nothing else, he didn't understand the psychological effect it had on his comrades, until that moment.

Yami Rasa smiled, satisfied that his plan got the desired effect.

"But this is nothing, my dear son, this is just the beginning of the Twisted Hope plan. You will know what is to feel despair again", he thought.

He put his hand on the woman's shoulder.

"Gaara, let me introduce you to the first person who died due to you, your mother Karura", he said.

Gaara didn't listen to him, his eyes couldn't leave the sight of the person who gave her life for him.

"M-Mother...", he babbled.

Karura looked at him and smiled.

"G-Gaara? It's that you...? I can't believe you grew so much, you were so little... I'm very happy to see that you are doing fine, I'm sorry that we had to meet in these circumstances but I don't regret it because it gave me the chance to see you", she said.

"Even as a zombie Mother has a beautiful smile...", thought Gaara.

Something snapped inside him.

He looked at his mother with a sad smile.

"I'm also happy to see you, Mother. I'm sorry for what I'm about to do to you, I'll try to make it as quick as possible... also I want you to understand that what you are going to see it's a side of me that I'm not proud about and that most the time I'm not like that", he said.

"I understand, my son. We are ninjas, we have to do things that we are not always proud of", said Karura while she got on guard.

Gaara then turned his attention towards Rasa.

Baki and the rest of the ninjas within the Fortress felt the place filled with a killing intent they didn't feel since Gaara's worst days.

"No, not again... Please Gaara, don't turn into that monster again...", thought Baki.

The tower where Gaara stood disolved into sand and began to cover him.

"You will pay for what you did disturbing Mother's rest. I don't know if you can fell pain but I will make sure that you will regret having an immortal body that can't die. Come Shukaku, let's remind the dead the meaning of fear", cried Gaara while the Tailed Beast agreed with glee.


The Alliance ninjas looked at the Yondaime Raikage and his predecessor the Sandaime Raikage. When the fight started they realized that they were no match for the old kage and A ordered them to stay aside while he fought his father.

Father and son had been fighting for almost a hour without any of the sides getting advantage over the other.

A charged towards his father at his highest speed while he gathered all his strength in his right arm.

"LARIAT!", he cried while he caught his father's neck, dragging him several meters away.

However it didn't do anything to the Sandaime Raikage, who got up completely unscathed.

"Damn it! The Commander is clearly stronger and faster than the Sandaime but he can't hurt him, he is completely invulnerable, it's only a question of time until A-sama gets tired and loses", commented Ebisu.

"I got word from the Headquarters", said Tango, the communications officer from Kumo, "...they are going to send a Naruto clone to replace the one who got destroyed at the beginning of the fight shielding our medic and a ninja who will help the Raikage to defeat Sandaime-sama"

"A ninja able to help the Commander it must be Hiashi-san, he is the only Hyuuga skilled enough to hit the Sandaime", realized Ebisu.

"No, he was send to protect the daimyos and can't leave his post, they will send somebody else", said Tango.

Suddenly two figures appeared in the battlefield via teleportation. One was a new Naruto clone and the other was a Kumo nin.

"It's Darui-san", realized Ebisu, "for what I know he was a student of the Sandaime Raikage, wasn't he?"

Tango nodded.

"Yes, but I don't know why they sent him, perhaps he may know a way to pierce Sandaime-sama's armor", he said.

The Sandaime Raikage stoped the fight to look at his former pupil.

"Darui, you grew up a lot... tell me, did you keep training with the Storm Release I taught you?", he asked.

"Yes, I did Sensei, I trained with the Storm Release to my best, as A-sama trained with the Lighting Armor", said Darui doing his best to keep his emotions in check.

"Then I suppose that you are already better than me with it because A's Lighting Armor completely beat mine in speed and strength", responded the Sandaime with a smirk.

"But not in protection", remarked A, "I never knew why I couldn't make a Lighting Armor that made me as tough as you until someone that you met in the After Life explained your plan to us"

"My plan? I never told anyone about it... Oh, I see, Madara said that those who are brought back with Edo Tensei don't have any memories of the After Life, I suppose that I told the Yellow Flash about it", realized the Sandaime Raikage.

"What plan is he talking about?", thought Ebisu while reading their lips.

"That's it, Father. Your plan was to teach me only the Lighting Armor while doing the same with Darui and the Storm Release instead of teaching us both both techniques. Your purpose was for each of us to develop the technique we were taught to it's maximum potential before teaching each one the remaining technique", said A.

His father nodded.

"That's right, but unfortunately I died before I told you about my plan or the secret of my invulnerability but I suppose that you already realized it, don't you?", he asked.

"Yes Sensei, we did. Your invulnerable Lighting Armor is actually a Storm Release Armor, it combines Water's adaptability with Lighting's conductivity to disperse any physical or elemmental attack, only attacks made of composite elements like Storm itself can pierce it", said Darui.

"So that's the reason not even my future self's Fuuton Rasen-Shuriken couldn't hurt him but his own piercing attack did. The Storm Release Armor is an extreme case of the rock-scissors-paper game of the chakra affinities", realized the Naruto clone.

"You got it. So, did you teach each other the techniques you didn't know?", asked the Sandaime.

"No, we just realized about it recently and with the War we didn't have time to train", said Darui.

"Too bad, but I bet that you have a plan, you'll better execute it now because the one controlling me his ordering me to destroy you as soon as possible", said the Sandaime while he charged at them.

"Everyone, attack!", ordered A.

Ebisu gulped while his comrades and him charged at the man who kept at bay an army of 10000 for several days when he was alive.

The Supreme Commander looked at his right hand man.

"Darui, what kind of plan do you have?"

"One that involves our universal chakra conversor here", responded Darui while he looked at Naruto.

"Oh I see, you want to focus the Storm Elemment through me and I will charge A Ojisan with it so he will have the same power as his dad", realized Naruto.

"That's a great idea! But this is a clone, wouldn't he dispel when you begin to channel the Storm Elemment?", asked A.

"I thought about it, I will have to channel the chakra in small quantities to allow him to adapt to it, unfortunately it will require at least six minutes to charge you and you only will have it for three, that's the time limit you will have to defeat Sandaime-sama...", said Darui.

They looked how the Alliance ninjas were literally sent flying by the Sandaime's attacks.

"Then let's do it!", cried A.

And so Darui placed his hand on the clone's shoulder and the clone did the same with A.

The clone began to feel the Storm Chakra and how it erected his hair.

"Hey, it's not that bad... WHUAAAAH!", he cried.

He began to feel that he was losing conscience but realized that if he dissolved he would leave his comrades completely defendless.

He clenched his teeth and endured the pain while he focused the Storm Chakra into A, who also seemed to be in pain.

"Damn it, it hurts... I may be a clone but I'm also a part of this army, if a clone of the boss' alternate self could defeat this guy by himself the least I should do would be endure this", he thought.

Darui looked how his sensei did two armed Lariat to those Konoha chuunins who were always together.

"Those are Izumo and Kotetsu, aren't they? That gay couple that didn't get out from the closet... And that one with the twisted Tango and that's F... let's hope that the rest of our comrades manage to hold the line or everything will be lost..."


Two mysterious entities were watching with interest the battle between Minato and Hashirama.

"It's been ages since I watched something like this, it brings me back memories. I can't wait anymore to reveal myself...", said one.

"We just need to wait, let those pawns to make their moves and smooth the way for us, our moment is almost here", said the other.



Karura looked at him and smiled.

"G-Gaara? It's that you...? I can't believe you grew so much, you were so little... I'm very happy to see that you are doing fine, I'm sorry that we had to meet in these circumstances but I don't regret it because it gave me the chance to see you", she said.

"Even as a zombie Mother has a beautiful smile...", thought Gaara.

Then Karura's smile had a slight but noticeable change.

"Gaara, dear... what do you have in your forehead?", she asked.

"This? It's a tattoo with the 'Love' kanji", responded Gaara.

"WHAAAAATTTT? My little boy has a tattoo? I didn't renounce to smoke for six months to have a well formed just to see how he mutilated his body!", cried Karura.

"I-It was a sign of love for you...", babbled Gaara.

"A sign of love? What did your father and your uncle taught you about love?", asked a very angry mother.

"Well... Father isolated me from my siblings, tried to assassinate me several times and ordered Uncle Yashamaru to kill me", said Gaara while putting big eyes.

Yami Rasa felt insane amounts of killing intent focused on him.

"You! What did you do to my little boy?"

"I-It was the other Rasa's idea (actually it was mine), it was a p-plan to toughen Gaara and make him a better ninja... Yes, it was all a plan!", said Yami Rasa.

Karura didn't bought it.

"And you are going to tell me that our other kids are doing better. It's Temari still having crush on younger boys than her and Kankuro still stealing my make up?", asked Karura while she summoned one of Suna's sacred weapons (that casually looked as a gigantic frying pan)

Elsewhere, the Good Rasa felt the killing intent and realized that being submerged in magma while fighting an angry perfect jinchuuriki was not so bad.


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