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Chapter posted 04/01/2018


After a battleworn Bardock failed to convince his saiyan peers that Frieza was going to betray them he decided to fight the tyrant by himself. After ramming through Friezas's soldiers he finally met the traitor and attacked him with his Final Spirit Cannon only to see how it was absorbed by nothing by Frieza's Supernova.

Bardock didn't notice how Frieza's men near him were also consumed by the tyrant's attack, he didn't even feel pain, just regret for his inability to defeat Frieza and avenge his companions and protect his race.

In another reality Bardock would have get a vision of the future with his younger son Kakarot confronting Frieza and defeating the enemy of the saiyan race but this reality didn't have that last act of mercy towards him, only regret for his failures.

The saiyan warrior cursed his pride. Just because he raised through the ranks of the saiyans from a low class warrior to an elite due to his preference of challenging missions that forced his saiyan blood to make his stronger didn't mean that he could face someone that the natural born elites like King Vegeta spoke with fear.

Hell, he should realized that he didn't have the chance to win when he couldn't defeat that Dodoria, who was not even the strongest of Frieza's minions. He was not that stupid, the other saiyans' refusal to join him to fight Frieza really infuriated him and clouded his judgment.

At that moment he should have realized that there was nothing that he could do to save his planet, that he should have taken advantage of the fact that Frieza's forces thought that he was dead, leave Vegeta and go to a backwater planet to train and become strong enough to defeat Frieza, he knew that with enough time and training he would have been able to surpass Frieza.

The planet choice would have been easy, he would have headed to Earth where Kakarot was send, there, he would deactivate Kakarot's program to destroy all intelligent lifeforms in the planet and raise him to become a superb saiyan warrior as should have happened, that's what Gine would have wanted.

Bardock's heart stopped at the thoughts of his mate.

"G-Gine... Gine is down there in Vegeta!"

Gine, the mother of both his sons, a brave but not very strong former member of his team, an unusual soft hearted female that ended leaving the team in order to work in the food supply teams. Her gentle nature was really rare among saiyans, Bardock never imagine that she would change his behaviour too much, making him care for his planet, people, comrades and family more than what was expected from a saiyan.

His family...

His older son Raditz was out there, Bardock regretted not telling to not be overconfident and satisfied of his current strength and become stronger. He wondered what would happen to him, if Frieza would kill him or keep using him as a soldier of his army.

Kakarot, his youngest son. Deemed too weak to be raised as a normal saiyan and being send to a distant planet with weak inhabitants with the purpose to exterminate them over time. Now with his incoming death Bardock realized that he didn't want to see Kakarot because he was too weak but because he didn't want to bond with him just to be separated afterwards.

And then there was Gine... As a saiyan warrior Bardock accepted that someday he would die in battle facing someone stronger than him, that was the way of their race, kill or be killed, the strong rules, all of them accepted that. From that point of view a small part of Bardock accepted the destruction of the saiyans at Frieza's hands as he was the strongest. But Gine was different! She was not like other saiyans, she was no warrior, she shouldn't share the same fate as the rest of their race. That... was not... fair...

And then, Bardock came to a realization, that what was happening to the saiyans right now was the same thing saiyans have been doing to other races across the Universe under Frieza's orders.

"W-What have we done?", he thought while some tears formed in his eyes.

Bardock no longer cared for his pride or his life or the lives of his fellow saiyans, he only cared that the person she cared about was going to receive a fate she didn't deserve.

He cursed himself for his pride.

He cursed himself for not spending more time with her or Raditz.

He cursed himself for not telling her how much he loved her.

But specially, he cursed himself for his weakness, for not being able to protect her.

"GINEEEEEEEEE!", he screamed in a final cry that contained all his regret, sorrow, anger and frustration while he was engulfed by the tyrant's attack.


The Leader of the Planet Trade flanked by Zarbon and Dodoria looked in glee how that upstart saiyan got disappeared within his Supernova attack.

That would be the end of those monkeys, part of him regretted it, they were quite effective soldiers, weak compared to his elites but too stuborn, too numerous and with that annoying ability to get stronger and stronger each day. Better to weed them before they bite their leash.

Suddenly, his Supernova exploded before it hit planet Vegeta, killing all the soldiers in the sorroundings.

"What's going on?", he asked.

Before he got an answer all the scouters of his remaining soldiers began to explode, as happens whenever they detected power level beyond their scales.

"Lord Frieza, look!", exclaimed Zarbon while he pointed downwards.

There stood the lone saiyan who defied his army, surprisingly alive.

But he looked different...

He was sorrounded by a golden aura, his hair, once black, now had a similar golden tone and his eyes now looked blue.

Frieza felt a chill through his spine, something that he only felt at the pressence of the God of Destruction Beerus. He was not afraid but he knew that that saiyan had to die.

"FRIEZAAAAA!", cried Bardock while he charged towards his enemy, he didn't care how he survived or what happened to him, he only knew that he was now experimenting a power surge that dwarfed whatever he felt under Ozaru form, he only knew that a new power within him arised to give Gine and him a new chance to change their fate.

Frieza looked with rage how the golden saiyan trampled through his soldiers, annhiliting them like they were mere flies.

Zarbon and Dodoria looked visibly nervous as Frieza stood up from his flying chair.

"You are a very unusual saiyan, you caught my interest, I think I will deal with you myself. What's your name, monkey", he asked.

Bardock stopped his massacre and looked at the tyrant with pure.

"I'm a saiyan from planet Vegeta to defeat you. The legendary warrior, with a cold heart ignited by rage... I'M YOUR HAPPY FOOL'S DAY!"

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