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Meanwhile the Hokage asked for a moment of attention.

"Ladies, Gentlemen, students... I hope you are enjoying this event as much as me. Now let's proceed for the part you were waiting... Let's start the mini tournaments!"

First there were the tournaments of the younger classes. Each class had a tournament for boys and one for girls, a custom that was introduced after some civilian parents protested because girls had to take some special classes (like flower arrangement) while the boys used that time for physical training.

"Kushina would have complained about that...", thought Arashi while watching the matches.

He noticed that many villagers were making bets about the combats, perhaps he could take advantage of it.

Father and son were watching the matches in luxurious armchairs that were brought by their demiclones, one of them brought bowls of ramen from Ichiraku for Naruto and other some expensive sake for Arashi.

"Dad, why the demiclones brought three armchairs while we are two?", asked Naruto while gulping his ramen.

Arashi looked at the empty armchair.

"This one is reserved for your mother...", said looking at Kushina, who was indeed sitting in the armchair, smiling at them.

Naruto took a more serious face.

"Dad, do you think that Mom will be really watching my fights?", asked.

"I guarantee you, she'll watch them", said Arashi smiling under his mask.

"Then I'll make her really proud of my progress!", proclaimed the boy.

They were not aware of the elder Hyuugas listened their conversation.

"It's confirmed, Arashi won't take any other wife. We won't have to worry about another Uzumaki brat, Naruto will be his only son", thought Lady Miho.

"He also miss her wife...", thought Hiashi sadly.

When Hinata heard about Naruto's mother she reminded the talk she had with his father


Naruto, Neji and Hinata focused their chakra into their papers.

Naruto's splitted into two halves, Neji's turned into dust and Hinata's dampened.

"As I thought...", said Arashi, "... Naruto has Wind affinity, Neji has Earth affinity and Hinata has Water affinity"

He created two bunshins.

"Ok, each one of you will come with one of us and receive your present and tips about how to use it properly", said one of the Arashis.

Hinata followed the Arashi that was designed to her to a pond. He removed his mask.

"I'm glad I don't have to hide my true identity from you, Hinata, being all day with a mask is really annoying", said with a smile that reminded Naruto's.

The girl couldn't help but blush at him.

"Why the hell is she blushing now? Naruto is not near", thought the blond man.

"He, he. I bet she's figuring out how Naruto will look when he is older", thought Kushina amused.

He handed the girl some scrolls.

"Here you have, they have some mid to high level water jutsus that will be very useful to you. They also have some tips about taijutsu for water users that I think will make your Jyuuken stronger. Most people from your clan are earth type and the Jyuuken was created based in that premise", said the man.

Hinata was really surprised, that could explain why she had so many problems learning her family's style of fighting.

"T-thank you v-very much Yondaime-sama... I-I'll try to make the most of them", said the girl bowing.

"I know you'll do it, Hinata-chan", responded Minato smiling, making her blush again.

"B-By the way... W-Where did you get the scrolls? Are you also a water type?", asked her.

"No, I'm wind type like Naruto. These scrolls are copies from the ones that belonged to Naruto's mother, who was water type like you", said Minato.

"M-Minato-sama, I can't accept them! They should be for Naruto!", said her giving back the scrolls

"Don't say nonsenses, Hinata-chan. As I said they are copies and Naruto will be happy if his best friend learns from them", responded the former Kage giving them back to her before dispelling himself.

"A-Am I N-Naruto-kuns best friend!?"


"Now I'll have to show what I learned in these last days... I-I hope to not disappoint anybody...", thought the young heiress.

The combats of the youngest classes finished with Konohamaru as the boy's champion he win without fighting in any of his matches because the other boys didn't want to hurt the Hokage's grandson. The little boy was really angry.

"The day I'll take off my mask people will start to treat Naruto like that unless he builds a name by himself...", thought Arashi amused.

Next came the combats of the other classes, none of them impressed the former Kage.

"A consecuence of these peaceful times... The adding of students from civilian families without ninja tradition has lowered the medium level of our ninjas. No wonder why now there's a 66 failure rate in the real genin test...", thought.

Finally came Naruto's class turn.

"Ready to show your skills, Son?", asked Arashi.

"Yes, now people will see a true show. Yesterday I asked Shino and Shikamaru to not hold back if they face me and I didn't leave them alone until they agreed", said Naruto.

Arashi didn't say anything, he asked himself how those two will manage to keep their cover and the promise.

The first combat was Shino vs Sai.

It was the most interesting combat of all seen at the moment. Both boys had to hold themselves against each other; Sai had to limit himself to small creatures like rats and weasels while Shino used his bugs with less efficiency than he was acustomized. However both boys showed skill and tactics that should have been normal for experienced genins, not for Academy students of the penultimate class.

Sai was seemed to win the combat when he managed to sneak behind Shino after deceiving him with a bunshin (the normal one, not his ink ones); however Shino turned out to be a bug clone that enveloped the Root agent. The real Shino appeared from behind a tree.

"Give up, my bugs will drain your chakra if you don't", said the Aburame.

Sai responded with a smile.

"Give up yourself, you didn't notice the ink snake that is near your neck", responded pointing to the snake that fell upon Shino.

The Aburame already knew of the snake, but it was part of his plan.

"We should call this a draw, don't you think so?", asked Shino.

"Yes, a draw seems good", responded Sai with his eternal smile.

Iruka declared the combat a draw and both opponents left the fighting area.

The second combat was Naruto against a boy who was considered the second best of the class. Most bets were against the Uzumaki kid.

"I'm sorry for you if you want to renounce your money", thought Kushina.

The boys got into the fighting area, Naruto looked confident while the other boy was reminding how Naruto sent Mizuki to the hospital.


The boy threw quickly some blunted shurikens at Naruto, hoping to knock him before the blond used that jutsu. However, as it was seen before, an important part of Naruto's training was dodging range attacks against an opponent who improved at the same pace as him. He dodged all shurikens easily while performed his counter attack.

"Kage Shuriken no jutsu!", shouted.

The poor was too surprised for the sudden attack that he couldn't defend himself and ended with bruises over all his body. Iruka declared Naruto the winner.

Arashi regreted not bringing a camera for inmortalize the faces of the adults who saw the match.

He told Naruto to not use that jutsu again unless he faced somebody like Sasuke.

Next combat was Shikamaru versus Chouji. The genious extended the fight hiding his true potential until he managed to inmovilize his friend with his Kage Mane no Jutsu. They stood quiet for a minute until Shikamaru released Chouji and gave up saying that he was out of chakra.

"My partners from the future saved their cover...", thought Arashi, "... as the combats are arranged Naruto and Sasuke will meet in the finals"

After some combats finally came Sasuke's turn, against Kiba.

Kakashi joined Arashi and Naruto.

"How strong his your protegee, Kakashi?", asked Arashi.

"More than you expect. But it's better to see it...", said the Hatake in a misterious tone.

The Inuzuka performed his family signature jutsu, that gave him more bestial features and increased his physical performance and senses. He charged at the Uchiha confident of his taijutsu skills and speed.

The last thing he saw before being punched in the gut were a pair of red eyes with a single tomoe in each one.

Kiba regained the balance quickly, looking surprised at Sasuke's eyes.

"These must be the famous Sharingan eyes", thought.

Everyone was impresed again but not more than the former Kage.

"The Sharingan!? He was not supposed to awake it too soon!", exclaimed Arashi.

"A particularity of the Sharingan is that it can awake after a traumatic situation...", explained Kakashi, "I think Sasuke awoke his after seeing again Itachi in the Arena"

"Yes, that must be the reason", agreed Arashi.

(The truth was that Sasuke's Sharingan activated because the closet incident in the Hokage's office)

Kiba fought well but he was easily defeated by the Uchiha.

Before the second series of combats among the boys came the girls first ones.

They were not as good as them, in fact the only ones who brighted were Ino and Hinata.

Talking about the shy girl, she surprised her family when she used variations of the Jyuuken strikes, focusing more on hit her opponent than doing the strike in the traditional way. It looked like she was dancing instead of fighting, the result was as elegant as effective.

The series of combats of boys and girls continued.

Naruto beat the rest of his opponents using mainly taijutsu, having the original body doing only physical exercises while the clones performed a train worth of many months (with a Kage supervising it) turned Naruto into one of the best fighters of the Academy.

Sasuke beat his opponents without needing the Sharingan. Chouji lost against a much faster Naruto.

The boys's finals will be between Naruto and Sasuke.

Amomg the girls Sakura, Ino and Hinata proved to be the best. Ino passed to the finals while Hinata faced Sakura in the semifinals.

Naruto cheered fot both girls in their previous fights but now he couldn't decide between supporting Hinata or Sakura

He figured out a perfect solution for the problem.

"Demi Bunshin no Jutsu!", shouted.

When the smoke dispelled there were two groups of Narutos. One group wore t-shirts with Sakura's portrait while the other had t-shirts with Hinata's face.

The girl's was acompained with the cheers of two groups of noisy blondes.

Hiashi looked at the group who was cheering for his daughter slighty annoyed.

"He is able to do that jutsu... The copy from his last grades we got said that he was unable to do a simple bunshin. His father took his training very seriously...", thought the Hyuuga leader.

The groups of clones cheered the girls until they faced among themselves.

"She has weird eyes!"

"No she doesn't, her eyes are cool!"

"Sakura is beautiful!"

"She has a huge forehead! And Hinata is nice!"

"Sakura is the smartest!"

"She likes the Teme, she shouldn't be as smart!"

The discussion turned soon into a pitched batlle.

People took more attention to the Naruto's than the girl's fight.

When Iruka proclaimed Hinata as the winner, her group won the battle because the other demoralized. Sakura was tempted to hit the real Naruto for distracting her but she couldn't move her arms.

Then finally came the combat between Naruto and Sasuke.

Both boys got into the fighting are. Many villagers made their bets. Sasuke's fangirls cheered for him while Naruto's had to hold themselves (the prohibition from their parents to keep away from him was still in force)

Naruto performed some hand signs.

"Fuuton: Renkuudan!"

Naruto exhaled a powerful burst of comprised air that caught the Uchiha off guard knocking him.

"He mastered the his first Wind jutsu really quickly, when he learns some more we'll find out what are his secondary elements", thought Arashi.

Sasuke recovered and attacked with kunais. This time Naruto had more problems dodging them. Before he realized it Sasuke was performed his own jutsu.

"Katon: Goukakyou no Jutsu!"

Naruto was engulfed by the flames before he could do anything.

"Yes! The Uchiha killed the Demon Brat. Now lets take the winnings from the bets... Why his father isn't affected?", thought a Naruto hater.

Is question was responsed almost inmediately, Sasuke only burned a log.

Appeared from behind a tree and charged at Sasuke.

The Uchiha activated his Sharingan and proceeded to exchange blows with Naruto. At first it seemed that Sasuke had the advantage because he dodged and blocked more attacks but Naruto's attacks were stronger and he was more tough than his rival. Sasuke soon realized that and send Naruto to pond with a kick, looking for a range combat.

Naruto emerged from the pond and stood there in a fighting stance and a serious face.

The impact opened his jacket. (Did I say that he took his father's habit of going without nothing? He did.) Now a silvery necklace with a green stone was visible hanging in his neck.

"The Shodaime's Stone...", thought Shino, "... I almost forgot that the Naruto from our time gave it to his father"

Lady Miho looked at the stone like a magpie. She discovered it's existence when she followed Arashi to the jewelry shop.

"When we achieve our plan that Stone will belong to the Hyuugas!", thought.

Hinata was also looking at Naruto, but for other reasons: Naruto was with his blond hair wet and exposing the results of his new training regimen, he looked much better than the photos she had hidden in her room. She had a tremendous blush and a small nosebleed. Same happened with Naruto's fangirls.

"That reminds me when Minato fought Gai...", thought Kushina amused at the girls reactions, even Ino and Sakura were blushing.

Naruto performed the hand signs from before.

"Fuuton: Renkuudan!"

Sasuke saw his opportunity.

"Katon: Goukakyou no Jutsu!"

"Sasuke will win, fire is stronger than wind!", exclaimed Sakura and most people who heard about the Rock-Scissor-Paper game that was among the elements.

To their surprise when Sasuke's fireball impacted with Naruto's burst of hair, Naruto's attack turned into a superheated fireball that headed to Sasuke.

The Uchiha barely escaped from the attack using a Kawarimi. His t-shirt was on fire, he removed it to his fangirls delight.

"Yes! Sasuke-kun too!", exclaimed Inner Sakura happily.

"H-how could happen that?", asked some confused students from Neji's class, "... Wind is supposed to be weak against Fire..."

"This is an exception of the rules...", explained their teacher, "... Other elements are overwhelmed by their opposite, but Wind is not overwhelmed by Fire: it ignites. Naruto's attack had more speed than Sasuke's so it turned into a fireball with less speed. If the speed of Sasuke's attack were higher than Naruto's the resulting fireball would have headed to Naruto. For that reason Wind and Fire users can combine their attacks"

Naruto pointed at Sasuke.

"Ok Tem- I mean Sasuke. Now you'll see an impressive attack", proclaimed Naruto.

"He took my advice and didn't use that insult. I bet he will use the Kage Bunshin", thought Arashi.

"Sexy no Jutsu!"

Sasuke was sorrounded by beautiful teenage girls, this time in bikinis.

They giggled and hugged the Uchiha to his fangirls fury and the adult men envy.

"This won't work against me, Baka", said Sasuke with a slight blush.

"What!? This is impossible, this attack is invicible... Oh, now I know", said the blond.

He dispelled the girls.

"Sexy no Jutsu, Especial Edition!", shouted.

When the smoke dispelled Sasuke was sorrounded by muscular teenage boys in swin suits.

Everyone sweat dropped.

People started to whisper, Sasuke's blood was boiling.

"I'm not one of "those"!! Stupid Moron!!", exploded.

Sasuke threw all the throw weapons he had left, Naruto now had real problems to avoid them, two of them even made impact.

The Sharingan user performed the hand signs for his Goukakyou no Jutsu gathering all the chakra he had left.

"Katon: Goukakyou no Jutsu!!", screamed.

Naruto had not time to perform his Renkuudan, when the huge Fire Ball almost hit him he used the first technique that appeared in his mind.

"HIZASHI!", shouted.

Naruto's chakra ray pierced through Sasuke's fireball destroying it and impacting on Sasuke's gut.

The Uchiha dangled a little and then fell to the ground unconscious.

Iruka checked him.

"He will get well... Because his adversary is KO I proclaim Naruto the winner of the boys category of his class", said the chuunin teacher.

People was too impressed to say anything, these who weren't in the last class made a combat that looked like it was done by chuunins, at least for the level of some of the jutsus.

There was a first clapping, then other, then another and soon most of the public was making an ovation. There were exceptions, those who made bets against Naruto.

Naruto headed to his father who hugged him.

"Have you seen that, Dad? I told you that I was going!", proclaimed the really happy blond boy.

"Yes, I knew you would win. You made a good combat", said Arashi proudly ruffling his son's hair.

Then for a moment Arashi looked extremely surprised.

"What's going on, Dad? It's something wrong", asked a concerned Naruto.

"There's nothing wrong, Son...", said Arashi regaining his composture, "... Come on let's see how Hinata wins"

"Ok, Dad", said Naruto heading to see the match between Hinata and Ino.

However the truth was taht Arashi was really agitated. He just received some memories from his clones. The preparations will take months but he couldn't wait to go back home and start his duty.

Finally he knew the way to revive Kushina.

This chapter turned longer than I expected. I wanted to finish the Parent's Visit Day arc here but it will be done in the next update.

Next chapter will be divided in two parts: The first one is the end of this arc and the second one... Well you'll have to wait to see it.


Naruto charged at Sasuke. The Uchiha was ready to counter whatever attack the Uzumaki would try but something unexpected happened.

Naruto tripped.

By pure instinct Naruto extended his arms to get grip on something.

He did it...

... on Sasuke's pants.

The last Uchiha ended with his pants pulled off.

Unfortunately for Sasuke, he has been too busy with Kakashi's training to do the laundry.

Because his mother told him to change underwear all days he had no choice but use one of the gifts from his fangirls.

Sasuke had pink shorts with Sakura's portrait on them.

"Sasuke-kun! You are using them!", exclaimed Sakura blushing.

"Take that Ino-Pig! He is mine!", shouted Inner Sakura.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!", screamed Ino and the other fangirls.

"How you dare to insult my daughter's honor!?", exclaimed a very angry pink haired man (Sakura's Dad) pointing at the shorts.

"Castrate him!! Beat him to a pulp!! RETRIBUTION!!", exclaimed Inner Sakura's Dad.

Kakashi intervened to save Sasuke's life.

Minutes later the man calmed down and stopped treatening Sasuke.

"What have you done to calm him down, Kakashi-san? A powerful genjutsu", asked the Uchiha (now with his pants pulled on).

"Nothing unussual, Sasuke. By the way, the wedding is in a week...", responded Kakashi.

"What are you talking about?", asked Sasuke.

A week later he was in the Fire Temple dressed with his father's kimono (modified for his size), Sakura wearing a beautiful wedding kimono also modified for her.

Sakura's father was behind them drawing a katana, ready to behead the boy if he tried to escape. Ino was one of Sakura's bridesmaids, she accepted after Sakura promised her that she will be the next wife. Kakashi was Sasuke's best man.

Naruto at first was a little depressed because Sakura marrying Sasuke but he forgot about it when Hinata (after gathering all her will) asked him to dinner at Ichiraku's.

Shino and Shikamaru were among the public, comenting the ceremony.

"Well, at least we won't have to worry about him leaving... His father in law will keep him in line..."

Unlike what you could think, they lived happily and years later Konoha was full of Sharingan wielders.



Naruto charged at Sasuke. The Uchiha was ready to counter whatever attack the Uzumaki would try but something unexpected happened.

Naruto tripped.

By pure instinct Naruto extended his arms to get grip on something.

He did it...

... on Sasuke's pants.

The last Uchiha ended with his pants pulled off.

Unfortunately for Sasuke, he has been too busy with Kakashi's training to do the laundry.

He opted to go without underwear.

Everyone was speechless.

"So, he has one...", commented Sai.

"SASUKE-KUUUUNN!!", screamed his fangirls before fainting from nose bleeds.

"His wives will be very happy...", thought Kakashi

"He will be able to rebuild the Uchiha in a generation...", commented one of the elders satisfied.

"Not bigger than mine...", thought Naruto, Kiba, Shikamaru, Chouji, Shino and Neji at the same time.

"Poor Sasuke, It's small...", thought Lee (who never saw another guy naked before).

From that day Sasuke had to use a henge for walk throught the street without being badgered by the females.


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