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MAJOR/MINOR CHANGES: I have come to realize that by having hermaphrodite characters, then it would be logical that they use the female genitalia to conceive a child. As it is, I am a proud yaoi fic-author and so (even though I am a straight woman) have no inclination to write any het acts -apart from mild kissing. Please read the whole fic again, if you wish to find out the changes or want to refresh your memory. If you have no patience for such, the main changes are listed at the end note -bottom of the page.

Uchiha Fugaku was certainly not the kind of person who gives a lot of opportunities and favours to his acquaintances, but neither is he someone who passes up an opportunity … a good opportunity. So when Uzumaki Arashi; the Head of Uzumaki Corps., which owns thousands of branches and influences around the world, ranging from restaurants and labelled clothes shops to the music and talent industry- asked for a private meeting, who was he to ignore this fortuitous luck! A private meeting between the families of the top two corporations certainly spells good fortune! He had recently learned of the birth of Uzumaki-san's first born child, for they had been very successful at covering the baby's existence and identity. And more than that, the child was exposed as a Blessed (pr: ble - sed). A Blessed is the term now used for a hermaphrodite and the evolved hermaphrodite. Yes, meaning that the child has both genitals of male and female. This revelation definitely brought Fugaku's spirits up. If he could arrange a marriage between Uzumaki-san's child and one of his sons; the unity between the Uzumaki and Uchiha Corps., will definitely bring up a storm for the whole world!

Blesseds became common occurrences around the world, compared to 100 years ago. The new evolved Blesseds had only turned up a mere half-a-century ago; which shocked scientists. Year 2100 had most certainly changed drastically, not only in machinery and gadgets but most important of all, in the human society. 2010 was expected to have been the greatest era of them all! Robots and cool gadgets amongst others were being invented and improved a mile-a-minute, that it was predicted that by 2015, everyone –even the poorest countries- will be living in luxury.

Instead, it brought the greatest devastation known to all men and to the entire humankind. A strange and deadly disease broke out from –up to today- an unknown source, and exterminated all of the female populace. Not one single female survived. Men all around the world grieved for this devastation, they grieved for their lost loved ones and family, and they also grieved for the looming inevitable; the extinction of all mankind. More humans were lost each day and this time it's the males taking the toll. The ones who died did not die of the disease; no … they died of suicide. Many had unfortunately lost their minds, their grief-stricken state pushing them to the edge of insanity. Some surrendered all hope, opting to die earlier than nature intended to be with the ones they loved. Some say it was witchcraft; of a woman scorned, who vowed revenge upon all men. Most say it was an invisible plague caused by Mother Nature in seeking vengeance upon humans, who forced extinction unto her children.

Scientists and Doctors and several others worked furiously, day and night, with no result. The women had died by thousands at such a furious pace that they were unable to even determine the symptoms. The virus had seemingly vanished after the female died, leaving absolutely no evidence for them to work on. They investigated probable causes; such as the food, water, chemicals, radiation, etc. And they all came to a conclusion that the virus travelled in the air; it was airborne.

Scientists were still adamantly looking for the cause and cure. Even though it is far too late, making a cure could prevent future problems. They were also very curious as to why the virus only affected females and not males, as well. Even more curious was the fact that females in the animal kingdom were not affected at all! With not even half a step forward, all hopes for human survival were fast depleting.

Until ground-breaking news of a relationship between a man and his partner, a hermaphrodite gave fruit to a pregnancy. The whole world was rejoicing! Although some, who discriminate against homosexuals, were very irked and disgusted by this new development. Doctors left their post at the investigation of the virus to focus on helping the Blessed at childbirth. They analysed every possible complications and solutions. Amazingly, everything turned out to be like a normal pregnant woman who was in labour; wherein, the 'mother' carried the infant for the whole 9 months. The child born was a hermaphrodite. They were given special attention by the government; the reason for this was to protect them against the mob of men that also want to … procreate. Luckily for the few Blesseds found around the world, they were given their own right to choose whomever they want to spend their life and have a baby with, and not forced to breed like common guinea pigs.

Only half a century ago, the new evolved Blessed was first recorded. Instead of physically having two genitals on the outside, the female genital moved inside the anus. So, to properly conceive a child, the dominant in the relationship would not only enter through the anus, but also an entrance inside. There have been cases of couples who don't want to have children yet, that don't enter through the second entrance -commonly known as the 'higher heaven'- and do succeed in not conceiving a child. A Blessed will never fail to be impregnated if entered through the higher heaven; however, that doesn't mean to say that a Blessed not entered through the higher heaven, would definitely not be impregnated. It's like a condom, there is only 98% of protection; there's just those unlucky few who squeeze through the narrow 2%.

And just 25 years ago families and friends of the Blessed were securely guarded against the angry and jealous contenders not picked by the Blessed. A new law was formed; any harm committed against a Blessed was punishable by law through execution, that's how extremely important Blesseds are in the world. It wasn't until recently that that Blesseds and their family and friends feel safer, as the amount of Blesseds increase each passing day.

A lot has changed since those trying times. Science books now contained not only a male and a female anatomy, but also a hermaphrodite and a newly evolved hermaphrodite. Homosexual relationships were now completely accepted by all. Pictures and videos of females were treasured by friends and families, to show to the next generation. Laws like: only 1 child per family in China was withdrawn. Of course, not everything is happy; with this new introduction, newer problems also arose; new illnesses concerning and affecting hermaphrodites. But with every problem comes a solution, so it's happy again!

Both of Fugaku's sons were Pure male, so they can only be bonded or married to Blesseds -if they want/need an heir, which they do. A Pure male, meaning that they had no female genital outside or inside; they are original males. He was a Pure male himself, but if they had been a Blessed like his bonded, then they could have had a much larger choice. They had found two kinds of Blesseds: one, which is more common is the Submissive Blessed and the other much rarer is a Dominant Blessed. Submissive Blesseds looks and acts more like the female specie, although still retaining a few male characteristics. They are small in stature and have lithe bodies, slender limbs and delicate features. Their curves aren't as prominent as the females, but it was there. They had to have a wider set of hips than males to help with childbirth. In contrast, Dominant Blesseds have a towering stature, muscled bodies with sinewy arms and a bigger package. Dominant Blesseds either bond with a Submissive Blessed or a submissive Pure male. In the relationship between a Dom Blessed and a submissive Pure Male, if both parties agree to want a child, the Dominant will allow the Pure male to impregnate him. All Blesseds get a tattoo at the age of 10: a small pointy, flower-like butterfly on the underside of their wrist. The colours differ: plain fuchsia pink for the Sub and plain red for the Dom, to signify their status to any suitors, if by their looks, an extremely stupid person couldn't determine which Blessed they are -but then again, who would bond with that?

"Oro-chan, are you ready yet?" Fugaku asked his bonded, while straightening his yukata in front of the full-length mirror. He looked at his bonded, Orochimaru, a gorgeous Sub who's feisty in bed … and the things he does with that tongue!! Woahh!

He leered at his bonded, who was wearing a female kimono, black in colour with vibrant red blooming flowers at the bottom left corner and the bottom of his long sleeves. The obi wrapped around it was white and pink in layers. He had black eye liner accentuating his unique golden eyes, with red dots following it. His sleek ebony hair was up in an intricate bun with a few strands left out, here and there. His lips were tinted pink with a touch of gloss; and a touch of blush to liven up his porcelain face. There were only three words running through Fugaku's brain; hot, hOT, HOT!!!

Orochimaru saw his husbands leer and raised an eyebrow. Fugaku took one step forward, "Not now!" He snapped.

Fugaku hung his head in despair, before straightening with the thought, Uchiha's do not sulk! But a small pout was still on his lips.

"Don't pout. Uchiha's do not pout." Stated Orochimaru, matter-of-factly.

"I do not pout!" he retorted, scowling at his bonded.

Again, Orochimaru only raised an eyebrow. Before the couple could go out on a full-on argument, which will definitely end in a very vocal make-up sex, a servant came in to announce the arrival of their guests. Immediately, both straightened out their clothes and with Orochimaru's hand on Fugaku's arm, they made their way to the grand but still homey living room. Along the way they met up with their two sons, checking that they were appropriately attired. Orochimaru fussed around Sasuke, who was adamantly trying to push away the annoying hands, while Fugaku only eyed Itachi critically before nodding in assent. Orochimaru turned to Itachi and only dusted away at imaginary dust.

Sasuke used this time to straighten out his ruffled self. He scowled at Itachi, he wasn't fussed over like a baby .. unlike himself. He saw him smirk and scowled deeper. Stupid older brother!

Orochimaru and Fugaku were in front with their children following behind. They stopped in front of the door Sasuke situating himself beside Orochimaru's left side and Itachi, by Fugaku's right. He saw his Father nod at the servant as a sign to open the doors.

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