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Uchiha Sasuke sat mulling over what his Father had informed him, along with his Aniki, this morning. One of them was going to be betrothed to the son of Uzumaki-san. It was more likely that he was the one who was going to be betrothed, as he was closest to the age of the child. He was six years younger than his Aniki at ten.

He ignored the servant who was fussing over his attire and helping him with his yukata. 'I can't believe I'm going to be engaged to a baby!' he thought with slight horror, then added with a little curiosity, 'I wonder what he looks like?'

"Oi, Otouto. Put your arms down and let's go." Itachi said. "You look like an idiot, standing there like a crucifix... foolish, Otouto. Hn." he smirked superiorly as Sasuke snapped his arms to his side in embarrassment and start to blush. A scowl immediately formed upon the youngest Uchiha's brows and his onyx eyes hardened.

"Shut up, Aniki!"


Itachi moved towards the door, ignoring Sasuke. As they stepped out of the room, they spotted their parents. Their Father, Fugaku, stood regal and stoic beside their Okaa-sama, who was looking as beautiful and elegant as ever.

Itachi schooled his expression in an emotionless mask as Fugaku looked at him, and then nodded. He watched with sadistic glee as his Okaa-sama fussed over Sasuke. He used to be at the brunt end of that humiliating tirade. Thank God for puberty! After he hit his puberty and grew taller than his Okaa-sama, along with a deeper more manly voice, he reluctantly stopped fussing over him.

Sasuke loved his Okaa-sama dearly, but sometimes, he's just too … motherly! Like right now! Bloody hell! He shuddered to even think of his friends seeing him like this.

They all stopped in front of the door. On the other side of that wood – his fiancé-to-be … was probably cooing and drooling all over himself. This thought made him smile tenderly and also lessened the tenseness on his shoulders. Already, his fiancé can affect him in a positive way, and he hasn't even seen the little guy!

The doors opened to submit the Uchiha family inside the tastefully decorated receiving room, where the Uzumaki family were waiting. When the Uzumaki couple moved to stand up in courtesy, Fugaku raised his hand to stop them and gestured them to resume their places. "There's no point of standing when we'll all be sitting back down in a matter of seconds."

After all of the Uchiha members have situated themselves upon the soft cushions facing the Uzumaki's, they got on to business. The tall, blond haired, blue-eyed Dom Blessed started, "Well, Uchiha-san –"

"Please, call me Fugaku. By the end of today, we'll be considered families." Fugaku interrupted with a sincere smile.

"Yes, of course. As I was saying, Fugaku-san, we're here to offer our precious baby's hand in marriage to one of yours." He gestured to the figure beside him where a beautifully exotic Ditee (pr: die – tee.. - called for Submissive Blesseds) was kneeling.

He had luminous blood-red hair cascading down his shoulders and pooling around him. Equally red eyes stared at them, confidence and intelligence, shining through. His eyelids were smeared with dark smoky eye shadow, vividly pronouncing his eyes even more. His lips, tinted cherry red, were smiling at them, oozing charisma and charm. In his arms, nestled in a cocoon of red silk, that was his mother's kimono, was the cutest most adorable baby ever created on Earth. Captivating cerulean eyes blinking brightly in curiosity and innocence at them. Soft pink lips formed in a natural cute out. His body was wrapped in delicately hand-woven cotton, coloured in dark blue. Orochimaru immediately cooed at the cute young baby and started nudging Sasuke and telling him how lucky he was to be engaged to the most beautiful creature on Earth.

"Well then, Sasuke," Sasuke blinked, startled from his intense stare at the baby, "Meet your future spouse." Fugaku, proudly, said to his youngest son.

"Ah, so it will be Sasuke-kun who will take our little Naru-chan. It makes sense."

"Yes, Kyuubi-san. I think it best that Sasuke here be the husband as he's closer to young Naruto's age."

"Yes, quite right." Kyuubi nodded in solemn, then he turned to Sasuke and said, "Well, Sasuke-kun, we give you our Naru-chan's hand in marriage. Do you accept?"

"Er.. Yes. Yes, I do." Sasuke berated himself for stuttering, his Father must be so disappointed in him. He hesitantly turned his head to the right where his Okaa-sama then his Father sat. He felt relief wash over him as his look was returned with a small smile of assurance.

He turned back to the beautiful Kyuubi-san just in time to focus on his words. "Please take care of him , and love him as we would and wouldn't."

Kyuubi noticed the confused look on the youngest Uchiha's face and explained. "Love him in a caring and understanding way -that we would. And love him in a soulful and passionate way -that we wouldn't." He winked, as Sasuke's face change in understanding and his face heated furiously.

The Uchiha and Uzumaki parents signed papers and documents to finalise and legally bind their sons to each other. Sasuke and Naruto are now legally married; they just have to do a wedding ceremony when Naruto is sixteen -if they wanted. After the formalities were finished, they all moved to the garden where a raised platform made of bamboo was situated. As Fugaku ordered for the prepared food to be brought out, the rest leisurely admired the surrounding nature.

"Ahh, it feels so refreshing and calming. And such amazing plants. And -oohh, look how they are arranged. Simply fabulous! Tell me, Orochimaru-san, who is this amazing person to create this lovely paradise? I must meet with them, I have a large open grass that needs this kind of therapy!" Kyuubi enquired giddily.

Orochimaru was pleased to find that Kyuubi-san could admire the majestic heaven, that is their garden. He smiled, "Why, you are looking at that 'amazing person' right now, Kyuubi-san. I did everything. It took quite a while; I had no intention of letting just anyone handle my garden,.The last time that happened ended quite disastrously." At this Orochimaru glared balefully at his husband; who quickly defended himself with, "What? Do you have any idea how hard I resisted when I saw you kneeling down on all fours over your flower-bed!? Besides, I was just going to pat away some dirt, and then you moaned, and I just couldn't resist!" Fugaku said, with a dreamy sigh; everyone could tell he was reminiscing what happened. "You screamed so lou –"

"Not in front of the children!" Orochimaru squeaked*, his face flushing in embarrassment. The guests were chuckling along with Fugaku, who pulled his wife closer kissing his neck in apology. He knew that if there were only the adults there, that his wife would have retorted with an equally embarrassing story directed at him. Both their children had slightly wider eyes, staring at them in horror; which made them laugh all the more.

"Now look, you've scarred the poor little things." Arashi said, still chuckling.

Kyuubi smiled, "Sasuke, would you like to hold Naruto?" Sasuke stared at her, then at the baby, then back at her, then at the baby, then ba – Kyuubi gently pushed Naruto into his arms, amused but quite tired of Sasuke repeating the same thing over and over again.

Sasuke sat stunned while holding little Naru. Looks like the little guy took a little nap. He fussed, then settled when his ear was right beside Sasuke's heart beat. Sasuke's lips twitched and hugged the little body close to him. No sooner had he done that, that the small one's eyes opened. He blinked a few times, looked into the eyes of Sasuke and smiled.

Sasuke wanted to feel those plump cheeks against his skin; they look so soft and smooth. He raised his hand to caress the cheek, and indeed, it was soft and smooth. Naru-chan closed his eyes, seemingly savouring the touch. When he withdrew, those eyes snapped open and clutched a finger in his small hands. Sasuke managed to stop the chuckle that threatened to come out at the utter cuteness of his little wife; but then he couldn't stop the flush that splayed on his cheeks as Naru began to suck on the finger in his clutches.

"Tsk, tsk. Otouto, you shouldn't molest innocent little babies." Itachi said, shaking his head in faux disappointment, softly laying his cheek on Naru's head while looking amusedly at his brother. He smirked when the flush deepened and reached his ears; it was a funny sight, indeed.

"I am not molesting him, you –" He didn't get to finish as the food had arrived. Itachi had taken Naru and no sooner had he removed his finger from those silky lips and move to his seat, an ear-splitting wail came from the tiny body.

"Oohh, this ones gonna be a long one." Arashi commented, moving to take little Naru. Then he noticed him looking towards Sasuke and also his hands were closing and opening towards him, that he finally understood. "Itachi, could you please give him back to Sasuke?"

Itachi did as he was told, silently thankful to be able to move away from the sound to check if his ears were still working. For such a small body, Naru could pack quite a scream. He watched in fascination as the small mouth immediately closed and only opened to let a small coo out, when he was finally in Sasuke's arms. His small hands were fastened to the yukata the young Uchiha was wearing. Sasuke hugged him close, wiping the tears away with his own sleeves.

"Wow! That was amazing! You know, it normally takes us about an hour to get him to quiet down." Kyuubi said with a happy smile.

"Really?" asked Sasuke.

"Yeah. You wouldn't believe how much I go through just to make him laugh. Kyuubi's sense of humour is not of this dimension, let me tell you that." Arashi said, a hint of warning in his voice.

But Sasuke wasn't listening any more. All his attention was focused on the soft gaze he and Naruto were sharing; the soft smile on his lips went unnoticed by him, but not the others. They all smiled knowing that those two were a perfect couple, even at such a young age.

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