Ah, hehe. I realised what my Mistake was before hand. I wasn't focusing the prompts on a SINGULAR character. Oy… . Thus I've revised the entire set-up 'k.

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#01. Disgust

He'd done a few twirls, a dive and even a loop! Perhaps Sprocket wouldn't show her disgust at his next performance of love ?

#02. Shelter

"And why do you need to hide in my temple again?" enquired Alastor, "Sprocket caught me taking pictures of her again", the devil moves aside and sighs waving an arm.

#03. Borrow

Looking over the junk that Bruce hacked up Charles can't keep his eyes off of the purple box, "Can I borrow that ?"

#04. Chair

He watches the others in a conference, sitting comfortably on luxurious velvet, honestly though, who needs a chair when you can fly ?

#05. Alter

He decorated the area around his coffin carefully, while he wasn't much of a religious person he'd certainly set his home up on a alter.

#06. Peace

They'd been banished to the real world and he had to sell vegetables, he hated when the good guys won.

#07. Beach

"Beach, coffin, beach, coffin", "Weighing up the odds sucka ?" staring in contempt at the rhino he paused, before coolly replying, "On one hand I'll burn to a crisp…on the other I get to see Sprocket in a bikini!"

#08. True

Spreading his wings out he rose, this weakling thought he could beat him ! Time to show him the ugly truth !

#09. Crazy

"Your crazy" Sprocket had said disdainfully, stepping on his fingers casually, he didn't even attempt to get up, simply sending a pained look at the curvaceous second in command before replying, "Only about you"

#10. Love

Now matter how many times she rejected him, hit him, hurt him, even set rabid Blankies on him, he'd still love her.