Disclaimer: I do not own these characters...They are from Piers Anthony's On A Pale Horse- Incarnations of Immortality.

How I Wished I Could Die Another Way


My parents couldn't provide for my three brothers and four sisters.
-We were inadequate- Not the food, not our basic needs to survive.
And I was the oldest sibling, the leader, their rolemodel.
-I couldn't fend for myself either, and yet, they honoured me.
Mother and father were always working at it. IT. As if they couldn't get enough!
-But I didn't give a damn- Maybe it was love...?
And one day we found an eviction notice taped to our door- We need be out by next week.
-Their panics started to arise; they finally realized the ache deep down in our tiny, little bodies.
The capacity of their knowledge was little-to-nothing, barely breaching zero.
-We're below the poverty line; they're job's worth pennies.
Finally an idea struck within my mothers head, somewhere deep down carved beyond her wits.

"We're going to sacrifice you honey."
"We're going to pay off the debt by surrending you as the Virgin Sacrifice."
Well done- bluntly said.

-The Virgin Sacrifice- Me? How I wish I could die another way.
They cried all night- my parents. However, it was all for show, otherwise they need not jump to conclusions.
-But I understand this sacrifice- for the sake of my sibings; I'll do anything.
It was either keep me, or make big money. They rather make big money.


I was imprisoned inside of the cage, as the fat man spoke to me.
I don't want to die, I do not want to die!
He asked me if I ever had physical sex. I nodded, no.
Is there any other way?

"They only prefer virgin meat. They also don't like those whom are drugged."
Drugs seem like a really good idea right now.

The ferocious and hungry dragon arrived; I was going to be slaughtered...by that.
-I was adequate. I was its' food, its' basic need to survive.
Fire sealed off my vision; it was time.
From a distance beyond the fire, a black-cloaked figure walked towards me.
It is Death! Here to come and take me away...
The man opened my cage, allowing me to escape from my freedom.

"Stop! I will replace her! I am here to replace her!"
"Let me replace her."
She turned towards me.
"You will not die tonight. You are safe."

Death, the black cloaked figure choked, looking discomforted.
--Luna! What are you doing!?


"Why are you alive?!"
My mother looked at me in trepidation.
-How I wish I could die.



A/N: Well, if you've read the story, you'd know what this is about.
Don't worry though, Death turned back time and summoned Chronos, the incarnation of Time, and replaced Luna with a virgin lamb. Luna was not harmed by the dragon.