A/N: I own nothing... Saddly enough. Chapter is in Rory's POV. The POVs change from chapter to chapter with the character.

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Lying eyes

He was looking at me that way again. God, I hate it when he does that, because I wanted to believe those lyin' eyes. That look that told me that I was his whole world. And at first, I had believed him. But that was at the beginning.

That was before the partying, the lying, the cheating, all of it. I took the hand he extended to me to help me out of the car, and got out gracefully. After two years, I'd become less klutzy and more graceful. I leaned down and grabbed a small clutch in the seat and slipped it onto my wrist next to the bracelet my mom had given me last year. I smiled at him and nodded slightly, letting him know I was ready. All he did was give me that infuriating half smile before leading me to the front gate of hell. Why did all the houses of the Hartford elite look the same? Cold, big, and void of love?

He knocked on the large, cherry wood door and it opened. The scene that played out within the next five minutes was one that I was used to. I put on my bright society face and Logan tightened his grip on me. I had noticed he was becoming more possessive of me by the day and I was starting to hate it. If I was honest I was starting to hateā€¦ I shook my head to stop that sentence from forming within me. I looked up at him, an outsider would have mistaken it for a look of love, when in reality I was silently begging him with my eyes to loosen his hold on me, physically and figuratively, but he didn't seem to notice me looking at him at all, he was looking elsewhere. 'Probably towards the bar.' I thought and inwardly sighed.

Before the party was half way over, I had lost Logan and I was bored out of my mind. I was sick of mingling and so I stood off in a corner. I let my eyes roam around the room, looking for Logan, and that's when I saw him. I felt my eyes widen and then before I knew it I was smiling in his direction. And then our eyes locked. Instantly, his face lit up and his eyes brightened, and I could swear I felt shock waves flow through my entire body. It had been so long since I had seen a smile like that directed at me. He no longer looked bored or tired as he had before. He said something to the man he was speaking to, and then the impossible happened- he began to walk towards me.