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I was sitting in the kitchen, talking to mom about Luke when I heard shouting, and a lot of it. The front door slammed and then Tristan appeared in the doorway. "Door's for you Mary. Is there a back door I can use?" Mom pointed to the back door and he started out it. Just before he closed the door, he paused. "I'm really sorry Mare." If I was confused before, I was really confused now. I opened the door and suddenly understood why he was sorry. There was Logan on my front porch looking pissed as ever. "Logan, I…" He turned to me and I just knew this wasn't going to end well. "You didn't come home because you were with… Him?" God, Logan couldn't even say his name. "It's not what it looks like! I had lunch with mom and then she wanted to show Tristan around and by then it was really late and…" He shook his head, cutting me off again. "How many times did you bring me to Stars Hollow?" His voice was lowered, but it still took me off guard. "Well… I…." I was grasping at straws, trying to make this work, but he shook his head again. "It's not my fault Logan!"

That only added more fuel to the fire. "Not your fault? You told me you were working!"
"I was! I had a business meeting with Charles DuGrey's client Mr. Schalupa. He's a friend of my grandpa's and I was doing Richard a favor by sitting in with Mr. Schalupa. I didn't know Tristan was going to be on point! Or there at all for that matter!" That seemed to calm Logan down a little. "What? He didn't mention it when you left me to meet up with him?" Ah, so Logan did know. "Logan, it was completely innocent! We were catching up and then I fell asleep while we were watching TV. I didn't mean…" Again, Logan shook his head. "How long?" What? "How long what? Now I have no clue what you're talking about!" He looked at me like I had just insulted his mother. "How long have you been cheating on me with… Him?" It was my turn to shake my head. "Logan, I…" - "How long?" He was irate now and honestly, I was scared. Where is Tristan?

My mother appeared behind me in the doorway. "Get out." Her voice was low and dangerous. "Now Logan. How dare you insult my daughter in my home! Get out." I watched Logan's anger deflate, but he left anyway. I went into the kitchen and sat back in the chair. By now my coffee was cold and nasty. I didn't even feel like drinking any right now anyway. "I'm just… Tired. I'm going to lay down." Mom nodded. "Alright hon." I trudged into my room and collapsed on the bed, not even bothering to close the bed room door behind me. I vaguely heard Tristan come in with the food and ask where I was. Tears welled up in my eyes, why hadn't he been here? He came in and closed the door. I felt the bed dip beside me and he started rubbing my back. I promised myself I wouldn't cry, and I was doing good until he started whispering his apologies. He put his hand on my shoulder and let me roll over. When I did, he laid beside me and wrapped me in his arms, holding me close, just letting me cry.

Finally when all my tears had run dry, I laid my head down on his chest. "Rory…" I shook my head. "Just hold me?" My voice was small, but firm. "Alright." And then he started to get up. "Just getting a blanket Mare." He smiled down at me affectionately. I offered him a small smile and nodded. He pulled the blanket up over us and I curled back up against him. "I'm sorry Mary." I shrugged. "I know you don't want to now…" He paused. Was he going to ask me out? What would I say? You would say yes. My mother's voice quieted my fears. "But if you want to talk about it, I'm here." Again I nod. After a while, I fell asleep next to him, wondering if he could make me happy.

The next morning, I woke to find myself safely tucked into Tristan's arms, sheltering me from the bad memory of the night before. And despite knowing that it wasn't possible I wanted to hide there forever. It was still dark out and I didn't want to budge but the thought that this wasn't fair to anyone kept skipping across my mind. I got up and changed as quietly as possible and slid out before anyone could stop me.

I drove all the way back to Yale thinking about what I would say. He had crossed so many lines before, the bridesmaids and the stunts, the drunken nights and now this... there was nothing that he could say that would ever make me forgive him. And there was the fact that I was falling in love with someone else after just two nights of being in the same space as them. I had to be honest and fair to Logan, and to myself.

The doorman greets me but I can tell something is off in the way he offers to have someone escort me upstairs and my antenna goes up. Our apartment is quiet and when I turn the key to open the door the bolt is done. The bolt is never done. So I unlock it and go in cautiously. And there on the couch, asleep and very naked is a presumably drunk Finn. I sigh, I should have know Logan would be up to his old tricks.

Waking a sleeping (drunk or sober) Finn is not only nearly impossible it can be dangerous to your health, mentally and physically. Poor Colin made the mistake the most recently and Finn thought he was the red head from the night before. Colin hasn't been the same since. So I moved behind the couch and shake Finn awake. He shoots up into a sitting position and starts looking around, startled. When he turns and sees me he screams. Yes, screams, like a little girl. I can't help the laughter that comes and should not have it held against me. I think of a million perverted jokes my mother would make at that moment and then Finn's face changes. From shock and surprise to just surprise. And when he speaks to me he is practically yelling.

"'Ello love! Fine evening it is, top of the morning and all that." I laugh again at him.

"Finn, you're Australian, not Irish." He furrows his brows at me as if I'd ruined his whole life.

"But the Irish have all the reds love!" Again I can't help but laugh and start to move into the bedroom when he stops me.

"You know... I think I had pants on when I got here. Will you be a doll and help me find them?" I nod and help Finn search through the rather large pile of clothes that are currently taking up most of the living room. I know the boys have always been slobs, but this is a new low that the apartment has taken. Finn is prancing around the living room grumbling something that I can't quite make out and then Colin appears with a blonde attached to his side.

"Oh! Rory! Goodness! What are you doing here?" And now, I am irritated. I burst into our bedroom to confront Logan and there he is. Sleeping, although it looks like he's done more than that with the brunette by his side.

"We played strip poker, you see and things got a little out of hand with the drinking..." Colin starts.

"So much drinking..." Finn interrupts.

"And I believe our friend has been wrongly taken advantage of. Just go into the living room and I'll take care of this." I do a mental check up. Am I sad? Yes. Is my heart breaking? No.

"How cliché. I mean, truly boys." Finn looks as if he's been reprimanded by his mother and Colin looks at his friend's sleeping form with a dissapointed look in his eyes.

"He told us you broke up, so we threw him a little party. The girls followed Finn back from the pub." I nod and smile at Finn.

"Well, that's a cliché too I'm afraid. But, as it is, I'm just getting my stuff and leaving." Finn's face says it all. They are sorry for this, and they don't want to lose their friend. That's what I've become, their friend. I talk them out of stupid schemes with the lure of safer ones, I help Finn find new red heads to fall in love with, and I've even gone shopping with Colin before. And Logan... I look at his still sleeping form, he always could sleep through anything, and the girl begins to stir beside him.

"On second thought, boys, buck up! Pack all of my stuff and bring it to Stars Hollow. Can you manage that?" My tone is firm, if they think I'm mad they'll move faster. Colin and Finn both salute me and start bustling for clothes and ordering the blonde around to help them.

I take one last look at what could have been my life and I am gone.

I am back in Stars Hollow in record time and I see all the lights are still out, everyone is still sleeping. I wish I could wake up. I sit in my car for what seemed like an hour before I realize that I can't. I am stuck here and it's mostly of my own making. I should have said no to our "business lunch" but if I was being honest, I didn't want to. I wanted to be with Tristan. In my heart, maybe I always had. Maybe Logan had just been a cheap knock off of who Tristan used to be. I shake my head at the thought... No. I had loved Logan. But I saw no future with him just like I didn't with Tristan in high school. To Logan, he had done nothing wrong last night, I had wronged him and he wronged me just the same. He wanted to be caught.

The sigh that escapes my lips is almost like a sob but I don't feel any tears. I sit and think on the happier times Logan and I had and everything we had been through. Some things just weren't meant to work out. I suppose this was one of them.

I sneak back into my childhood home and there he is, just laying there still sleeping peacefully and I sink back into his embrace. The love triangle's third piece has broken itself off and now the two other pieces could finally see how they fit together. I feel like a huge weight has lifted itself off my shoulders and now I could breathe again. I fall asleep there in his arms dreaming of the life I could have.

When I woke up the next morning, Loreali was already gone and had left a note. Somebody named Michelle was having some sort of catastrophe with someone named Chi-Chi or Chin-Chin so she had gone in early. Rory's keys were thrown on the kitchen table, so I drove to Luke's after a moments hesitation. I got us both some breakfast and managed to bribe Like into giving me a bag of his coffee grounds, hoping that would either help cheer Rory up or win me points with Loreali, or both. I thought, although I highly doubted it. When I got back, it was eleven thirty so I unfolded the newspaper I had gotten earlier that morning, but all I could think about was Rory. I had replaced the socks in the oven with the food, determined to keep it warm for her. Thirty minutes later, Rory appeared in the kitchen. "Good morning. I ran to Luke's and got us some lunch. Loreali had an emergency at the Inn but she'll be back…" I look up at her. My God, she's gorgeous. "whatever 'later' in Gilmore Girl language means." She smiled at me, a real smile and it felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. "For Luke's I might can forgive you for leaving me." I chuckled. So she did want me there. I thought to myself, assuming she was talking about this morning.

"I figured, plus I thought you might be hungry when you woke ip." She nodded. "When am I not?" That made me laugh. She's just too cute. "I'll let you make the coffee since I don't know how you do it. Although, I'm assuming pouring some coffee grounds in a cup of hot water would be acceptable." She smiled and then zoned out for a minute, thinking about something. "For mom it would." I nodded and went back to the newspaper article I was trying to read while she made the coffee. I was trying to take my mind off of the beautiful creature in front of me. She was going through her normal routine with me of all people. I didn't bother asking if she was alight or if she wanted to talk. I had told her that last night, and if she wanted me I was here.

She started bustling around the kitchen, dishing out food When she got out two coffee mugs, I looked up and shook my head. "I have juice." She made a face, giving me the impression she might disprove of my choice. "Well you're coffee might kill me." I threw a smirk her way and looked back down. She didn't say anything back, so I assumed she was letting it go. Just as I was thinking, that's not the Gilmore Girl way, DuGrey, something hit me in the back of the head. I turned around and just looked at her. When she stuck her tongue out at me, I folded up the paper that I couldn't concentrate on right now neatly and then walked into her room. I grabbed a pillow when I heard her bustling around the room again, I moved into the door way and threw the pillow at her head. All she could do was turn around and gape at me. And I smirked at her, more as a challenge than anything else. When she picked it up off the floor and crossed the kitchen, I knew I was in trouble. I slowly started backing away, as she started attacking me with it, laughing loudly. I retreated back into her room to get another, insistent on taking her mind off of the Logan situation.

After a while, I had her backed up against the foot of the bed. I stopped for a second, then speared her onto the bed. We were both laughing so hard, forgetting about the food, forgetting about Logan and Loreali, everything but each other. She stopped laughing and looked up at me. When our eyes locked I couldn't look away or move, all I could think was, this feels so right. Rory moved underneath me, and so I started to move and get up when she quickly wrapped her around my neck, stopping me from moving. By the look on her face, I could tell she knew I was surprised. "Rory, I…" I wanted her to know that we didn't have to do anything if she wasn't ready, and then she kissed me. That one kiss was better than any other kiss I'd ever had. I never wanted to leave the comfort of her arms. I wanted this to last forever.

I slid my hand up under her top and over her flat stomach, and the other one found its way to the small of her back, bringing her closer to me. Our tongues were dueling for control. I wanted her to be as close as human possible and then, she slid her hands underneath my shirt, and almost shyly running them over my back and arms. I felt her tense, and then her kiss became more demanding. She pulled my shirt up over my head, only breaking our kiss for a second before I fused my lips back to hers again. I reluctantly when air became a necessity, I pulled away from her. I didn't want her to move away from me, so I started kissing my way down her smooth, creamy neck and over her soft shoulder, pulling her shirt up as I went. I wanted to growl out of frustration, her shirt was becoming an issue. I yanked it off of her and repositioned myself over her, not giving her time to think about it. I moved to the other side of her neck, sucking and nibbling, licking and biting, kissing and caressing. I wanted to make her feel the way she made me feel, letting her know without words that Logan could never make her feel the way I did. As I sucked on her pulse point, determined to leave my mark on her, she moaned and her hips pushed up into me, making me groan at the contact. She was amazing, and she didn't even know it. I pulled her as close to me as humanly possible without crushing her, making her moan again into my lips as I kissed her, and I couldn't hold back a grin as I continued kissing her. I broke away again and unsnapped her white lacy bra. She tried to cover herself at first until our eyes met. "You're beautiful Rory." I could tell she had become more comfortable with the situation. I looked at her for another moment and then started toying with her breasts when the phone went off on the nightstand, causing us to jump apart, breathless.

I secretly hoped she wouldn't answer it and let us go back to the way we were, but no such luck. She moved to get it and cursed. I knew it was Logan the second she moved, I could tell by the look on her face. She opened her phone and then turned it off, I hid a smirk and turned back around. I heard her move around, probably looking for her shirt. Then the coffee maker dinged, bringing me out of my thoughts. "I'm gonna.. Go…" She motioned towards the kitchen when I grabbed her hand. "Mary, it's alright." I brought her hand up to my lips and kissed the back of it, pulling her down to sit next to me on the bed. "We don't have to do anything you don't want to." She nodded and then took a deep breath. "It's not that I don't, it's just…" I couldn't help it, I kissed her, cutting her off then shrugged. "Then I'll wait until you are ready." She smiled over at me. "When did you become perfect?" I smirked and leaned in to whisper, "While you weren't paying any attention." My nearness made her shiver, and we both thought back to what happened a moment ago.