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Chapter one: Disrupted Plan

Soon, L will die. Light thought smugly to himself. All I have to do is give the order to Rem and it will all be over.

Light and the miniature investigation team stood behind L, who typed away on one of the office computers. L sat in his awkward way with only his feet touching the chair's base and his back crouched over. The Death god, Rem hovered above the dark-haired eccentric detective.

L picked up the investigation team's Death Note with two fingers, "Rem, can someone write fake rules in the Death Note?"

Rem answered vaguely, "All humans must abide by the Death Note's rules."

Light tried to hide his smile. It's not going to work, Ryuzaki. Rem will never leak out any information.

"I see," L placed the Death Note down again, "Light-kun, Why are you still here? The chain is off now and you can go where ever you like."

Light tried to sound indignant, "Do want me to leave?"

"No, quite the opposite actually," L swung around in his office chair, "But your behavior has just been odd lately."

Mr. Yagami defended his son, "Don't tell me that you still think that Light could be Kira. The rules in the Death Note prove he's innocent." The other members of the investigation team nodded in agreement.

"Technically, only one rule proves Light-kun's innocence," Ryuzaki referred to the 13 day rule. (The fake rule that states if the Death Note user stops writing names in the Death Note for over 13 days, the Death Note user will die.)

Light folded his arms, "And that's the rule which you think is fake, correct?"

L smiled at him, "That deduction would be correct, Light-kun."

Damn him. The sooner he dies the better. Maybe I should act insulted and leave. Then I can tell Misa to give the order to Rem for me. Light angrily turned around and started walking toward the exit.

Light heard L ask suddenly, "Am I your friend, Light-kun?"

I want you to die so badly. Light turned to face the detective, "Of course, you are. You're the only person I know that I can talk to on a mentally same level." The things I have to go through to create a perfect moral kingdom.

"That's good," L stood up from his chair, "Then can I ask for a favor from you as a friend?"

What the hell is he up to? "Sure, Ryuzaki. What do you want?"

"Can I give you a lie detector test?"

Light froze, "What?"

Mr. Yagami objected, "My son is not Kira!"

L explained, "Mr. Yagami, if your assumption is true then a lie detector test should prove Light's innocence. With all due respect, you should want Light to take this test."

Matsuda commented happily, "Oh, Ryuzaki has a point. Since Light has nothing to hide, the test should be easy for him to pass."

"True," Mr. Yagami glanced at his son, "Light, do you want to take the test?"

All eyes fixed upon Light, especially the pitch black ones of the curious detective. Light shuddered inwardly, Damn it. Then Light calmly requested, "Ryuzaki, can I ask why you haven't given me a lie detector test before?"

"Because they aren't always reliable and some criminals can fake their way through. I'm just interested to see how you would handle the situation."

I don't have much of a choice. I just have to figure out a way to pass. "Okay, Ryuzaki. I already know that I'm not Kira but if this will bring you peace of mind, I'll take the lie detector test."

"Thank you," L sat back down in his weird way, "I'll give you the test myself tomorrow."

"Alright, I'll be heading home now," Light strolled to the door and wrapped his hand around the handle, about to leave the room.

"Oh, and Light-kun," L suddenly stated from the other side of the room, "If I died before you took the test, it would seem very suspicious, wouldn't it?"

"Yes, Ryuzaki. It would," an extremely irritated Kira left the room.

End of chapter one

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