chapter 1 – Return

Valley of end -

A bloodied and beaten Naruto walked over the exhausted Sasuke lying on the floor . They looked at each other a few seconds until Naruto spoke.

"Hey teme you okay?" said Naruto

Then Sasuke raised an eyebrow 'I nearly killed him and he cares for me instead of him , I'm such a fool'

"Not bad as you , dobe" replied Sasuke "Naruto … I'm sorry for trying to kill you , I was blinded for power and the cursed seal was increasing that desire" finished with a painful expression.

Then Naruto smiled "No problem teme , can you stand up ?"

"Dobe my chakra is depleted , can't move , guess you'll have to carry me to Konoha" said Sasuke with an smirk

"You bastard" yelled Naruto while picking him bridal style , then the both laughed and left the area.

"Interesting" said a figure that had half body underground as he left.

- Konoha -

The team along with the Gaara siblings arrived at the gates ,

Tsunade and Jiraiya along with Sakura and some villagers.

The Hokage was checking they were injured then Sasuka as bitch

as always opened his mouth.

"Where's Sasuke-kun I swear if that Naruto-baka don't brough

bring him back" threatened Sakura

All the people glared at her , then Lee interrupted "After fighting

leader of the Sound Four , some guy with a bone bloodline of the

Kaguya clan he went to fight Sasuke"

Then Sakura snorted "Like the dead-last could do that , there's no

way he could beat my Sasuke-kun" , people began to leek killer

intent , Tsunade was extremely pissed , Jiraiya was holding her

back to not kill the pinky bitch .

'How could she treat his team-mate like that , after all he has

done for Gaara' thought Temari in anger

"Let's just wait" replied Shikamaru

Forest –

Naruto was walking towards Konoha with Sasuke in his back then the black haired boy though ' I wonder what was that red chakra '

"Hey Dobe , what was that red chakra" asked the Sasuke

Then Naruto narrowed his eyes and signed making worry Sasuke

"Well I hope you don't hate me but you deserve to know" said Naruto 'Hate him?' though Sasuke

"Your remember to history of the Nine-tails?" asked Naruto

"Yeah big deal the Yondaime defeated him in cost of his life" replied Sasuke then Naruto laughed.

"What's wrong dobe" asked Sasuke in concern

"Well teme , that history was a lie , the Yondaime couldn't kill the strong and almight Kyuby 'inside Naruto , Kyuby heard that and his ego increased' , so what happened to the Kyuby , the only thing that could keep him from destroying the village it's sealing him" Sasuke began to understand those words "But what could keep such powerful force of nature 'insert Kyuby laught here' , a newborn baby who's chakra coils wasn't developed , then Kyuby chakra will be gradually absorbed each year , Yondaime last wish was to threat the baby like a hero too bad never happened" finish Naruto.

"Your telling me you're the one who's keeping everyone alive and they threat you like shit" asked Sasuke

"Pretty much" replied Naruto while nodding.

"What a load of bullshit" said Sasuke in anger.

"Kit you there?" said a voice , Naruto shocked his head making Sasuke raised an eyebrow.


"Teme , Kyuby wants to talk to us , she wants to say us something" said Naruto , Sasuke eyes widened

"You can talk to her , WAIT HER?" yelled Sasuke then Naruto laughed , they looked at each other and suddenly there were in the sewers

"Where the fuck I am" asked Sasuke looking at the standing Naruto

"Well teme , this is my mind let's go find the Kyuby" replied Naruto as they walked , then they stood in front of a giant cage

They looked inside and a red haired woman with 9 tails and fox ears appeared in front of them , Sasuke gasped 'That's the Kyuby?' thought Sasuke making Kyuby chuckled

"Well kit I have called you here to tell you that's thanks to you friend that pierced your chest with the Chidori technique" said Sasuke making flinch "That forced the awakening of your bloodline" both eyes widened at that , then Naruto blurted out.

"Cool I have a bloodline , what does he do , wait a minute do you know who my parents were ?" asked Naruto

"What will be the fun of that , I only will tell you that's an eye doujutsu that comes from your mother side , it's no my place to tell who your family was , ask the sannins for that" finished Kyuby

"Okay" said Naruto disappointed

"Tell you what , I'll give you a gift for defeating your friend , so what do you want" asked Kyuby while looking at him

Naruto was about to open his mouth but Kyuby interrupted "Don't dare you say Ramen" then he closed it and began to think then Sasuke 'I can't believe he was going to ask for Ramen to the Kyuby , wait this is the dobe were talking about'

Then Naruto looked at Sasuke who raised an eyebrow then at Kyuby.

"Can you make disappear the cursed seal that the Snake freak put him on the neck" asked Naruto

Sasuke eyes widened "You will do that for me?" stuttered the boy

Then Naruto smiled at him "Of course teme , what are friends for"

"Che Dobe" smiled Sasuke

"Very well" then red chakra began to leek out of the cage and moving to Sasuke neck , when it reached his location Sasuke screamed in pain , then they appear in the real world

Sasuke awoke with a pleasant sensation , then Naruto looked at his friend neck and gasped

"Hey teme it worked you don't have the cursed seal" said excited then Sasuke smirked "Hmf"

"Well let's keep going" said Naruto

"Wait dobe what about your doujutsu" asked Sasuke

"Oh I forgot" said Naruto , Sasuke slapped his forehead "she said it was an eye doujutsu how do I activate" looking at Sasuke

"You have to close your eyes and gather chakra into them , when you noticed something while adding chakra open your eyes" replied Sasuke

Naruto this as he told , then while adding chakra they heard a sound from them , then Naruto opened his eyes.

Sasuke saw his eyes and his eyes widened and jaw dropped , he saw the sharingan eyes with two tomoes on eye 'Itachi didn't kill all the Uchihas , haha I have family left , and it has to be the dobe' though as he laughed

Naruto looked at him as he was crazy "Hey teme your okay"

"Dobe , Itachi didn't kill all the Uchihas" replied Sasuke

"I know that teme he left you alive" said Naruto

"Che dobe , look at yourself" said Sasuke as he pointed in a puddle of water then Naruto walked over it an saw his face.

"HOLY FUCKING SHIT" yelled making Sasuke chuckled then he looked at Sasuke "Guess what you're related to me" finished Naruto

"Seems that dobe" smirked Sasuke

Naruto deactivate his eyes "Well let's go , baachan and ero-sennin have a shitload to explain" , as he picked Sasuke and continued his way to Konoha

- 2 hours later at Konoha gates -

The jounins instructors of each team and the members of it stood in the gates , Tsunade was currently finishing healing Neji along with Shizune but she's mind was to preoccupied on Naruto

Then Shikamaru spotted 2 figures 'It's Naruto and Sasuke , guess he did' said with an smiled "It's Naruto and Sasuke" said this time

The group smiled but Sakura grew anger 'How the dobe beat my Sasuke-kun' thought (she's fucking crazy) and with that she rushed at them , the group walked too but looking at Sakura.

Tsunade was about to stop her but Jiraiya put his hand on his shoulder "I have a feeling something will happen and it will for the best to don't interrupted" , Tsunade looked at him worried but she agreed

"Hey Sakura I brought him.." but he was interrupted when he was slapped by her.

All the crow eyes widened , Temari was about to kill her

Naruto and Sasuke looked at her in shock

"What?" asked an stunned Naruto

"I told you to bring him back , not to hurt him , you DEMON" yelled Sakura with anger and then she proceed by to slap him again but Naruto in full of anger grabbed her by the wrist to stop the slap


"Lies you tried to kill him , look at all his blood" yelled pointing at Sasuke.

"THIS IS MY BLOOD YOU IDIOT" yelled Naruto , Tsunade and Temari wanted to kill her , and Gaara nevermind.


Now the villagers and some ninjas gasped they thought it was the Uchiha

"Oh Sasuke-kun there's no need to lie , there's no way the dobe could beat a monster like Gaara" said in a sweet tone that make sick all the people

Temari and Kankoru were using all his willpower to restrain themselves but the next thing was unexpected by all.

Naruto slapped Sakura with all his might that send her flying to the floor with a red cheek , Sakura looked at him stunned.

"Never call Gaara a monster you stupid bitch , he's more human than a slut like you will ever be" said in a serious but terrifying voice.

The crow jaws dropped , Gaara eyes widened at that aswell as Kankoru , Temari have his hands on his mouths after hearing that resisting the desire to hug him.

Then Kakashi appeared in front of Naruto this time , then our hero raised an eyebrow like saying what?

"That was uncalled for Naruto , I never though of you of all the people doing that" said Kakashi , now it was the turn of Jiraiya of being helded up by Tsunade

Now Naruto became more angrier


"That's no true , I never played favourites" growled while glaring at him

Woah that was the last straw , Naruto in full of anger activate the sharingan making the crow gasp , Kakashi was too stunned to do something.'When did he .." though Jiraiya and Tsunade



The rookies couldn't believe what they were hearing , the jounins 'only tree climbing' thought while glaring at Kakashi and Tsunade and Jiraiya leeking killer intent.

"Out of my way scum" said Naruto as he pushed Kakashi , he began to walk to the crow but he suddenly stopped.

"Hey dobe what's wrong" asked Sasuke

"I feel like shit , can't move anymore" said as he fell on the floor

"OTOUTO" yelled Tsunade as she rushed to him , the people were stunned at the familiarity of the Hokage .

"Dobe , deactivate the Sharingan or you'll pass from chakra exhaustion" said Sasuke , then his eyes turned blue.

Temari rushed at him and kneel before him "Is he okay?" asked , Tsunade and Jiraiya raised an eyebrow , the last one smirked at this . Tsunade did a diagnosis jutsu and replied "He's injured and he's chakra is nearly depleted" as she healed him.

Then Jiraiya dashed to Kakashi and pinned him to the wall.

"Minato will be very dissapointed in you Kakashi" said Jiraiya as he glared at him

In the crow were stunned by the reaction but the jounins and Shikamaru 'Minato isn't that the Yondaime'

"What happened and how did he get the sharingan" asked Tsunade in a serious tone

Sasuke froze "Well..." but he was interrupted by Naruto

"Tell them all they deserve to know the truth , for bad or for good,

Baachan don't punish Sasuke he's mind was corrupted by the curse seal , Ero-sennin?" said Naruto

"Yes gaki?" asked Jiraiya

"Can you check the seal on Gaara , he's like me , it's seems the one who did the sealing was a beginner , he can't sleep" replied the blonde.

The sand siblings eyes popped , 'He's like Gaara?' though Temari

"Okay gaki" said Jiraiya

"Good to know" said Naruto with an smile "I'm sorry but i'm too tired" then he fell sleep

Tsunade was healing him "Well?" asked looking at Sasuke

Then Sasuke shifted uneasy and spoke "After he beat me on the valley of ends , he carried me all the way from there to here but in the forest Kyuby wanted to talk to us.." the jounins and sannins froze at that

"Wait a minute , how can you talk to him if Yondaime killed him" said Ino

"Yondaime didn't kill after all isn't it" said Shikamaru looking at her Hokage

"No" Tsunade simple said then Kurenai interrupted "Are you sure is wise to told them?"

"It was Naruto decision so it will be , this is an S-class secret that only the adults knew punishable by death" the rookies froze at hat "All of you were told that the Yondaime killed the Kyuby in cost of his live" they all nodded "Well that's lie , you see the Kyuby was too powerfull to kill him , so what did he do to save the village, it was sealing him , but what can keep the most powerfull of the bijuus , well it's a newborn baby , with his chakra coils undevelloped that allow his chakra slowly merge with the demon and after a lot years killing the demon inside him , Yondaime last wish was to treat the baby like the hero he is but it turned out the other way , that baby was Naruto" finished Tsunade glaring at the villagers , who have their heads down in shame.

There was a deep silence , some girls were silenty crying , Lee and Gai were spouting nosenses about the flames of youth , Gaara was stunned 'He's like and he remained sane' and Temari let a tear stroking Naruto hair , that didn't go unnoticed by the Sannins

"So you're telling me that Naruto is holding the demon that nearly destroyed our village and they hated him?" asked a stunned Neji

Then Tsunade snorted looking at the villagers with disgust

"Hate? Since birth he has been beaten , hated , glared , abused by the villagers and the funny thing is that he didn't even know why he was hated during 12 years until Mizuki told him the truth at the graduation exams" said with venom in her voice

That was too much too handle , how come someone treated like this could become some as Naruto know

"There's more isn't it?" asked Shikamaru raising an eyebrow

"Yes" replied Jiraiya , Tsunade looked at him in shock "His father told us to do not reveal his heritage until he awakened his bloodline and get strong , two things that he already proved" he received nods from the jounins and rookies "The whole village will know eventually , as well as Naruto when he wake up but i'm going to tell , you see the Sharingan come by his mother side , she's name was Uchiha Misao".

"That's my mother sister , she was an ANBU captain well knowed , that means Naruto is my cousin" said an shocked Sasuke , some of the people who knew her were stunned aswell , Kakashi let a lone tear , she knew her , she was Obito cousin.

"Regretable , she died giving birth to Naruto a cause of some complications and stress at the Kyuby attack" finished Jiraiya

"The only ones that knew Naruto father was me , Tsunade , Sandaime and Uchiha Itachi" said Jiraiya , Sasuke looked at him shocked when he said his brother "You may think that Yondaime choose Naruto because he was born that day but that's not the truth , Yondaime was an honorable man and he will never ask for sacrifice no ones child" some people began to shake as they knew what was about to come "Naruto's real name is Namikaze Naruto , he's the son of Namikaze Minato aka Yellow Flash the Yondaime Hokage of Konoha and Uchiha Misao"

All the people were in utherly shock , then Kakashi spoke with a tear.

"But Minato-sensei never married , he never had children" yelled Kakashi

"Sandaime and I were present the day who married , Uchiha clan didn't allowed marriage from people of the outside , and what do you think will happened if Iwa knew that the Yondaime have a lover , they tried to kill her , and Naruto ? Fearing the ressurection of the Yellow flash they will tried to kill or kidnap him and raised him as a weapon and they called you a genius , look at him" pointing at Naruto "He looks like Minato when he was young , he can do the Rasengan and summon the toad Boss Gamabunta" [insert massive gaps here

"As i much i want to brag about Naruto , i want to know what happened" said Tsunade looking at Sasuke

Then Sasuke took a deep breath "Well , when i looked at Naruto eyes somehow we teleported to his mindscape , it was composed of sewers , then i followed him to a room , it was a big room with a cage and some kind of paper seal holding the gates" the people were silent listening to the tale "i looked inside and saw a red haired woman with nine tails and fox ears" [insert massive gasp here then Tsunade snapped out of the shock

"Wait Kyuby is SHE?" said the blonde , Sasuke nodded "Kyuby said that when we were fighting it force the awakening of the sharingan when i pierced his chest with the Chidori" finished looking down

[insert massive glare with killent intent then [massive glare to Kakashi from jounins and sannins .

Temari looked at him outrageous , and montioned his hand to punch him in anger but Tsunade grabbed her and told "As i much as i want to let you do what your going to do , Naruto said to forgive him" , "I'm sorry" said Sasuke stunning the people 'Uchiha Sasuke never said sorry' , "You could had killed him" yelled Temari with anger , his brothers were stunned how she defended Naruto.

"Continue" said Tsunade "Then Naruto asked what bloodline had and if he knew his parents , Kyuby told him that it was an eye doujutsu but it seems he wanted him to find him on his own and she told us that she was not her place to tell , she said too ask the Sannins"

"Is anything more?" asked Jiraiya , Sasuke nodded "Then she told Naruto that she can ask for a gift from her for defeating me" , all the people froze "What did she gave him" asked Kurenai in fear

Then Jiraiya joked "Knowing the brat probably he asked her to gave him Ramen" , Sasuke gulped then Tsunade interrupted "Now it's not the time for jokes pervert" then she noticed the face on Sasuke

"Don't tell me..." stuttered Tsunade

"Naruto was about to told her but somewhat Kyuby knew what he was going tell and told him "Don't say Ramen" , everyone eyes popped out from the sockets then [Massive laught here , then Tsunade pocket Naruto in the head saying "Baka"

"So what did he get?" replied Jiraiya "He asked for the Kyuby to remove the cursed seal that Orochimaru gave him and that's it" showing his neck without the seal , everyone eyes widened at that

"That brat is too much like his father , always thinking about others instead of him" said Jiraiya with an smile , the others smiled at him too

Tsunade picked slowly Naruto from the floor then she looked at the others "Well shows over , let's go all the injured to the hospital" then she looked at Kakashi , and Sakura "You both in my office in 3 hours" they flinched and understood.