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Chapter 1: The Broken one


Argh. Forget that alarm clock.


Why do I leave it on in the first place?


Alright alright jeez, no need to yell at me.



Before it could finish it's last beep, I slammed down on the button with all my awesome might. Yeah, that'll show it. I sat up and turned over so that my feet were on the tan carpeted floor. It was sort of strange to wake up to a different room each week. I checked in and out of hotels frequently for security purposes, such as oh I don't know, Getting killed by Kira maybe? Pft, yeah right. I have no need to worry since kira needs a face to kill, or so I was told by Near. I barley kept in touch with him, he called me, but its good to have some info to work on. Not that I truly needed it, I mean I do need it for my life's purpose, but to catch kira is something I don't really want to do. Unlike Mello and Near who are the first two ,and main important, candidates to become the next L. I wasn't willing to take the risk, plus, I'm not all too smart unlike the others. I mean sure I was smart for my age back then and had a skill for technology, but that's pretty much it pal.

To put it in simpler words. I don't want to be the next L nor do I want to be involved.

Until I found him. Broken.



The phone rang a couple of times before I actually reached to answer it. "Hello?" I asked.

"Its me, Near." The voice on the other line responded.

"Oi! Near! You need something? I mean you already gave me enough information.."

"No Matt, listen." I could feel the seriousness in his voice. Quite chilling actually.

"There is a favour I need to ask of you. I gave you information regarding kira, this should be a pretty fair exchange for your life." Pretty fair? My life? This doesn't sound pleasant at all.

"I need you to meet me at SPK."

"SPK? Are you sure? I mean wont someone figure out where-"

"Yes, I'm aware of that. But I'll take that risk." Taking risks? Wow, this is going somewhere.

"Pretty bold move of you, Near. But I guess I can come see what you want. I might do it if I feel its really worth it."

"Its all good then. I will send the directions to you on your cell phone, but after your done I need you to immediately delete it. For security purposes of course."

"Yeah, I'll be there as soon as I get the directions, see ya." And with that he hung up the phone. He actually sounded kind of weird, maybe even nervous and as we all know, that's pretty damn weird for Near. I checked my cell and there they were. The coordinates to Near's base.

Guess I'm off.


There it was. Near's base.

A BIG tall building that made the Eiffel tower look like a kids playground. No, I'm just kidding. It looked like any other office building so it blended in quite well.

I walked up the stairs and knocked on the door.

"Who is it and please state your business." A not so familiar voice came from behind the door.

"Its me Matt, I'm here for Near."

"Come in then." I opened the door, walked down the hall and into the only lit room and there Near was. Along with some of his workers which names I don't remember all to well. Except that pretty cute women Hal.

"Good of you to come, Matt" Near said while stacking some dominos.

"Yeah, so what do you need? I came all the way out here, it better be something pretty damn good..." I sort of trailed off as he got up and led me to another room. He walked in without turning on a light.

"Hey, its so dark in here why don't you-"

"Keep your voice down." He stated while walking to a computer monitor and sat in the chair in front of it. "The microphone is on so he'll hear us if your too loud."

"Who are you talking about?" With that, Near turned on the biggest monitor and there I saw it. It was Mello.

He was in a room that had no lights on (we could see it because the monitor apparently had 'night vision') and he was backed up into a corner with his head buried in his arms.

"What the bloody hell happened to him?" I whisper-yelled.

"That's what we would like to know," Near curled his hair, "But apparently he can't speak or rather he may just not want to."

I stood there a second before asking. "Is this what you called me for?"

"If you mean getting Mello to talk then yes. Not that I want to rush or anything, but I need you, some one he doesn't hate, to let him live with you for a couple of weeks or until he starts speaking."

"Well alright, but how come he can't speak?" I asked, quite puzzled.

Near turned to face me by spinning around his chair to my direction. "As I said before, He either can't speak for some reason or he just doesn't want to talk, especially not to me."

"And...so that's why you wanted me?"

"Yeah, your much closer to Mello than I. Even if you only knew each other a short while back in the orphanage. Its still better than nothing."

"I see..." I stared at the monitor for a few seconds before speaking. "I want to go down there."

Near spun back around to face the monitor in his chair. "Alright. It's the very last room at the end of the hall. I'll turn the monitor off so you two can have some privacy." He turned it off and before I made my way out of the room, he called out to me.


I turned. "Yeah?"

"Try not to frighten him. He's somehow become easily nervous."

"Got it."


I slowly opened the door and turned the lights on to the room Mello was in and he flinched.

"Hey Mello," I whispered calmly. "Its only me Matt, member? From back in the orphanage?"

He look up at me and opened his mouth, but no words came out so he closed it and looked down at his feet.

Maybe Near was right. Maybe he couldn't speak.

I walked a little closer and he saw this and tried to moved back, but was to no avail thanks to the corner he was already in. "Relax, I'm not gonna hurt you man." I extended an arm out to touch his shoulder, but before I could get anywhere near him he slapped my hand away and shot me an evil glare. He opened his mouth, trying to yell at me but again, no words came out. Truly pitiful if you ask me.

"What's your problem?!" I rubbed my hand. "I'm trying to help, no need to smack my hand."

Regardless, I grabbed him up by the arm so that he was standing, but immediately noticed dead weight. So I set him back down.

"What, can't move you legs?" I asked. His eyebrows furrowed and he shook his head no while looking down.

"I see..." I picked him up and hunched him over my back so that my arms carried his legs, his stomach touched my back, and his arms wrapped around my neck. I didn't want to carry him bridal style so I could preserve what's left of his dignity.

I walked down the hall to what room Near was in and stood at the door. "I'll be taking him now." I said.

"Alright then, bye." Near didn't turn to face me from his chair which kind of made me angry that I was talking to his back.

"Yeah, bye." I continued to walk off until I got to my car and put Mello in the passengers seat. Then I went over to my side and hopped in. As soon as I started the car, Mello flinched.

"What's up with you? Did you hurt yourself?" He pulled his legs up to his chest and looked down.

"Oh right, guess you can't speak right now huh." I backed the car out of the parking lot and began my way home. "Well that's what I'm here for..." I mumbled.

But he didn't hear me.