Speak no Evil, Facts

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who actually bothered to read my first fanfic ever and they all get cookies! Yay! Ahem, anyway, the real reason I added this to the story is that I wanted to explain things for fellow authors. To be more specific, Mello and Matt fanfic authors.

1.Matt could NOT have possibly found Mello right after the explosion and took care of his wounds and let him stay with him. This is because when Mello appears right after the explosion he is in Hal's bathroom and she asks what is he going to do since he had NO PLACE TO STAY. Therefore, Mello got in contact with Matt long after the explosion and after he met with Near to get the picture to use him for Takada's kidnapping and to do the techy stuff to spy on Misa. Authors write stories saying that Mello called for Matt to pick him up after the explosion and treat his wounds. Not true.

2. Mello DID NOT know that Matt would die during the kidnapping of Takada because he said to himself "Matt, I didn't think they'd kill you...I'm sorry." when he was in the delivery truck. He only needed Matt to fire a smoke bomb then Matt would drive away while Mello kidnapped Takada. He didn't mean for Matt to get killed. Authors write stories saying that Mello says "this could be our last day" and "we might get killed." Not true.

3. How do you guys even know if that building that Mello and Matt were sitting in was even Matt's? I mean it looks VERY unlikely. No ones house is THAT torn up. They probably found some abandoned apartment and set up there. Though I can't blame authors who say that they lived together. It kind of makes the story more interesting.

Now I know I have no right to judge anyone else's writing since mine sucks, but I simply HAD to point out these facts that authors defy. I'm just one of those peoples who study deep into a background of characters I like such as Matt and Mello. Many people don't research these things as much as I do and that's why they make mistakes on background.

I'd like to thank whom ever bothered to read this and once again I'd like to give a BIG thanks to the peoples who read my first fanfic, Speak No Evil.

Miya Out. For good this time.