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For all of you that enjoyed The Perfect Prank here is the sequel!

The fire crackled in the hearth, casting a warm red glow and radiating a cosy heat.

Two boys lay entwined on the rug in front, oblivious to the stares they were receiving and the cat calls simply bounced off them.

When they broke apart, flushed and grinning, Sirius stretched and turned to the delectably pink werewolf next to him.

"Wow." He murmured gently, "Fancy going upstairs?" He smirked in his playful, I'm-only-joking-unless-you-want-to way.

Remus smiled back but shook his head all the same and climbed onto a sofa, stifling a yawn.

"I think I've got carpet burn now Padfoot!" Remus said, pouting slightly.

Sirius grinned cheekily, "I know exactly howto make it better…" He trailed off, rubbing Remus' leg suggestively.

"Eugh! Please! My virgin ears do not want to hear anymore!" James spoke up from besides Remus, clamping his hands over his ears.

Sirius turned to him and batted his eyelashes. "Virgin ears? Jamsie dearest, you know as well as I do that your ears are definitely not virgin, and neither are your eyes either." He added with a smirk and chuckled as all the colour drained from James' face.

"And that, Padfoot old friend, is definitely an experience I wish to never repeat!" James said slowly, wincing at the memory.

Remus smiled as he watched the two of them bicker, letting his gaze just linger on Sirius that moment too long.

It had been exactly eight days since they had fallen out completely, eight days since Remus thought they stood no chance and yet; here they were. Together.

" - your bed too James!" The last sentence caught Remus' attention and he turned to James with a puzzled frown.

James it seemed, had gone into shock. "M - my b - b - bed?" He stuttered. "R - really?" His voice had gone strangely high pitched and Sirius licked his lips.

"It was a choice of yours or Peter's. We chose yours." said Sirius with a straight face, the corners of his mouth starting to twitch.

"W - w - well w- why n-not Peter's?"

This time Remus spoke. "I prefer living without disease thank-you."

James it seemed, hadn't yet caught onto the joke itself and was humming softly to himself, rocking back and forwards, back and forwards, back and forwards, trying to rid himself of the information.

"And this one time, you were actually asleep next to us and then -" Sirius continued.

" - I'm going to be sick." James shouted as he ran from the room, incredibly green in the face.

Remus waited for Sirius to stop laughing and folded his arms.

"You do realise Sirius, that once Lily has told him it's a joke he will be after your blood." Remus finally said, a small smile curling his lips.

"Oh well, let him come." Sirius' eyes glittered. "So long as I've got you to protect me…"

Remus sat back on the sofa and snorted, "Why should I protect you? Give me one good reason…"

"Oh I can give you a very good reason right now…" Sirius climbed on top of Remus, slipping his hands inside the werewolf's shirt and was just about to kiss him when a cough caught their attention.

They both sighed and turned, "Yes Lily?" They asked in unison.

"Would you mind telling me why James is refusing to go to his bed?" She asked crossly, her eyes glinting.

Sirius rose an elegant eyebrow and returned to the task in hand: Kissing Remus.

Though Lily it seemed, would not be put of any such displays and she sat where she was, watching with great interest until they stopped.

She folded her arms and crossed her legs and after five minutes started tapping her foot impatiently.

"Oh, you're still there." said Sirius a little flatly.

"Oh believe me Black, you certainly can't scare me away by simply kissing." She snapped back, her own eyes smiling.

"Simply kissing?" Sirius' grin grew wide and Remus caught the predatory look in his eyes.

Remus sighed before pushing Sirius off him and turned to Lily, without a second glance to where Sirius was sat glaring up at him.

"Sirius here, decided it would be funny to tell James that we'd - er -" Remus flushed pink, "been together next to him, when he was asleep in his bed." He finished with a scowl in Sirius' general direction.

Lily's expression cleared and her posture relaxed. "Is that all?" She finally asked, "You - er - haven't have you?" She cleared her throat in an embarrassed fashion.

"Of course we haven't!" Remus cried indignantly.

Unfortunately, Sirius chose that moment to speak. "That's what he thinks." He nodded towards Remus, winking.

And Lily took her queue.

"Pardon Sirius?" Remus asked, eyebrow raised, voice deadly quiet.

Sirius blushed and got to his feet. "I - er - I was only joking, I would never take advantage of you."

"That's better." Remus said coolly, ignoring the tension that had risen.

He yawned and stated walking towards the stairs. "I'm going to bed Sirius, coming?" He noticed Sirius' expression. "To sleep Padfoot! To sleep!"


Remus lay that night as he had for the past week, eyes wide and mind full.

Every night, Sirius' stinging words would come back and float around his head, making him doubt his decision. Tears would spring to his eyes, tears that were soon wiped away.

As he lay, Sirius wrapped tightly around him, he would breathe in deeply and let himself relax at the familiar, comforting scent.

Then his eyes would snap open as a particular comment would float around his mind, ringing in the silence and he would find sleep impossible.


When they were down at breakfast, Sirius glanced at the doors.

He tensed visibly, his fork pausing in mid air and his throat constricting. "Maria." He whispered harshly and Remus turned to him sharply.

"Sirius, when will you act normally around her?" He asked angrily.

"I don't see why I should. She nearly split us up Rem!" Sirius hissed back.

Remus rose an eyebrow. "Nearly being the operative word." He stated calmly though his insides were shaking.

They quickly dropped their argument, sensing dangerous waters.

James looked up at the sudden tension and grinned stupidly. "Revenge planned yet?" He asked through a mouthful of toast.

Remus grimaced at the sight and shook his head.

Sirius scowled besides him, "Mr goody two shoes here won't let me even hex her!"

Remus groaned. "Sirius, how many times have we been through this?" He turned to face Sirius. "I've got a bad feeling about you getting revenge. We've just to say got together… isn't it better not to risk everything?"

Sirius rose his eyebrows angrily, "What makes you think that it would mess us up?"

Remus cleared his throat. "Are you oblivious to just how tense we both get when she's mentioned?"

Sirius shrugged.

James bit his lip to stop himself from laughing.

Sirius was so whipped.

"But you know… can't we at least discuss revenge? No harm in that." James asked, feeling like he was asking his parents for permission to go out.

Remus rolled his eyes. "Discuss. But no action until you've cleared it with me first -"

"Perfect." James grinned and dragged Sirius away before Remus had chance to reply.

Remus sighed and poured himself some coffee.Why did this seem like such a bad idea?

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