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Sparkfur yawned. The moon was low in the sky, but she was already tired. With a bored purr, she leaned upon Flintclaw. He tenderly licked her ears. Behind them, Ravenpaw snickered.

"Can you make it a little further?" Flintclaw rumbled in her ear. She nodded. When another soft mrrow of laughter exploded from the much older cat, she whipped around and gave a furious hiss.

"Shush, you stupid mouse-brain!" she screeched. Ravenpaw ducked as her paw flashed through the air, but he wasn't expecting the counter-swipe that knocked him upside the jaw. Bowled over backwards, the former ThunderClanner huffed and stood up with a glimmer of good humor in his eyes.

"Well, I guess I need to polish up my fighting skills," he meowed laughingly. "I haven't had much time to fight, seeing as I've been locked up. And anyhow, I've haven't been beaten that badly since the fight with the rats, long ago, when Bluestar was leader, Firestar was a warrior, and Graystripe hadn't mated with Silverstream."

"Who?" the mates asked together. It was common knowledge that Graystripe loved Millie with all his heart.

Ravenpaw's amber eyes were glinting with puzzlement. "Silverstream," he repeated slowly, drawing out the word. "Stormfur and Feathertail's mother?" He looked at them, confused. "You…don't know, do you?"

Sparkfur shook her head. "No; we always thought he'd taken Millie as a mate." As if the word mate were magical, Flintclaw twined his tail with hers.

"That's not true," meowed Ravenpaw unnessecarily. "He fell in love with a RiverClan she-cat. They met most days, and she had two kits, Stormfur and Feathertail. But during the birth, she died and went to StarClan. It was very sad. Graystripe was grief-stricken."

Flintclaw's jaw had dropped open during the short tale. Both their tails had slowly untwined and were hanging in the air. Suddenly, there was a loud crackling of bracken, and they turned.

"Great StarClan!" Sparkfur hissed in awe. "What on earth is that?"



The red tabby tom awoke with a start. Sharp moonlight angled into his den, falling a few kittensteps short of his paws. He was glad of the moss's warmth, seeing as leaf-bare was in full swing. What he wanted right now was the fur of his mate, Flowersong, brushing his pelt. His mind spun with worries for his only daughter.

Yawning and blinking sleep from his eyes, he stood up. Redstar shook scraps of moss from his striped pelt and padded out of his den. His pads recoiled from the cold snow covering the freezing stone of the Highledge, and quickly he began to hop from the stones to the camp below. He saw his great-aunt, Leafpool, stargazing from the edge of the cleft. Walking smoothly closer, he could hear the light snoring of his blind uncle, Jayleaf.

"You're up a little late, aren't you, Leafpool?" he remarked quietly, sitting down beside her. Her head swiveled and she fixed her amber eyes on him.

"I could ask the same of you," she replied simply. Leafpool's ears twitched and she returned her gaze to Silverpelt.

"Why are you asking StarClan for answers?" he meowed. "Sparkfur is my daughter, and related to Squirrelflight more directly than you…I didn't think it would matter so much."

Leafpool spun around and smashed him to the earth. "More directly than me?" she hissed, her nose close to his. "Do you know why Squirrelflight's milk never came? Do you know why she 'gave birth' outside of camp? Do you know why I brought 'her' kits moss and honeycomb? Do you know, Redstar? Do you know?"

She didn't wait for an answer. Amber eyes blazing with kept secrets and horrible lies and pent-up sorrow, she snarled, "It's because they were never her kits. Squirrelflight couldn't get pregnant. They were mine. Crowfeather and I did some things we probably never should have thought about, and it resulted in Jayleaf, Lionfur, and Hollywhisker."

Redstar blinked in shock. So she wasn't his great-aunt! She was his great-grandmother! "Oh," he meowed squeakily. "Well, then. That…helps." He huffed. "Can you get off of me, please?"



"Great StarClan!" Sparkfur hissed in awe. "What on earth is that?"

Flintclaw stared up, eyes wide with horror. This huge thing…what was it? It shadowed them all out. It was a humongous, lumbering thing, bigger than a badger. Its fur was long and brown and ragged. It had huge hind paws, able to stand freely on them, and long, deathly claws sprouted from its forepaws, able to rip off any of the cats' heads.

The creature had a long, rectangular, pointed snout. Its tiny black eyes glinted in the moonlight. On its furred backside, a tiny brown tail waved. (Guess what?...It's a bear.) With an unnatural, guttural roar, it fell back onto all four paws and stared him straight in the eyes.

Flintclaw knew they were in serious danger. Giving vent to a horrid screech, he lashed out and ripped open the creature's soft flesh on its nose. It roared again, reeling back, and held its paw to its face.

"StarClan help us!" Sparkfur shrieked as it lumbered onto its hind paws once more. Ravenpaw barreled past the pair and launched himself at the tan underbelly of the creature. Looking at it now, it seemed like a disfigured mole.

Ravenpaw clawed at its belly. The creature swatted him (hard) and Ravenpaw smashed into a tree. He fell off, blood leaking from various parts of his body, and eyes closed. Only the shallow rise and fall of his chest reassured Flintclaw that he was alive. Sparkfur rushed at the creature, flinging herself onto its massive shoulders. It howled in pain as she bit down on its ears. She dug in her claws and spat out pieces of flesh, face twisted in disgust.

"Sparkfur! No! Don't! You'll kill yourself!" Flintclaw yowled. She began ripping at the creature's face. Anxiety gnawed at him, and he leapt, knocking Sparkfur onto the ground. The creature swatted him with claws that felt like wood. He crashed onto the earth, darkness spilling in around him…