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Konoha's Number One Troublemaker

1/29/08 – 1/30/08

Many people revered the Yondaime Hokage as a strong, responsible leader. To them, he could achieve anything and everything that he wanted to accomplish. They believed he could handle everything. However, the truth was, there were two important things he never seemed to be able to achieve no matter how much time and effort he dedicated to it.

The first was his paperwork.

There seemed to be an endless supply of treaties, missions requests, reports, and issues that he needed to look over. No matter how hard or how fast he worked, there was always more. If he had known beforehand that he would end up being cooped in a room reading papers all day long, he wouldn't have taken the job.

The title be damned.

He was a man of action. He would rather be working in the fields as a common civilian than working in an office as the Hokage. It just wasn't him. Instead of being the one who assigned the missions, he wanted to be the one who took the missions.

Alas, it didn't seem like his career was going to change anytime soon.

Then, there was the other thing that he never seemed to achieve no matter how much he dedicated himself to the effort. Sadly, he was ashamed to admit that he could not (for one reason or another) control…

"Hokage-sama!" a harassed-looking ninja burst into the room without knocking. "Naruto-sama blew up the Hokages' faces!"

…his son.

His jaw clenched as he crunched the report in his hand. Grabbing his hat and coat off the nearby hanger, he quickly put them on as he swept out of the room with the young messenger in tow.

In seconds, he reached the scene of the crime, where a large crowd was gathered. Surprisingly, instead of the angry complaints that were usually associated with Naruto's pranks, the people were utterly silent.

"Step aside! Step aside" the young messenger at his side hollered, pushing through the crowd. "Hokage-sama is here!" At that, the people immediately parted like the red sea, revealing a circle of medic-nins that were hovering in the center.

"What's going on?" he asked. "Did Naruto hurt someone with his prank?"

No one answered him. The silence was deafening. It scared him to think what damage Naruto had caused to make the people react in that manner. "Hokage-sama," a young woman murmured, refusing to look him in the eye. Actually, now that he was paying closer attention, he realized that everyone was looking towards him with some degree of pity and sympathy.

Just what in the world was going on?

"Hokage-sama!" a medic-nin cried, catching his attention. "I'm sorry," he looked down, refusing to meet his Hokage's face.

A sinking feeling settled in the Yondaime's stomach.

"We weren't able to save your son. He's passed on."

Pushing the crowd of medic-nins aside, Minato stopped when he finally saw the sight that the people had been trying to hide from his view. There, on the ground, was his son – drenched in blood with a gaping hole through his stomach.

"No," he murmured, shaking his head in denial. Looking angrily around the crowd, he angrily demanded, "Who did this?" He was going to kill him! How dare they harm his son? How could they harm him over a silly prank? Sure, he blew up the village memorial, but the stupid faces could be rebuilt!

"Hokage-sama, no one touched him!" the head medic answered, gazing fearfully at his Hokage. The man had a tendency to become extremely dangerous and unreasonable when things involved his son's well-being. In all his years, he had never seen a father as dedicated as the Hokage.

Yet, his son…

"Then how did this happen?" Minato screamed, cradling his son to his body. "Do you mean to tell me that he put that hole through himself! That he was trying to commit suicide?"

"That's a possibility…" Before the man could even finish, he found himself face to face with the scariest thing he had ever had the misfortune to see in his life.

"He did not commit suicide!" Minato snarled. "Another word on this, and I swear I will send you on a permanent vacation."

"Hokage-sama, please calm down! I am not saying anything!" the man cried, trembling in the Yondaime's grasps. "It was only a hypothesis! In all honesty, I'm not sure what happened at all. One moment, he was blowing up the memorial . The next second, he was running away from us. Then, before we even knew it, he was lying on the ground like this!"

"You –" Minato grip on the man tightened.

"S-Sas..." a pained voice groaned.

Minato immediately dropped the man and knelt beside his son. "Naruto, Naruto!" he cried, griping his hand.

"Sas…uke." he groaned again, reaching blindly for something that only he could see. "D-Don't…leave…"

"What are you saying?" Minato asked; grasping his son's flailing hand. "What about Sasuke? Did he do this to you? Did he –" He stopped, staring in shock as pained tears streamed down Naruto's cheeks.

"Come back..." he cried, tightening his grip around Minato's finger to almost a painful degree. "Come back! …Konoha…everyone's waiting…"

"He's delirious." Minato whispered. Anxious, he looked up and shouted, "Don't just stand there! Save him!" The medics, realizing that they were gaping, immediately startled into action. They couldn't explain it. They were sure that his heart had stopped the last time they had checked!

It was nothing short of a miracle.


AN: All right, this story is only a trial project (since I only wrote it because I wanted to try writing non-romantic story). I may or may not continue depending on whether or not I feel I can dedicate myself to finishing it.