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Now for the first funfilled chapter of Heart: Liability or Asset...

Heart: Liability or Asset?

Chapter 1: For the Sake of Money

The bluenette rubbed his temples tiredly as he surveyed the fidgeting blonde in front of his desk.

"Explain to me again what you did," he hissed narrowing his eyes at the blonde, "Just so I can understand how you got me into this mess and what kind of burial you will receive after this."

"It was your own fault…" stuttered Dearka Elsman glaring at Athrun and slumping into the chair in front of his desk, "You're the one who said get the account at all costs!!!"

"I said all COSTS, not all LIES!" growled Athrun, "Yzak's going to kill someone preferably you."

"I got you the account didn't I?" Standing up Athrun walked around the desk and glowered at Dearka,

"You got me the account by saying and I quote "He has family values wait till you meet his adorable wife." Let us review something Dearka. I AM NOT MARRIED!!!"

"That's easy to fix."

"Do not even joke with me, or I will phone Yzak now and tell him exactly what you've done." Dearka shrugged his shoulders tiredly. It wasn't like he hadn't faced Yzak before, they were after all roommates and most of the time were fighting over some menial thing. Looking cautiously back at Athrun he tired to determine how best to approach the subject of a "fake" wife. Then again there was always the option of an "actual" wife, but knowing Athrun he'd be in a grave before that happened.

"Look it's no big deal…" sighed Dearka mimicking his boss humorously by rubbing his temples, "All you have to do is hire some actress and pay her to make goggly eyes at you." Athrun was handsome there was no doubt about that. Half the women in the office dreamed about him, the other half were unfortunately married so they were stuck admiring from a far. There were even….a few males a bit too interested in the slender 25 year old who they called boss. But for some untold reason Athrun hated it, hated dating, hated socializing, and hated people in general. So he had become the workaholic known as the Boss Zala who ran the most powerful company in PLANTS, Zala Corp.

"And why would I pay a woman to make googly eyes at me?" questioned Athrun his tone lethal as he stared at Dearka, "It would be waste of company funds."

"What do company funds matter," asked Dearka shrugging his shoulders in defeat, "If you make this deal with Attha your whole firm goes automatic this actress will be the last employee you ever pay…well besides me and Yzak."

"For the record after this fiasco your days are numbered." Grumbling something about stupid external affair vice presidents Athrun returned to the seat behind his desk and turned on his computer,

"So who are we going to get to play the "lovely" woman?"


Cagalli glared at her computer.

"STUPID DAMN TECHNOLOGY!!" she yelled at the screen feeling her last nerve being put through a shredder. All she had wanted was to finish her report and just as she moved the mouse towards save a little message had appeared taunting her with the words "System Failure."

Preparing to throw the computer monitor out of the window her murderous intent was interrupted by her oh-so-pleasant sister-in-law walking in.

"Mir said to come right in," she said to Cagalli smiling pleasantly but the gleam in her eye told her that Mir had sent her in because their "replacement budget" had already been blown…twice…. by Cagalli's temper, and Mir did not want to do the paperwork for a third time.

"It's not what it looks like!" stated Cagalli trying to hide the monitor behind her back. Lacus rolled her eyes and proceeded to drag Cagalli out the office. True, Cagalli was an excellent accountant and true she was a wonderful boss to the accounting department at Zala Corp. But Lacus couldn't help but ponder onto how her social life had suffered. Cagalli hadn't had a boyfriend since well…according to Kira ever, though Lacus had a sneaky suspicion some early possibilities might have been castrated by her husband of five years. Now the only time she spent outside the office or her suave apartment was when Lacus and Kira dragged her out by her feet.

"You promised remember, lunch," sighed Lacus as Cagalli struggled to come up with a plausible excuse.

"I know but I really have to file that report and as you can tell my computer is on the fritz again…" Cagalli's words died in her throat as she meet Lacus's icy stare, though Lacus was a kind soul who could charm a army into suppression you did not want to get on her bad side or she'd rile up that army and send it after you, with guns afire.

"We're going to lunch."

"Yes…" said Cagalli giving up defeated as she was steered towards the elevators not missing the look of relief that crossed Mir's face as she was dragged from the office. Stepping into the elevator Cagalli was relieved to find her and Lacus alone. She hated elevators, just a cramped space full of people who needed to use deodorant more and work out at the gym less. Unfortunately her hopes were dashed when just as the elevator doors were about to close a smooth hand grabbed onto the door and pulled it apart.

Athrun slid into the elevator with ease allowed the doors to ding shut once he was safely inside. He was pleasantly surprised to find only pink haired women and a blonde haired man occupied the space with him and he easily noticed that the woman was married making it impossible for this to become some sort of gruesome encounter.

They were only in the elevator for a short time but he easily noticed that the woman was struggling to make conversation with the man, who just ignored her completely. Instead choosing to stare at the ground.

"It's really rude to ignore such a lovely lady," joked Athrun regarding the blonde man who's head snapped up at the comment. The only sound in the elevator was the whooshing as the floors whizzed by. After what seemed an eternity the man responded icily,

"I wasn't ignoring her, sir."

"Oh so you work for me," laughed Athrun enjoying the conversation he might not be able to talk to women but men were easy, "Pray tell me do I need to include manner courses in my seminars or did you learn to act like that from a professional." The golden eyes of his male companion narrowed dangerously,

"Excuse me sir, but I think you have mistaken me with yourself. I don't recall ever asking you to join the conversation, or has the rules of protocol changed so that one can interrupt a conversation with rude comments." Athrun smiled at the boy not noticing the blush that crept onto the latter's cheeks as he continued their playful banter. Unlike Dearka who would just wimp out once defeated, or Yzak who would threaten to kill you this boy seemed to be a genuine comedian, and to be hired by his firm he was probably intelligent as well.

"I wasn't interrupting a conversation because none was taking place." As the elevator arrived at ground level he watched as the man dragged his female companion out of the elevator as fast as he could. Merging into the crowd Athrun noted with satisfaction that he had got the last laugh. "I wonder who he is…"


"That jerk, the rich privileged ass wipe!" shouted Cagalli to the sky as they walked towards the nearby café where Kira sat waiting, "God I have no idea why I work for that man. I really don't." Lacus just giggled at Cagalli's antics it hadn't taken much to see exactly why Cagalli worked for Athrun Zala, most eligible and elusive bachelor in PLANTS, he was a God. If Lacus wasn't married she would have seriously reconsidered her choice in a husband.

"Cagalli he's your boss he might hear you."

"Like I care!" growled Cagalli in a primal way gritting her teeth and stomping her feet loudly on the pavement, "Did you hear how he treated me! Like some sort of beggar on the street, whose life dreams have been fulfilled just by hearing his voice."

"I don't know you seemed to be enjoying the conversation equally…"

"Say that again and die!" snapped Cagalli. Joining her brother at the table Cagalli cringed as Lacus kissed Kira on the lips, "Do you guys really have to act like that in public." Kira laughed at his sister's embarrassment,

"Cagalli we only like this in public when you're around. We're trying to set a good example."

"For what? Herpes, that's how it's spread it you know. Saliva exchange."

"Ah yes another pleasant family meal," joked Kira as he called a waitress over, "Two ice teas and a coffee."

"Black…no sugar, no cream, no nothing," barked Cagalli to the waitress who obviously had yet to notice not so noticeable person in the group. Whenever she went anywhere with Kira and Lacus it was serve beautiful people first and random third wheel last. God she hated eating out. Noting her attire Kira deciding to bring up the one subject she and him fought most about,

"Cagalli why are dressed like a man…again." Kira surveyed her pant suit and tie with distain. She was really beautiful woman, his twin sister, despite what she believed. He really had no idea when she began thinking she was some hideous creature but one day she just stopped trying and began buying from the men's section instead of the girls.

"It's comfortable and it looks good."

"I will not deny that it looks like a marvelous suit but it makes you look like a guy," sighed Kira looking at her beseechingly she could at least try dressing up for their lunch dates, "You own a skirt why don't you wear it."

"Because my oh-so naïve younger brother it doesn't suit me." Sighing Lacus sipped at their newly arrived ice tea and ordered a sandwich, watching the two siblings squabble was fun but there was no point doing it on an empty stomach.


"Alright from the top," yelled Dearka motioning for Athrun to enter into the foyer.

"So honey what's for dinner?" asked Athrun looking hopefully at the third actress they had found that was willing to play his wife for a week.

"How should I know? I don't work here." Said the blonde fake sourly playing with the gum in her mouth.

"CUT!!" shouted Dearka running towards Athrun and the actress, "You're supposed to act like a caring wife, not a total vain prick."

"I'm playing a rich man's wife what do you expect," drawled woman uninterested in Dearka, turning back towards Athrun she continued, "If you want to have sex with me it's $5000 if you want to spank me it's $500 unless I can get something really special out of the deal." She traced her finger along his cheek.

The glare Athrun sent at Dearka was enough to raise the dead. Dearka got the hint.

"Thank you very much," said Dearka feeling his eyebrow twitch, "I'll show you to the door, our people will call your people." When Dearka returned to the living room he found a less than thrilled Athrun glaring at him.

"No more."

"What do you mean no more?" said Dearka struggling to retain his fading smile, "That one was ok but I'm sure there's someone out there who will make the perfect wife for you."

"Oh no. No more random bimbos off the street pr wherever you got the last prostitute," growled Athrun, "We'll just tell Attha that it can't be done the account is impossible and leave it at that."

"BUT THINK OF ALL THE MONEY WE'LL LOSE!" pleaded Dearka watching his imaginary raise fly away.

"Either the money or my sanity and for the record that was rhetorical question about which is more important." Groaning Athrun sat down in front of his computer and began looking through the employee database he wanted to find the blonde male he had been chatting with on the elevator, he seemed more intelligent than Dearka so maybe he'd have a better idea…

"I know why don't you just hire an employee to play your wife!" exclaimed Dearka looking excitedly at Athrun, "That way we don't waste money, they just live at your house instead of work at your office. Oh, oh and they're intelligent to boot!" Athrun pondered this. Dearka had a point. He had numerous intelligent female employees one would surely be able to help him. At least if he could ever talk to one normally. If only he could find that blonde from the elevator he might know an intelligent girl…but he didn't seem to be in the database. "Note to self: next time ask for name."


Yzak's nerves were wearing thin. He'd been sick for the whole week leaving the Attha account reluctantly up to Dearka, God must have been on his side because so far it seemed like everything was going according to plan. Uzumi Nara Attha would be visiting PLANTS next week from earth to sign a document to finalize the joining of his modern computer firm with Zala Corp, thus making Zala Corp. totally automatic.

Even though he had left the delegation up to his idiot roommate Dearka so far it seemed like Attha was pleased with the paperwork and the visit would go smoothly. At least that was what he thought until Dearka barged into his room being dragged by a very pissed off Athrun.

"What has this idiot told you?" asked Athrun glaring daggers at the blonde man as he tried to squirm out his grasp.

"Zala may I remind you that I had a severe cold and I don't want your germs infecting me dirt I can take just not you," stated the silver-haired man. It wasn't that he didn't like his boss it was just… he didn't like his boss. Stupid privileged ass wipe.

"I take it hasn't told you the ridiculous lie he told Attha!" That perked up Yzak's ears and his eyes focused in on Dearka.

"What. Did. You. Say."

"Uhh well…I uhhh…ummm"

"He said I had family values," began Athrun calculating how best to break this to Yzak without Dearka ending up in a coma, "And a wife." IF and only IF Yzak hadn't been sick Dearka would have been dead. Basted, and roasting on an open fire, but Yzak was sick.

"HE DID WHAT!!!" Leaving Dearka to try and calm down a raging Yzak, Athrun left their apartment and walked towards his car. Now he just had to find that blonde boy and find a wife…that wouldn't be too hard… would it.


"Did you even sleep last night?" asked Mir as Cagalli walked into the office looking like a panda. (A/N: The dark rings that appear under your eyes when you don't get enough sleep. I call them panda rings… he he I look like one now.) Mir was surprised to note that today instead of her usual pant suit she was wearing a skirt but just as she moved to comment Cagalli cut her off,

"Washing machine broke. Only clean thing left."

"Uhhh right…" blanched Mir at her straightforwardness, "You have a few messages but mainly accounts and financial statements you have to complete before the end of the fiscal period."

"Fine." With that Cagalli disappeared into her office slamming the door loudly. Mir shook her head and sighed even half asleep Cagalli was still hassle. Little did she know a blonde man was thinking the same thing as he stepped out of the elevator with his companion.

"Did you even sleep last night?" questioned Dearka as he watched Athrun scan the offices.



"I was trying to find an employee."

"Really," said Dearka happily, "Your finally taking the wife thing seriously I'm so proud!"

"No I was trying to find an employee to give me advice." Stated Athrun looking for a streak of blonde.

"Why do you need this employee."

"I need someone to replace you," stated Athrun, "But I couldn't find them in the employee database so I'm searching the floor I think they work on."

"You do realize you staff over 5000 people…and you only think this is floor your mystery employee works on. And…uh… why do you want to replace me!" Athrun shrugged his shoulders and moved towards a petite brown haired woman who seemed to be depressed over something, Dearka following close behind.

"I already like where this is going," he joked, "Hey, hey why don't you get her to play your wife."

"Mention that nonsense again I will lock you in a closet with Yzak the minute he gets better." Stated Athrun as he watched Dearka's face pale,

"Yes…sir!" Moving towards the secretary he coughed announcing his presence.

"Oh. Good morning sir," the brunette said looking almost afraid, "What can I do for you."

"I'm looking for a blonde male who resides on this floor," said Athrun bluntly. The girl seemed confused for a moment than her eyes sparked to life as if she had just had a realization.

"There's only one blonde on this floor," began the girl pointing to an office door directly behind her, "That's their office, but I think you ought to know their not a-" But Athrun was already opening the door. The blonde sat behind his desk tapping away at his keyboard looking up to see who the intruder was the man immediately stood up to reveal he was wearing a skirt,

"Hello sir."

"A GIRL!!!"

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