Here's my first Avatar fanfic, hope you enjoy!


Tulio – Zuko

Miguel – Sokka

Altivo – Appa

Chel – Katara (Note: In this fanfic, Katara and Sokka are not related).

Extras – Toph and Aang

Chief Tannabok - Iroh

Tzekel-Kan – Ozai

Cortez – Zhao

Bibo – Momo

Chapter 1:

Many ages ago, there were two gods riding on a flying bison.

Our glorious city

Was built by the divinities

By gods who saw fit

To bestow

The two gods swirl their hands around and use they're magic to create the world, causing tree, grass and animals to spring out from the ground.

The gift of a paradise

Peaceful and harmonious upon

Two flying lemurs sniff each other, and then go into a nearby bush. The bush shakes and out come their offspring playing happily.

Us mere mortals below.

The two gods seem happy with their handiwork and give each other the thumbs up.

And made El Dorado

Then they combined their powers and sent a beam of energy into the water, causing a golden stream to go down the river and over a water fall.

The magnificent and golden

One thousand years ago

The golden water then forms into golden temples, rising one level after another.

El Dorado

El Dorado

El Dora-a-a-a-do

Well, here's chapter one, sorry it's so short; I get around to the next chapter soon!