Danny tells everyone what his plan is and his plan goes to action

Everyone was working hard to put Zuko's plan into action. The warriors were on top of the wooden cup as they throw the rope down and the cup gets filled up with water. The rest down below were holding a battering ram to ram the pillars that support the wooden cup.

"Hold the line steady!" Iroh yelled to his warriors as Sokka watches, "They're almost in place!"

Meanwhile, Zhao, his army, and Ozai were coming closer to El Dorado as they were near a cave that spurred butterflies.

"It better be there," Zhao warned threateningly, "For your sake."

The plan was going well. Zuko with his friends on the boat set a sail onto the waters, waiting for their waved from the giant cup. Zuko turns to his friends holding oars as Katara holding the rudder. They were ready.

"Okay, Chief, on my signal!" Zuko called to Iroh, "Ready! Hit the pillars!"

"Now!" Iroh shouted. His warriors then ram and break the small pillars that support the cup.

Zuko smiles but gasps. He sees that more of the pillars are breaking, more as the cup was about to fall. If it was too soon, it can flood the boat and the others can drown. "They're breaking too fast!" Zuko said worriedly to his friends.

"Zuko, the sail!" Katara states.

Zuko looks up and pulls the rope. "It's stuck!" Zuko cried trying to pull the sail. But it wouldn't move!

The warriors saw Zuko and the others in danger. They pull the ropes, trying to stop the cup from fall. Iroh saw this and helps out pulling the ropes with all the strength they have left. But it was no use. Without the sail, they can't go faster.

"They're not gonna make it!" Sokka said seeing the whole thing and seeing Zuko in danger. Zuko may have been forgetting about him and dating Katara, but he was still Sokka's friend and his partner. He turns to Appa. "Appa!"

Obediently, the bison answered the call. Sokka jumped on his back and hanged pm tightly as Appa began to run faster and faster towards the boat.

Zuko tries to pull the rope, but to no avail. He turns and saw Sokka riding on Appa. "Are you crazy?!" Zuko yelled to him.

Sokka didn't listen. He gets up and runs on Appa. He jumps off Appa's head as the bison lands safely on the boat. Zuko looks up to see Sokka. Iroh opens his eyes to see Sokka also. He gasped. It almost looked like that Sokka was actually flying. The Water Tribe boy grabs the sail and pulls it down, opening it up. Wind gusts in as the sail moves and makes the boat go faster.

Zuko comes to Sokka, who safely landed on the boat. "Get off the boat, Sokka, or you'll never see the city again!" Zuko said to him.

"I know," Sokka said taking off his crown and cape. He smiles at Zuko, "You don't think I'm gonna let you have all the fun, do you?" Zuko gasped but smiled back at Sokka, seeing he wants to help him out. "Come on," Sokka said throwing him an oar, "We've got a wave to catch."

Zuko catches the oar. He gives it to Katara and takes the rudder. Sokka salutes to Iroh. Iroh smiles and nods back at Sokka. He and his warriors let go of the ropes. The cup containing the water was about to fall. Sokka was shocked at this and he rows faster. The cup falls and the water from it creates a wave as it heads toward the boat.

"Get out of the way!" Zuko cried controlling the rudder, while Katara and the others were blocking his sight.

"Huh?" Sokka and the others wondered and got out of Zuko's way. Sokka, Katara, Aang and Toph held tightly to the oars as they rowed faster. Momo runs up and comes to the top and curls up into a ball.

"Hold on!" Zuko cried. Everyone else did just that. The waves come and they come into the gate and into the tunnel.

"Whoa!" the kids cried. They were inside the tunnel with the waves moving them faster. They hit a pillar, as some of the gold fell off. They hit more pillars as more gold falls.

Zuko sees that they were about to hit more pillars. "We're gonna have to hit it broadside!" he yelled out.

"That's your plan?" Sokka asked realizing, "But the gold!"

"I know!" Zuko yelled, but now he didn't care about the gold, "Just turn the boat!" Sokka and the others row as Zuko uses the rudder trying to turn the boat broadside, "On impact," Zuko commanded, "Everybody jump!"

The boat was broadside as it was about to hit the pillars. Everyone gasped but was ready. Suddenly, the boat crashes into the pillars and they all jumped off the boat and dive into the water. They got to the surface and breathed for air. They look up. The pillars started to break apart and so does the other pillars. Everyone was pushed by the wave as the tunnel breaks.

At the waterfall, there was a gush of waves coming out. Zuko and Sokka were the first to come out of the water.

"We made it," Sokka said, amazed that they survived.

Zuko looks up. The tunnel was caved in as rocks block the way and water flows through it. His plan succeeded. They blocked the tunnel to El Dorado, thus saving the city. "It worked. It worked!" Zuko said happily doing a little dance.

Katara and the others got out of the water, "Wait. Get down!" Katara cried to them. She and her friends grab the two boys, and then they hid behind a rock.

"There they are," Aang whispered. The Gaang hides behind the rock and peek in at the unfolding scene.

They see in the fog, Ozai leading the way for Zhao and his army to attack. Ozai points the way but gasps. The fog clears to show the entrance of El Dorado blocked. "No."

Zhao looks around to see nothing. He glares at Ozai angrily. "You lying heathen!" Zhao said furiously, thinking he was being tricked, "There's nothing here at all."

"No. Wait. Wait," Ozai cried. But Zhao just kicked him to the ground.

"Men, seize him!" Zhao commanded.

"What?" Ozai wondered. Then Zhao's Firebenders grab him.

"There is no El Dorado here," the admiral announced, "Onward, men." He and his army turn around and head back to where they were as the soldiers hold Ozai captive.

Then, Ozai gasps as he sees something. He spots Katara with Momo, Toph and Aang. Aang gives him a goodbye wave.

"Wait!" Ozai yelled out, "No, wait! Wait!" But Zhao and his army ignored him. Soon they were gone as they fade away in the fog.

The Gaang then come out of hiding to see Zhao and his army gone. "Yes!" Zuko cheered, knowing they saved El Dorado once and for all.

"Now, that was an adventure," Sokka said proudly.

"Yes. Yes, it was. And, um," Zuko said and began to cry, "It was so much gold!" Zuko sobbed over all the gold that they had lose.

"What a cry-baby," Toph muttered. Aang glared at her, but then just rolled his eyes.

Appa then looks down at his legs, and notices that he still wearing the golden leg wrists…

Zuko sobbed but then relaxes. "I'm fine," Zuko said calmly.

"Good," Katara said and kisses him on the cheek. "Let's go."

Sokka stops walking and turns to Zuko with a grin. "Partner." he said lending a hand to Zuko.

Zuko looks at Sokka and smiled back. "Partner." Zuko said as Sokka helps him get off. Then, Zuko and Sokka hug happily, as the two are best friends again. They stop hugging and do their secret handshake.

"Hey, guys, come on!" Toph called to them. She, Aang and Katara then get on Appa.

"You don't wanna stay here forever, do you?" Aang asked.

Zuko and Sokka look at their friends. "But…we don't have a map," Sokka said.

"We don't have a plan," Zuko added.

"Well, that's what makes it interesting," Katara said with a smile.

"You're right! What are we waiting for?" Zuko said. He and Sokka get on top of Appa.

"Let's follow that trail!" Katara yelled happily, "Hyah!" Appa stands up, which causes Zuko and Sokka fall off.

Oh, the sweet unfolding

"Come on, boys!" Katara called out as the friends ride on Appa.

Of an antique mystery

Zuko and Sokka look at each other and smile. But then they realize that the others are way ahead of them. "Hey, guys! Guys!" Zuko yelled.

All will be revealed

Zuko and Sokka then run after Appa and the others

"Sit, Appa! Sit!" Sokka called.

"Guys, we're not on the bison!" Zuko shouted.

On the trail we blaze

Zuko and Sokka happily run after their friends. Zuko and Sokka were best friends again, along with their new partners: Katara, Aang and Toph. Plus they had Appa and Momo joining them. All of them set off on another exciting adventure.


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