WhyDN, chapter 4

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Warnings: Slash.

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I know I'd better trying

You know that there's no denying

I won't show mercy on you now

I know I should stop believing

I know that there's no retrieving

it's over now-

what have you done?

-Within Temptation

Tom Marvolo Riddle, Dark Lord, was currently extremely annoyed. Harry Potter was proving to be resilient to every advance during his dreams, and now that dreamless sleep potions no longer worked for the Boy Wonder, there were numerous opportunities for the ex-Slytherin wizard to seduce the naive little Gryffindor.

But either the boy was more oblivious than he thought, or that horrific muggle upbringing had Harry ignorant to the ways of sex and attraction, in which case he would certainly thoroughly enjoy teaching the boy.

With their mind connection, Voldemort had free reign to pop in on Harry's dreams, or vice versa, not that Harry ever really knew consciously that he was doing it. The Dark Lord only wished that that stupid dolt of a Weasely hadn't woken Harry up at that moment- with a little persuading, he could have had his tasty little morsel then and there.

Brooding, Voldemort's garnet eyes slanted up to see Gigorio Zabini as the death eater bowed and entered the Dark Lord's study, and as the pureblood Italian aristocrat looked up, Tom Riddle cocked an eyebrow.

"Blaise is trying to convince the Potter child to our cause as we speak, my lord. My son informs me that they are already acquaintances, and Potter trusts him enough to meet him alone. Soon, my lord, I expect that Harry Potter shall be distanced enough from his friends, with no help from us, to slip away from Hogwarts unnoticed and straight in to your waiting arms."

As Voldemort digested Zabini, senior's words, his grimace morphed in to a slight smile and his abnormal red eyes glinted.

"Thank you, Gigorio. You and your son have been of much help."

"Master?" the man broke in politely, bowing his head, "It has been documented that Harry Potter has been in the Room of Requirement and practicing dark magic as well. I thought you should know- Blaise also saw several books of dark magic in the child's bag. I don't know what this means, but I believe that it is of importance."

The seated man concealed his surprise, schooling his features in to a cold mask of indifference. "Very well,

Zabini. You are dismissed." It wouldn't be long until Harry Potter was his, and Merlin damn it, Harry would be his soon...

Harry looked from the floor to Blaise Zabini's glittering obsidian eyes, not quite believing what he had just heard.

"All you need say is yes," Blaise reminded, his fingers steepled, his olive skin cast with flickering shadows from Harry's conjured fire.

"I can't decide in a single moment to go against all I've known- I-I... can't," Harry started, shaking his head.

His face contorted with his words, pain and consternation evident in his features.

"But hasn't there always been the tiniest part of you that has wanted to be selfish? Harry, you for once, need to think of yourself. Stop wondering, stop worrying that you're doing the wrong thing. Follow your heart."

"From a Slytherin- follow my heart?" his voice squeaked, and he hid his eyes with his hand. "There are too many people who are looking up to me-"

"Would you rather a corrupt Ministry govern the world? Could you allow the ministry in charge to keep on discriminating against those you love? What about Lupin? He's a werewolf- under Voldemort, he will no longer be an animal. He'll be, for the first time in his life since he was bitten, human."


"Harry. Please, I beg of you. Just try to understand- have you ever heard of a stabilizer?"


"You'd be Voldemort's stabilizer, Harry. You'd make him human. I think, given the opportunity, you could learn to love him. I think that his infatuation with you could turn to love. With Harry Potter, the Hero, and the Dark Lord in charge, I believe that as a race, we could advance so much more- Harry. Trust me- there is no such thing and light and dark or good and evil. There are only shades of grey... Please. I want you to at least think about it."

"You want me to think about being in a relationship with the man whomurdered my parents?"

"There is nothing I can say to that. You've got me, and you know it. But Harry, please. Sometimes people change."

"And sometimes they don't."

"He can't take back what he did, Harry. But promise me. Promise me you'll think about it." The Slytherin's hand grasped Harry's, squeezing lightly. "Trust me."

"I trust you, Blaise. But I don't trust him."

"I understand. But try- there is only so much that he can hide from you."

"What do you mean?"

Blaise smiled, the edges of his lips upturning. "I'm sure you'll find out sure enough."

With that, the larger boy got up, adjusted his silver and green striped tie, and exited, the portrait closing behind him with an ominous echo.

"Nine holy hells," Harry moaned, rubbing his temples. "I think I've landed myself in some deep shit." Too right you are, a voice in his head quipped, and Harry growled, but at least you'll think about it. "Damn it all," he sighed, shaking his head. "I wish I could lie."

Father, Blaise Zabini wrote in his neat cursive script,

I have spoken to Harry about giving thought to the idea of joining our Lord, but he is reluctant to give up his old friends.

Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasely are constantly engaging in their torrid affair, often leaving Harry as the third wheel. It is not uncommon to see Weasely and Granger together, in that sense.

Granger seems to have forgotten about her once-friend, though Weasely still seems to hold some shred of affection for Harry Potter and the two of the males are often seen rowing, usually about Harry's godfather, the deceased Sirius Black or Harry not eating adequately.

The red-head has a point; I never see the boy eating, and I suspect that the boy constantly has glamouries on.

I am worried, Blaise had crossed out worried several times through and a large inkblot stained through the parchment, as though the Slytherin was searching for the right word, terrified that he has severe malnutrition. When he finally comes to the manor, father, I think a little fattening up is in order. And perhaps several strengthening potions as well.

Though he finds himself reluctant, I believe that Harry will come to our clause but I know I have my own pacts that Voldemort must fulfill and sacrifices must be made.

I ask that my Lord refrains from useless torture of muggles, muggle-borns, half-bloods... magical creatures, with the exceptance of death-eater punishments.

There are also other agreements that must be made, but I believe that our Lord is intelligent enough to know common sense. If he does not have the utmost sense of caution, he will put off Harry for forever.

I believe our time is coming soon, father. I give my regards to both you and my Lord, and wish your missions well.

Yours sincerely,