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" Can I come in?" I asked opening the locker room door.

" Okay Bree. What do you want?" My dad asked not taking his eyes from the TV

" Um okay...This is kinda hard for me but I promised Jeff I would so...Can you turn off the fucking TV" I snapped not wanting to be here.

" Young lady don't talk like that. What do you want Bree. I'm busy."

" Okay your going to sit there and I'm going to talk. Jeff said I need to get all of this off my chest. My first question is why. Why the fuck would you leave me in that hell hole all those years. Do you know what he did to me." I shouted at my stubborn father.

" It wasn't that bad Bree." The Deadman started to look uncomfortable.

" It wasn't that bad..It wasn't that bad. They hit me Mark. I got the shit beaten out of me for years. I was locked in my room and Mom's boyfriend raped for years dad." I started to cry while I screamed at him.

" I sent you a letter Mark. Uncle Glen came to my birthday, Mer came to my birthday. Everyone was there but my own father."

" What letter Bree?" My dad asked.

" Before I found Uncle Glen. I sent you a letter telling you all the stuff they did to me and asking you if I could come and live with you." My screams got quieter but the sobs got louder.

" Bree I remeber that letter and I phoned your mom and she said you were just mad and acting out. Bree what did you want me to do I had no parental rights. And I thought you were just acting out."

" I...hatteddd.. my..life..everyy..sing..single...day." I sobbed.

" I'm sorry about that hun. I couldn't have done anything. What did you want me to do, come in the middle of the night grab you and get arrested for kidnapping.."

" Yes."

" I couldn't have done that. Yes I probably could have tried harder but Bree I...I'm sorry. I really am. I looked up at the big man who had tears in his eyes. I stopped sobbing, this was the first time I have ever seen him show emoition.

I had to admit Jeff was right I need this. " Daddy...I missed you all those years."

" I missed you to Bree." My dad said hugging me.

I pulled away from him wiping my eyes. " Dad, I need to tell you something and you are going to have to deal with it. I'm dating Jeff and you are going to act civil. No more hurting hitting him and no more acting like a stubborn jackass."

" I can act civil but I don't like him Bree. When he gets bored he will flake out and leave. And I don't want you to get crushed because he got bored and left. I won't hurt him anymore but I won't like him. You better go and get ready for your match. We can talk more after okay Bree." My dad said tucking a dark lock of hair behind my ear.

" Okay bye dad." I was going to prove him wrong. Jeff wasn't going to flake out, he is better now. I wiped my face and tried to focus this is going to be the biggest match of my career.


" Come on Jeff." I shouted clapping my hands. Jeff just got thrown by his hair by Umaga. Everyone on my team was quickly running out of gas. Jeff was getting his ass handed to him by Umaga. Y2J had a nasty cut above his eye and Ric was limping.

" I fucking done with this." I mumbled to myself as Umaga tagged Mr. Kennedy in. Jeff got to our corner he was about to tag in Chris but before he could I slapped Jeff's shoulder.

I drop kicked Kennedy as I heard my team mates yell at me to get my ass out of the ring. I started to drive my fist into Ken's face before JBL got in the ring and pulled my off of him. That's when it all fell apart. Jeff drove in the ring followed by Chris and Ric. Everyone was all out brawling. Until one body flew over the top rope it was JBL who was followed by Chris. Ric tossed Kennedy over the rope and went to finish him off. With just left me, Jeff and Umaga alone in the ring.

" Bree go backstage." Jeff shouted at me as he hit Umaga with a Twist of Fate.

" No, come on I can see a Swanton. Go for it Jeff." I shouted at him as he climbed the turnbuckle. I cheered as Jeff did a beautiful Swanton bomb. When he rolled off I went in for the pin.


" And the winners are the team of Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, Ric Flair and Bree Calaway." Lillian annocued as we walked up the ramp cheering.

" Great job Bree." Jeff said kissing me hard on the lips.

I didn't know what to say I just followed them backstage grinning like a idiot.


" Hey Jeff, who's my Dad's match going?" I asked Jeff as I toweled off my hair.

" Good...oh no. I think the deadman is hurt. Ya they're stopping the match. I think he hurt his shoulder." I ran out and saw my dad holding his arm and pushing away the refs as he walked back stage.

I grabbed a pair of sweats and a hoodie of Jeff's as I ran out of the locker room. I found my dad swearing at the trainer who was looking at his shoulder.

" Stay away from my fucking arm. You fucking idiot." The Deadman said glaring at him.

" Mark, calm down I just want to look at it." The trainer looked annoyed as he slapped my fathers hand away.

" Dad just let him look at your arm." I probably looked a little scary. My hair was still wet and I was wearing Jeff's clothes. I looked like a bag lady.

" Humph." My dad said stubbornly dropping his other arm.

" Mark your going to have to go to the hospital. I think you broke your clavicle. Bree could you take his to the hospital to get his arm x-rayed."

"Yeah I can. Can we go now?" I asked grinning at my dad who looked like a pouting little kid.

" Yes you can thank you Bree."

" Come on Dad. I just need to grab my purse." I said hugging the big man. Everything was slowly coming together for once.

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