Blah= whatever

"Blah"= talking

'Blah'= thinking or emphasis

(Blah)= Extra

(A/N: Blah)= Me

Blah = Flashbacks

Blah= Change of place, time, and POVs


Ninja Academy/Normal POV:

Amakusu Kaori gulped as she stood in the line of students; all were waiting for their turn at the review test that was given thanks to Uzumaki Naruto. She toyed with her braided hair as she held in her own groans.

'That idiot! I'm going to kill him!' She thought crossly, anger waves radiating toward the ramen-loving loudmouth. She was normally a sort-of quiet girl, but her classmates knew what she felt about tests… especially ones that they had already gone over. Although her true feelings at the moment were anything but pleasant, she held up a serene facade.

'No. Death is much too lenient. Mutilation is key.'

"Kaori," Iruka called. "Can you please hurry up?" She looked up to see that she was at the front now. She nodded towards Iruka-sensei who impatiently motioned for her to do the henge, or the transformation technique.

Kaori fought her own frown from revealing as she walked forward, still peeved. "Oh, I'm sorry!" She gave a moment to inhale sharply, letting the air pass through her diaphragm. "Henge!" She said before immediately making the hand seal, and with a poof, transformed into a spitting image of Iruka-sensei. He nodded in approval, and scribbled something onto his clipboard. After a few more students he looked up once more. "Alright Naruto. Let's see what you can do."

Kaori took her time going to her seat, after chatting politely with the remaining tested students and tripping on the steps a little, she finally made it back to her seat. She glanced at Hyuuga Hinata and knew that she was wishing the blonde luck. She felt a grin creep up and looked back at Naruto. 'I wonder how he's going to do. Knowing him, this is probably gonna be something weird.' She bit her cheek, twirling the strands of hair that had escaped her black braids.

"Henge!" Naruto shouted and Kaori saw a wave of chakra whirling around him and in a poof of smoke he turned into… a naked lady.

Two big waterfalls of blood gushed thickly out of the teacher's nose. And Kaori herself had actually fallen out of her seat, choking on her own saliva in shock. 'T-that PERVERT!'

"Ha! How was that! I call it my Seduction Jutsu!" Naruto grinned proudly. Snickering himself at how much of a K.O he'd given their academy instructor.

"You idiot! Don't invent such stupid techniques!" Iruka's roared, his head ten times bigger than normal. "You'll never pass the genin test!"

Kaori sighed, considering this.

Knowing Naruto, he'd probably pass one way or the other.

She chuckled softly. "Hinata-chan's probably praying for him right now, better not be wasted effort."


Teashop/After School & training/Normal Pov:

"Oji-san. May I have some dango please?" Kaori called up to the teashop owner, who tried to fake a look of annoyance at her appearance.

The man came in clearer view, standing over the small table she currently occupied. "Why are you here? In fact, how are you going to compensate for the last few meals you forgot to pay?" He demanded, getting straight to the point as he crossed his arms, well, crossly.

She winced. 'Ooh. Forgot again.' She dug around her pockets frantically. "Of course! Sorry, I got my money right here!" She gave him a big wad of bills. Cringing at the visible amount she had lost.

The man inspected it closely. "This is only half." He deadpanned, rolling his eyes as he remembered how she even got into the situation in the first place. For a girl who doesn't even need to eat, she's not very smart.

She pouted and tossed him another big wad. "Great. I'm broke now. Happy?"

"Immensely." The twenty or thirty-something year old replied, counting the money lazily and showing the ninja-to-be no mind. "But you can still buy five more skewers of o-dango." He said with a crinkly-eyed smiled.

Kaori's face lit up. "Really? Then five O-dango sticks please!"

The man sighed visibly. "Aren't you at least a little worried about diabetes or something, you crazy sugar-maniac? You don't even need to eat in the first place, monster."

She frowned. "I'm eating these for uhh, tr…aining… Yeah…? Yeah. Yeah! The sugar, it fuels my chakra system, yes. Chakra. Exactly." Although normally a sufficient liar, she was struggling to think up a reasonable excuse after being caught so off guard. "Don't you want me to be a strong ninja, Ji-chan? Protect the village? Do missions? Explore? You should be proud you even know me before I become a hero!"

"I swear I've heard this before."

"Don't you have anything to do? Like cooking? For customers? Stop being lazy! I could give you a bad rating! I'm already deducting you for bad customer service!"

"Hai hai, I'll give you some tea, maybe it'll reduce some risk." He said as he walked out behind the counter, exaggerating his weariness.

She shrugged. "Gee, thanks!"


Hey!! Thanks for checking out the story!! I know things aren't going great since it's the first chapter and all, so sorry! I'll keep trying to do better until it's actually something worth reading! So on to words and meanings!

Ama means sweet (it's in her last name. Don't confuse it with Ame, which is rain or candy)

Kusuri is medicine, but I shortened it to kusu.

Kaori means fragrance

Odangos are rice cake on a stick with some sweet sauce on it- really good. Trust me.

Oji-san Is uncle or… sir, I guess. It often gets confused with Ojii-san, which is grandpa, but that one 'i' makes a lot of difference

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