Another story inspired by a song! but the actual songfic won't be until later chapters, but don't worry, This story is not even planned to be long !

I think I'm getting obsessed with songfics, (sweat-drops), lol! Well this fic was inspired by the fact that I'm going to be in a talent show in my school, and I was like, what if Dawn May, Misty, and Leaf went into a talent show to impress the guys? So BAM! It's here! As you can see, this story contains IKARISHIPPING mainly, and also contestshipping, pokeshipping, and oldrivalshipping (only its going to be LeafxGary) Okay hope you enjoy Lady Marmalade: Sweet Sweet Revenge!


Song: Lady Marmalade

Performed By: Pink, Christina Aguilera, Mya, and Lil-Kim!

"Now remember class, the Annual Talent show will be held next Friday, if you have any talent that you wish to share with the student body, please do sign up!" The voice on the intercom encouraged, hoping that someone with at least a decent talent would sign up. "And remember everyone, NO FIRE!"

The whole class snickered at the announcement. Supposedly, the talent show was actually a show were kids came to make fun of the pathetic losers who would even attempt a talent.

Dawn Hikari was one of them.

The sixteen year old sighed as she remembered how much she embarrassed herself in front of the whole entire school. How everyone laughed at her, no matter how many panicking teachers told them to stop. The very memory would make her flush as red as a tomato.

--Flash Back--

"Up next, Dawn Hikari!" The principal called as Dawn, dressed in a black leotard, pranced up on stage with a baton in hand. She looked out at the audience, and smiled. However, the smile faded when the bright spotlight centered itself right on her face, causing Dawn to shield her eyes.

Squinting, Dawn tried to make out her four best friends Misty, May, Leaf, and Zoey in the audience, a desperate attempt for reassurance. She found May with a camcorder, Leaf and Zoey holding up a huge sign saying ' Go Dawn!' and Misty just sitting there, with an expression saying ' Don't worry!'.

Taking a deep breath, Dawn swayed to the music as the upbeat tune began to play. She danced and twirled, and to her astonishment, she was actually doing a fantastic job!

Her heart sped up as she caught a glimpse of her crush in the audience, Paul Shinji. As usual, he looked bored and completely annoyed that his friends Gary, Ash, and Drew dragged him to the show. He looked right at her, which caused Dawn to move even faster! The truth was…she actually entered the talent show to impress this very boy.

'I have to impress him…I just have too!' Dawn's inner-self pleaded in her head as Dawn begun to dance even faster. Unfortunately, the blue-haired girl's affections towards the boy made her feet go too fast and nearly slipped on her feet, causing her body to fumble.

Full of anxiety, Dawn cursed at herself as she heard her fellow classmates laugh at her but she kept on dancing. For a final attempt to impress Paul and as the climax of her act, she threw her baton up in the air and activated the ends to turn into huge red flames.

'Perfect!' Dawn rejoiced as she saw how wonderfully the move had been performed. She caught the baton and swirled it around, making the whole audience go "Ooohhh". Dawn giggled to herself and twirled around even faster, but her hands were getting sweaty from the heat. She ignored this, however, and kept dancing.

Big Mistake.

Dawn performed a combination of moves that involved her to switch the baton to her left hand, but as it did, Dawn threw it too hard, causing the flamed-baton to slip out of her sweaty hands and onto the flammable curtains. In other words, the whole stage burst into flames.

Dawn screamed as she ran off the stage, mortified as she heard hilarious cries of laughter, teachers screaming at their students to leave the auditorium, and even remarks as "Dawn brought down the house, literally!" But the Worst came as she escaped out front to the School's courtyard were firefighters frantically passed her and her friends.

"Troublesome Girl." She overheard her crush say once she found him in the midst of the crowds.

"I heard she done all that to impress you." Gary, a spiky haired teen, commented to the purple-headed boy.

"Hmph. Pathetic. Like she honestly believed some retarded twirl act would impress me?" Paul commented, annoyed as hell.

Dawn gasped as tears dripped down her ash-stained face. She broke free of her friends' reassuring hugs, running somewhere even unknown to herself.

"Dawn!!" Leaf, Misty, May, and Zoey shouted after her, running after the poor blue-haired girl.

'H-He hates me! He doesn't even care if-if I was burned or not! I'm never going to be in the talent show again, EVER!!I HATE HIM! I-I HATE YOU PAUL SHINJI!' Dawn wept to herself, crying as her friends consoled her.

Dawn felt a single tear gently land on her notebook, she was too careless to even wipe it. He was just like all her other crushes, they'd never return her feelings to matter how hard she tried to impress them. Not matter how hard she loved them. He would be just like all the others, she'd ignore them and pretend they never existed. And eventually, she would stop loving him soon enough.

But the thing was…she never had stopped loving him.

Dawn did not understand this at all. She swore to herself that she would forget him, move on, and live a Paul-free life. But she felt that with each glance she took, each time her heart skipped a beat when she heard his voice, every goddamn time he would even looked her way, that she had betrayed herself, her heart, her entire vow.

She glanced over at Paul, who sat coolly at the front of the class, writing down his notes. Ever since the talent show, she had avoided him and it all worked for the best, right?

'I mean, it's not like HE'S going to talk to me!' Dawn thought furiously as she scribbled whatever the teacher was writing on the board into her notes.

"Woah, you okay Dawn? You're usually so calm and composed during Akiko-sensei's lectures. It's like your stressing over some guy…" One of her best friends, May, commented as she looked over Dawn's shoulder.

"EH ?!" Dawn screamed as she stood up from her chair, interrupting the whole lecture.

"Someone wrong, Miss Hikari?" Akiko-sensei commented as she put her hands on her hips, annoyed at someone would have the nerve to shout out during one of her lectures. Everyone, including Paul, looked her way.

"C-C-Crap, He's staring at me!" Dawn cursed to herself, she cursed at her heart, and she cursed at her stupid idiotic outburst.

"N-No! Sorry! Please continue!" Dawn frantically apologized, red in the face, as she returned to her seat. . Akiko gave her a confused look before returning to her chalkboard.

"As if he didn't ALREADY think I'm a freak…" Dawn muttered to herself as she hung her head low.

"Wow, something must be bugging you." May giggled as she poked Dawn's forehead with the eraser of her pencil. Dawn sighed as she looked at her notebook, bright pink in the face.

"It's just, around that time, you know?" She whispered, extra cautious to not get caught from Akiko-sensei, again.

"Your period?" May whispered in a low and confused voice, full aware of Dawn's privacy.

"N-No! I mean, around that time where- well you know, Talent… Show…" Dawn began, cutting the rest off hoping that would be enough to clue in her oblivious friend.

"Ohh…Oh!" May realized, "But that was a year ago! The auditorium is done being reconstructed and everything!"

"S-Still!" Dawn murmured, glancing over at Paul, who was too occupied on telling Ash, a boy with raven-spiky hair, to stop copying his notes.

"You're still in a slump over that? Dawn…" May began in a sympathetic tone, knowing how delicate the subject of him was.

Dawn nodded slightly, keeping her eyes on her notebook, not even willing to see the sad look on her friend's face.

"Well… the sleepover tonight at your house will definitely cheer you" May said in a happy tone, hoping to comfort Dawn.

"Mhmm!" Dawn happily agreed, wishing to laugh all of troubles away…

'YEAH, Like that'll happen!' Dawn shouted in her head as she took one final glance towards Paul.


The doorbell rang as Dawn rushed down the steps. She opened the door out of breath and there stood Misty and Zoey, fully equipped with all the essentials that every slumber party needed to survive. Dawn guided them to the dining room to go over their things.

"Let's see, I got…" Misty trailed off as she dug into her huge cerulean blue duffle bag, "Popcorn, ice cream pints OF COURSE, candy, cell phone for you know, some pranking! And much much more!" She listed as she threw multiple items on the table. Zoey and Dawn sweat-dropped at Misty, who was pulling out every junk-food imaginable out of her bag, as if Misty had forgotten that Dawn had a fully stocked fridge.

"So, what did you bring?" Dawn asked Zoey, who had lifted her eyebrows at the remark.

"Just some few stuff, toothbrush and stuff." The other red head commented as she patted her small bag that was hanging over her shoulder.

"Ah, okay. Well…I guess we just have to wait until-" Dawn began but was cut off by the multiple rings of the doorbell.

"Leaf and May arrive." They all said in unison as they opened to door. There stood May and a bubbly Leaf.

"We got a lot to do." May remarked in an evil grin, holding up her cell phone.

"Of course, May wants to get even with Drew." Misty laughed.

"Serves him right! How Dare he do that in front of the whole class!!" May declared as she pumped her fists in the air, flames burning in her eyes. Everyone besides May sweat-dropped at the memory.

--Flash Back--

It was a typical day in Science class. The students were frantic to keep up with the quick and constant mutterings of their teacher, but not May, she decided long ago to just pay close attention and just study the material that was in the book. She learned much more this way and she did exceptionally well in her grades as a result.

However, today was different because now everyone was working on their assigned worked, and May had finished early. She tapped her pen back and forth against her desk, finding some way to relieve herself of her boredom.

"Hey May, let me look at your notes." Drew said as he turned around from his seat, looking over her desk. Drew was one of the many handsome-heartthrobs that all the girls fawned over. They almost seemed to die over his lush-green hair and deep emerald eyes. Actually, if a girl wasn't worshipping Drew, then they'd flock to Paul, Gary, or Ash for that matter.

'Gag.' May shuttered at the idea, Drew, as much to his disappointment, was the very type of guy she despised, Full of himself, so confident in his looks, and totally drop-dead gorgeous

"Hell No!" May said in a harsh whisper, "You know I don't take much notes in Science Class!"

Drew mocked a fake puppy-dog pout, which caused May to sneer in his direction. He gave her a harsh and upset look before turning back to his desk. As soon as he did, May turned a deep red. How could she even consider liking that jerk?! Just because every time he looked at her, talked to her, and even pestering her about her notes even though HE KNOWS that she doesn't take much in the particular class makes her heart skip a beat! That doesn't mean she likes him! But then again…there was a special way he would talk to her, unlike all the fan girls…

'He's such an idiot….' May thought to herself as she took out a piece of paper and began to write on it. She wrote:

Hey idiot,

Please consider that fact that the jolly-green giant wants his shampoo back.

Luvs ya! May

Ooh, that was good. A sweet insult to knock the heart-throb off his fan girl throne, even if it would only last a minute. And silently, May hoped to knock her stupid feelings for him off with it. She crumbled the note into a ball and chucked it at the boy's green-head.

"Ow! What the-" The boy silently cursed as he grabbed the paper-ball that hit his head. He looked at the note and raised an eyebrow at the brunette before muttering something along the terms of "How clever…idiot."

He then began to flip out a new piece of paper, take out a pink …pen? Then he began to write neatly and carefully along the lines.

"Ahem! Is that a note, Mr. Rosalind?" The annoyed teacher shouted as he tapped his foot to the ground.

Drew at first was frightened, this caused May to smile victoriously.

Her plan had worked.

Drew looked back and May, then it was his turned to smirk. He

took the note he was writing and sweetly said, "Yes sir, would you like to hear it?"

May almost burst out into hysterics, this was too funny! First she got Drew in trouble, now he's going to embarrass himself in front of the whole class?! Drew stood up from his seat, flicked his hair, and held the note in front of him, ready to read.

May then all of a sudden broke her giggle-fit and stared at Drew. Something was up. This was not good!

"Dear Drew," Drew began in a mock girl voice, causing all the students, except May, to burst into laughter.

"In case you haven't noticed, which I pray that you've have, I been secretly been dying to run my fingers through your lovely hair, and make you my play toy. Oh boy and yes, I have noticed your rock-hard abs under that white uniform shirt of yours and I just wait for the day you throw it off and grab me hard in your strong grip. I imagine at night that you're my body pillow and well ahem let your mind run wild. Waiting forever by my window,


May's jaw dropped her face the deepest crimson you can imagine. That wasn't her note! Everyone burst into laughter, the guys giving her suggestive stares and all the girls sending her death-glares.

"Oh Sweet May, I'm so flattered." Drew said in a mock tone as May gave him the BIGGEST DEATH GLARE YOU COULD IMAGINE. "But I'm so sorry, I –sigh- just don't like you that way."


"B-B-But It's not-!" May began but was caught off again.


May sat back in her seat, ashamed and red in the face. After everything settled down, Drew turned around and smirked at May.

"Damn, your body pillow must have a real workout." He smirked as he flicked his hair. He dangled the note in front of her, and horror came to her eyes. He had exactly copied her handwriting! Right down to the pink pen she would normally have used!

May, with nothing else to do, just sat their, FURIOUS. She fumed, her teeth clenched, her face red, and only one thing ran through her mind.


"Honey maybe it was so easy for Drew to write that note because he's been thinking about the same for you…" Leaf trailed off suggestively, causing May to blush a deep red.

The girls had been led the Dawn's room to get settled, where Dawn fully decked it out with huge pillows, blankets, TV set, and of course who could forget, THE CHOCOLATE. While May ranted about how cruel Drew was, they all got into their Pajamas. Leaf wore a light green tank top, with a darker green pair of pajamas bottoms, yellowish green vertical striped running down the bottom.

Misty tugged at her cerulean tee and brushed off the popcorn that was spilled on her blue short-shorts.

Zoey came out in an orange night-shirt with red khaki- like pajamas buttons, she was never the type to really show off the figure she really had.

May came out in a small red tank with white pajama shorts that had cherries imprinted across, however, she still wore her red bandana.

"Drum-roll Please!" Dawn cried from her bathroom as the four girls pattered against the hard wooden floor. Leaf began to beet-box a runway tune while Dawn pranced out in a pink mini-slip. Of course, Dawn slipped on a silk white robe so it wouldn't be as revealing as it really was.

"Hello Hottie!" Misty joked as Dawn sat in an oversized pink pillow. Dawn giggled at the remark.

"Damn girl, that could be your revenge on Paul." Zoey commented as she pointed at Dawn's curves. Everyone laughed as they agreed.

Dawn giggled at the idea of wearing lingerie to school and coolly walking by Paul, not even giving him a glance.

"We could take a quick pic now and send it to him…" May suggested with a sly grin as she held up her camera-phone.

"NO!" Dawn quickly screamed as she blushed many shades crimson, snatching the phone away from May. This caused the whole room to go into giggles.

"C'mon May, you know how that could turn out, Paul would then get it for free! That would be more of a treat then revenge." Zoey implied as she took the phone out of Dawn's hands, snapped it closed, and set it down on the floor between the popcorn and chocolate.

"Your soo right, he has to see it, now he can't have it, and then regret it!" Leaf declared as she pumped her fists in the air. Everyone just laughed at their silly friend's remarks.

"But it'd be sooo sweet to give him REVENGE!" Dawn declared, oh how she wanted revenge. Revenge for all the times he ignored her, sneered at her, calling her so worthless…

The whole hour consisted of things of the such, Dawn smiled as she saw May stick buneary ears, unaware to Leaf, on top of her head and make a screw-ball face with her tongue. Misty dug into her first pint early, and Zoey went through all of Dawn's DVDs, looking for a suitable movie. Dawn laughed at the scene. That's how the five were; always teasing each other, acting silly, and always sticking up for each other.

Just like Soul Sisters.

"Jack…there's a…boat….Jack…a boat!...Jack?" The actress cried on TV, her words stuttering from the bitter cold.

"No!! Why?!" Leaf cried as pulled a pillow over her head. "Why did Jack have to die, why not the evil Cal?!"

"And after he said to never let go! Awwwwe!" Misty complained as she took the movie out of the DVD player, the sad movie was too tough to watch for any of them.

"I can't stand watching the ending of the movie!" Dawn cried as she grabbed a pint from Misty and began to dig into it. "But it's too emotional not too!"

"I totally agree, when she had to break free of his hands from the ice to let him float down to the sea!" May cried as she threw the movie into the popcorn bowl. Everyone laughed at the scene.

"Guys, do you think it's time to tell Dawn?" Zoey began as she pulled a piece of paper from her small bag.

"Uh-huh." They all said in unison as Dawn looked at them confused.

"W-What are you guys talking about?" She asked, nervous.

Zoey handed Dawn the paper and Dawn scanned over it, her eyes widen as she read it more carefully.

"YOU ENTERED US IN THE TALENT SHOW?!" She screamed as she came in realization.

Dawn looked at the four nervously as they all gave her a sly look. The words that escaped from Leaf' mouth made her heart skip:

"Girl, it's time for that REVENGE."

Ooh, Revenge! I'm so sorry for not making this into a songfic oneshot but I kinda actually wanted to make this story detailed and if I put it all in one go then it would be way to long! I'm so nervous! My Talent Show is tomorrow and I hope I don't mess up! Please wish me luck! Please Review and Until Next Time!