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"Epilogue: A Resolution"

Bright Blue Skies…

Birds singing swiftly throughout the trees…

A flower's first bloom…

The lazy wind kissing the earth….

All these things Misty Waterflower admired as she walked to school, alone. The wind tugged on her hair softly, causing her shoulder-length hair to drift slightly with the breeze.

It was a beautiful day-

She pushed back a lock of her hair behind her ear, and as she did, she paused, her gaze lost in the ground before her.

-but the atmosphere was not how it should be.

A lost and unbelieving gaze…

It was the first Monday since the Talent Show, and no one has heard from Dawn or Paul.

Misty tried calling dozens of times over the weekend, but all she received was Dawn's voicemail, her happy voice telling her to leave a message. And when she really was desperate, she called her home phone, where her mother would sometimes answer, but yet Dawn not there…

Misty sighed reluctantly as she pulled her cell phone out of her school bag, checking her inbox. There laid the sad hundred messages from her friends, asking if they heard anything from Dawn. It was unfortunate; it was like Dawn vanished completely…

"It's all our fault…" Misty reluctantly said to herself as she stared at her phone, tear droplets just appearing on the corner of her eyes, "If we didn't come up with that foolish idea for the talent show, if my sisters didn't make it so elaborate, if we never set you up…."


"But you were so happy…" Misty murmured, a tear drifted off her cheek. Immediately realizing her actions, Misty shook her head hard, shaking out all the tears.

Mindlessly, she kept on walking; she would be late for school if she just stood there all day moping.

'Dawn will surely be in school today though, maybe then we could all just sit down and settle things.' Misty hoped as she kept on walking, yet for a moment she did not believe her own thought, there was no possible way…

Pretty soon, the high school came into view. As she came around the corner, she notice that dozens of students were huddled right out in front of the main entrance, in the school's courtyard; Misty cocked her head to the side, confused.

Why were there people in the courtyard? She looked at the time on her phone and sweat-dropped.

She was a half an hour early and the doors haven't opened yet.

"I feel like an idiot…" She mumbled as put her phone back in her bag, but as she did, a familiar voice cut her off.

"Mist!!" The voice cried out, Misty looked up from her bag to see no other than Ash run towards her!

"Oh, hey Ash." She blinked, still caught off guard, yet relieved that she didn't have to wait for the school to open alone. "Why are you so early?"

"I don't know, I guess I was anxious to come to school." He shrugged, giving his boyish grin.

"You? Anxious to come to school?" Misty snorted, trying her best not to fall over laughing.

"Well, you're here early too. So don't be judging." Ash teased back, Misty rolled her eyes. They both kept a steady pace with each other as they began to walk, Ash leading.

"Misty-!" Ash eyes widened as he stared her suddenly, breaking the silence, pointing at her.

"W-What?!" She worried as she looked down at her uniform; alarmed that maybe a there was some malfunction. A Stain? A Hole?!

In the midst of Misty's panic, Ash sighed as he took a lock of her hair in his hands. Misty looked up, her face pink, her heart racing!

"Your hair is down today, I like it." He smiled as he let go, Misty heart rate increased!

"Then I'll wear it down more often!" Misty said out loud, but she immediately slapped a hand over her mouth.

She just said what?!

'Oh God, Why don't I just blurt out my feelings?!' Misty cursed to herself.

Ash looked at her densely before smiling "Okay."

Misty blinked before giving out a sigh of relief; Ash was still as dense as ever!

They both continued walking.

"Oh by the way, Congratulations on your win, Misty!" Ash congratulated as he put his arms over his head, walking. Misty turned a dark crimson. Suddenly, she just remembered the Talent Show…

"Um yeah, Erm, thanks." She hesitated, turning a light pink, looking the other way.

'God, this is more embarrassing than I thought!' Misty realized in shock as she got glimpse of many students staring at her, probably thinking of their performance.

"I didn't know you wanted to impress me." Ash laughed breezily, breaking Misty from her thoughts.

"Yeah well-WAIT! WHAT?!" Misty began automatically, but once her mind processed what Ash just said, her race turned a bright red as she faced him!

"No I didn't-!" She tried covering as she stared at his cute boyish face but Ash smiled.

"Relax; your sisters told me after you left, when they were packing up all the stuff."

"Those little-" Misty muttered under her breath as one of her fists turned into a tight ball, a vein popping out of her head.

"It kinda made me happy." Ash spoke, Misty looked up from her curse that she was going to plant on her sisters and stared at Ash, her eyes wide.

"W-What…?' Misty said, her heart racing.

Ash turned to her, smiling, "I was thinking maybe we could go out."

Misty stared at him for five bleak seconds….

"But we're already outside." She cringed.

Ash blinked at her, like it was basic math. "No Mist, I mean like a date."

'A…date?' She processed the words in her head for a bit.


"W-Well, if you don't want-" Ash began shakily but Misty was quick to cut him off!

"Yes!" She giggled as she threw her arms around him unexpectedly, "Yes! Yes! And Yes!"

"Well okay, if you insist." Ash laughed back as Misty held on to him tightly around the neck. "Um, Misty, I can't breathe."

Misty gasped slightly as she released Ash. She smoothed her skirt while looking to the ground, blushing slightly.

"Sorry." She laughed lightly as she kept her eyes on the ground.

"Ah, don't mention it. If it's you, then that's okay." Ash said as he put his arm around her shoulder, which caused Misty to look at him, smiling. Together they began to walk towards a group of three people sitting under a huge cherry blossom tree.

Misty gave out a sigh of relief, for the people under the tree were Zoey, May, and Drew!

"Hey guys!" She happily greeted as she sat down next to Ash under the cool shade.

"Hey Misty," Zoey greeted as she coolly rested her back against the tree, her arms crossed.

"Misty!" May giggled as she shoved her camcorder in her face.

"Eh…" Misty uneasily said, she looked to Zoey for answers. Zoey sighed, "She's been at it ever since everyone else got here, Let the girl have her fun."

"So Misty, When's the date?" May pressed on from behind her camcorder, Misty appeared, sweat-dropping on the film!

"H-How'd you?" Misty began,

"Zoom feature Mist, Zoom feature." May giggled,


May stuck her camcorder suddenly in Ash's face now!

"Tell me boy, we're you taking her? Hmm? Bowling? Movie? KYAH! Moonlit walk alongside the beach?!"

"Erm…" Ash stuttered, shocked as Misty was.

"God Maple, you're so persistent." Drew rolled his eyes from behind the noisy brunette. May harshly turned her camcorder on him. There Drew sat, his legs crossed, a smirk on his face.

"Drew…" May began, Drew stared at her, still smirking.

"You thought I was sexy!" May sing-songed, suddenly appearing from behind Drew's back!

"W-What?!" Drew was quick to defend as he was caught off guard!

"You got a stiffy!" May continued to sing from behind her camcorder, focusing in on Drew's face. Apparently, she was singing about Friday night.

Drew blushed harder!

"Did not!" He shouted back.

"You want to hug me, you want love me!" She sung from all directions.

Drew couldn't take this anymore!

"You want to kiss me-!" May began to sing once more but a pair of lips caught hers, breaking her chant. The camcorder slipped out of her hands as Drew kissed her, lost in the moment, she kissed back.

Ash, Zoey, and Misty smirked. Slyly, Misty took the camcorder that May dropped and set it promptly in her hands.


"SO WHEN'S THE DATE?!" All three asked as Misty snuck the camcorder right in between Drew and May, breaking the kiss!

The two blankly stared at the camera, completely embarrassed.

"Eh…" The both mumbled as Misty pressed the camera on.

"EW Drew! I can't believe you would do that!" May suddenly shouted as she turned the other way, crossing her arms.

"You think I enjoyed that?! I only did it for you to shut up!" Drew countered, doing the exact same thing May did but to the other side.

Both though were blushing extremely hard. Everyone smiled.

They weren't fooling anyone.

"Kiss her again!" An anonymous voice giggled from above, everyone looked up to see Leaf and Gary, dangling high above in the cherry blossom tree!

"L-Leaf? G-Gary?" Misty stuttered as she looked up at the display, sweat-dropping. So they were there the entire time…

Leaf sat on a branch, dangling her feet giddily while Gary sat high on the branch opposite of her, smirking.

"I mean, it's not like you don't talk about it at sleepovers May," Leaf continued to giggle.

"WHAT?!" May blushed harder!

"C'mon, plant another one on her!" Gary shouted down towards Drew as he moved across the tree next to Leaf, "You've been dying to all this time!"

"Shut the hell up!" Drew lashed out towards him.

"Aw, don't you two be such babies! Because we know Drew likes May, and we know May likes Drew! Please, oh please! We already went through so much drama, don't stir up some more!" Leaf pleaded.

Drew and May both blinked at the same time before staring at each other, blushing slightly.

Slowly, they began to lean in towards each other…slowly!

"Aw, just do it!" Zoey cried out as she chucked a leaf at them, May grew annoyed. She suddenly grabbed Drew by the collar and kissed him full force!

"WOOOO!" Everyone laughed as they broke, Drew blushing slightly.

"I um , wow May." Drew began, May laughed slightly.

"Looks like I learned a thing or two from the talent show!" She giggled to herself.

"Okay so, are you two…?" Misty asked as she waggled her finger back and forth between May and Drew.

"I don't know, are we?" May asked towards him, Drew rolled his eyes. He pulled her into his arms, staring at the rest.

"Yup." He blankly said as he held May in his arms, "Right girlfriend?" He looked down towards May, "R-Right!" She answered, looking up at him.

"Aw, that's so sweet!" Leaf giggled as she rocked back and forth on the branch.

"Yeah sure whatever," Gary said, he hopped down from the tree, landing swiftly on his feet! He brushed the dirt off his pants and dug his hands into his pockets, "Are you coming down too Leaf?" He looked up at the long-haired brunette, who smiled.

"Uh huh!"

It was easier said that done!

She pushed herself off the branch and fell down towards the Earth.


"L-Look out!" She cried as she fell, she closed her eyes for impact, ready to endure the hard land she would soon face.


This was odd…

Leaf didn't feel any pain at all! She didn't feel the hard ground, in fact, she felt something soft!

"Ow…" She heard a small groan, she opened her eyes to see Gary, lying right under her!

"G-Gary!" She blushed, putting her hands to her face! She can't believe she has done this, AGAIN!

"A-Are you okay" As she got off of him, on his side this time! She knelt down next to him, her face worried.

"Y-Yeah." He winced as Leaf helped him to his feet. He smiled as he looked at her, "No panties this time, huh?" He joked, Leaf grew horrified!

"PERVERT!" She cried as she tried to slap him but he grabbed her arm, still smiling.

"Yes, but I'm your pervert." He smiled slyly as he pulled her in for a kiss, everyone was shocked to see Leaf kiss him back so calmly!

"Y-You guys too?!" Zoey asked as she looked at the pair. They both broke the kiss as they faced the group of confused teenagers.

"Didn't we tell you guys that we got together over the weekend?" Leaf asked blankly, everyone except the couple fell over anime style!

"No! No you did not!" Misty shrieked as she stood up.

"O-Oh…" Leaf laughed sheepishly, sweat-dropping.

"But when?! How?!" May asked as she pointed the camcorder at Gary and Leaf excitedly, who were still in their embrace.

"It kinda just happened. Leaf came over to my house asking about Paul and then suddenly, one thing lead to the next and well you know…" Gary trailed off, Leaf blushed slightly.

"Oh, we all get it." Ash smiled suggestively, Gary and Leaf blushed the darkest shade you could imagine!

"IT WAS NOTHING LIKE THAT!" They both screamed, "What kinda people do you think we are?!" Gary cried, as they both sat down next to May and Drew.

"Yeah! I'm not going to sleep with Gary the day right when we hook up!" Leaf added haughtily.

Awkward silence…

"Eh…" She stammered as Gary slyly looked up at her.

"You think about that?" Gary smirked, Leaf turned even redder!

"N-No!" She stammered.

She blushed as she looked the other way; Gary smiled as he kissed her on the cheek.

Yet there was still an awkward silence…

Zoey felt the tense silence as she spoke up, "So, setting that topic aside." She looked towards the two, who were looking the other way, still blushing. "Anyone hear from…well…you know…" She began.

Everyone lowered there heads, ashamed.

"Nope…there were no signs of them either…" Misty muttered as she looked around the courtyard, looking for any signs of blue or purple.

"Do you think….maybe something happened…?" Leaf whispered, her face upset.

"Don't think such things!" May hissed, clearly upset as well. She looked around too; there was no sign on them…

Drew looked around as well, he scanned the area. All he could see was the large mass of students swarming in, he squinted his eyes as he looked closer,

"Ew, some couple is going at it under the oak tree." He narrowed his eyes, May slapped him!

"Drew! Don't be prying into a couple's business!" May scolded, Drew just rolled his eyes.

But then suddenly he noticed something about that couple!



Drew's eyes widened as he automatically stood up!

"S-Something wrong?" May asked as she joined him with her camcorder, Drew saw it and took it from her hands.

"Hey!" May shouted, "Hush!" He calmed her down as he held the camera up to his eye and pressing the zoom feature. He zoomed in across the giant courtyard and onto the great oak tree that two teenagers were standing under.

Soon, Drew burst out into hysterics! "No way, NO FREAKING WAY!" He laughed as he bent down towards his knees, catching his breath.

"What's so funny?" May asked as she snatched her camcorder back, looking directly where Drew pointed it at. She stared for about five seconds before smilingly widely,

"KYAH!!" She cried out with joy as she jumped up and down, she was glad she pushed the record button.

"What is it May?" Leaf, Misty, and Zoey asked as they approached her, the brunette smirked as she showed the film she recorded.

"May I, May the greatest Director of all time, present you this!" She pushed the play button to show her friends, and once the film play, each face of theirs lit up immediately!

"Oh my god!" Misty screamed with delight.

"Finally!!" Leaf squealed as she jumped up and down with Zoey, who was too excited.

"What's everyone making a big deal about?" Ash asked as he looked over the girl's shoulders, Gary as well looking over.

"Told you that it would end soon." Gary smiled.

"Dude…is that?!" Ash stammered as he began to laugh, everyone else nodded giddily!

He watched the recording and he couldn't believe what he saw!

Paul…and Dawn…were kissing under the oak tree?!

"Yup, it is! And this film will certainly help with my A+ in Film!" May cheered as she resumed filming the couple from under the tree.

"May! You can't put that in your video! It's a precious moment to them!" Zoey scolded as May zoomed in even more on the couple, Zoey sweat-dropped as May ignored her.

"MAY!" She screamed into her ear, May innocently looked up at her.

"But I'm doing them a favor! Trust me! When they get old, and after they make lots of babies, they're going to want to see their young love blossoming!" She explained, everyone else sighed.

May had a reason for everything.

And it was hopeless to convince her otherwise.

May resumed top her filming, giggling. "Dawn and Paul standing under a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Dawn and Paul with the baby carriage!" She chanted, she filmed as the two kissed.

But as she filmed the two broke the kiss and began walking towards their direction!

"Oh…crap! Everyone act normal, act like we don't know anything!" May panicked as she quickly turned her camcorder off, shoving it in her bag. Everyone rushed to find a causal position under the tree, and at the very last moment, they finally managed to all sit down in time before Dawn and Paul came!

"Hey guys!" Dawn happily greeted towards the group, they all looked towards her.

"Hey," They all acknowledged the group as they tilted their heads up towards Dawn, acting casual. Too casual.

"Eh…" Dawn flinched as she grew suspicious of her friends, Paul narrowed his eyes. Suddenly, he had the greatest idea.

He whispered something into Dawn's ear, who giggled. The group stared at them, their curiosity peaked.

"Um May, can I check your camcorder for a second," Dawn asked as she sat beside May, who shrieked.

"W-Why?!" May quickly defended, holding the camcorder for dear life. Dawn looked simply confused.

"I just want to show everyone the recording of us backstage…I want to reminisce." She innocently asked. May sweat-dropped!

"I…Oh! Erm…." May turned her camcorder on and quickly went through the history until she finally reached the recording that Dawn requested. She played it in front of her.

"Can I hold it? I can't hear it well." Dawn asked sweetly, May nervously looked towards everyone, who looked the other way.

Surely they didn't want to be a part of this!

May resentfully handed the camera to Dawn, who happily accepted. She stood up and walked towards Paul with the camcorder.

"H-Hey! Where you going with it?!" May shrilled with horror, if they see-!

"Relax May; the lighting is better over here." Dawn reassured. May gave out a small sigh of relief, as well as the others.

But then…

Dawn and Paul eyes both narrowed as they took control of the camcorder, going through its content!

"NO!! What are you doing!" May screamed as she stood up but she was too late!

To May's dread, Paul and Dawn found that footage.

There was a long silence…so silent that you could hear the audio of the video.

"Dawn and Paul standing under a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Dawn and Paul with the baby carriage!"

Awkward silence….

May spoke up, "Well you see…" She tried reasoning, "IT WAS DREW! BUT THE BLAME ON DREW! HE SAW YOU GUYS FIRST!" She pointed her finger at her boyfriend, who fell over anime style.

"Nuh uh!" He countered, "You filmed them!"

"Uh huh!" She got right in his face, "You should have known it would have peaked my interest!



The two bickered back and forth, back and forth!

"God…" Paul muttered under his breath, Dawn seat-dropped as she nodded, agreeing with him.

"I guess some couples love to fight," Dawn mentioned, everyone stared at her, especially May and Drew.

"H-How you know…?" They stuttered, Dawn and Paul laughed.

"We don't need a camcorder to spy on people to find things out, we can just tell." Dawn smiled.

"So you know about…?" May pointed at her and Drew, Dawn and Paul nodded.

"And us?" Leaf asked as she referred to her and Gary.

"Girl, we've all known! Since like the last week at Art class!" Dawn pointed out, which cause everyone else to laugh.

"I know, seriously!" Misty giggled, Leaf' and Gary sweat-dropped.

"Well, I don't thin they know about us, right Mist?" Ash said towards Misty, who flinched.

"Well NOW THEY DO!!" Misty shouted as she pummeled Ash with her mallet.

"Ow!" Ash cried.

Dawn smiled at the scene; things seemed to be alright…

But then, everyone glared at Dawn and Paul!

"NOW IT'S YOUR TURN TO EXPLAIN! FESS UP!!" Her friends glowered towards Dawn, who was taken off guard!

"Um…" Dawn began, but more questions were pressed on her.


Dawn sweat-dropped, "Um…if you let me explain…"

"THEN EXPLAIN!!" They yelled in a huff as they sat down, criss-crossing their legs in a pretzel style, awaiting for the reason.

Dawn gave out a sigh as she and Paul both sat down in front of them, ready to give it a go.

"You see, um…wow it's really quite hard explaining it, isn't it Paul?" Dawn said towards Paul, Paul shrugged.

"Okay well, Paul found me that Friday night and after we cleared out a few things…we decided that it was foolish of us to be like the way we did and right then and there we settled it." Dawn smiled as Paul took her hand in his, everyone just stared at them.

"But the weekend." Drew mentioned.

"Paul and I kept it on the low as we made up for lost time. Plus, we both had very bad colds." Dawn sweetly said.

'Well of course we would have colds!' Dawn giggled as she blushed, remembering how they stayed out in the rain.

"So that's it…no more drama, no more crying, nada?" Zoey asked, Dawn nodded.

"It's official," Paul stated bluntly, "Dawn's my girlfriend." He simply sat as he brought her close, everyone's face lit up!

"NO WAY!!" They all cried out with delight.

"I'm so happy for the both of you!" Leaf congratulated.

"We didn't have a doubt, not for a second!" Misty added.

Everyone carried on and on, Paul and Dawn sweat-dropped once more.

"You guys, you don't have to act like it's such a huge thing." Paul began, everyone stared at him.

"BUT IT IS!" They all shouted back towards him.

Paul sighed; this was exactly why he and Dawn took off on the weekend.

"But," Dawn began, "That only leaves one more person." She winked towards Zoey, who blinked, confused.

"That's right," May slyly said, "How are you and Kenny?"

"W-What?!" Zoey blushed, "What are you talking about?!"

"Well Zoey, it looks you're the only one without a significant other, which makes you the odd ball of the group." Leaf teased, Zoey glared her.

"I j-just don't wanna rush, that's all!" She crossed her arms in a huff.

"Well sometimes it's better to rip the band aid of quickly than slowly, Hey Kenny over here!" Gary called out towards Kenny, beckoning him to come over.

"YOU LITTLE-!" Zoey hissed towards Gary, ready to pounce but as soon as she tried, Kenny appeared!

"Hey guys, what's up?" He asked, Zoey right away put on a fake smile.

"Um, hi Kenny!" She grinned, everyone slapped their foreheads.


"Talk about Saved by the Bell, huh Zoey?" Ash teased as he and Misty got up, Zoey shrieked!

"What does he mean?" Kenny asked,

"N-Nothing!" Zoey countered.

May and Drew snickered. "Well, we'll be late. We're heading in." The couple stood up, hand in hand, "See ya guys!" May winked towards them as they headed towards the school. If you looked closely, deep in the bushes, a group of Drew fan girls sulked.

"Yeah, we better go." Gary said as he and Leaf stood up. Everyone was getting ready to leave but Dawn and Paul.

"Are you guys coming?" Zoey asked.

"We'll be right in," Dawn said as she and Paul still stood under the cherry blossom tree.

Zoey stared at them, smiling before turning to head back with the others.

Paul and Dawn were all alone…

"Finally," Paul said as he brought Dawn in for a kiss. As they broke, Dawn smiled.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"I don't know, I was just waiting to be alone with you." He smiled, Dawn blushed lightly. He inclined his head once more to kiss her, more passionately this time.

Dawn nearly fainted in his arms! Paul broke from the kiss, smirking.

"Y-You can at least warn me when you're going to do that!" Dawn panted from out of breath, a little bit woozy.

"But what's the fun of that?" Paul snickered, Dawn playfully hit him.

"W-Well, we're going to be late for class!" She fumbled as she headed towards the main entrance, but yet a hold of her arm held her back.

"Paul?" Dawn asked as she looked back to see Paul holding onto her arm.

"We're going to be late…" She murmured as Paul brought her into an embrace. Cherry blossoms scattered and danced across the breeze, whirling around the two.

"Let's get out of here." Paul simply said, Dawn gasped!

"B-But that's ditching Paul!" Dawn said as she looked up at him. Paul smiled back.

"We're already late, and we can still get away with our colds." He smiled at her.

"I don't know…" Dawn mumbled, she never ditched a day in her life.

Paul reached out his arms towards Dawn, waiting for her.

"You coming?" He asked, Dawn stared at his hand. Suddenly, she remembered him, how she loved him, how much he loved her, their new love…

'I love you…'

"Yes…" She smiled towards him, taking his hand. Paul smirked as he picked her up piggy back style, heading out of the school. Dawn nuzzled her head against his neck.

'When I dared to touch, I felt you. When I dared to listen, I heard your voice. When I dared to see, I saw you. When I dared to have courage, you smiled. When I dared to cry, you wiped my tears. When I dared to run, you caught me. When I dared to love…'

Dawn opened her eyes to see Paul looking up at her, smiling; Dawn smiled back as she kissed him lightly on the cheek.

"I love you…" Dawn murmured into his ear.

"I love you too…" Paul murmured back, picking up more speed as they left the school area.

'When I dared to love…you loved me back…'

'I love you so much!'

Lady Marmalade: Sweet Sweet Revenge- End?

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