Hey guys. I've been blocked lately, and doing a collection of drabbles always seems to help get me flowing. So here it is. The hundred moments that shaped the relationship of Angelina Johnson and Fred Weasley. I am not JKR, therefore I do not own HP, therefore I do not make any money off of this. This is just a fun hobby – don't sue me!

I. I Am A Tree

She's too tall to be a first year. That's what people tell her. She has long, awkward legs and a gawky, lanky frame. She slouches to seem shorter and pulls her knees up against her chest when she sits. They say she's a tree, a wand, an Astronomy Tower.

Except for him. He's short and stocky and barrel-chested, and even though he loves to laugh, he doesn't laugh at her. He says hello to her in the hallways and knows her name.

And at the moment, Fred Weasley might be the only thing keeping her from taking the train back home.